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Sarah Cross was an above average student at her university. She did well in all of her regular classes but writing her thesis in the next year was something that she was not looking forward to.
She needed to talk to her thesis supervisor, Mary Parker. Mary was an attractive woman in her early 40's, very accomplished in her field and very confident in her ability to get "the most" out of her thesis groups. Year after year Mary recruited a few very special students in hopes that one of the young women would ask her for a favor and she could use that to fulfill her deepest sexual desires.

Mary had a passion for young womens pretty feet, she liked them all shapes and sizes and made sure she had a good variety of pretty feet in her thesis group every year.

This years group had Lauren, a beautiful, doll like woman. Lauren was 24, 5'2, not a bit of fat on her body could be found, she was perfectly toned but still thin and feminine, her skin was lightly tan. She wore a size 6 shoe and her feet as the rest of her body was, amazing. Medium length toes, perfectly pedicured nails and her soles were as soft as silk. Mary had her pair of small feet for her group in Lauren.

Karen was 23, 5'8 and thin. Long straight brown hair, bangs cut straight across, Karen was sort of a hippy in the way she dressed. Her thin body was accented nicely by her shapely hips and nice full ass. Her feet fit into Mary's yearly plan as the long and skinny type. Karen wore a size 8.5, long toes, natural nails and even though her footwear was usually sandals or flats her soles were flawless and soft, especially after her daily run.

Sarah was a cute shy girl, she was tall and curvy. She stood 5'8, had large C cup, perky breasts and a big perfect ass that attracted a lot of glances from most people on campus. Sarahs feet were Marys favorite type, wide but well shaped. Sarah wore a size 9, medium length, cute toes, nails always painted a bright red. Deep soft arches were the focal point of her large soles.

Lauren was first to visit Mary in her office. Mary couldn't wait to get her hands on Laurens pretty size 6 feet and after the introduction, Mary got right to the point.

"Lauren I'm going to make you an offer, if you can read the first chapter of this book, while I try to distract you, I can guarantee you an A on your first assignment for me."

"Oh wow, that sounds too good to be true, what do you mean when you say distract me?" Lauren looked at Mary with her big hazel eyes and Mary felt even more lust for the pair of feet under her desk just waiting to be enjoyed by her.

"Here is the book, please start on page 3, and take your shoes off and put your feet on the desk" Mary was shaking with anticipation as Lauren gave her a strange look as she took the book from Marys hands, placed it on the desk and removed her stylish brown oxfords and placed her black sock clad size 6 feet on the table.

"Okay shall we begin?" Mary said excitedly as Lauren opened the book to page 3 and started to read the book out loud for her Professor. Mary listened for a minute before starting to run her index finger along the arch of Laurens small socked left foot. Lauren kept on reading the book, only breaking slightly when Mary grazed the spot below the ball of her foot that would drive her up the wall everytime someone in the past had found it.

"Something wrong? Your feet aren't ticklish are they Lauren?" Mary knew the answer already
"Actually I am really ticklish on my feet hehe this is harder than I thought, I can make it through the chapter I think" Lauren replied.
"Lauren, I'm going to take your socks off now, and the tickling will get more intense, so please try to stay focussed"
"Okay, I'll try my best"
To be continued

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Good set-up. Looking forward to the rest of the story. :D

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Good start