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(Now let's get to what you guys really wanted to read about)

If you ever saw the episode of Vegitales about Esther, then you'd know about the Island of Perpetual Tickling where, if banished there, you were submitted to day and night of endless tickling no matter how much you begged. Feeling the padded cuffs on my wrists and ankles tighten, the soft feather padding both Karyn and I were laying on softly tickling us if we struggled, and the knowledge that the both of us were about to be submitted to twelve hours of full body tickling, which was totally her idea, made me feel like we were sent to that very island.
We both were lying side by side, our legs were slightly spred exposing her pussy. Our arms were above our heads to expose both our underarms and spred like our legs so my right hand was touching her left, which she gripped out of nerves. My heart felt like it was pounding in my throat so I could only imagine what was going on with Karyn, but she made it clear by gripping my hand tighter. The screens that were suspended above us both had apparently had a built in camera that fed into the other screen so one it started, I would see Karyn wriggle and laugh and beg as she would see the same as me. The curvature of where we laid had us both bent back, it wasnt uncomfortable but it wasnt exactly an easy position either. Both of our asses were suspended over a hole where it would seem to be the access for the feather dusters that was on the online discription, in anticipation for the delivery, Karyn had convinced me to have all my body hair shaved, she has her ways. I looked over at her as she did the same then took a shaky breath. Suddenly a female voice spoke "if you wish to begin your tickle torture session, please say: 'start' as this will activate the timed locks" it said which nearly scared there Hell out of me and from Karyn's face it did her too. With a nod from both of us, we gripped both our hands then we both looked up at the screen, I started mouthing a count down '3 ... 2 ... 1' "START!" we both said as the machine hummed to life, the feather padding started to vibrate which got some small giggles out of us. But then I felt them. The feather dusters. From what I could feel we both got two a piece, one for each now baby smooth cheek and they were moving like how a maid would dust which got us both dry-humping forward to try to avoid the dusters. "heh heh heh ha ha! Not my ass!" I heard Karyn giggle, though I was no better off considering I was pretty much saying the same thing. I had no idea my ass could be ticklish, much less hers, but it seems both of us were wrong on thinking that for ourselves. In fact that seemed to be the part the machine started off for us.
The even worse part was the female voice which teased us as we were submitted to the ass tickles. "aww, poor babies ... Do your naked little booties tickle? I bet they do. Tickle, Tickle over here. Coochie" the voice said as the dusters started moving at a faster speed which got more giggles from us.
"Plehehehese nohohahahaha!"
We cried out, though we really didn't mean it. We both had agreed it'd inhance the experience if we begged but only if one of us shouts the safe word would we both say it. Though it was starting to feel like that was easier said than done as the first hour ended. The both of us had gotten tired trying to get our asses away from the feathers and we had hardly any energy to move them, so we were receiving the full blast of it now. The feathers creaped horizontally across our asses then went along the crack and sped up going to town there.
"Tickle, tickle, naughty naughty ... Ooooh the feathers really love your little tushies, but there's nothing the little babies can do ... Nothing to stop the tickles, you both are just two naughty little ticklish children" the voice would say which seemed to make the situation more intense. I was giggling hard but poor Karyn was driven to silent ones, and for a few minutes I thought of calling out the safe word to relieve her, and me, but before I could she squeezed my hand again. I was pretty sure she was trying to tell me 'as long as I'm with you, I can handle it'.
That feeling of love from her mixed with our nudity and tickles and its little wonder that my penis was still rock hard, and I was pretty sure she was getting wet as well. And it seemed I wasn't the only one, my guess is the machine had built in sensors for this type of thing because suddenly one feather duster moved and tickled the whole ass and both Karyn and I had the other one rise out of the back hole and position itself right above our crotches.
"it seems the naughty couple are liking their tickling too much, maybe its time for something more torturous " it said as suddenly the dusters lowered down to our respective crotch areas. My eyes just burst wide open as a moan-like cackle escaped my mouth and Karyn's. The feathers in the back weren't stopping at all and the new sensation was really confusing my nerves between ticklishness and pleasure because the duster was gliding over my testicles then stroking up and down my penis shaft. From what I saw was happening to Karyn, via the can screen above me, her pussy was being stroked and circled and if my expression was as- 'desiring'- for lack of a better term, as hers was, then I pray that the duster will be able to make us orgasm.
Though unfortunately they weren't. By the end of the second hour we were both crying out pleas for orgasms with red faces of struggling grins.
"Geehhhhh! Plehehehes!! I'll be good! I'll be gohohohohod! Pleahehes let mehehe cuhuhuhuhuhahahaha!!!"
"Oohhhhhhh! Oh pleahehehehehes! Please I cahahahant stahahahahaha! I'll be gohohohohahahaha!"
It was embarrassing that after two hours we were begging to a machine to let us climax and swearing we'd be good and not naughty like the voice kept saying we were! Though maybe it was right, after all had the two of us decided to pretty much be naturalists in our home and do everything naked? heck the main reason we were able to afford the A.T.T.R. was with saved up money we would buy for clothes or shoes which we'd only wear for company, to go out, or work. Prerecording or not, it was right.
"is the naughty couple learning their lesson?" it asked. I couldn't help it, I was nodding and so was Karyn who was breathlessly giggling "yehehehes! yehehehehehes pleahehehehes!" Looking at her wriggle, thrash, and beg on the screen, I won't deny I thought that was hot, and from the way she fought to keep her eyes open and glued to her screen she felt the same.
"You two know you deserve this ... maybe I could show mercy and let the naughty couple cum ... Would you both like that?
"PLEEEEEEEESE!" We both seemed to cry out as suddenly the duster rose up and went back through the hole, giving our inner thighs a tickle as it did then the two went back to tickling both our ass cheeks. Both of us were about to groan in frustration when we heard a new noise. bzzzzzzz. Craning my neck to see, I saw two vibrators, one on my end and one on hers come out of one of the holes between our legs.
"will you two promise to be good if I let you both cum?" the machine tease as the vibraitors moved closer then backed away "hmm? will the naughty couple be good?"
My legs were shaking from both the ass and back tickling and the anticipation, finally both Karyn and I cried out our loudest "YES!" We could as suddenly the vibrators came down, but this wasn't like the Hitachi wand where it'd just stay stationary, no this was attached to a flexible robo appendage so with me it was going up and down my shaft and circling around the base. Karyn on the other hand had hers stroking up and down her entrance then prodding different areas and going in a little. The machine was giving us a way to cum alright, but it was still a torture rack. It wouldn't be that simple. The toy we had bought seemed to be playing with us more than we we played with it. Pure pleasurable moans mixed with our giggles as I felt the dusters go faster and faster while the vibrators held still bringing us both closer to climaxing. Finally the dam broke and we both let out groans as we both came, I thought the vibrators would stop but it kept going for the both of us. As we gripped each others hands I knew we were in for a rough ten and a half hours left, and there was still more features in this toy that we both were going to enjoy, at least if we don't loose our sanity first.

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Part 3!!!

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Part 3 Please!!

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Part 3!!!

Part 3 Please!!

thanks for the encouragement, part three is currently in the works