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Rollercoaster Foot Tickle Torture

April was working at her town’s Six Flags, where she had worked since high school and for the past two summers since going to college. She was currently working at the Superman rollercoaster, the most popular ride in the park with lines that would often last three hours.

Working along with her today was Thomas, who was 18 and had just graduated high school. April didn’t like Thomas very much. He wasn’t really mean to her but he seemed kind of sleazy. Also, occasionally he would flirt with some of the girls that were riding the rollercoaster by briefly tickling their feet if they rode barefoot. All the women he did this to were in their 20s or 30s and, while they always just laughed and smiled back, April thought it was an unacceptable way to treat their attendees. April had told Thomas that she would report him to their manager if he didn’t stop.

At the end of the day, when the ride closed and attendees left, April liked to go for a ride on Superman to finish out her day. She asked Thomas to operate the rollercoaster for her. She sat down in the chair and the harnesses came into place. One came down over her shoulders and along her chest. Two bars came in to lock her legs in, one just below her knee and the other at her ankle. And her wrists were locked in parallel to her head. This was the only ride she had ever been on that had the wrist harnesses. She often rose her hands on rollercoasters anyway but having them locked up like made the ride that much more exciting. Then the whole seat moved forward ninety degrees so that April was facing the ground and could only see forward if she looked up.

April blasted off down the track of the rollercoater, screaming with joy as it felt like she was flying. She went through loops and corkscrews. At the end of the ride, April had a big smile on her face. She had ridden the rollercoaster a hundred times but always gotten a thrill from it.

At this point her seat should have rotated back and the harnesses should have opened up, but nothing happened. The seat did not move. April tried looking at Thomas to see what the problem was but could not see him from her seat.

“Thomas?” she called. “What are you doing? Let me out.”

Thomas responded “No.”

“What? Let me out of here!”

“No, not yet.”

Thomas walked and stood right in front of April so she could see him.

He said “You’ve been threatening to tell Mr. Hogan about me tickling our riders, but I don’t want you to.”

“Tough. You shouldn’t be tickling them. It isn’t right.”

“It’s only a quick and innocent tickle. And they always seem to like it.”

“I don’t care. I don’t think you should be tickling their feet.”

“Maybe that’s just because you don’t know how much fun having your feet tickling is.”

April felt a chill. When she was much younger, her brothers would tickle her feet and she hated it. She had started to never be barefoot, never wore sandals, and preferred to stay in socks around the house to not risk anyone ever tickling her bare feet by surprise. She even usually slept in socks. April had also never been on a rollercoaster barefoot. She couldn’t imagine how people that did ride without shoes enjoyed it; April would feel like her feet were too exposed and open to tickling. The Superman ride was especially bad because your ankles are locked into place with your feet behind you out of view. You would be completely vulnerable to a good foot tickling if somebody wanted to. Today, like usual, she was wearing socks and converse shoes.

Thomas noticed April’s uneasiness. He smiled and said “I think it’s time you found out what it’s like, April.”

“No, don’t!”

But Thomas didn’t listen. He walked around behind her, out of her view. April felt Thomas remove her shoes. Her legs were completely immobile and she was helpless to do anything about it. Then she felt her right sock being removed. She scrunched her toes, trying to grasp the sock and keep it on, but Thomas was able to get it off. April felt the cool evening air on her exposed sole and wiggled her toes.

“Oh, no! Please don’t! I don’t like being barefoot!”

Thomas went to her left foot and did the same. April was not wearing any sort of nail polish. All those years spent wearing socks, though, left her feet very soft and very sensitive.

Thomas said “Your feet are so pale, April. It looks like you never let your feet come out for any fun, huh?”

“Stop this. Let me out of here this minute!”

Thomas just snickered.

April felt Thomas’s fingers start to explore her left foot. It was very ticklish just to feel his fingers and she started to laugh.

“That tickles? I wasn’t even trying yet. It looks like you have some extra sensitive feet, April. This is going to be fun!”

And with that, Thomas started tickling April’s feet more aggressively. She flexed her toes in and out as she tried to fight the tickling, but could do nothing.

“Hahaha. Stop! That tickles so much!”

Thomas held her toes up and scratched his nails up and down her sole.

