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(This story originally written by myself on the app Inkvite)

In a basement below the hallowed sorority house of Beta Epsilon Gamma, two things dangled helplessly. One was a sixty-watt light bulb on a chain. The other, a red-headed pledge named Sara Norman.

Her ankles had been cuffed to a chin-up bar, and the inverted hanging was not comfortable. The blood was rushing to her head and her stomach swam, and all she had to keep her attention was that swinging light bulb.

Sara had long since given trying to escape. She couldn't even remember how she got here. Was this part of her initiation? Did this mean she was in?

A door opened, and two sorority sisters stepped in. Sara recognized them as Alice and Jean...two notorious hazers.

"Oh! Hi there!" said Sara.

The sisters didn't answer. They just leered at Sara and grinned. Then, Alice, the older of the two, pulled a small notebook from her pocket.

"Guys?" said Sara. Her vision darkened as the blood pooled in her brain. "What's happening? Is my time here almost up, or...?"

"Knock knock," Alice said, looking at Sara.

"Excuse me?"

Alice slapped the book shut and frowned. She turned to Jean, closed her eyes, and nodded. Jean smiled and crossed the room, her shoes clacking on the concrete floor. She took her place behind Sara.

"What? What is it?" Sara said, panicking. She felt deft hands untying and removing her shoes. Then they slipped into to the tops of her socks and slid them off as well.

"Hey!" she called. "Don't do that! Let's start over! I'll be good!" But Jean just chuckled, and a second later, Sara felt her short, sharp fingernails grazing over the soles of her feet. A fit of giggles bubbled in Sara's stomach, and she held her breath to keep it from escaping her pursed lips.

"Now," said Jean patiently. "Just laugh, nothing will happen to you."

Sara didn't want to give them the satisfaction of breaking, but Jean's fingers were surprisingly skilled. She knew how to find the worst spots: her arches, under her toes, the sides! The sides were awful! She sputtered, squirmed, gripped at her hair madly, and a few laughs escaped, but she held fast. She felt her face burning. Hanging and holding her breath like this, Sara thought she was going to black out.

Alice opened her book. "Let's try again," she said. "Knock knock."

"Who-who's there?" Sara squeaked, her withheld laughter turning her into quivering jello.

"Alex," Alice responded.

"Alex who?" Sara said. She felt the slithering nails finally leave her feet, and she burst out in aftershock giggles and gasping.

"Alex the questions around here!" Alice cackled, and slapped Jean on the back.

Sara, who hated the joke but wanted to please her captors, let out the peal of ticklish laughter that she'd been holding back. "Hahahaha! Good one!" she said. "I didn't see that one coming! Now can you let me-eeee!"

She felt Jean's hands on the bottoms of her feet again, rubbing a moist powder across them...itching powder. A torturous mixture of cynthilicus and water that caused Sara to squeal in protest.

"Th-that's not necessary!" she argued, tensing up her body and scrunching her toes as far as she could. Her feet began to burn with a horrible itch that she could do nothing about. All she could do was squeeze her eyes shut and wait for it to pass...whenever that would be. "Oh no! It itches so bad!"

Alice snapped her fingers. "Jean," she said, "our pledge says it itches. Be a dear and scratch it for her." Then, to Sara's growing dismay, Jean did start scratching her soles again.

Sara felt a maddening alternation of tickling and itching that made her scream.

"Ahahahaha! Okay, forget it! I don't want to be here anymore! Let me down! I quit!" Sara yelled. Tears gushed from her eyes, and she made futile attempts to raise herself and free her ankles from the bar.

Jean withdrew her hands. Alice let out a sigh. She placed a hand on her hip. "Such a pity," she said. She knelt and reached under a nearby table. Sara heard a loud scraping as Alice pulled a large aluminum bucket out to the center of the room. "We had this ice water all set for you once the initiation was complete. We were going to use it to wipe off the powder. Weren't we, Jean?"

Jean nodded smugly.

"Guess we'll just have to dump it now," said Alice.

"No! No! Please! I'm going crazy here! Just tell me what I have to do to make the itching sto--"

Her desperate cries were cut short as Jean lifted the bucket and poured the frigid water all over her body. It found its way into her nose and mouth, and she spluttered, sneezed, and coughed before crying out in shock.

"So, what do you think, Jean?" said Alice, "Has she had enough?"

Jean squinted and shrugged. Sara couldn't believe they had more in store for her, and she wasn't going to take it.

"Well I think I've had enough!" she said. "If this is what it takes to join your little sorority here, I don't want any part of it! I've got two sisters already, and I don't need any more than that, thank you! I'd rather keep my dignity! Now kindly unlock my feet!"

"Well...." said Alice, tapping a finger on her chin.

"Now!" Sara snapped. Her patience was beyond thin, it was molecular. Alice and Jean exchanged looks before approaching Sara. Alice undid the clamps while Jean held her body up.

They helped her stand, all one-hundred and ten soaking wet, exhausted, red-faced pounds of her, and smiled warmly. All the cruelty had vanished from their faces.

"Welcome to BEG, sister."

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