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Hello again, my friends. I know I said I was gonna finish more of my last story (and I will) but this one just couldn't wait. And it stars one of our fellow TMF'ers: the lovely Rachissahope. The idea came to me in a dream. During some time in the chatroom, I was sifting through everyone's profiles, trying to get an idea of who's who, and I came across her profile. After seeing her pictures, the strangest thing happened that night. I had a dream where somebody had shrunk her. I don't remember many details other that just a scene where someone's holding her like a doll in their hand. The next day, after the initial WTF, I thought, "Man, I could make a story out of that." First thing I did was get her permission (thankfully, she did). And after 2-3 days of construction, I finally have the completed work. And now, I am posting it for you here, with Rachissa's blessing. Enjoy, ticklephiles. And be sure to thank her for letting me do this.

WARNING (this story is looooonnnng. Read it when you can read it to the fullest. And remember, IT'S FICTION. I don't care about the physics.)

The Incredibly Ticklish Shrinking Woman

Rach finished up her workout on a good note today. She pushed herself hard in all her exercises, and had worked up quite a sweat. She stopped at the mirror in the locker room and looked at herself. She had a full figure; hourglass shaped, with a well-chiseled butt, big beautiful breasts, a smooth waste and stomach, powerful, muscular legs and arms. “Damn, I’m looking good.” she thought to herself as she flexed in the mirror. She felt empowered. Alive. Like she could take on the world. As she heard someone coming into the locker room she abruptly stopped admiring herself and went back to her locker. As soon as she opened the door, her cellphone rang. It was Tess. “Hey, Doc.”, she answered. “Hey, Rach. What are you doing?” “Just got done working out. Heading out to get some food. You?” “I’ve just wrapped up testing one of my projects. I need to do one more test and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me with it.” Rach paused at this. She knew Tess had been working on something “of monumental importance” and wouldn’t ask for help unless absolutely necessary. But Tess had been so secretive about her work that Rach’s mind couldn’t help but wonder. ‘What is she up to?’ “What do you need me to do?” “Come over, for starters. I’ll explain more when you get here.” Rach paused again. Still feeling apprehensive, she replied, “Okay. Give me a bit and I’ll be over ASAP.” As she stripped out of her workout clothes her mind raced. ‘What the hell could she possibly need my help for?’
Tess and Rach met each other in college a few years ago. Their initial meeting was brief. But when they had chemistry together, and Rach fell behind in the class, she turned to Tess for help. They hit it off and had been good friends since. Rach sometimes wondered, though, that if they were such great friends then why did Tess act so secretive about her project? Tess was a physics major, and was currently working on her Doctorate. Rach never told her, but she always thought Tess was extremely attractive. She was taller than Rach, with long, strawberry blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, and gorgeous brown eyes. Rach always poked fun at Tess for being a ‘smart blonde’. Rach smiled at this as she wrapped a towel around her naked body and strolled into the showers, running her fingers through her long, jet black hair.
An hour later, Rach got to Tess’s house. As soon as she rang the doorbell, Tess swung the door open, an excited look on her face. They took in the sight of each other for a moment. Tess was wearing her favorite red blouse and a pair of knee-length jeans. She was barefoot, and her toes were painted with a deep shade of red. Rach always thought Tess had beautiful feet. Rach was wearing a patterned shirt with sleeves that stopped at the elbows, a pair of dark blue jeans, and tennis shoes. “Bitch, where you been?”, Tess joked. “Hey. It’s tough being kick ass,” Rach laughed. “So what’s up,” Rach asked. “Rach, I’ve done it. I’ve finally finished and have perfected it. Come on.” They went inside and up to the second floor to Tess’ lab. She took three rooms apart to make it when she got the house. It wasn’t much. There were some cabinets and shelves where she kept supplies and specimens; two tables she used for various tasks; and her desk, strewn with papers, a computer and a microscope. At least normally it was. When Rach walked in she was a little stunned. There was a large, video camera-like machine in the middle of the room. It had cables running to outlets and the computer. The desk was cleared except for that and what looked like a little padded table. “You’ve been busy,” Rach said. “Rach, I’ve finally done it. I finally built *cue drum roll* my Mass Reductor.”, Tess gestured to the camera machine in a Vanna White style. “Uh, come again?” “Ugh, it’s a shrink ray.” Rach looked at her blankly. “What?” “You