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05-02-2015, 01:48 AM
my tickle fetish was bigger than i thought, that had to be it. that could be the only explanation to why, after being continuously submitted to ass tickles combined with what was about to be my third orgasm, my penis was still hard. Karyn was in just as bad shape if not worse, especially when the duster came back, but this time it centered right between our legs and tickled that area while the vibrators were still directly over (and slightly in) Karyn's pussy and right at where my penis shaft met the testicles. We were still giggling mostly because that's all the feathers were able to produce even after we both came twice, at the same times no less, though at the moment i wasn't complaining. i was feeling my third orgasm coming closer and closer when suddenly the vibrators retreated and went back into the inside of the machine, much to both Karyn and my frustrations.
"FUUUUCK!" we both shouted struggling which of course tickled the entire back part of our bodies thanks to the feather padding.
"You said you would be good if i let you cum, but swearing isn't very nice" the voice said and stopped the tickling which really started to make me feel nervous, how did it know we swore? i thought it was supposed to be a prerecorded voice!
My answer came as some light appeared from above our heads and acted like a movie projector showing a digitized sized six woman standing in front of us. She had short blonde hair down to just below her shoulders wearing a see-through pink thong with matching pink see-through garter belt, no bra, and had a virtual peacock feather which she held the quill in her left and and the tip with two fingers and a thumb in her right with a seductive look at the both of us.
"Y-your a real person?" Karyn asked as i suddenly became red but the hologram just giggled
"Of course not silly, i'm the Automatic Tickle Torture Rack's AI system, or Atti if you like ... You think a machine like this would be operated by boring gears and batteries? No, no ... A tickle machine needs to have an imaginative touch, or close to one anyway" Atti said with another giggle then winked at the both of us and strutted slowly towards the two of us but then looked at Karyn "Oh don't give me that look, i just enjoy tickling ... Doesn't matter if male or female, though i gotta say you both are a really cute couple, in, um, more ways than one" She said eyeing the both of us. If we weren't both naked right now i'd say she was undressing us with her eyes. Then Threw the feather in the air causing it to vanished then she leaned in closer to us and raised her hands up like claws "maybe its better if i did a 'hands on' approach" Atti said with a seductive giggle then vanished
"An AI unit? we bought a tickle machine with a fucking AI unit? I thought those didn't exist!" I exclaimed. They certainly didn't put that on the sales ad.
"i'm so so sorry, hun! i didn't think-"
"i hear talking when i should hear laughing!" Atti's voice said as suddenly eight mechanical hands, a pair near each of our armpits and sides, appeared and flexed their fingers.
"no!" i said looking panicked "no stop! bu-" i started to say but a fifth hand popped up and covered my mouth, the same thing happened with Karyn.
"now no need for that, you both just need to relax ... and i know absolutely the most perfect relaxing therapy, im sure you'll enjoy it" Atti said as the hands wriggled closer and closer until-.
"MHHHHH! MHHHHUHUHUHUHU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAA!" The both of us cackled into our steel mouths. It felt like being tickled by an actual person, the ones at our sides dug in hard while the ones at our pits circled them lightly with two fingers each.
"That's better isn't it?, i don'y know why you were trying to, was it because i told you i was an AI? well you didn't seem to care before" Atti said as all four hands now tickled so hard that i felt like child being mercilessly tickled when rough housing. i was laughing so hard i felt like i'd go crazy if this kept going, but thankfully the four hands retreated back and waited but the hand on our mouths still remained. Then Atti's hologram reappeared.
"C'mon you two, we were having soooo much fun! I could tell you both were loving it, plus its a giving considering you both bought me ... which i can't be returned by the way, i mean seriously i'm just a machine, not like i'll take over and try to kill you ... well ok i stopped you from saying the safe word but that was a one time thing, plus you would have tried to shut me down after" Atti said as both Karyn and i looked at each other and noticed the lust in her eyes! She was enjoying this. And much to my reluctance, so was i.
"look you both have a little under nine hours left and you two were really enjoying yourselves ... So how bout this: just let the session finish and decide after, i promise i wont tickle as hard as i was earlier ... unless you want me to" Atti said with a look that, if i didn't know she was a computer program, looked close to nervousness. the hands then removed themselves from out mouths showing our frozen grins which started to melt off. Looking over at Karyn, she had a look of sympathy then, with a nervous grin, shrugged "i-in for a penny, in for a pound?" she said as i just looked over at Atti and nervously smirked then nodded which made the hologram's face light up with a look of happiness.
"thanks you two! your the best!" Atti said as her smile shifted to a mischievous grin then walked to the middle that separated Karyn and i. She then touched our armpit and side as the hands moved over them again. then she acted like she was smacking the sides of our asses as suddenly two more pairs of hands positioned themselves at our sides. Both of our legs started shaking as Atti looked down at them then grinned again snapping her fingers as four more straps appeared over our knees holding both our legs into place, then for good measure she did the same to our forearms "struggling is fun, but you both still were naughty for swearing ... and this is pleasurable punishment after all" Atti said with a wink as, with another snap of her fingers, the robo-hands tickled us yet again. But this time Atti stayed visible and giggled as we both were laughing, almost like a dominatrix enjoying the show her subs were putting on. Which i suppose in a way, she was.
"you two are sooo cute, you know ... my married couple tickle program is much more kinkier than the singles version ... just an fyi" she said causing both Karyn and i to blush crimson, and it defiantly wasn't from the laughing "personally if you decide to keep me .... i could wait" she said with another wink and her feather reappeared in her hand then waved it causing the padding to start again, which i was really starting to hate. But unfortunately the tickles prevented me from thinking about that.
"you know, i just remembered: you both still broke your promise about being good ... i'll give you about oh ..." she said pretending to look at her watch "twenty minutes of torturous tickling, m'k?" she asked and we both nodded, still laughing. "oh, i almost forgot" she said with a wink at me as she waved her hologram feather over Karyn's C cup sized breasts and made a tickle motion with the feather "ticky, ticky, ticky" Atti teased devilishly as suddenly the damn feather dusters showed up and immediately began dusting her breasts, causing her to shriek. Then Atti turned to me with the same devilish grin and lowered her feather down to my testicles "ticky, ticky, ticky" She teased as my dusters showed up between my legs and started tickling my testies, what's worse was the tickling sped up causing us both to laugh extremely hard. "if this isn't sufficient punishment for your naughtiness i don't know what is" Atti said with a grin then brushed her feather across her own breasts, giggling, then made a 'tootles' wave and vanished leaving Karyn and i to our 'punishments'.

(yeah this got a little Sci-fi ish but i figured it would make since. if you have any suggestions of what should happen next or just a critique, feel free to leave a comment)

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Nice tale.

Raccoon Mario
05-02-2015, 05:54 AM
Love it! Great series! Can't wait to continue.

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hope part 4 comes soon

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hope part 4 comes soon

Part 4 is up and part 5 I'm currently putting up the finishing touches