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04-26-2015, 12:11 PM
Comic – Cum Part 1

Shawn Johnson, Maria Menounos, Sara Underwood

Atttack of the Show had shut down, Dancing with the Stars was down to 1 show a year, Extra had hired on 2 new young hotties. The world was changing for 3 young women who found themselves in similar spots. Sara Underwood, Maria Menuonous and Shawn Johnson were all at ComicCon to cover it for different reasons. Maria was there for Extra, Shawn was there for the Today show and Sara was there for G4 but not Attack of the Show.

It would be fair to say, neither girl was overly excited about the assignment but a job is a job. Each girl was in similar but different places in their lives. At 30+, Maria had been in the business long enough to know her oppts would change and diminish. It wasn’t the first time she’d thought this. She just wasn’t sure where she was headed. While she knew she was still attractive, as she walked around the geeky, 25 and under crowd and ComicCon it was apparent this road had a short ending.

Sara was somewhere different. Playboy, G4 and ATOS had given her a nice fan base due to her quirky sense of humor and edgy yet wholesome sexuality. But she was completely lost as to where to go next. And as she talked to her friend and cohost Candace Bailey they both were confused as to how to move forward. Sara had the Playboy cred with her but that had lost much of its luster of the past few years. And if she was pressed, she would say she was over the Bustice, ComicCon, Naked bike rides in Portland schtick and would like to find something different. But she had no idea what that looked like. And while very few people knew it, she and Kevin Perriera had a pretty deep relationship that had recently ended when he left the show. Sara found herself rudderless.

Shawn, at 21 just kept looking at all this stuff with a wide eyed, “How did I get here” mentality. After the failed Olympic comeback, Dancing with the Stars AllStars, and the short post tour, she didn’t really have a clue what to do. The Today Show knew she had Q factor with the under 30 and would send her on these jobs. But she knew this was not what she wanted to do. AND, She knew NOTHING about ComicCon and after 2 days didn’t want to learn anything more. Her producers kept pressuring her to find ‘fun’ stories they could share. Shawn kept thinking these people aren’t fun, they’re weird. It wasn’t going well.

Shawn was trying to talk to someone in a StarWars action game booth about why this was important to them and trying very hard to listen, but in reality couldn’t give a shit.
Next thing she knows she’s in laughter and on the floor as she is being tickled. “Hey Shortcake. Missed you. You look great” and Shawn looked up and saw the beautiful smiling face of Maria Menounos. Who was still trying to tickle her. “Cut that out. I’m trying to work” Shawn said but not really angry. “Yeah right” and Maria pulled her off the floor and grabbed her and held her so tight. “ It is SOOOOOOOOOO good to see you. I’ve missed you tons. I had no idea you were here” and she kissed Shawn subtely on the neck.

Shawn was stunned. Maria tried to break the hug but Shawn pulled her back in and whispered. “ I can’t tell you how great it is to see you. I’ve missed you guys. I haven’t talked to ANYBODY since the tour” “What……. you mean the Shawn Johnson 21st birthday blowjob Olympics” Maria whispered squeezed Shawns sides and got the expected ticklish reaction. “Shut up and Stop that. And be quiet. Nobody can know about that. Were supposed to be professionals” but she hugged Maria even harder. “Shortcake, it is so great to see you. How long u in town, whats your schedule? Can we hang”

“Of course, I’m here 3 more days and between us, this thing is lame. PLEASE, lets hang” Shawn pleaded. “We can make that work. Text me tonite when you’re done with whatever bullshit Lauer is trying to make you do. And don’t let him touch you.” And Maria winked. “But I will later” and she blew a quick kiss and was gone.

Shawn was so happy to see Maria, cuz this thing sucked. But also somewhat terrified based on the events of her birthday. The couple of days in the hotel on her 21st with Maria and the tour cast [ seeing fooling with the stars for that story ], had opened up a whole new world to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about the events of that weekend. She remembered every vivid detail. But since then, she found herself pretty directionless. Happy for the Today gig, but she really didn’t have a plan. For her entire life, there had always been a plan on the table. Sometimes hers, sometime somebody else’s. But always a plan. Not now. And now, running into Maria, she had a pretty good idea what Maria’s plan was. Good angel and bad angel were having a very animated argument in her head.

