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04-19-2015, 10:31 AM
Greetings, Ticklephiles. I've been working on this one for a while now (6 years to be exact). It's still not complete, but today I made some great headway. Gonna post what I have so far. Enjoy. More to come soon.

Amy began to pull her hair back into a pony tail. She didn’t want her hair to get in her face. It got irritating the last time. Today had been rough at work, and she needed this to get her mind off things. She sat on the table, her legs and feet dangling off the side. She was very beautiful. Or so Dave told her. She had lightly tanned skin; long, black, straight hair. She was wearing a gray spaghetti-strap tank-top and pink sleep pants that came down just below her knees. Usually when she and Dave had a session she would wear flip-flops or go bare foot. But today, she wanted him to have to work to get to her feet. They were her most ticklish spot, and every time she laxxed in keeping them covered, Dave would torture them until she was bucking wildly in madness. She kept her Nikes on, along with her socks.
Dave came in with an array of interesting objects in hand. He had two feathers (one soft, one long and stiff), a fork, some cotton swabs, and the “nails”. Amy shivered a little when she saw those. They were the worst. She knew she was in for a ride this time. She smiled mischievously. And Dave noticed, returning the grin. “Why’re you still wearing those?”, he said, pointing to her shoes. “For protection.”, she teased. “yeah, right”, he said. He set down the tickle tools on the chair and walked to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and began to tease her neck with a light breath. Then he kissed her at the base of the neck. She loved it when he did that. “ok, time for the real fun.”, she said. She laid down on the padded table. She set her arms and legs to where they lined up in between the Velcro straps. Dave began to strap her in. Amy was tensing up now. Dave grinned as he heard the Velcro crackle. “Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.”
Amy was fully immobile now. She was outstretched on the table, her underarms bare and exposed, and her feet hanging over the other end of the table. Thinking he’d go for her already exposed spots, Amy was a little surprised when Dave sat down next to her feet. “Protection, huh?”, Dave said slyly as he began to untie the laces of her left shoe. Amy felt a little anxious now as Dave slowly removed her shoe, then he untied and removed the other one. She had on a pair of thin white socks. “Bad idea”, she thought as Dave began to run his fingers along the soles of her feet. “Oooohohohohnohohohohoho”, she giggled uncontrollably as Dave spider-crawled all ten fingers up and down her feet, from the tips of her toes to her heels. He paid special attention to the balls of her feet, where her most ticklish spot was. She pulled on the restraints, but to no avail. Amy was strapped in tight and no escape.
Finally he stopped and let her catch her breath. She was already breathing hard, but Amy was definitely enjoying the tickling. “Let’s have a little test, shall we?” he said. He pulled off her right sock, exposing her bare foot. David loved Amy’s feet. Smooth, soft, and high arched. She had beautiful long toes, painted with black polish. David loved that color, and Amy knew it. “Let’s see what tickles more: socked or bare,” he grinned. Amy tensed again, and her eyes widened momentarily when she saw him pull out the stiff feather. Before she could say anything, the tip of the feather touched her right instep, and slowly traced down to her heel and then back up to the middle of the balls of her feet. She howled with laughter and tugged at the restraints with all her strength. But when the feather met the base of her toes, she started to thrash (at least as best she could). “There’s no escape, Amy. You know you’re not getting out of this until I’ve had my fill. Just give in.”, Dave taunted as he stroked the feather back and forth across her toes. “NOOHOHOHOHOHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAI CAN’T TAKE THAT HAHAHA”. Across the base, back along the tips, forth along the tops, and then in between; the feather traced her toes thoroughly. Amy was in hysterics. Her toes were incredibly sensitive. Dave knew this as he started to tickle each toe individually. “NO, I CAN’T TAKE THAHAHAHATT.”
“We still haven’t conducted the test yet.”, Dave cooed. He stopped momentarily to let her catch her breath. “Dave, you better believe you’re gonna get yours.”, Amy retorted, smiling. That smile made him feel empowered. “Not until I’ve had my way with YOU!”, he punctuated that statement by pointing the feather at her, then began stroking her soles once more. This time he stroked a snake’s path up and down both of her feet. She was laughing a musical, deep-chested laugh. Seeing her size C boobs jiggle as she laughed and her toes twitch was beginning to make Dave wet with excitement. “Well, which tickles more?” The question swirled in Amy’s mind among the tormenting and enjoyable sensations the feather was eliciting from her. But the more it passed around in her mind, the more she realized that although her socked foot was definitely getting its fair share of tickling, her bare foot was taking the brunt. “hehehehe bare. Barefoohoohoohoot is worhorhorse.”, she finally managed to get out among the laughter. “Well then. Let’s do something about that.”, he said. He put the feather down. Amy caught her breath, thinking that he would show mercy and put her sock back on. Imagine her slight horror as she felt him remove her left sock. “No. NO, please don’t tickle me barefoot.”, she pleaded through her smile. “Amy, I’m only doing this because I love you, and I know you enjoy this. I’m just giving you what you want.” She started the laughter even as she watched with wide eyes as he slowly brought the fork up to meet her right heel. “No. No not that. NOHOHOHOHOO.” The feeling of the cold steel prongs gliding on the soft flesh of her soles was maddening.

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Fine story. I would definitely like to see more. :D

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Cool story! Can't wait for more! :D