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(Written/edit for special friend) f/f

Ah Fraulein Lili, enjoying this tickle torture.. My fingers are lightly brushing your sole. My wrist goes up like a paint brush brushing your foot..

I lean over and take the gag from your mouth as I continue to have my fingertips tickling your right foot..

So now we can continue this torture for hours or the Spanish hure can tell your new Head Mistress, who you are working for and what secrets you have gotten here..

Nicht, nie you spit out.. German Swine.

Ja, very smart you Spanish Coņo. I stuff the gag back in. Okay, you asked for it. Slowly my nails drag up your instep and drag the bunching silk up to your toes. Your back arches up.. You stifle your laugh ahhhfffff. You thrash back and forth at your waist as your arms stretch and strain against the horse..

Oh, fair Fraulein Lili, do you think we don't know who you are. Part of the Spanish resistance to Franco and Facism. Ha, You think you can fight the Nazi world dominance. When i get through with you here i will dominate you, you will be submissive to this SS head mistress.. You can resist but I will break you..

My hands are tickling you into a frenzy. You fight your laughter gagging on the tie in your mouth. Struggling to breathe. Your body swings side to side.,

Kootchie, kootchie you little Spanish fly... Oh, you say nicht but your body says ja, ja.. Your vet panties say take me Meine strong German Mistress.. My fingers play you like a trombone, oompah pa pa, oompah pa pa!!!
You are crying you are laughing so hard. Your vagina is throbbing..

Oooovay.. Look at you wanting me to touch you on your pussy. Nicht.. You can't handle a SS officer..

Kitzeln Mir Herrin!! Tickle Me Mistress, Cosquillas me ama!! There no sprechen sie Deutsch, English, Spanish, hahaha!!!

Little Lili flopping here like a fish... I hold your toes back my fingers attacking your sole as your pelvis rises and falls. Your breaths are short and fast against the tie.

Kootchie, kootchie.. Hmmmmm. You want me.. Nod your head yes.. You shake it no side to side... Ahhhhhhhhh more torture. You think some Spanish hure can hold out against a superior German Officer.

You feel my fingers pulsing against your sole and deep inside you.. You moan.. Oooophhhhh Oooooooph. Thrashing side to side. Feet clenching against my fingers..

I reach down and you see me grab a rubber mask.. Achtung Fraulein Lili!!!
You see a gas mask... You try to yell.... Nopppppfffff.

Oh we need some more sensory deprivation here!!! Vhy dont ve push you to your limit.. You thrash your head trying to fight as the mask goes on.. You see that the goggles are blackened out. The room goes black.. You struggle to find your breath as your mouth is still gagged. You need to adapt to the filter that covers your nose and mouth. You start to panic and thrash wildly. You can't get a sense of where I am but you feel me wrapping another jump rope around your knees to the bench.. You feel me ripping your blouse open.. You can barely move now with your knees belted. Your nipples now are growing hard under your bra..

Ja, look at your fancy black brassiere., more shopping from your lover... Ha ha. Don't worry Fraulein I don't want your perky breast..dis is not pleasure, dis is var!!!!!

All the sudden my finger tips are caressing your arm pits.. Slowly lightly just brushing your sides up to your arm pits. Slowly like a feather duster. Caressing your pits in circles.. Now my index fingers ever so slowly sliding down your sides. I hear you giggling under the mask.. You feel drool running down your jaw.. Sweat gathering at the eye sockets.. You gasp for air. Your body is shaking under your restraints.

Tickle, tickle Fraulein Lili!! You still vant to deny your mission.. Haha, all you have to do is nod your head yes.. You still nod no..

Ja, ja more tickling.. I Slowly zig zag my index fingers up to your pits. You thrash and gasp.., ohhpfffff. My hands are now fully tickling your arm pits!! All my fingers wiggling wildly at your pits. Your chest rises and your pelvis Reaches upward. You are so wet.. Oh you little Swine., you vant your big German herin!!!

Ohhhhppofff, nopfffff. You thrash, your head going back as you swelter in the mask.. You feel pulsating fingers running down your sides, racing back up to your pits.

