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Breaking down the new snooty married couple in our gym

Let me start off by saying we are a couple, two females, age 41 and 39. I am Cheryl, a county prosecutor who relishes in the challenge of defeating defense lawyers putting their clients in jail for committing their crimes. Iím tall at 5í11, 140 pounds, ex-basketball player in college so I keep myself in shape with cardio and weight workouts. I grew up a tom-boy so being active and a little gruff is part of which I am. I enjoy UFC type workouts that allow me to roll around with my workout partner testing out each otherís strengths. I actually prefer sparring with males since they put up a much more difficult challenge and when I beat them, it brings me that must more satisfaction. I am not a man hater, but being teased by boys growing up for being tomboyish has always stuck with me and anytime I can put a guy whether he is macho or not, gives me a sense of power that actually turns me on in a weird way.
My partner Janet is a successful defense lawyer who earns at nice salary as a partner in a law firm allowing us to live the high-end life style. She is 5í7, 120 pounds, more feminine than me, but wicked strong intellectually and sexually she is as kinky as they come. We actually are the perfect fit with my straight forward approach to life and her teasing seductive twist on her view of life and a sexual appetite that I can barely keep up with. Being together for 7 years now, we have developed a kinky kind of life style that allows Janet the opportunity to seduce other woman, which has been a turn on for the two of us over the years and the core to our happiness. Janet is seductive, using her Jennifer Aniston looks and smile to lure unsuspecting wives and business associates into her sexual world.
So last week we invited our new couple neighbors Bob and Carol (she tells us its Caroline, but its Carol from now on) to our neighbors get together at our house so they could meet the rest of the neighborhood tenants. Bob is early 40s and Carol is 34. The age difference caught Janetís attention when we first met them, finding out that Carol met Bob when she was an intern at the Boeing plant and seeing his earning potential (thatís Janetís take) she married that workaholic a year later. Now a stay at home Mom who sends her kids off to her parents for the summer, she has caught the eye of my partner who told me that she would have her one way or another. Our playtimes have revolved in how Janet would seduce the other women, finding intimate details about her to use in breaking her down to enjoy some sexual fun. The one thing about Janet, when she sets out on a conquest, she rarely fails, but once she conquers, she is ready to move on to the next case. I am more of the enjoyment of sex and since I havenít always been gay, I still enjoy the male anatomy from time to time, but mostly into the kink and enjoyment of sex with a woman.
So now that the introductions are over, this is how the past week has turned out. On Friday night our neighbors came over after work for drinks and snacks and to meet our new neighbors. One thing we do for fun is to bug several rooms in our house with listening devices that a cop friend helped us setup to listen in on any visitors who happen into our downstairs bathroom, backyard closed in patio and our professionally built gym. I know it sounds bad, but Janetís kinky side suggested this so we could get a feel of our friends and sometimes sexual conquest. One thing about our gym, it has an outside entrance that we have so some of our neighbors can use the gym too. The atmosphere was fun for the most part, but as I was telling a story about work, I noticed a look of disgust on Janetís face that seemed to be towards our new neighbors. It was until later that I found out they were giving looks to each other that werenít too kind. We took Bob and Carol on a tour ending up in the gym to show them around, even offering them a chance to use the gym whenever they wanted. Our plan was to have them in their alone, so we can hear what they were thinking. As I am showing the gym to them, Janet says, ďHey we forgot to put out desert, come help me.Ē I tell them to look around and I will be right back. This would give time alone to talk and maybe reveal some private thoughts about us. They were alone a good 10 minutes before I got back and could sense that they were actually amused about whatever they were talking about. I thought to myself, I canít wait to hear what they said. Below is some of the conversation they had that would turn out to be their Achilles heel.
ďOh my God Bob! They are partnersĒ Giggles between them. Which one do you think is the man? Bob chimes in as they giggle some more. I am not sure who I am more afraid of, the brute or her cute skinny friend. Her stares are so intense at times, I feel like she is undressing me. Bob laughs out loud, and says, ďOh I would hate to see that.Ē Yeah I bet Carol chimes in. That Cheryl is so tall, she is as big as you Bob, bet she could kick your ass, they laugh together. Iíd give her a run Bob states, but even to him he is not convinced as he pictures her tight arms and powerful looking thighs. Carol says the first revealing comment, ďShe reminds me of Beth in college, my roommate who would tackle me on my bed and tickle me if I was too loud, remember I told you about her? Oh yes, Beth, the tyrant from the track team, who threw the shot put. She really tortured you back then huh? Yeah she did. At least once a week, she would hold me down and tickle my ribs, or knees and even my feet! Yeah, you are a little ticklish brat arenít you? Shut-up Robert, looks whoís talking, you canít even take a poke in the ribs! Carol must have reached out and poked him because on the tape you could hear him double over and giggle. Stop! As he laughs out loud. One item Janet shared with me was a private call from Carol to her girlfriend in our bugged bathroom which got both of us intrigued. ďMy gosh Sandy, our neighbor Janet is a knock out!Ē Carol is gushing to her friend about the Jennifer Anniston comparison and her personal sexual interest in her tan legs. The lusty look from Janet to me was unmistakable. Her friend is a bit much, as she went on about me. I can tell Bob is already got a thing for her, hanging around her like a damn puppy dog she spits out. If thatís what he wants, he can have it as she drones on. I have to admit, itís been a while, but Bob did hang around me a bit and seem to enjoy our talks. My mind raced as I hoped Janet would allow me some play fun with him.