She taped 2 more stupid interviews and asked her producer what else they would like her to do. The guy wasn’t much older than Shawn. He said they had a bunch of good stuff he could edit. Told her to keep her eyes open for a story that captured her interest and text him is she needed a camera crew. Yeah, like that was going to happen. About that time she got a text “ Girls nite tonite, my room, 10 . Want you to meet my friend Sara. Love you , Maria.” Shawn couldn’t help but smile and the night just picked up.

ComicCon was filled with gadgets, new games and people in costumes. Shawn had some down time and just wandered around. She’d changed into sweats, tee shirt and a baseball cap and no one recognized her. As she walked around there was a big commotion over in one corner. Curious, she wandered over to see. There was a film crew and an amazing looking women in a purple superhero costume, featuring her breasts, with a purple and black mask. Her character name was Bustice and it was obvious why. The girls body was SMOKIN, and she was gorgeous. She was doing ‘man on the street’ type interviews and the schtick was the men could not stop looking at her chest. Which was amazing. But she knew it and was blowing them shit. It was pretty damn funny. Shawn watched for a while then went back to her room thinking, that chick knows whats she’s doing.

She’d gotten something to eat and was headed to Maria’s suite about 10. She got a text. “ Don’t be late, don’t want to have to punish you, yeah I do.hehe. Again, Shawn couldn’t help but smile. She was very conflicted after the tour and all the sexual events that happened on her birthday. She really did want to see Maria but wasn’t sure she was ready for another adventure. And yet, she hadn’t stopped thinking about it in the months that had passed. She texted back “ almost there” and jumped on the elevator. Good angel and bad angel were continuing their fight.

She knocked on the door and heard “Shortcake” from inside. Shawn just giggled. She hadn’t heard that nickname since the tour. Maria threw the door open, grabbed her friend and yanked her into the room, slammed the door and before Shawn could say hello…….Maria’s very active tongue was down her throat. Shawn didn’t really mind but was unprepared for the intensity. She kissed her back. Bad angel was winning .“God, I have missed you so much” Maria said breaking this kiss and holding Shawn so tight. Shawn held her back and was surprised at all the feelings that were flooding thru her. “I’ve missed you, too. I haven’t really talked to anyone in months since the tour. How about you?” she asked.

“I’ve truly been so busy I haven’t talked to anyone either.” Maria answered. “ But I haven’t really wanted to. I just wanted to talk to you, I just wanted to hold you, I just wanted to kiss you” and so Maria did, again gently and warmly. “and I just wanted to TICKLE YOU” and she attacked the unsuspecting Olympian. “Damn it, ……. Maria………SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTT>>>>>>>you suck……….HAHAHAHAHA. Stop tickling me” and Shawn had fallen to the floor and Maria was tickling every inch of her very ticklish friend. Maria ran her hands under Shawn’s T and started to tickle her breasts. “ Come on please stop” Shawn said pretty seriously but already turned on. “Ok, I’m sorry” she said as she stopped and helped her up. “I’ve just missed you, I’ve missed that weekend, I think about you a lot.…….sorry” and Maria meant it. “Me too, I think about u too. I haven’t really been the same since then” Shawn shared.

“I didn’t know you were going to be here. I just got so excited when I saw you. Sorry, kinda lost control there.” Maria apologized. “I’ts OK, I’m really glad to see you too” and Shawn smiled at her. Maria couldn’t help herself, she grabbed the girl and just started kissing her. Kissing her neck, kissing her ears, kissing down her chest. Shawn was not upset by the development but she broke the embrace. “One of us has better take a cold shower or go work out or something” Shawn said trying to break the tension. “I’ve got a workout idea” and Maria pinned Shawn to the wall and tickle attacked the young girl again. She grabbed her above the knees, and reach around and slipped her hands up her shorts and tickled some more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Shawn was able to break free and announced “Shit’s on, Menounos” Shawn was wearing workout shorts, a Today T with scooped neck and flip flops. Maria was wearing sweats, a sleeveless T, and was barefoot.

