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Tickled in Jail ( or a dream )

You lie there with my hand creeping underneath the blouse of your left arm you feel my fingernails scratching at the center of your armpit. Lightly my fingernails scratch. Tickling, enjoying the sensation underneath my nails and of course i can feel those tiny hairs dancing around my fingers. I move my fingers upwards on your pit. I watch you jerk your body trying to free yourself... or at least move my fingers away from your soft flesh. i only grin at your intentions, but you really aren't going anywhere.
you narrow your eyes at me and cut me a look, "You fucking bitch, i want outta here!"
I snickered at your wanna be hostility and pressed my knuckle into the center of your armpit wiggling it back and forth, "Like i said widdle girl, you gotta earn your freedom," I lean closer to you, "Besides, i don't mind helping add other charges to this misdemeanor you have now... and you know i'll do it. Now shut the fuck up!"
You squirmed a bit more and i again began scratching downwards over that tender flesh. then each finger started moving simotaneously one after the other quicker under your arm. You squinted your eyes and i kept going. I kept them moving...then i spread my fingers apart and brought them together pinching the skin a bit between my nails. you could hear the soft chhhh chhhhh sound of the hairs and nails rubbing together. You let out a scream and you were struggling with your arms and legs to get free. Rattling the bars a bit. I reached back for my briefcase and sat it on my lap. I pulled out my favorite gag i had for you. I painted "Slut" on the gag. I showed you what i did and you firmly pressed your lips tight together. I leaned down. My lips softly kissing yours. You turned your head away. With my right hand i grabbed a handful of your hair. Yanking on it hard. You winced and opened your mouth to say something. With my other hand i put the gag in your mouth. Your nose flared. I lifted your head and glasped it in the back, "Don't fuck with me right now little girl! I don't have the patience for your pathetic shit!"
I saw you looking at the door when you were distracted by the sound of distant footsteps. I grinned and gestured with my finger "No" to you teasingly. I then opened your blouse a bit more and started to kiss on your breasts that were heaving up and down with each breath you took. My fingers once again slipped underneath your blouse. Tapping each finger quickly over the soft flesh. You were mumbling something that i'm sure was unforgettable. I didn't care what you had to say. My mission was to torment you slightly. Make you wet. Make you remember this wonderful day as much as i have so far. I dug my index fingernail into that flesh. Scratching quickly. Making the figure 8.... then flicking my finger upwards several times before tickling underneath that armpit. Just on the edge. I watched you writh around on the bed. Your laughter slightly muffled, "Nnnnnnppppppppppp pppppppppfffffff!"
My nails working above the armpit and dragging down the side then back up, "Tickle tickle tickle widdle girl... Don't tell me your already laughing? This isn't tickling you at all..."
I wiggled my fingers around more... faster.... harder then softer. Moving them around irratically so you wouldn't know which way i was going to move them. You let out a louder muffled scream but i never lifted my eyes to look at you except moving them on your armpit, "Shut the fuck up! I'm not laughing little girl... this isn't that damn funny!"
I moved my hand away and slipped my right hand underneath the blouse of your right arm mercilessly working my fingers digging into that soft skin. Flicking my fingers up and down. Your eyes squinted tighter together. Your muffled voice i could tell was begging and pleading for me to stop. Your arms jerking to break free. In all your madness of laughter you could hear the chhhhh chhhhh chhhhh sound of those hairs brushing against my nails. I watched as the saliva was building up around the gag in your mouth. I watched as a tiny trail of tears moved slowly down the corner of your eye.
"One last time widdle girl, shut the fuck up!" I dragged my nails down your side. Over your ribs then let my fingers crawl back up... tapping around the tender flesh, "Tickle tickle.... Coochie cooochie cooooo" I began to chuckle slightly. That's all it took. Those few words to get you to scream that would become silent until you could catch your breath and scream again. Your head shaking from side to side.
I moved my hand away and slid it down your chest towards your stomach. Letting my fingernails brush back and forth across your stomach, "You know i'm going to get those feet of yours. Feel all that flesh ripple underneath my nails. You know i'm going to feel it. You know its going to tickle like hell.... feeling every sensation boil up into one.... mmmmmmm how hot."