That information is all Janet needed as we both fumed over the comments they made. I donít have the same thought process as Janet, so I sit back and enjoy how she plots out her revenge and I must say, it is so entertaining to watch Janet plan out how we will teach these two a lesson. The plan is to have the loving couple come over on Saturday for a one on one class to use the gym and at that time, the two snobs will be expertly tied to our gym equipment and forced to submit. I asked Janet if she minded that I sexually tease Bob and even though she wasnít into it, she told me that the way to get her revenge on Carol, was to keep her husband erect and not let him cum. I agreed as we crawled into bed and gratified each other as we discussed our plan.
We made sure the neighbors new that Saturday was a closed day at the gym. Bob and Carol showed up around 2 PM for an hour of how to use all the equipment. Bob was dressed in gym shorts, a tank top with the sleeves removed with a logo that said, ďMen are menĒ, we will see about that I thought. His Nike sneakers and cute ankle socks made out his workout outfit. He is nice looking, but obvious no gym rat with a slight belly that could use some sit-ups. He is 5í11, 190 or so in my estimation and a nervous smile that makes me want to put him over my lap and spank him, which I might do later. Carol is dressed in a cute pair of shorts, showing off her slender legs, a tight top revealing her pleasant breast hidden under a sports bra that I know soon would not be worn by Carol again. Her ankle socks were covered by some new running shoes. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail that made me lust in the idea of controlling her by pulling on that. We wasted some time with small talk, but got right down to business. I had Bob sit on a bench under the pull down bar which works the upper chest area. The idea is to separate the arms over head and pull down on the bar as you lean back. As Bob held on to the bar, I used some Velcro wrist wraps to around the bar Ė trapping his wrist as I told him this was to help him hang on to the bar. He bought it with a confused look but didnít say anything. He pulled down three times and said it was too easy and to put more weight. No problem I say, and drop the metal pin all the way down to the 300 pounds at the bottom.
Mean while, Janet talks to Carol about leg strength and has her lay on her stomach on the leg bench, putting her feet into the bar on the bench which is usually used to do leg curls to strengthen the hamstrings. Little does she know that as she lies down her feet are secured by some Velcro wraps tying her feet together and secured to the bench trapping her feet. Confused, she tries to remove her feet but finds herself unable to move. Before she can say anything, Janet uses another Velcro belt and secures her waist just above her butt to the bench. What are you doing? Carol is no dummy and realizes she is trapped. Looking over at Bob, she notices he is now tied to the bars and sees me strapping his feet behind him leaving them wiggling helplessly. He tugs at the pull down bar, but he can only budge the bar an inch before it crashed back down. His arms stretched out Ė he is exposed. I prop my foot up on the bench, I am a few inches from his face, smiling, well pull down the bar tough guy. He looks scared, which I love as a strong woman, he tugs again at the bar and gets an inch again, but then it drops back down. You bitch, let me go, right now! Big mistake as I almost slap him. Janet senses this and says, ďStick to the plan Cheryl.Ē I smile at her, then bring my fingers up and wiggling them in his face, I say, ďAre you ticklish?Ē I run my fingers lightly into his exposed pits and his reaction is crazy. He sputters and shakes, instantly breaks into giggles and hard laughter as my fingers did into this light hairy pits. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA stop stop HAHAHAHHAHAHAH stop! His laughter and helplessness is so off the chart and quite unexpected that I can only smile and dig in some more. Iím turned on as his face turns red, his laughter still loud and struggles still fighting the tickle torture.
