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Karyn and I both looked like we belonged in a mental institution, we were laughing so hard.
Just a recap, we were both on a new couples sized tickle machine called the A.T.T.R. completely naked with robotic hands tickling our armpits, sides, and waists roughly but not enough to cause us harm. Add the fact that there were two feather dusters tickling my testicles and Karyn's breasts, then you'd be either thinking it was Heaven or Hell if you loved tickling like we did. Personally I was on the fence with that, still miffed that the company we bought this machine that was currently torturing us failed to mention that it had created an artifical intelligence to operate it. What's worse, because amungs the tickling I had to think of something to keep my will and sanity, was that the AI unit, or Atti as she perfered, looked exactly like Karyn just blonde.
In fact come to think of it, the way the hands were tickling me was almost the same technique as her, but more experienced. I thought about this as both Karyn and I seemed to laugh harmoniously, neither one of us had let go of each others hands during the twenty minute punishment Atti was putting us though. Twenty minutes, but it felt like hours.
It was actually near the end when it happened: I'm not sure if Atti was really trying to get us to like her but suddenly both our feather dusters went back in and two hands, one each, came up. Mine grabbed ahold of my stiff penis and started to stroke, while Karyn's was having two of the fingers slide into her pussy and started to go in and out. Atti was giving us mutual masturbation while tickling us!
"OooooohHAHAHAHAHA!OHAHAHAHAHANOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAAAA ! UNGHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Was the mixed cry the both of us called out as it continued until the both of us came with tearful howls of pleasure ... Thirty torturous minutes later. The hands retreated and we both panted thankfully for our break from the tickling, the both of us were coated in sweat. I looked over at Karyn to see her looking at me with lusty glazed-over eyes. "I love you" she said weakly
"I love you too" I replied in a voice barely a whisper, I was so tired. Atti must have noticed because two bottled waters with straws came out and let us drink from it, then the hologram herself reappeared. This time, I noticed, her thong was gone and she looked as dazed at the both of us must have been. Did she orgasm as well? Was that even possible?
"Oh my Maker that was intense" Atti said lustfully. Guess it was possible somehow. "consider that an apology for ruining your last one, no wonder you two were naughty" She said as she slumped over onto the rack with us right in the middle and exhaled.
"Um ... Atti, could I ask you something?" I said almost breathlessly as the hologram nodded. "Why do you sort of look-" "like your might-as-well-be fiancÚ? " Atti finished for me with a coy nature and rolled over laying on her side next to me then circled my nipple with her finger. "Figured a smart boy like you would have figured it out" she said seductively.
"GET OFF HIM!" Came the jealous voice of my girlfriend.
"look at my ass sweety" Atti said then turned her head to Karyn who had a look of shocked disgust. "just look, promise I'm not trying to be rude or anything" Atti said until finally Karyn reluctantly did. It was about thirty seconds until I saw her eyes widen. "Oh my God! She's got the same birthmark as I do, where it is and everything!" Karyn said as Atti just giggled. "yep, see in all my times being sold and returned I never made a visual body for myself, just a voice ... And if an AI unit wants to make an image for, in this case herself, she'd need a model" She said as she rolled back and lied on her back but faced Karyn. "they put in a male or female version depending on whose name is on the card used to purchase, and since it was yours I based everything off of you, with a few tweeks" she said as Karyn looked speechless "your .... Your me?" She asked as Atti giggled almost exactly like Karyn now that I noticed.
"A more dominant and confident version of you, I sort of heard you talking as you both unpacked me and distinguished your personaslity and adopted it, then added a bit more spice" Atti said then whispered something to her that sounded like 'which drives him crazy in case you didn't notice'. At this both ladies looked at me and their eyes traveled slowly down my body then back up, both of them signed lustfully.