I stood up and walked towards the foot of the bed. Brushing my hands against your left ankle and watching you. You lifted your head, "Mmmmmpppffff Nnnnnnmmmmmppppfffff" I grinned. As i squatted down i slipped my fingers along the side of your left foot into the pump. I could feel the shoe tighten around my fingers and i knew you were tightening your foot up... i just scratched a bit at the side of your foot. managing to get my index finger more towards the bottom of your foot scratching at the skin. You loosened up your grasp in the shoe and i pulled the heel off and my fingers scratched downwards towards the heel and up the center of the foot. I pulled the pump off. Exposing your sweaty foot. The scent of a vinegary stench filled my nostrils. Your toes already curled. Your foot wrinkled up. I could see all those delicate folds through those stockings. My right hand lifting up to scratch upon those folds on your foot. Scratching upwards against them. The stockings pulling against my nails, "Coochie Coochie Coooooo widdle girl" I can only describe the sound against my nails as shhhhh shhhh shhhhh as i moved my fingers up against the tiny threads. I made way to the arch of your foot. Scratching at it entirely. My fingers sprawling out around it then coming together letting the stocking snap back down on your foot. Your foot was moving up and down so i had to hold it sturdy with my other hand. Pulling your toes foreward as i continue to play around the arch. Scratching underneath it. Your body tossing and turning on the cot. Your muffled screams only louder. My fingers only working a bit quicker. I continue to scratch underneath that arch a bit more then i move my attention to the bare flesh behind your toes. each finger wiggling underneath them. And slipping so easily against the stocking because of the wetness. I grab your foot and fold it slightly. Like a taco and begin scratching up and down the center of the foot, "Coochie Coochie Coo.... Tickle tickle tickle" Your body moving up and down on the bed. Your eyes watering. The saliva now rolling down from the corner of your lips. How exciting. I release the sides of your foot and scratch around the center of your foot more then back up around the arch. Scratching my fingernails over it. back and forth. up and down quickly. more intensely and to the sides of your foot, scratching and giggling.... you toss your head from side to side faster as you scream out...... "coochie coochie coo"
I want to hear you release... i want to hear it ... "Coochie coochie coo"
"Tickle tickle tickle"
"awww poor widdle girl being tickled to much?"
"poor baby.... want me to tickle you more and make you feel better?"
"Coochie Coochie Coo"
those sentences lingering in your head like a bad tune you can't help but hear over and over in your head
i hear you screaming out for me to stop but i can't.... you know what i want
"Cooochie cooooooochie coooooooooo"
"Tickle tickle tickle"
the way my nails are mercilessly dancing along your foot like a crazed person is making you go insane. Every sound around you becoming still. All you can hear is my voice and your laughter. everything else seems drowned out.
"poor baby getting tired? .... awwwwwww"
I feel the heat rising from your body and the foot feels much more slippier than before, but again, i don't care. as i continue to torture that arch i hear a knock on the door by the guard, "You almost done in there mam?"
I holler back, "Yes, i'll be done here shortly."
The guard responds, "Five more minutes okay?"
I grin at you, "That'll be enough time. Thank you."
You try to scream out as loud as you can but the footsteps move away from the door and i continue scratching up and down your foot and on the sides with my nails...
"Coochie Coochie Coo widdle girl.... Cooochie coochieeeee"
I watch as you breathe heavier, quicker and i narrow my eyes as i watch your movements. Watching the wall your nails are digging into the palms of your hands.... watching the quick eye movements as you have your eyes closed tighter. I notice everything about your body movements and just then.... just then i step away. I stop. You lie there catching your breath and i sit down beside you and remove the gag from your mouth. I grab my briefcase and slip the gag inside of it just as the guard started to open the door. I slipped my loose hair behind my ear and was working on buttoning up your shirt.
The guard stands there while my back is to him, "Times up mam."
You go to speak and i put my finger over your mouth, "I need to talk to the one in charge and get my client outta here. She gave me some information that could help."
You lie there narrowing your eyes at me. I raised my brow. I looked at you with a smirk on my face, "Isn't that right Lili?"
You glanced over at the guard who was waiting to hear what you were going to say then back to me.... before you said anything i stood up and waved my hand at the guard, "Maybe its best my client not speak right now. Poor girl must be tired from all that talking she did...."
The guard nodded and closed the door and you heard my steps fade down the hall. What an eventful time for you..

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I'm not sure that, when commentators opine that our jails need reform, they're thinking like you, tp. More's the pity! ;) <br> Your prose poem of persuasive pleasuring is both a cri de coeur AND a kitchey kitchey coup. Every lovingly detailed stroke and taunt tickles your readers as you would be tickled.<P> Here's hoping that you're caught driving with only one headlight real soon. :rules:

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You tease!!

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Look whose up and at it....wb

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Thanks for the comment peachp