heard me…….I’m serious. Look,” Tess went to one of the cabinets and came back with a tiny plant in her hand, about 1 inch in height. At first Rach was looked at Tess incredulously but when she looked closer, her look changed to shock. She recognized the plant as Tess’ ficus tree. The normally 5 foot tall plant usually stood next to the door downstairs. “No…fucking…way.” Tess squealed and giggled with excitement. “I know, right? But check this out.” She then went back to the cabinet and put the ficus back. She then retrieved a Hamster habitat from inside. Only there wasn’t a hamster in it. Rach’s mind was absolutely blown when she saw Foltest, Tess’ huge Persian cat, inside the habitat, now standing at 2 inches tall. He meowed and pawed at the walls of the habitat. He looked normal. “Tess,” Rach exhaled in shock, “Is he okay?” “I tested both the plant and the cat. Everything is normal.” “How…why..”, Rach stuttered a little as she fumbled for the words. She just couldn’t process it. “The science behind it doesn’t matter. What matters is that IT WORKS! I just have to run one more test and then I’ll be able to present it to the scientific community.” “Uh, what test?” “Human trial,” Tess smiled when she said it. Rach backed up a little, “Wait a minute. You want to shrink ME?” “Oh come on, Rach. You’ll love it, it’s the experience of a lifetime. And you saw Foltest. He’s completely unharmed. I promise it won’t hurt a bit.” Rach didn’t notice she’d backed up against the wall. She was very nervous. Tess suddenly became like a mad scientist you’d see in old science fiction movies. But Tess was looking at her calmly, and walked over to her slowly. Her non-threatening manner was starting to calm Rach down, and Rach started trying to process the whole thing. She DID see Foltest, now the size of a gerbil. And he was alright. She started thinking about being shrunk herself. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed exciting. Tess reached out and took Rach by the hand. “It’ll be okay. I promise. The process is totally reversible.” “Are you sure?” “Rach. When have I led you wrong?”, she cocked her head with a smile and batted her eyes. Rach loved it when Tess did that. Part of her was screaming ‘get the hell out of here’, but the other part said ‘Let’s do it’. “Okay.” “Excellent!”, Tess jumped with excitement, “Okay, stand right here.” She led Rach over in front of the machine. Tess then went over to the computer and pulled up the machine’s program. A few keystrokes and click of the mouse, and the machine fired up.
Parts lit up as the reductor began making a ‘whir’ sound, increasing in pitch each second. The sound made Rach’s heart pound. She bit her bottom lip as she grew tense. She stared at the lens with a twinge of fear in her big beautiful green eyes. It was like staring down the barrel of a gun. ‘Oh God. What am I doing?’ This thought came a second too late as the beam shot out of the electrode tip and struck Rach dead in the chest. The sensation was unlike anything she’d ever felt. She hunched over, squeezed her eyes shut, and clenched her teeth. It was like a black hole had formed in her chest and was sucking her up from the outside in. Along with that was the sensations of both her skin burning up and freezing inside. The whole sensation terrified her, but she didn’t cry out. She didn’t get the chance as the process suddenly stopped, and the sensations vanished. When Rach opened her eyes, she felt a little dizzy, but she was stunned by what she was seeing. She was now a foot and a half tall. The whole room was enormous. Tess was enormous. Tess walked over and kneeled down. “How are you feeling?” Rach just looked around in amazement. She just couldn’t believe it all. “Small,” she giggled. Tess jumped and whooped. “YES! I AM A GENIUUSS!” Rach started to walk around the room. It was like she was in a whole new world. She started to climb, duck, and jump around the equipment and desks. The room was like a jungle gym now. Tess watched, laughing at Rach’s jungle gym acrobatics. “Okay, okay. Pause the antics. I need to run some more tests and make sure you’re ok.” Tess gently picked Rach up in her right hand like she would a Barbie doll. Rach giggled. This was so weird, but so cool. Tess put Rach down on her work bench. “Okay. Strip to your underwear and lie down on that.” Tess pointed to the cell phone stand. She’d modified it so that it lay flat and was covered with a cloth padding. ‘Looks comfortable enough,’ Rach thought to herself, and slipped out of her tennis shoes. She removed her shirt and pants, then sat on the little table and took off her socks. She laid down flat and relaxed. It was indeed quite comfortable, but it didn’t match up to her new height. Her feet dangled over the end from mid-calf down. Tess pulled up her office chair to the desk. She picked up her scanner she made to check vitals and waved it over Rach. “Hmm. Nothing so far,” Tess said. She then picked up her voltmeter and clicked it on. She’d use this to check for any electrical anomalies