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Vacation Torment Part 1

And so our Greek journey begins...
I remove my top and my pants and have only my black tank top on my ginch gonch briefs.
You are exhausted, wet and sticky. You are trying to catch your breath with nothing gagging you at this point. You have no power to do anything but whisper.. Your eyes are straining to stay awake. But then you see me at your feet. Your beautiful eyes open wide.. You try to scream no..
The boat is docking in Chios and the noise of the engine drowns you out.. You hear the loudspeaker in Greek and can't make it out. You hear people walking. Surely someone will look for you..
I tell you don't worry the crew is all down below now. I have put a don't disturb sign on the door. Now your free to travel to Lesvos with me.." Aren't you happy that I own you now..."
You whisper for water.. I get a bottle and take a big gulp. "Ahhh, I guess you should have some.. You will need it. Open your mouth" I kiss you deep and long again.. I then stand above you and poor water down splashing onto your mouth and down your face.. Hmm you look a bit dirty down here as well, I poor the water down your breast and open the lips of your vagina and poor water there. "now you aren't such a dirty girl".
You shutter from the cold water and you feel so open and vulnerable. When my hand cones near your mouth as I stand, you are furious and try to bite my finger. "what the fuck, the girl still has fight.. I like when they don't break so easily". I take a tangerine from the table and stuff it in your mouth. Grab some duck tape from my bag and tape it down..
"We will see if you have any fight left" I move back to your feet.. You hear the sound of the ferry's horn.. People yelling in Greek again. The ship tearing from it's moor.. You being torn from your group.. You know you are captive with this strange woman.. You are scared and excited!!
"So let's see if the little dancing queen is ticklish down here.". My fingers lightly trace the entirety of both feet.. From toes to the back arch.. You begin to squirm, your toes clench and you try a muffled nooooogh..
I work on both feet, now my nails running zig zag across your arches. You struggle but only your buttocks can rise as you are being tortured by endless tickles...my nails are now going lighter then harder in circles on your arch. You feel the sensation like I was circling your clitoris. I tickle on the pads under your toes...in between each toe and back down the pad to you arch digging deep. You squirm more giggle and gag, trying to catch a breath.. "look at you squirting up there". And I just cleaned you up". Kitchie, kitchie, kitchie, koo..does the little dancer have sensitive feet. You fight and fight pulling the ropes tighter and tighter with each move.. I start at the heel, walking my nails up your feet."the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout". "Look at you spout now... I think she lies and really likes this. Shall I tickle rape you into ecstasy my Trojan slave?". Kitchie, kitchie, kitchie, koo all my nails are tickling both of your feet so fast. You are laughing wildly, but it is so hard to breath..
Make sure you don't cum until I tell you it's okay. I continue alternating fingers and nails up your arch to the pads along your toes. I lean down and lick your toes." Mmmmm, such luscious tango toes...
You're clit is swollen your nipples hard, your breast dying to be sucked. Omggggg you moan.. Grasping for breath between giggles.. Tickle, tickle.. You feel like you will explode..as you are cuming I go to the bed an untie your right hand but I still have a firm grip and you are still bound so tightly,your body arching with the flow. You can't do anything with your hand. I pull it down to your mound. I climb on top of you and your hand. I grind against you my **** straddling your hand and your mound. I put my right index finger under both of us and finger your clit. Your hand involuntarily goes inside the slit in my briefs and you feel me wet and start to play with my clit. "did I say you could touch me there.". You stop and start to pull out. I stop you.. "now that you have got me excited you will have to finish.". Our bodies grind together. You finger me and I am now putting two, then three fingers in your vagina. We are rocking the bunk.. I grap up and tickle your breast with my left had circling. I am now sucking your breasts as I tickle them, as we continue to fuck each other..my hips grinding into yours.. "that's right you Trojan whore, pleasure your mistress...". Tickling your breasts you are gagging for air.. I take the gag and fruit out. It's still difficult to get air as you are squirming from being fucked and tickled at the same time.. You should yell for help but something keeps you from doing it. You lean your head up and my mouth reaches for yours. How lucious your lips and your pert nipples are. " I could eat all of you and if your good I will all over the isles of Greece " you are wiggling and I take my hands off and squat back. I am now sucking at your clit and anus.. You could fight me with your free hand but instead you run your fingers through your hair. I suck and lick until you burst.." hmmm now that tastes great".
We both lay there exhausted. We sleep while cuddling until we hear the loudspeaker we are nearing Lesvos.
I sit up onto you pinning you down. "so do you think you can quietly submit to me now and travel Lesvos with me.?" you walking in the foot of Lesvos, me being your many Greek lovers !!! "
You nod yes. But once I release your other arms and legs, you attempt to break for the door. The length of time being bound
Makes you weak and you fall to the floor. I grab you and put the panties in your mouth. I hold you on the floor. You look and see a wheelchair in the room as you suddenly feel chloroform drifting at your nose..
Debarking for Lesvos.....


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thanks for the heads up email...ohh love the rewrite/edit too.... oh my and links too.
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Part two coming soon