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My story starts like any other an ordinary life with some not so ordinary occurrences, I'm an accountant, I wouldn't call myself cute but others have.* I'll let you decide, I'm 5'5 I weigh about 135, curly but not really curly dark hair, I'd say it's black, I don't get out much so my skin is relatively pale, I wear a D cup bra a size 4 waist and size 6 shoe.* I also wear glasses they're black frame but they fit my face well, in case anybody is wondering my eyes are green. Oh and my name is Anne

****** (Beep) "Anne, your 12:30 is here" my assistant Mark says, "Ok send him in," I say, the door opens and in walk a man his name is John Angelo apparently the government has him by the balls so to speak he owes money but if he can prove that he doesn't have all the assets they claim he can pay less so he's hired me to account his entire life, "Hello Mr. Angelo" I say, "Hello Ms. Holstrom" he returns with a smile, "No need for pleasantries Anne is fine" I say. He says "Ok, Anne, where do we start?"

******* "How bout we start with your bank accounts, I'm gonna need all your account information to see money in and out of your bank statements, also I'm gonna need any receipts you have four anything you paid for in cash, and I'm gonna need to know the value of your home and what you paid for it your car too," "cars," he corrected me "wow!!" He continued "that's a lot of information, I don't suppose there's any way you would be able to gather all of that on your own, I don't tend to keep receipts but my bank should have most on file, I think,"

******* "Ok I can try and gather that but I'm gonna need all the necessary clearances to do so I'm gonna need you to sign these documents you can read them over if you wish they're just saying that you ok me snooping through your life,"* "woah!! I didn't say anything about snooping, Ms. Holstrom," "call me Anne please, I don't like Ms. Holstrom," "Ok, Anne" he replies "I just want to look at my finances,"* "Ok" I reply "sign these," he complies signs the paperwork and begins to rise as I stand and shake his hand, "you have a very soft hand Ms. Holstrom" "please stop calling me Ms. Holstrom, my name is Anne," I say slightly annoyed, "I'm sorry" he says as he softly kisses my hand, he turns and walks toward the door he stops for a second and looks me over.

***** As he leaves I can't help but think that he was fairly attractive and also wealthy, but why did he stop and look me over before he left, oh well off to work as I begin trudging through the countless incomes and expenses of Mr. Angelo I start thinking about his muscles how they just looked like they could burst out of his shirt and take me, woah my mind is drifting back to work, well this is an odd purchase it says "web delivery furniture" 2300 dollars that's not exactly a couch plus it would say if it was and I'm pretty sure it's gonna need an appraisal for that price.

****** I quickly place a call to John, "hi, John there's an odd purchase on your account for some type of furniture we're gonna need to get appraised," "call me Mr. Angelo" he says sending chills up my spine, "what furniture?" He asks "from web delivery Mr.Angelo" "Oh, that" he says "that's not part of this" he continued "Mr. Angelo I have to account for everything you own all of your assets," "fine" he retorts "you come appraise it alone" still feeling chills up my spine but intrigued by his offer I say "I'm not an appraiser Mr. Angelo" "Well, come look at it and tell me what you think it's worth then you can sign off on it, right?" He asks "that's not how this works" I return.

******** "Just come to my house and I'll show you what in talking about", he snaps back sounding a little annoyed. "Fine, Mr. Angelo, I'll be there in thirty minutes."* Pulling down his driveway it's clear to see this man is loaded not only does he have a gate at the front his driveway is lined with red, blue, violet, white, and yellow flowers among the green shrubbery his nearly quarter mile long driveway that opened up into a large circular drive with a very large fountain in the middle

Another small gate leading to a courtyard is on the opposite side of the fountain from the drive to the right is the main entry, I step out of the car still in what I wear to work a navy blue blazer with a white frilly button down blouse a navy blue pencil skirt with nude stockings, I rather stockings than pantyhose cause they're easier to manage, and a set of fairly comfortable short heels about an inch high. As Mr.Angelo sees me he smiles wide he looks sort of devious. As he greats me "Hello Ms. Anne," "just Anne" I say. "Come this way" he says opening the 12 foot high arch door.