the experiment might have left on Rach. She took a probe in each hand and place them at alternate places on Rach’s body: one on her upper right chest and one on her left lower hip. As the probe tips touched her, Rach giggled a little. “What? Does that tickle”, Tess asked. “No. They’re just cold”, Rach said. But Tess saw right through the lie. “I forgot that you were ticklish. Sorry, hun. This should only take a moment.” But the more she poked and stroked Rach’s body with the probes, the more Rach giggled and squirmed. “Stay still,” Tess said, “or I’m going to have to restrain you until I’m done.” But Rach couldn’t help herself. The more Tess prodded, the more it tickled. “Alright. I told you,” Tess said as she put down the probes and opened a desk drawer, “I’m only doing this for your own good.” Rach laughed when she saw what Tess was using to restrain her: scotch tape. She couldn’t help but laugh as Tess pulled her arms up over her head, wrapped a piece around her arms and legs and under the exam table. Tess then took a shoelace from another drawer and wrapped it around Rach’s hips. When she was done, Rach was fully immobilized. “Oh my gahahad, this is so ridiculous,” Rach laughed. “Oh Shush! This is science.” Tess retorted. She then resumed her prodding with the meter probes, and Rach resumed laughing. This time, though, Tess applied a little more pressure, and slowly dragged the probes around Rach’s mid section. Rach laughed and squirmed in the restraints. The ticklish sensations the probes were giving her were surprising. She was laughing both at this ridiculous situation, and at each stroke of the probes. “Look if you keep squirming, I’m gonna give you something to squirm over,” Tess chided. “IHEHEHE CAAHHAHAN’T HELP IHIHIHT,” Rach managed to shout over her laughter. “Okay that’s it. I’m gonna give you something to laugh at,” Tess said with an evil grin. She pulled herself closer to the desk and positioned her head over Rach’s body. She then flipped her long, straight blonde hair over the front of her head so that it draped over her face and onto Rach’s body. She began to brush her hair across Rach’s body. Now Rach really began to laugh uncontrollably. This was way worse than the probes. Tess’ hair was soft. Her hair brushed slowly across every inch of Rach’s body: across her abdomen, in and out of her navel, across her sides and belly, across her legs and knees, across the tops of her sensitive feet, and around her very ticklish toes. Tess waved her hair back and forth, back and forth, slowly and methodically. She would pass her head side to side for a minute, then up and down the next. Rach could only laugh and take it. Tess tickled Rach like that for what seemed like an hour, but it was really 5 minutes. “Hmm, I don’t remember you being so ticklish. It seems that your decrease in size had made your body more sensitive. Let’s try something else,” Tess said after finally stopping. Rach caught her breath but still giggled in spurts, the sensations of Tess’ hair caressing her body still coursing through her. Tess got up and went out of the room, leaving Rach to ponder the whole situation. ‘God, is this real? I’m a foot and a half tall, scotch taped and tied with shoestring to a cellphone stand on a desk, in my underwear.’ The reality was kicking in slowly, and it was exhilarating. ‘What is she up to now?’, Rach thought to herself as Tess came back in the room. She still had that evil grin on her face and was holding something in her right hand. “Ok. You thought my hair tickled? Tell me how this feels.” Rach’s eyes widened and her whole body tensed at the sound of the electric toothbrush clicking on. Tess brought the head up and slowly inched it towards Rach’s feet. “No. No. NOT THAT. NOT ON MY FEET!” Rach’s whole body exploded with the ticklish vibrations as the bristles made contact with her soft soles. The sensation was proof for Rach that size does matter. As much as an electric toothbrush would’ve tickled on her feet at normal size, the sensation was magnified to the power of ten. Rach laughed heartily and loudly, shaking her head, flexing every muscle trying to escape. Tess stopped finally to let Rach catch her breath. “How does that feel, Rach?” “Oh my God, that tickles worse than anything I’ve felt before. It’s like my whole body is being tickled through my feet.” “Interesting,” Tess said, “I think a more thorough experiment is in order.” Before Rach could protest the brush clicked back on and touched her soles. The vibrations could be felt throughout her entire body, tickling as they travelled from her soles to her neck. She flailed her head from side-to-side, laughing herself into hysterics. She wiggled her feet to try to escape the brush’s onslaught, but to no avail. The brush could cover more area now that her feet were smaller. “NOT THE TOES, NOT THE TOES, NOT THE TOES. PPLEAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.” The bristle’s caresses around her toes were pure torture. She could feel each strand pass around her toes, under their