Maria knew what was coming and tried to run by Shawn, she may be tiny but she was an Olympic gymnast. She grabbed Maria by the waist and threw her on the nearest couch and jumped on top of her. Maria was on her stomach and pretty defenseless. Shawn attacked her underarms and Maria’s distinctive laugh filled the room. “This is a lot more fun than being tickled don’t you think” teased Shawn. “NOOOOOOOOOOO” laughed Maria. “Maybe I’m just doin it wrong. Lets try this. And Shawn grabbed Maria’s ankle and pulled it toward her. “NOT THE FEET>>>>>>>>SHIT” Maria chortled has Shawn scrapped her nails across her soles. Then she started tickling right below the toes. “YOU LITTLE SHIT>>>>>>” and she tried to slap at her friend but was laughing too hard.

Bad angel was definitely winning. Shawn was getting turned on, much like her birthday. She gave Maria a break and turned back around and sat on her glorious butt. Maria wasn’t hating this. Shawn leaned down and said “And now one of my favorite places….” And ran her hands under Marias shirt and started tickling right below her breasts. Maria exploded in laughter and wiggles. Her cackles were cracking Shawn up. “I think someone is more ticklish that me. How about here” and she moved to Marias breasts. Even pressed down to the couch they were ticklish. She started kicking her feet and slapping at Shawns legs.

Shawn stopped tickling Maria and they curled up in each others arms. They shared light kisses. Maria slipped her hand under Shawns T and started tracing light circles around her breast. Maria knew how to excite Shawn and was doing it again. Maria said “I have missed you. I hope this is alright but I have another friend here, who I didn’t know was going to be here and I invited her. I hope that’s ok?” Shawn actually found herself not happy about that and it surprised her. After all the conflicting feelings she had, the fact that another girl would join them made her……..and she realized it was jealous. WOW

“I think you will like her. Her name is Sara Underwood. Did you ever watch G4 or Attack of the Show?’ Shawn shook her head no. “That’s ok, she was a playboy playmate of the year and then got the show, it’s a real techy, gadgety, internety kinda show. Sara isn’t that kind of girl but is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS AND SEXY. And stupid fun to hang with. I interviewed her a few times and went on the show. She’s just hysterical to hang with. I hope it’s ok. I texted her about girls nite. If this sucks you and I will spend time alone together soon. OK?”

Maria was obviously concerned. Marias gentle touch was making Shawn less excited about this whole new friend thing. And the fact that she was a Playboy Playmate made Shawn even less excited. But Maria was making up for it with her touch. “Sure, it will be fun. I’ve never met a playmate……..” “Sara’s a very cool playmate” Maria kissed Shawn quickly and wandered to the bar and started to mix herself a vodka / cran. “Shortcake, you want a soda or anything?” Maria asked. “If you’re making vodka cran make 2” Shawn said. “You BITCH, someone is growing up” Maria smiled. “ You’ve opened me up to more than just vodka / cran………U HO!” Shawn teased.

Drinks in hand the girls caught up. It wasn’t a few minutes later there was a knock on the door and the voice on the other side yelled “MOOSE” “Shit” Maria said. “Sara likes to get her drink on” and she ran to the door and yanked Sara Underwood in. “MOOSE” she yelled and jumped into Marias arms and wrapped her legs around her and kissed her hard. When Maria could break the contact she set Sara on her feet and motioned to Shawn. “Sara, this Shawn Johnson, Shawn this is Sara Underwood” and she hoped the introductions would go well. Shawn was stunned. This was the Bustice girl from the lobby. Sara was equally stunned. “ You’re Shawn Johnson……..THE…Shawn Johnson…do you know who you are……MOOSE…….this is Shawn Johnson……..do you know who she is?” “Sara I think we got that. Remember Dancing with the Stars?” Maria chuckled. Sara ran over to the couch where she was sitting and grabbed Shawns hands and looked as deep into her eyes as she was capable at the point in time. “ I’ve followed you you’re entire career. Loved u in the Olympics. I was DEVASTED when u hurt ur knee skiing and couldn’t come back. I cried for days. I watched every Dancing All Star. You and Mark were good, but you and Derek were FUCKIN AMAZING. AMAZING. You were screwed. Len can suck it. I can’t believe you’re here. MOOSE, how could you not tell me you know this amazing woman.” And she put a bear hug on Shawn that would have earned Olympic points.