After a few minutes of tickling, April felt Thomas stop. She was gasping for breath after laughing so hard. Then she felt him start to tickle her right foot and the whole process began again.

“No! No! Hahaha!”

“Aww, poor April has ticklish feet. Tickle, tickle!”

Thomas stopped and walked back in front of April so she could see him. She had tears streaming down her face from laughing so hard.

April said “I won’t tell Mr. Hogan. Just let me out, please, this isn’t fun!”

Thomas said “What? You aren’t having fun? Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough.”

“What? No, no more. Let me out.”

Thomas walked over to the locker where they keep their personal belongings. April heard him rustling through a bag and close the locker door. He walked over behind her.

He said “I brought along a special tool that maybe you’ll like better.”

April still couldn’t see him but heard a low frequency buzzing sound. Suddenly she felt an intense and very localized tickle at the base of her left big toe.

“Hahaha! What is that? It tickles so much.”

The feeling moved along April’s toes and slowly down her sole, zigzagging down to the ball of her foot. It moved back up her sole. This was the most intense tickling April had ever experienced, much worse than she could imagine. As it approached her toes again, she scrunched them to prevent it getting into them. Thomas moved it to the top of her toes and it was too much for April to handle. As she moved her toes to avoid the device, the space between her toes was exposed and it quickly moved into the spaces between her toes.

“Hahah! Oh my goooood! Hahhh! Stop!”

As Thomas used the device on her toes, he started to spider-tickle her sole.

After five minutes of this, Thomas stopped to show April what the device was: an electric toothbrush.

He asked “Is this more fun?”

April replied “It tickles so much! Please stop. I promise I won’t tell Mr. Hogan.”

“I know you won’t. This is just too much fun though. And your right foot hasn’t met Mr. Electric Toothbrush yet.”

“No, let me out!”

“In a bit. Let’s give your other foot some more love, shall we?”


Thomas walked behind April and turned on the toothbrush. She was anticipating feeling it on her right foot, but he tricked her and went back to her left for a quick tickle.


Then Thomas switched over to April’s right foot. He slowly explored every inch of the bottom of her feet with the toothbrush, getting in between her toes. He then used his hand to give her spider tickles on the sole of her foot as he used the toothbrush on the top of her foot. April couldn’t stand it.

Finally, Thomas stopped. He said “April, it’s been fun, but I have to run. I’m late for a date.”

“What? Let me down!”

“I will but later. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

And Thomas left, with April still stuck in the seat.

“No! Come back!”

But there was no reply. It looked like Thomas did leave April there, helpless.

After an hour, April heard somebody approaching.

“Hello?” she asked. “Thomas, is that you? Get me down from here this instant!”

She heard footsteps approach. A voice she did not recognize said “Hello? Do you need some help, miss?”

The man came into view. It was an older gentleman in a janitor’s uniform. He looked very surprised to find April there.

“Yes. Please help get me down. I’ve been stuck like this.”

The man snickered a little at April’s predicament. “It does look like you’re stuck in a compromising position, huh?”

“Yeah. My stupid co-worker trapped me like this. He was awful and tickled my feet, then just left me here stuck like this.”

“Oh, he tickled your feet, huh? Do you have ticklish feet, miss?”

“Yeah. Very. They had never been tickled like that. I hated it!”


The janitor walked around behind April. Suddenly she felt a quick tickle on her right sole.

She giggled. “What are you doing? Don’t tickle me anymore!”

“I just wanted to see for myself how ticklish your feet were. Looks like they’re pretty sensitive, huh?”

“Yes. Now please let me down.”

“You know, I get pretty bored and lonely here. It’d be nice to have a little fun before I help you down.”

“What? No, please!”

But the janitor didn’t listen. April felt fingers from both of his hands tickling her right foot. They danced back and forth and up and down around her soles and toes, again and again. Then one of his hands moved to her left foot and did the same, and April felt both of her feet being tickled at once.


“Hahaha! Noo! Not again! Please, stop!”

April wiggled her toes as the janitor tickled her feet. She was helpless to do anything but feel the intense sensations and just laugh.

After a few minutes, the janitor stopped. He paused, looking at something, and then came back into April’s view.

“Gee, I’m real sorry, but it looks like I made a mess of your feet.” The janitor opened his palms and revealed hands full of dirt and grime. “I got your pretty feet dirty with my gross hands.”

