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04-29-2015, 07:05 PM
(This story originally written by myself on the app Inkvite.)

Karen's heart leaped. Nick promised her a long, lovely foot massage after her twelve-hour shift at the practice, and now she was finally looking at a marathon of relief. She settled into her recliner, cozy in her olive robe, a full glass of Pinot, painted toes raised and ready.

Nick was late. He knew he was when he walked into their small apartment and saw Karen asleep on the small leather recliner.

Her toes pointed up from the footrest, with remnants of what used to be Aqua nail polish on them.

Nick sighed and took a seat next to her. "Kar?" he murmured, "I'm back." He placed his hands on her left foot and caressed the heel.

"Mmm. I love you, Nick," she said, still lost in a dream. She made a low moan.

"You'd better."

"Oh!" She lifted her head and wiped her eyes. "You -- where have you been?"

"I got held up," he said. He took her smooth foot into his hand and rubbed it delicately.

Karen shook her hair loose and rolled her shoulders back as the sleep fell from her eyes. "Okay. Well, at least you're here now," she said, and she stretched out and grabbed her fiancee's free hand. She kissed it lightly with her soft, full lips. "I've been standing up all day."

"That's what I'm here for," said Nick. He returned the kiss on the tips of her toes, making her smile.

"Rub first," she teased. "Seduce later."

He placed both hands on her sole and pressed deeply until he heard her squeak.

"Now that's rubbing too hard," said Karen. She didn't admit that the pressure on the arch actually felt quite lovely, and she let her head drop back on the cushion behind it.

Nick laughed and pressed his lips to her foot again. He started massaging the heel, and then made his way up to her cute toes, which he then inspected. "Oh dear, what happened here?" he asked.

"See this empty wine glass?" Karen said. "I fell asleep trying to paint those nails. I was hoping you'd do it, you know."

A sly smile slipped across Nick's face. "Well, they're just going to have to be cleaned," he said. He went to the kitchen and drew a small scrubbing brush from under the sink. He knelt back at the recliner, took hold of Karen's ankle, and started scrubbing the smudged and cracked nail polish off of Karen's toes, wearing a mischievous smirk while he did it.

"Ah! Nick!" Karen squealed, and desperately tried to pull her foot free, but Nick had a solid grip on it. The bristles were cruelly ticklish, and Karen, being too tired to escape, burst into a gale of laughter. "Ahahaha! No, please! You're so mean! This was supposed to be relaxing!"

Nick eventually showed mercy, and Karen placed a hand on her chest, panting. "You jerk...." she said.

That was when Nick lifted Karen's foot to his mouth and drew a long, moist lick from the bottom of her heel up to her toes. Karen shivered and moaned loudly enough that their neighbors heard. Nick did it again, but slower, and with a gentle sideways fluttering of his tongue. Karen's moans mixed with nervous giggles, and it nearly infected Nick, making him want to laugh himself.

"That's wonderful," Karen said, her voice a low purr.

Their eyes met and held. An invisible force passed between them. Nick's hands crept up Karen's legs, and before they knew what has happening, he was on top of her, lost in a fiery, surging kiss.

"I want you, Kar, I want you," he whispered between kisses, and Karen agreed each time...but then she pulled away, a teasing grin on her face.

"Hun...would you get back to the feet?" She raised her right foot and dipped it into his crotch. "You'll get more attention here later."

Nick sighed in frustration but he complied. He tried to roll off of the recliner but it didn't work out gracefully. He fell on his rump, and they both started laughing. Then he grabbed both of her ankles and yanked her downwards. She squealed and hit the floor beside him.

"You jerk," she said again. "I'm too weak to fight back."

As he ran his hands up and down her calves, she asked, "So where'd you learn to do this, anyway?"

"Prison," he joked.

"Oh, yeah right!" She gave him a nudge.

"No joke," said Nick. "I charged twenty packs for twenty minutes."

"I think you landed a little too hard on your brain, Hun. You're being silly."

"You have that effect on me, Beautiful. If I can't pamper you, I get a little nuts."

"You mean you have little nuts," Karen giggled. "Now, back to work, peasant." She shoved her soles in his face.

"Argh, the stench!" he joked, and rolled onto his back.

"Hey, shut up! I just showered!"

"Yeah, sure you did."

Karen snorted indignantly and then leaned forward, her lips puckered. He went to kiss her, and she slapped him in the face. He put his hand to his cheek in mock surprise, and then pounced. They rolled about on the chair, wrestling and tickling each other until they were exhausted.

"Get the wine, Hun."

The night only got better from there.

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Very nice story. :feets:

04-29-2015, 08:36 PM
Short...sweet...seductive...brevity is the sole, er, ah, soul of wit, I'm told, and you've demonstrated it beautifully, Lis!

04-29-2015, 08:45 PM
Nice and sweet

04-29-2015, 10:09 PM
Thank you for the kind words, all! I'll be posting more Inkvite stories over the next few days.