bases, over the tops. Then Tess would move the brush around the balls of Rach’s feet, down her arches, stopping at the heels. Tess waved the brush back and forth between each foot, and all Rach could do was let out a barrage of laughter and occasional screams. “AAAAHHAHAHAHA, NOOOO. STOP IIIITTEHEHEHEHE. THIHIHIHIS IS TORTURHURHURE.” Tess just giggled at her friend’s helpless plight and continued her methodical tickling. “No. This is fascinating. And enjoyable,” she grinned slyly. She was beginning to enjoy her friend’s plight. Rach would look down occasionally to see if she could catch a break. Each time she’d see her friend, with those lovely brown eyes and sly smile; that sweet, sinister laugh emitting from her lips each time she passed the brush over Rach’s toes. Rach was starting to realize that this was making her hot. “I like this experiment. Let’s see what effect the brush has on other places of your body. “Oh come ooOOOONOOOHOHOHOHO,” Rach screamed as Tess now took the brush to her abdomen. The brush spun its way around Rach’s belly, inside her bellybutton, past her sides, and even in her cleavage. The effect was intense no matter where the brush made contact on Rach’s body. But whenever it made a pass over her sides, she bucked as near as she could and her screams increase in pitch. Despite that, Rach’s excitement was getting stronger. And more noticeable. “Oh my! Looks like you’re enjoying this more than I am,” Tess said noticing that Rach’s panties were getting wet. “Hmmm. I wonder.” Tess finally clicked the brush off and Rach caught her breath in deep gasps. “Holy Shit that fucking tickles so much.” “Well let’s see how this feels.”, Tess said as she gently took a pair of scissors and cut the tape wrapped around Rach’s legs. As Tess gently peeled the tape off, Rach watched her curiously. “What’re you up to now?” “You’ll see,” Tess said as she removed the tape. She then, gingerly, began removing Rach’s panties. She pinched the sides between thumb and forefinger with each and slowly pulled towards her. “What the hell are you doing?” Rach barked. “Just relax, Rach. I promise you’ll enjoy this next test,” Tess said smiling. Rach retained her nervous look, but inside she was veerry curious as to what Tess had in store. And she was, to her surprise, really enjoying this “experiment.” She raised her lower half so that Tess could pull her panties off. When she finished, she then gently re-taped Rach’s legs, only this time spread apart.
Rach was now stark naked. Tess just drank in the sight of her friend tied down; naked; sweating and panting; her big, beautiful breasts and her moist, shaven vagina exposed. “Now I’m REALLY gonna have some fun,” Tess said. Tess held her hair back with her hands as she lowered her head toward Rach. Rach watched, feeling a little scared, as Tess’ tongue slid out from between her luscious red lips. Nothing could have prepared her for the feeling of Tess’ warm, soft-yet-rough tongue on her clit. Rach arched her whole body as Tess’ tongue made contact with her vagina and began to swipe up and down. Tess’ tongue nearly engulfed Rach’s pussy, slithering up and down her clit. Though it couldn’t fit in the hole, the tongue managed to push past her clit. Rach had been tongued before, but this topped anything she’d felt before. Her body surged with erotic sensations. It tickled and felt orgasmic at the same time; the same level. The feeling was so intense she knew she wouldn’t last long. She could feel the cum rushing to the surface as Tess’s tongue caressed her pussy. “Huuunngghh. Oh, Tess I’m gonna cum,” Rach moaned. “Not yet,” Tess said when she abruptly stopped her tongue exercises and took up the toothbrush again on Rach’s soles. Now that she’d come close to climaxing, her whole body was ten times as sensitive. Rach screamed as her feet were tickle tortured once more. “NAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA NONONONO PLEEEEHEHEHEASE HEHEHE HOH MY GAAAHAHAHAD,” Rach screamed and laughed even harder now as she tried to flail wildly to escape. The tickling was agonizing, but to her surprise her climax still held in place. She was so close it was agony not to get release. “Aww, does that not feel good?” Tess teased. “PLEASE TESS JUST LEHEHEHET ME CAAAAHAHAHAHAM.” “Okay. I think I’ve got enough information now.” Tess said as she once more lowered her head, positioning it between Rach’s legs and resuming her tongue’s caresses. But she didn’t stop tickling Rach’s feet. The vibrations from the brush, the tickling of the bristles on her toes and soles, the feel of Tess’ giant tongue caressing her pussy; it was too much. Rach arched her back as her body exploded with the biggest climax she’d ever felt. It was a rush more powerful than any rollercoaster in the world could produce. As the orgasm slowly subsided, Rach settled back down on the stand. Tess finally stopped her tickling onslaught and raised up, smiling wide at Rach. Rach returned her smile as she felt herself slowly succumb to darkness. She blacked out, satisfied and exhausted.