“Just let me down and we’ll call it even, okay?”

“No, I wouldn’t feet right if I just messed up your feet and let you go like that. Let me go ahead and clean them off.”

“No, just let me down. Please!”

“It’ll only take a minute.”

The janitor disappeared from April’s view and she heard him walk over to his cleaning cart. She heard him approach back over. She felt her feet get wet with a warm liquid as the janitor sprayed her feet with a cleaning solution. Then she felt him rub her feet with a cleaning rag. April laughed as he cleaned her feet, finding the rag to also be ticklish on her sensitive feet. She felt him rub each individual toe, laughing more.

Finally, when the janitor was all done, he came back to her front and said “There. Good as new!”

“Okay. Now please let me down.”

“Oh, I don’t know how to operate this fancy machine.”

“It’s not hard, I can explain it to you.”

“No, I’d rather not. I don’t want to be responsible for breaking it. I think you’d better wait for somebody who knows what they are doing to come along.”

“What? No, please. Let me down!”

“I’ll keep my eyes out for somebody to help and will send them your way if I see anyone. Goodnight.”

And the janitor walked out.

“Nooo! Come back! Help me!”

He didn’t respond.

April’s feet were getting a real workout tonight. She had not been tickled in such a long time, and tonight’s tickling kept going on and on. And April was still in the same helpless spot that she began in.

In another half hour, April heard people walking up the stairs. They were talking and giggling.

“Hello? Help! I’m stuck up here!”

She heard a pair of laughs, one male and one female. They came into view and April saw that it was Thomas with Julie, who also sometimes worked the Superman ride. Julie didn’t like April. She always complained that April was Mr. Hogan’s favorite worker and he always let her take the best shifts and take days off. April didn’t know that Thomas and Julie were dating.

“Thomas!” April said. “Get me down from here!”

“Not yet,” he responded. “I told Julie here about how ticklish your feet are and she wanted to have a little fun too.”

“No. Please! The janitor came here and tickled them too. I’ve had too much tonight!”

“He did?”

Thomas walked behind April and inspected her feet. “Wow, they look all clean and nice. It’d be such a shame to just let them go back into your shoes, huh?”

April could still see Julie, who looked at April and grinned extra-wide. Julie walked around behind April and said “Wow, look at those cute feet. You should show them off more often, dear. They’re just asking for a good tickle!”

“No. Don’t. Let me down you guys, c’mon.”

“Should we?” asked Thomas.

Julie answered “Nahhhhh.”

Julie and Thomas both laughed, then they both proceeded to tickle April’s soles. They each took one of April’s feet and tickled her soles at different spots and rates. April couldn’t stand the feeling of four hands tickling her.

“Hahaha. Oh my god! That tickles so much!”

Julie laughed. “Haha. This is fun!”

Julie had longer nails than the guys that had been tickling April that evening. They were especially brutal against April’s sensitive soles. Julie grabbed April’s toes and pushed up, using her long nails to tickle the bottoms of her toes. Julie moved her finger in a circular motion between April’s toes to get at the entire space between them.

Thomas stopped tickling her, but Julie took over on both feet, using her long nails to spider tickle up and down April’s soft soles. It tickled so much that April didn’t notice Thomas now appear in front of her and start to tickle her armpits.

“Hahaha. No!”

Now poor, helpless April was being tickled under her arms and on her feet at once. She was laughing so hard and couldn’t focus.

At one point, Thomas asked Julie if she wanted to switch spots.

Julie answered, “No. I’m having fun right where I am. Her feet are so cute. And I love the way she wiggles her little toes while I’m tickling her.”

After fifteen more minutes of the torture, Thomas and Julie stopped. Julie walked back into April’s view. April was dripping with sweat and gasping for breath.

Julie said “Oh, look at the poor dear. It looks like we wore her out.”

April, panting, weakly asked “Now will you let me down?”

Julie smiled and pulled Thomas away a few feet. April heard them whispering, then they laughed.

Thomas came back over and said “Well, Julie has a better idea.”

“No, please stop with the tickling. I can’t take it anymore.”

Julie walked over behind the control stand. Instead of operating the main buttons, though, she bent over and pulled out some of the wires. April heard some popping sounds by the control stand but still wasn’t let down.

Julie gave Thomas a thumbs up and laughed.