Iím so into it, that Janet finally steps in and as to pull my arms away to make me stop. She is smiling as Bob slumps in his restraints, trying to catch his breath. You have got to take your time sweetie she smiles as she can feel the energy coming from me. We donít want to kill them do we? Now come help me secure Miss Carolís arms. Carol is trapped to the bench at her ankles and waist, but her arms are still free as she reaches back trying to undo the strap that holds her to the bench. Janet is cool, calculating as she slides next to the angry housewife. You bitches are going to pay for this she cries out. Grab her arms commands Janet as I stretch the struggling Carol as her demeanor changes as my strong hands grip and pull her arm taught straight in front of her as Janet secures them to another weight bench. She is stretched tight, barely enough to slightly wiggle from side to side. ďWhy are you guys doing this?Ē she whines, understanding that she and Bob are both tied tight. Janet takes the lead, explaining her rude looks to each other when I was telling my story. She made up the fact that she heard them calling us names behind our backs. And to be honest, I overheard you telling Bob just how ticklish you are, and I wanted to find out if that was true. Carol was stunned, and instantly started to beg and plead. Oh no, please donít do that, I hate it, noooo, Iím sorry, I didnít mean anything by it she rambled on. Bob started to pipe up threatening without any force which only took a look from Janet to me to get me once again digging my fingers into his exposed arm pits. I loved his reaction which is instant and amusing at the same time. His head goes back and then thrust forward as he tries in vain to pull his arms down to covers his ticklish pits. His laughter is so loud and a bit of a shriek that I can only smile with pleasure. I am in more control now and only tickle for a full minute using the clock on the wall to time myself. I stop only to hear a squeal and a sweet girlish laughter explode from Carol as Janet has straddle her from behind and playfully digging her fingers into the ribs on the helpless housewife. Janet uses a light but firm poking technique that seems to count the ribs on Carol, working from top to the bottom of her rib cage. Each new rib makes the cute girl scream with a new volume of laughter. I love watching Janet work; she is so methodical in her seductions over the years I think she could be classified as an expert. She has even done research this week on best tickling techniques and even chatting with people on tickling sites to get expert opinions.
She tickles poor Carol for a good minute or so smiling at me as she works her fingers, taking her time to get it right as she normally does when seducing someone. She stops and gives me a wry smile as she points to the tied up husband who is now sporting a large hard on. In my fun and watching Janet, I had not noticed his transformation but now he has my attention. I walk behind him and can tell by his demeanor he is already afraid of me. I place myself behind him close enough where I can whisper in his ear. You like this? I tease as my fingers flutter barely on his arm pit hairs. He struggles, shifting the light touch must be maddening but his dick is hard, sitting at attention I can tell he is well endowed. Janet is whispering something to Carol as her eyes make contact with Bobís bulging shorts. ďBob! How could you?Ē she shouts. Humiliated to see her manís cock has grown excited by the situation. Donít be a little bitch Janet says and once again starts to tickle Carol, this time working her fingers up and under her belly Ė pinching her tight stomach making her giggle once again. Itís a real turn on to see someone so helpless and unable to move more than an inch or so. Her fight is really nothing which allows my devious partner full range on what she has planned. Since we have discussed most things during our sex play, I am turned on to know that this is only the beginning and her upcoming torment is so much more severe.
Iíve been teasing Bob with light tickles over his arm pits, neck and ribs for a good 15 minutes. I give him slight breaks giving him time to catch his breath and watch helplessly as his wife is being tickled to tears. Her shirt has been cut-off with a pair of scissors and her bra now hangs on my punching bad. A trophy no doubt Janet will hold on to. Janet has her very submissive now as she draws a thick feather over her exposed back, her laughter and defenses are weak. Janet loves working a womanís nipples, and the rough pinching and massaging on poor Carol has taken its toll. She whimpers and at times seems to enjoy her predicament. She has given up hope of being rescued as Bob has found his own tormentor and seems to be enjoying it. Iíve stroked him many times during his breaks and he has been erect the whole time as I promise him each time to finally let him cum. It will be a while and his whimpers when I stop tell me who is in control.
Carol is begging like a child, please no more, not my feet. Janet smiles wickedly as she slowly unlaces her running shows, taking time to tell her how much fun she is going to have on her pretty feet. Are you ticklish she taunts? She pulls off a size 8 sneaker; taking the shoe and making Carol sniff the insides. Laughing she kisses Carol full on the lips. I like you Carol, you are such a cute woman as she brushes her bangs away from her sweaty forehead. Her puppy dog eyes are begging for mercy. Janet whispers, you and I are going to have so much fun once I break you of your bitchy self. She peels off a moist sock, taking a minute to take in the aroma of the sock. Wow, your feet are flawless as she light caresses the arch. Hey Bob, are her feet really that ticklish as you told me? Bob babbles some kind of protest as Carol squirms but they both know itís hopeless to stop what is about to happen. The second shoe is ripped off as is the sock which Janet places in front of Carolís face on the bench.