Walking in this place is amazing super high ceilings make me feel like I'm in a cathedral there are whole tree trunks used as supports the place seems dark but I guess that's cause all the dark wood the floors look like cherry the beams look like mahogany the grand entry looks like a spiral with a staircase on the back left wall well there really isn't a left in a semi circular room but the staircase was beautiful walnut hand rail curving up with gold accents, this could be my dream house I thought to myself

"Would you like a drink?" He asks, "that won't be necessary I say, I won't be long," wishing I could stay, this house is amazing. "Let me show you to the furniture then," he says, I follow him through the corridor that sits to the right of the staircase and into a great room it's cozy and slightly colorful in a dark way deep red and brown carpet accents the dark woods with leather chairs and gold accent lamps, sitting in front of a fireplace

Walking right through another doorway puts us in a large very bright, as opposed to the rest of the house so far, room there's speakers and a large light colored wooden floor, floor to ceiling windows covered in white veils, I assume this is a dance room as he says, "would you like to dance?" "No, thank you" I say on the opposite side of this room to the left is another door a we head toward that door he says "we're almost there" the door looks heavy as he opens it and waits for me to enter then shuts it behind us

Small lights line the wall of a staircase going down as we descend, taking me through a dark carpeted hallway that is immediate left at the bottom of the stairs we enter a room fairly well lit but no other windows or doors to or from this room.* What looks like a day bed but a little smaller and has a wooden 4x4 post on the back with a back rest secured to it two leather shackles at the top of the post, at the front of this odd day bed is a side rail with two holes in it there's padding in them, "Ok," he says "this is it."

Intrigued by this weird piece of furniture I ask "what is it? What is it for?" "What do you think it us for?" He asks in return. "I have no idea, it seems like a day bed but I can't figure out what the back rest and the holes are for plus there are shackles at the top, what are those for?" "Can I show you?" he asks. "Are you gonna get in? Is it for sleeping?" "No," he says "I'm gonna let you get in it." "Oh, does this help appraise it?" I ask. "Kind of" he responds. "Ok" I say "am I supposed to just lay in it?" "No," he says "take your jacket off and sit so your back is against that back rest and lift your arms like your under arrest."

I comply and sit and raise my arms, he walks around the day bed looking device and straps my wrists to the cuffs like a cop would put hand cuffs on someone, my heart rate rises a little, walking to where my legs are he lifts a wooden rail and tells me to put my ankles there I comply and he replaces the wood side rail now with my ankles through the wholes, the realization of what this device is starts to set in and I begin to panic but I can't show it so I breathe heavily and try to relax he takes what looks like a belt and straps it around my waist to the 4x4 post I'm now fairly immobile and I say, "Ok, this is a weird device can I get out now?" To my surprise he says "No."

"Ok" I say "what do you plan on doing with an accountant stuck in your house, I'm not the one you need to appeal to." "I know" he says, "but I've already talken to everyone." "No one will help me, so now there's you." "You gonna use me as leverage?" I ask. "No" he says "stop talking, just sign off on this furniture."

With that he walks behind the odd bed, I can feel his hands on my wrists, slowly moving down my arm like a spider inching toward it's prey, as his wriggling fingers reach my inner elbows I start to feel a little ticklish, he stops and says "oh I forgot."

He puts a blindfold over my eyes. He continues on my arms wriggling his fingers as I try to shut my eyes and think he'll let me out of this it's just a little test, as his fingers roll down my arms... I can't take this I close my eyes hard trying to drown out the thought of the tickling sensation now nearing my armpit, hoping he'll stop before it reaches my armpit, cause if it does I have no idea what I'll do.

I try gently to pull at my binds without him noticing they are definitely tied well, but I can't try to pull too hard otherwise he'll notice and continue this assault. He stops, Oh great he's gonna let me out wonderful, "Hello" I call out, I feel something soft brush my left arm and it starts to move south.

oh Hell what is this as I feel it move toward my armpit, my mind starts trying to think of other things, one major one, please stop tickling me, as this device flicks into my armpits I jump but try to keep from losing my cool, he plays in my left pit for a while, then he tries my right one those whatever reaches my pit I start to giggle, "Oh, someone is ticklish" he says.

oh god, I think this could be bad. He starts to use his fingers on my arms starting at my elbows my laughter is just slight to start with as I think oh please don't tickle me, his fingers find their way down into my armpits and it's all I can think about laughter over takes my mind as I try desperately to free myself from the bonds, his fingers move down my ribs, my laughter becomes somewhat silent as I stare off into nothing in disbelief.

thinking maybe I'll wake and this will be a dream, I feel his fingers move down my hips oh my dear god I thrash trying to free myself that stupid belt he put around my waist holds me still, his fingers glide back up my side into my armpits, I'm in a new world of oh my god stop I can't think about anything else but this infernal tickling.

I feel like I'm cackling at this point, howling at the moon if you will cause it doesn't seem like he's listening as my laughter echos through the room, he stops. Wow is he done I think, I'm pretty sure I can appraise it now.