Rach bolted upright in her bed, panting. The dim moonlight peered through her bedroom window. She felt disoriented, and realized she was sweating. She looked around and realized she was in her own bedroom. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. 5 am. As she slowly gained her full consciousness she twisted sideways on her bed, draping her feet over the side, and bent over with her head in her hands. As she regained her breath she lifted her head, pulling her hair back in her hands. “A dream. All a dream,” she said aloud. She took a moment to slow and deepen her breathing before she laid back down. ‘But Damn, what a dream!’

It was a good thing it was the weekend because Rach woke up rather late. When she went to her kitchen to get some breakfast, it was 10:46. As soon as she was about to make some coffee, her cell phone rang. It was Tess. Her heartbeats quickened a little. But after reassuring herself that it’d all been a dream, she answered. “Hey, Doc.” “Hey, Rach. What are you up to?” “I was just about to get some breakfast.” “Haha. Isn’t it a little late?” “I, um…had a really crazy dream last night, and I woke up late.” “Well you can tell me all about it when you get here. Come on over.” “Why? What did you have in mind.” “I’ve just wrapped up testing one of my projects. I need to do one more test and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me with it.” Rach’s heart jumped into her chest at hearing those words. It pounded in her chest as her dream came rushing back to the surface, along with every sensation it contained. She just couldn’t stop herself. “Give me a few. I’ll be right over.”

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Great story! :D

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I love it. Thank you so much.

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its just awesome story! love it

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Thank you all. I'll have more where this came from before long.