"you have no idea how lucky you are to have him Karyn, I honestly envy you ... All I can do is just tickle, which speaking of" She said looking up at the remaining time then looked shocked and got up. "oh Maker you guys only have seven hours left and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff" Atti said as she ran to the both of us then waved her hands towards her making two hand come out past us and made a turn to where they were facing us. She then slipped her virtual hands into the robot ones like a pair of gloves and tested them by wiggling her fingers a little and a giggle came, but not from Atti. It was Karyn's giggle and it was driving my crazy, and worse was I was starting to giggle and so was Atti, and the tickling hadn't even started up again.
"I've never tried this before, my other owners all called the safeword and returned me before I could make a body ... They weren't real tickle lovers I think-"
"W-wait, I thought you said you were non-returnable" I said just as Atti bright her gloved robo-hands down closer on each of our tummies and wriggled her fingers. Then with a 'coochie coochie coo' she started to tickle us both all over our midsection and got Karyn and I to end up throwing our heads back laughing.
"I'm not, not anymore anyway ... People kept returning the racks, saying they worked too good" Atti said as she tickled across our tummies, the one on me glided over to my right side and Karyn's went to her left. The two of us moved to try to get away which ended up causing us to bring us physically closer together. I could feel Karyn's muscles twich from her laughing, which increased for the both of us because as soon as our bodies touched, Atti dug into our sides causing us both to cackle.
"in fact before you guys bought me, they were about to scrap the whole project. Sooo ..." she said as she looked down at our crotches and gave a whistle like how one would get the attention of a dog causing two hands each to come out near our crotches again. I thought she was going to masturbate us again but they went right to work tickling our inner thighs. I felt like I was going insane! I had no idea that my inner thighs was the most ticklish part of me. Karyn was cackling madly but she wasn't thrashing around and begging like I was.
Atti giggled at my misfortune then looked over at Karyn and seemed to go red at something. Glancing up at the screen showing Karyn I noticed that something, as she was laughing her face was glued up looking at my tickling. And had an intensified lusty gaze in her eyes. Suddenly she started twitching and jerked her pelvis forward and started to moan-laugh.
"GOAHHHHHH! HAHAHAHAHA!AHOAHOAHOAHOHAHAHAHAOHHHHHHHH!" She then froze and didn't make any notice to the tickling except a wide grinned open mouth which she took some gigglish deep breaths.
"oh Maker is she-" Atti started to say as a second later Karyn let out the deepest, loudest, longest, and most pleasurable moan I had ever heard.
"FFFFUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Karyn cried out then went back to laughing but harder than before. The orgasm had seemed to increase her ticklishness from what it was after our previous orgasms, she had actually started to have tears fall. My face was glued now as I was still laughing, I was pretty sure my penis was rock hard again from that, which of course it was. But then- no. No way, I mean sure it was hot ... Really very sexy just watching ... her ...
Almost the exact same noise that Karyn made came out of me as as I came as hard as she did, and just like her I was back to laughing but my nerves felt extremely sensitive. I was pretty sure Karyn and I felt like we just gave up trying to protest, fake or no, and just embraced the tickling and let the laughter out. The both of us still were holding our hands, my fingers laced with hers. All that mattered was Karyn and the tickles, in fact I was so distracted that I had sent even noticed that Atti was dressed and making what appeared to be a virtual Skype call to some woman in a business suit
"miss, you haven't gotten rid of the grand prize have you? Atti asked before giving another sly look in our direction then back to the call. "cause these two defenantly won't be wanting a return I don't think"
She said then snapped her fingers causing four more robo hands pop up at our feet and began tickling them. My laughter had evolved up to insane howling cackles at this point and couldn't see how I could last. I was sweating hard and it mixed with tears, struggling and panting as I laughed, I gripped Karyn's hand tightly who had passed out from exhaustion before i did five seconds afterwards.

(I've decided I'm going to write one more of this story to lead into a sequel story, comments are welcome

Warning: part five is going to be a bit more maturer than the other stories)

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well, if the only bad things i can find about a story are a couple of misspelled words ("your me" instead of "you're me" for example) i'd say you are doing a great job :D

05-05-2015, 03:03 AM
Typing on a tablet, sorry