Shawn was stunned but happy. Always nice to be appreciated. This girl was so gorgeous and bubbly it was impossible not to get caught in her enthusiasm. She wasn’t anything like the snarky Bustice she was earlier. Altho, she was having trouble breathing. “Maria, Maria….” Shawn tried to croak out. “ OK, Sara, lets not choke our new friend.” ..and she pulled Sara’s arms around from Shawns airway. “I’m friends with a Gold medal winner” and Sara laid down on the couch and put her head in Shawns lap, face right into Shawns crotch. “Moose, you know the coolest people” Sara mumbled and she was quickly asleep . Shawn started to stroke her hair without realizing it “MOOSE?” Shawn asked Maria. “When Sara gets drunk words have a problem, Menounos wasn’t really an option so it just became MOOSE. ……..And only she can use it” …….and she leaned in and said “ Peanut” . That was Shawn’s original nickname on DWTW and she hated it…:DEAL” was all Shawn said and continued to stroke Sara’s hair. “Damn she is gorgeous.”

“Whats amazing about her is right now she can’t put 2 sentences together. Give her some time and she’ll be completely sober and normal. The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen” Maria explained. “Nice to know…….MOOSE” Shawn taunted. “ I can bring you down shortcake, I’ve seen you naked, I know how to get you naked and I’m not afraid to let others enjoy it” Maria retorted. “Ok, chill….. Bustage here is the issue right now” Shawn said. “Her character is BUSTICE and trust me she’ll rally and we’ll party hard in a few minutes. And you better put your big girl Olympian party panties on, cuz your in the big leagues now” and Maria walked over and kissed Shawn and held her face in her hands. There was nothing Shawn could do but kiss back. And she wasn’t too upset by that.

Maria refilled drinks, the girls continued to catch up and Sara continued to gently snore into Shawns crotch. It was having a very interesting effect. Without thinking about it, Shawn continued to stroke Sara’s hair. Somehow, it felt completely normal. Next thing she knew, Shawn felt little kisses on her thigh, then a tongue licking her thigh and she started to giggle. And then the tongue started to move. And getting closer to other places. “I think someone feels better” and Shawn kinda rolled Sara off her lap. And Sara immediately hugged Shawn again.

“I’m so happy to meet you.” Sara bubbled. “ I loved every moment of you on Dancing. I wanted you to win SOOOOOO BAD. I voted. The Titanic thing, the Bongrah thing, GAWD YOU WERE SO TOTALLY HOT AND FUCKABLE, but I still don’t get bongrah, the amazing free style and above all else the JIVE. YOU ROCK< YOU KICK ASS< YOU R AMAZING. And Sara held her tighter. Shawn didn’t know what to do. “Did I tell you Sara really likes what she likes” Maria smiled. “and I like her” Sara enthused and pecked Shawn on the cheek.

“And I like you” and Sara launched herself at Maria and wrapped her body around the anchor woman. “ Shawn did you know Maria was ticklish” and Sara attacked. Maria was completely not expecting this and collapsed to the floor. “ Really, didn’t know” said Shawn smiling and she enjoyed the scene for a moment and then jumped in to help Sara. HAHAHAHAHAHA “You bitches” “Get her feet” yelled Sara. And Shawn did enjoying some payback from her birthday. “Her breasts are the worst” Shawn said without thinking. “Really” Sara said. “I’d better find out” and she did. Maria was in hysterics. “I will kill you 2” but she was not in a position to do it right then. And Shawn started working on her feet and Marias cackle filled the room.