I feel a slight tug on my left shoe, my heart rate begins rising, I haven't been tickled on my feet in many years I don't even know if I'm ticklish but assuming I am very if the rest of my body is any indication

I try desperately to keep my left shoe scrunching my toes against the tip of the heel in an attempt to keep from removing it, my heart now racing wildly, I can feel the silky nylons letting my shoe glide of my heel, why did I have to wear nylons I thought as my heart pounded out of my chest trying so hard to hold on to my heel I can feel the air caress my left sole as the heel is fully removed.

waiting is so horrible as I scrunch and release my toes I feel a small scratching at the heel of my foot trying to hold back I grit my teeth, I'm not giving him anything on this, I feel his fingers roaming my sole as my teeth bite down hard he's gonna get no satisfaction on this, his fingers scribbling wildly on my left sole, I feel as though he's started to give, then I feel my right shoe being tugged.

Ok all I have to do is keep this one the same as the other one, I got this this time letting my shoe go, acting like I don't care, it doesn't tickle. His fingers find my heel and I grit my teeth, the sensation is almost electric as I try my best not to squirm or jump so as not show weakness, his fingers cease, whew my soles are safe, just then I feel his fingers on the toes of my right foot.

I wasn't expecting that, I jump and squeal, oh god, my heart races I can't take being tickled on my feet, his fingers dance on the silky fabric under my right foot's toes my laughter starts as I feel his fingers glide down my right sole into my arch, oh my dear god I can't take this, the feeling of electric shoots up my leg as I frantically try to pull free.

I'm begging for dear life at this point hoping he'll have some compassion, my begs seem to be in vain as he continues up and down my right foot and adds my left to the mix, my mind goes blank, I can't take any of this, my laughter is all I can do and I'm trying to breath as my screams full the room, "holy shit stop" I say, but it probably sounded more like,

hahahahahohohohohohllohohohohyyyyshhahahahaiiittth ahahahassssttthahahahahahahahahahahaaapp.

He stops for a second my breathing heavy, my heart rate Jack rabbit fast, I feel the nylon fabric being torn and pulled down off my feet, I feel warm air being pushed toward my soles, I think it's his breath though I can't see so I don't know, I feel his tongue on the heel of my left foot shaking to try to get free.

his tongue feels like a slick pumice stone as it glides up my sole I try to pull my left leg free to escape his bumpy tongue, but all my might can't pull leg free as my laughter begins to cry out the closer he gets to my arch my leg now shaking violently as my laughter fills the entire room my foot swings wildly back and forth pressing on his face trying to push his tickly tongue away to no avail.

"please stop, I'm begging you," "Oh no," he says we're just getting started, with that my right stocking gets ripped and his tongue immediately landing on the base of my right foot's toes, I scream really loud oh my dear Lord this tickles, his tongue masterfully finding all my ticklish spots on my feet in between my toes on my arch his tongue just flicking up and down my arch as I can't do anything but giggle..

He removes my blindfold, now I can see he gives my eyes a minute to adjust as my eyes do I can see why, there are two mirrors that face me one on each side of the furnishing so that I can see the soles of my feet he shows me an electric toothbrush that he's dipped in baby oil.

what's the baby oil for I think, my thoughts are interrupted by the click and buzzing sound I see the toothbrush near my right foot, I try desperately to pull free yanking and yelling for someone to help, to no avail as the toothbrush draws nearer my right foot, I scrunch it up and he grabs my toes and pushes them back exposing my sole my mind goes crazy I'm thinking oh my god please don't do this,

I know it's going to tickle immensely and I grit my teeth getting ready to bear the burden my toes try to bend back down but his grip is stronger as the vibrating noise becomes a sensation on the sole of my right foot just under the ball on the inside my mind goes berserk I can't think I can't feel all my strength goes into my leg now pulling on my bonds as I howl with laughter.

"I don't think I can take much more" I say "Oh, sure you can" he says "your here forever now," oh god tell me he's joking I think as the toothbrush finds my left sole renewing my laughter, I can feel all the bristles brushing my sole as my foot tries desperately to break free, I feel a hotness inside my thighs, his tongue again presses in my soles now super sensitive.

I can't do anything but laugh, as his tongue finds my now super sensitive toes and I howl with laughter I imagine his tongue on my clit as I begin to moan trying not to show that I'm enjoying this I try my best to just continue laughing as he presses his tongue hard into my arch my mind goes blank I feel wave after wave of just absolute shock roll over me I can't even begin to handle it and I pass out, I wake in bed feeling like I've just had the most relaxing night of my life, I wouldn't change it for the world, but could it all have been a dream what a vivid dream, if it were

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Let me know what y'all think, I'm trying this from a different point of view if you want and I get enough votes I'll post one from John's point of view, or can post from another story

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Terrific story! Thanks for your contribution!