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[Fictional setup sadly :( ]
(Part 2: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?263025-Couple-s-Fun-on-the-A-T-T-R-part-2-(*-MF-nudity-ass-and-crotch-tickling-explicit)&p=3938278#post3938278)

Since I was about fifteen or sixteen, tickling was what started to turn me on. Heck I couldn't even stand being in the same room with a couple having a tickle fight without two things happening: I'd get a hard-on, and I'd get heart sick because I didn't have a girlfriend to share that kind of thing with. But about three years ago that all changed. I mean honestly I never thought I was handsome, I'm 23, about 5'10, regular sized build, with brown hair and glasses. You know, the nerdy guy everyone picked on in high school. I never would have thought any woman would find ME attractive. But Karyn did it seemed. We had been friends for years and I must have been clueless or something but she claimed she had a crush on me since she first met me and waited for me to try to make the first move to ask her out. Don't get me wrong she's gorgeous: 22 year old red-head, 5'6, and a body type that made pretty much her the target of flirtation from every guy in town. But she's my best friend, I had no idea.
Anyway, like I said, three years ago we started to date each other. I was certain I was falling in love with her, and I knew that she was too, mostly cause she hinted less subtly for my benefit I think, and after about a year and a half, we decided we should move in together. We found us a nice little three bedroom place so our parents wouldn't keep nagging about the sleeping arrangements, though we were both virgins so not sure why they bothered. one room was mind, one was hers, and the third room was a relitivly sized one we decided to make into like a study area with a computer. Now this is where things started to get kinky with us.
One day about a year ago, I was on the computer looking up something when the internet browser suddenly crashed then went back to google. I forgot what site I was on so I went to browser history then saw a few things that caught my eye ... tickle related things, and ones I certainly didn't click on.
Curious I clicked on one and rolled down the volume, this was a wise move considering I just clicked on a tickling videoorf a guy tickling a girl, both completely naked. Blushing a little I checked a few more and saw that Karyn seemed to be both a M/F and F/M type of girl, and the sight of these videos made me start to get really turned on and started to undress. Though before I could try to relieve myself, she came in and noticed both the videos and my pants and boxers around my ankles.
I had no idea who was redder, me or her. "Hey before you say anything Karyn, I found these in the history and I certainly didn't look them up" I said covering my privates in which she, if possible, blushed even more. "S-sorry hun, i-i didnt-" she said as her voice faltered and went silent then, my heart started to break at the sight, she started to cry. "I-I was s-scared to tell y-you and you n-never tickled me-" she said until I cut her off. "Wait ... You have a tickle fetish too?"
At that his she just looked at me with a shocked expression which then suddenly broke into a grin which I soon shared, pretty soon we both started to crack up out of embarrassment mostly because neither of us planned on breaking it to each other about our mutual fetish like this. After that bit of awkwardness and wiping the tears from her eyes, she eyed where my hands were covering my crotch, or tried to considering my hard-on made it difficult to cover myself without bending forward.
She started to get a sly grin as she walked towards me as sexy as she could and started to strip right in front of me. getting the picture I took mine off and threw them over to the side just as she climbed on top of my lap in her birthday suit giggling like a school girl, which ironicly was what the tickle video was that was playing silently on the computer next to us.
That day and night we both lost our virginity and confessed everything to each other while doing some of those things as well. Aslo some 'rules' were laid down including we both decided to not be clothed while at home unless company was over, we could only watch tickle videos to get ideas, and we would both have only one bedroom and convert my old room into our 'tickle dungeon' which we still needed to get toys for.
Or as the case would be, one toy: a tickle machine.
Both of us were on the computer, her in my lap, and trying to find some benches and things for the dungeon, Karyn pointed to the screen "hey what's that?" She asked pointing to an ad. "A hoax, don't worry it'll change after the next page" I said as I did so but it showed up again and again. Finally, just like before, curiosity won out and we came to a website advertising a machine called the Auto-Tickling Torture Rack. Karyn nearly jumped as she felt my erection grow under her then looked at me smirking. "A hoax huh?" she said as we both looked at the different designs. Finally she snatched the house from me and clicked on one labeled 'arched-back couple sized'.
"Couple?" I said as I hugged her waist. "You'd want us both tickled at the same time?" I asked her "Duh, wouldnt you want to? thats both of our biggest fantasies" she said as she gave me an excided but cheeky grin. "Take a look what it's got featured" she said as I moved my head to look closer.

*Timed locks (limited to twelve hours).
*Voice activated safe word shutdown and release (duo synchronized version available)
*Robotic hands (20)
*Brush appendages (20)
*Vibrating feather padding
*Feather duster appendages inside for seat tickling (4)
*Voiceover tickle-talk recording available
*size 24" screens with camera

I was pretty sure Karyn's heart was pounding as much as mine was, all of that sounded extremely sexy and fun. The price however was a different story. "Karyn ... It says its over a thousand dollars, we wouldn't be able to get any other stuff for the room" I said as she frowned slightly "well ... We both mainly have a tickle fetish, anything else we could do on the bed ... please??? C'mon you know you want it too."
It was true, the A.T.T.R. seemed something any ticklephile would want, especially if they had a partner, but getting it would eat up our 'pleasure money' as we called it. Finally after a few sexy kisses from karyn and a look at the advertizement video I decided: what the Hell, and ordered it with the duo safe word option. Karyn seemed like a kid at Christmas waiting for it to arrive, I didnt want to burst her bubble by mentioning we might have to assemble it. Luckily I didn't have to.
Two weeks later there was a knock at the door that made me dash for my robe and greeted a FedEx guy. After some signing, he wheeled a large crate that barely fit through the door then left leaving Karyn and I to unpack our new toy, after I took back off my robe of course. Luckily the actual machine consisted of the rack itself which was shaped like a giantly wide, curved wedge coated in pink feathers with holes everywhere, two sets of cuffs each at the wrists asnd ankles (custom placed for height) and a screen on each side held up over the area from the victim's head to their ribs. And it had a button to have wheels pop up which made moving it into the room easier, though it did take a lot of maneuvering and swearing to get it in.
After a quick shower due to the sweat of maneuvering it in, the both of us stood in the middle of the locked room and gazed at the machine in anticipation, it was enough to both of us turned on and we hadnt even locked ourselves in yet! A quick decision about the safe word (butterfly) I got into the left side, she got in the right and we both activated the locks.

(Sorry about the wordiness of this btw, also my first time writing something like this. Hope its OK)

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Awesome!! Can't wait to continue.

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Awesome!! Can't wait to continue.

Glad to know, don't worry it won't be long