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Prelude to Vacation Torment f/f

You are standing on the Athens pier waiting with your tour group to take the night ferry to the island of Chios. The ferry is late and to kill time you have begun to practice Tango moves with a male partner from your group. You are dressed in a black skirt to the knees which has a slit so you have freedom to dance.. You have a white cotton blouse which wraps around and ties at the side and black Tango pumps with a high sturdy heel and two straps . You have on black thigh high stockings.. You are dancing playing your part with a serious face. You glance over and see me standing there staring at you from head to toe. You blush and look bad at your partner. On every turn you become more sharp and severe, but your eyes keep finding mine and you are distracted for a minute. You know that most of the passengers are watching you and youvlike being the center of attention, having people appreciate you. But something in my eyes has at once intrigued you and made you nervous at the same tine.
The boat arrives and you see me climb the deck and disappear. It is 12 hour overnight ferry and your group has a six bed cabin reserved for you... You are not tired and decide to wander the ferry.. You hate to admit it but are hoping to see me again.. You go to the Lounge area and I am not there. Then into the disco where the music is pumping.. You stay for a moment but there are many drunk Greek men and you do not see me there either. The last place you check is on deck and the night air is hot but windy. Something in the air is exciting and gives you the goose bumps. You decide to return to your room as you are feeling very unsettled and you laugh at yourself that a strange woman can make you feel this way. You must pass the private first class cabins on your way to your room..
The next thing you know someone is grabbing you around your waste with one arm and covers your mouth with the other hand. You panic as I pull you into the cabin.. You faint from the fear..
When you awake you start to move and realize that your wrists and ankles are tied in a spread eagle by ropes to the upper bunk bed.. You have a handkerchief tied and gagging your mouth.. You try to struggle but the ropes are tight and your body is stretched from wrist to toe. You turn your head and when your eyes adjust to the darkness in the room, you notice me standing in the corner dressed in a Greek sailors uniform staring at you..
You are scared and your eyes look pleadingly to me to let you out.. You muffle...helpfff from under the gag..
You can really only move your head and try to struggle and move your body but you are so restricted..
Your eyes start to tear up.. You are extremely Frightened.. "what's the matter with you, you have been looking for me haven't you?? Now you find me!" " you prance yourself around the pier, showing off your curves, dancing the come fuck me dance and now your scared..". You get angry and try to wiggle your hands out of the knots at your wrist.
" oh are those ropes hurting you I ask" you blink and nod your head yes... "Hmm. Maybe I will take a look. ". Your eyes open wide and you look hopeful.. Oh look at those beautiful eyes.. I come close to your face and you turn your head away from me.. "ah ha" you watch me all day on the deck, flirting with your eyes and now you turn away." I grab your crotch firmly with my right hand and you turn to face me. "that is better, you big tease." I lean down and kiss your eyelids. My lips then slide down your right cheek and I kiss your neck and then move to left side of your neck with tiny kisses. I make my way to your left ear, I put my tongue in and then out and give your lobe a tiny peck.. Your hands are closing and opening in the ropes. "oh yes I forgot, I was going to look at those ropes..".
I move to your wrists and tug on the knots.. "they seem just perfect to me". I lightly brush under your wrist with my fingers and you stifle a giggle under the gag.. Your body tenses a bit.. "oh look here what do we have a ticklish girl?". Are you ticklish.. You shake your head no. "hmmm. Are you hot? ". Reach down sliding my fingers inside your blouse and slowly pull the waste and untie the blouse.. I pull it back and pin it behind your shoulder blades. My fingers reach for your under arms and I begin to tickle you. Your body starts to squirm.. Oh, my look how ticklish you are.. I think the mighty Latin Aphrodite needs a bit of punishment for dancing like a tramp in public. My fingers are now circling and tickling your underarms and down your sides. You are trying not to laugh and breath under the gag.. I pop your bra off and you are completely exposed. Your nipples are perky and hard. I brush my two index fingers down the sides if your breast and trace up ti your nipples. My nails going lightly then applying pressure as I circle your nipple.. I reach up again and concentrate on tickling your under arms. You begin to thrash about.. " oh no I would not want you to hurt yourself. I get on top of you my straddling your left leg/ pelvis.. My knee in your crotch. I tickle you zig zag from your under arms down your sides.. You try to wiggle under my weight but you can only grind into my knee. You are laughing, moaning and grasping for air as I tickle you.. Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie koo.. I lean down with bit hands tickling your arm pits and lick around your nipples. A surge goes through your body as your head goes back and you arch upward towards my mouth. Ny nails are going in circles in your armpits. I am now sucking first your right breast then the left my nails going down your sides.. You buck and squirm.. "Do you want more tickles??". You try to yell, no, nohmpf". Hmm can't understand you.. But your body says yeas.. My tongue sucks at your nipples. My fingers playing your skin all down your arms.. You squirm against my knee. I push your skirt down so that it is around you'd knees.. I run my fingers along your panties with my right hand.. Your mound pushes upward.. "you want ny fingers down there you ditty girl?" I an still tickling in circles your beasts and arms. Oh my how wet your little pussy is. My index finger circles your clitoris and then I apply pressure and begin to pulsate my finger on your clitoris. You are in agony being tickled under the arms and my finger fucking your mound. " I am so thirsty, how do you taste?" I stick my index finger in your vagina and my thumb stays playing your clitoris. I pull it out and Lick my finger. " not bad for naughty flirt".
I am now circling your clitoris with my thumb and I slide two fingers in you tickles and plunges, with my left hand tickling your nipples and breast.. You are squirming... Laughing trying to breath. My fingers come out and tickle from the vagina back to the anus... You are so wet.. I stay tickling your soft spot between the two.. You are about to cum... Don't even think about squirting, we have hours... You are laughing and struggling to breath. Your body is wreathing in ecstasy as i finger you and tickle back and around your anus. My knee puts extra pressure on your Mound. My left hand never leaves your breast and underarms..I fuck you.. And tickle you for what seems like an eternity, you cannot hold your head up any longer. I intensely tickle your left under arm and so fast I circle about put three fingers inside of you pulling in and out and tickling your spot.. You squirm and wiggle, tickle, tickle little tease. You cum all over me. Your entire body collapsing into itself. I watch you collapse from your ecstasy.
You try to talk.. " we have all night.. Don't think we are finished with your punishment yet." you look at me pleading and try to talk. "okay the little trollop wants to apologize?" I pull the gag down.. You want to yell but my weight on you makes more than a whisper impossible..
You tell me that your friends will look for you and find you shortly.. I lean down and tell you that I have theft the tour guide a note saying that you met an old friend and will stay on the ferry to Lesvos.. I have taken your bag from the gully. You told them you would catch up to them in Mykonos. No one will be looking for you...
Now we have at least six more hours to sail.. I rip your panties off and place them in your mouth but not until I kiss you deeply. You want to resist but you cant help but tongue me back. I get up and move to the foot of the bed.. I think it's time to see if your feet are as ticklish as the rest of you.
And so our Greek journey begins.

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The beginning....Friday

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Ah...more to come?