Bob is weak as a kitten as I pull up his shirt, tying it to the bar above. He is now pleading with me to let him go. Not a chance big boy. Iím going to tease and tickle you until you pass out. You will eventually cum, then I will milk you a couple of more times to really make you my bitch. I canít believe how tough and mean I sound, but something has come over me and I am enjoying this. I follow Janetís lead and work his sneakers off then his sweaty socks. He has nice size 11 feet, meaty soles and toes I canít wait to tickle them. I am also going to finally jerk him off after a vicious foot tickling which hearing him beg must mean he is ticklish. A fresh howl of laughter comes from Carol as her feet are being attacked by Janetís long red fingernails. She is relentless as I watch her dig her fingers into the soft soles making sure the scratches drive the woman insane. As she digs her fingers on the poor womanís long toes she is laughing so hard I think she will pass out. Bobís cock is so hard right now I can barely contain myself but I take the time to sit down at his feet and give my own foot tickle attack. His feet wiggle in protest, unable to escape my dancing fingers. I take my time scratching with my index finger under each exposed toe. His laughter is comical as his shrieks fill the air. I know this is really getting him because his body is moving and shaking more than ever as he tries to escape. I stop only to grab some ice cubes from our freezer applying one to each warm sole. I canít resist as I smile at Janet hoping for her to give the go ahead. She gives me an approving wink and I once again sit behind Bob this time wrapping my arms around his waist, and start stroking his large cock slowly at first as he moans approval. Janet pauses and turns Carolís head so she can watch as I pick up the strokes, with a hard firm motion. He is still wearing his thin gym shorts but my strokes are enough that in a minute his body shakes, he grunts like the man he is and finally gives a satisfying explosive pleasure grunt as I make sure every drop is squeezed out. His head slumps down as he appears to have passed out.
Janet is now teasing Carol. Look she says, he really likes it, taunting the whipped house wife. She is lightly rubbing Carolís nipples making her whimper and moan with pleasure. Do you find me attractive Carol? She leans down and once again kisses her full on the lips, surprised by the acceptance as Carolís mouth and tongue invite her in. Delighted with the reaction, she tells her that she needs some more foot work, and then she will release her so she can properly serve her new mistress. True to her word, Janet uses an electric tooth brush and some baby oil and methodically tickles every inch of her wiggling feet. She can barely breathe as Janet uses a warm wet towel to clean off the baby oil soaking the captiveís feet. Bob is awake from his short slumber as I untie his feet from the bench, I order him to stand while I move the bench, then pull off his soaked gym shorts. I donít take long as I tease his erect nipples for his large cock grows again to full staff. I bound his ankles together to make moving harder for Bob. He protests a bit but one firm hand around his cock and he obediently listens. I work my fingers into his pits and he howls, pressing my body closely behind his, not letting him move much seems to really excite him. He is so hard, I grab some baby oil and lube up his 8 inch cock, stroking it again with the full attempt for him to shoot a second time. It takes a bit longer, but in no time he shoots a nice load over my strong hand. After cleaning us up, I take out a thin strap and decide a spanking is in order.
Carol is whipped. Her body has been tickled beyond what she can take and is now a submissive mess. Janet takes her time and slowly unties the housewife. She helps her up, holding her close, she allows the woman to kiss her. She whispers to her and Carol nods with a small smile. She holds her close and tells me she is going to take her to bed and please donít disturb them. This was part of the plan and I am not surprised, this is Janetís desire and she is finishing off her plan. I know the next several hours she will take Carol to another world of pleasure, and then she will be done with her.
Poor Bob is still hurting from a nice belt spanking I just gave him, but his cock is hard again. I tell Bob I will let him go, but he must wrestle me before he can leave. I tell him if he can pin me, I will let him go. What a joke, with my martial arts and UFC training, the poor guy is no match. His hour of tie up and tickling has rendered him a helpless man. I have pinned him a couple of times, and even though he is really trying, he canít beat me in his weakened state. Being naked his hard cock bounces all over the place making for a comical scene. I get him face down and pulling up his feet behind him, I once again tickle his bare feet. His laughter turns me on, I canít help it. I work my fingers under his thick toes as he tries to clench them closed, but it is hopeless. He is so weak and turned on that I tell him to follow me to the guest room so I can tie him up and really get him off.
I am surprised by his eagerness as he finishes each sentence with a yes maíam. I lead him to the bedroom and I am delighted to hear satisfying moans of pleasure coming from the master bedroom. Itís been a good start to our Saturday.



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Fine story! :D

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Good story, you should write a part 2 about revenge

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Fantastic work as always!

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Really enjoyed this. Only suggestion for Part 2 would be to break the story up a bit with more line gaps and paragraphs which would make it easier to read. Great story though.

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I loved this story! Please write more. I love when couples are tickled together. It's such a great dynamic.

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Another fun story. I always love reading your work.


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Thanks for all the kind words. I rarely do a revenge tickle but maybe when the wife who thinks she has a new playmate gets rebuffed at the door by her tormentor - that she is bored with her; the wife plots a revenge tickle with her husband...it is possible.