Thomas told April “Well, it looks like you’re staying here tonight. Tomorrow should be a fun day for you. Get some rest!”

And then Thomas and Julie left.

“No!” April shouted as best she could, but felt depleted. “Come back. Let me down….”

There was just silence. Defeated, April just looked down towards the ground. At one point she managed to fall asleep. The position was not comfortable but she was so exhausted from the tickling that it didn’t matter.

In the morning, April was startled awake by her manager, Mr. Hogan. He looked at her, both angry and confused.

“April! Thomas told me what you were doing here last night.”

“He did? I’m so glad to see you. Will you let me down?”

“No, the machine is broken. We can’t get you out right now.”

“But Mr. Hogan. I’ve been up here all night. I need to get out of here!”

“You should’ve thought of that before you told Thomas to lock you in and tickle you. This ride has very expensive machinery and you shouldn’t be using it to fulfill whatever kind of perverted fantasies you may have.”

“But Mr. Hogan! It wasn’t me, it was-“

“I’ve already spoken with Thomas and dealt with him. Now usually I would just fire you, but now our most popular ride is out of commission on a Saturday and Thomas had an idea of how you might be able to make up for it.”

“Mr. Hogan! Please, it wasn’t my idea-“

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. Now Thomas told me how much you like having your feet tickled. I don’t get this weird fantasy of yours, but we decided that maybe we could use it to our advantage. Instead of just leave you here on a broken ride, we might be able to get something out of it. Today, we’re making the Superman ride the Super Tickle Experience.”

“What? I don’t like the sound of this. Please get me out.”

“I already told you, we can’t. To manually get you out would require us to call the fire department, pay a lot of money, get bad publicity, and leave our most popular ride in worse shape than it is. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve brought this upon yourself. I would hope this would be a punishment for you, but because you like having your feet tickled, it’s not really going to be one, is it? Don’t complain to me about this being unfair. Now I have a whole line of people out there that were hoping to ride the Superman ride. We’ve told them that the ride is broken and the girl who did it is right here, waiting for her punishment.”

“Oh no! No! Please, don’t do this to me!”

Mr. Hogan just scowled and walked away.

Thomas walked up and smiled. “You looked like you were enjoying having your feet tickled so much last night, that I thought you would enjoy having it done all day long! Are you ready for your big day?”

“No, Thomas. Please tell Mr. Hogan the truth.”

Thomas just smiled and said “I think this will be more fun for you.”

The line of people was approaching the gate.

Thomas opened up a bag for April to see. “I brought all kinds of fun toys for your day, April. There is Mr. Electric Toothbrush, with plenty of spare batteries of course. And a few feathers. And some scratchy brushes. And here’s some moisturizer to keep your soles nice and soft. I think you’re going to be a hit!”

“Oh,” Thomas added. “That nice janitor who was in here with you last night said that he would come in for a day shift today. He’s going to come by every hour or so and clean off your feet. All of these people are going to be touching your feet all over with their dirty hands and we want to keep your feet looking nice, don’t we. Also, cleaning them off will make them feel refreshed and it will be like you’re getting tickled for the first time again!”

April was completely horrified. This was worst than any nightmare she could have dreamed up.

Thomas addressed the crowd “Alright folks. Step right up! Step right up and tickle the girl who broke your ride. Take it from me, she has extra-ticklish feet, and here they are, just waiting for you to play with!”

The end.

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Super ... you need to enter story archive i think

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Great story! :feets:

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Great story

love feet
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very good!

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Keep em coming! This was fantastic and I would definitely wait in that line!

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THAT was excellent!

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Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

04-25-2015, 04:59 AM
Very nice Story!
Well done!
Poor April! Julie and Thomas are so mean!

The interesting thing:
It reminds me of a prank TV here in Germany did years ago on a hidden-camera-show.

They invited visitors of an Event into a big tent to have a free Test-Ride on a new coaster.
There were several coaster seats were they sat down and then the harnesses secured the volunteers' shoulders and legs.
But then they were tickled!

I especialy remind one pretty young girl.
She had a very terrified look from when they began to tickle the first person.
And when they started to tickle her it really was a big Show.
Her laughs! Her fight against it!

It was long ago that I watsched it.
But I can see this girl in my mind as if it was yesterday.

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Great story!