You will break you little Spanish hure. You vant me now, haha.. Tickle, tickle. Rape your arm pits.. Oh vhat torture..

You are bursting and bucking against the ropes. Your **** is pulsating. My fingers pushing on and off in your pits like pistons up and down in Each. You feel my one hand run circles fast around your left pit.

All the sudden you feel my right hand go up your skirt. Your body bucks your pelvis rising but i sit on your knees. My hand brushes over your clit on top of your panties as I tickle your arm pit.
Ohhhh look at this what wet panties you have. I do not enter you but run my finger along the ridge of your panties. Back towards your anus.. Your mound pushes and thrashes against my fingers.. I circle around your anus over your panties.. Oh Fraulein Lili,, you vant to be fucked by this German Mistress so bad. Who needs a school marm, Vhen you have the SS..

My fingers fucking your pit.. My other had teasing your vagina, your perineum and anus. Do you really think, I would dirty my German hands on a two bit Spanish whore..

Tickle, tickle are your secrets worth this torture. After teasing your twat.. You feel my hands untie your feet.. You want to kick but with your knees restrained it's impossible. I get up and move to the end by your feet. I take your left foot and fight you and tie it on top of the right now.

You think you can almost cum.. And that I will fuck you.. That's vat you vant but say Danke Mistress and I won't fuck this other foot.. Again laughing you shake your head no.

I give it to you... You are a feisty one but I will outlast you.. I will be your dictator by the time I finish.

Both hands now at your left foot. Dragging my nail up slowly, with pressure over your arch. You throw your head back...hmmmmmmm muffled noise coming from the mask..
You are throbbing and every wiggle shoots sensation through out your body.

You don't have any perception of time as everything is black. My fingers slowly pull the wet damp stocking up your instep rubbing them against your balls of your feet..

I zig zag my index finger all over your arch and instep. I hold back your toes as all my fingertips.. Go between them. The slow deliberate dragging of my nail over the instep is driving you insane.. Your body shaking and your vagina vibrating, clenching with the tickles.

I ravage your foot... It seems like an eternity as you stifle your laughter and gasp for air.

My fingers now rapidly pulsating your foot.. Tickle tickle Fraulein Lili. Your new mistress wants to know where you are from. Who do you give your information to.. Yes we know that you smuggle out news in and out through books.. But who is your partner. How many more hours can you take that mask..

Kootchie, kootchie, you feel the stocking slide around your instep.. Making your clit throb.. You feel me pull your right stocking off, ughhhhhh you gasp. Then my hand is putting it over your vagina and back against your anus.. My left hand starts to rub the stocking all over your clit and pussy, my fingers now between your panties and the stocking. Well i might as get pleasure from your stockings too.

I own you now Fraulein Lili.. Feel me rub circles over your stockings on your feet and your vagina lips. Ooooh yeah, scream baby, catch your breath.. Tickle, tickle. I here you moan ughhhhhhhh, ughhhhhhhh, as you explode.. You are shaking your arms stretching against the restraints. Your legs shaking and your feet wiggling and clenching. The stockings penetrating your vagina..

Say danke to your mistress.. As you cummmm.. I continue to tickle both your foot and your g spot with your stockings. You shudder and then cummmm again..

You mutter under the mask..... Danke.. But it comes out as dunnkeeehfffff. Misreeeeeffff.

Yes, Fraulein Lili you can speak now?? You shake your dripping head, yes. Your body still a quivering sweaty mess.. I take the mask and the gag off. You gasp for fresh air.. Yes, comrade.. You barely can whisper, it's not the books it's the milkman.. I hold your head up.. Danke, oh I mean gracias!! Now we can take you to the prison.
I lean in and kiss you deeply and grab a foot. I can visit you often Fraulein... you would like that, visits from your new mistress!!! Ja!!

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Full of profanities in multiple languages...

I like the idea of mixing languages, although I would prefer something smoother and solemn.

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Thanks for the comments TicklesXXX...I will keep them in mind for future endeavors....

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