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I wake up completely naked, with a searing headache, in an unfamiliar bed. I had been drinking the night before and now I had no idea where I was. But it was the morning and I was meant to stay at my girlfriends flat last night! She was getting back late from work and I was supposed to be there when she got home…

As I walk in through the front door I spot her there, sitting on the floor by the coffee table.

“Hey Baby, how’s it going? You ok?”

She was cross legged, playing cards and giving me the cold shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m ok” she said matter of factly, without even looking at me, laying a card on the low table top.

She was still in her PJs; light blue polkadot trouser bottoms, a loose t-shirt with a cartoon cat drinking a cup of coffee on the front, and fuzzy red socks in fluffy grey slippers that said Grumpy in Bold Pink letters. She had her shoulder length red hair pulled back in a ponytail so that her delicious white neck was showing.

“You playing Solitaire?”

I go to sit opposite her, but i have to nudge the couch out of the way first. We always sit on the floor when playing cards. She doesn’t look at me, but keeps playing her game. She’s 24 years old but when she has that stern look on her face, she reminds me of a strict school teacher I used to have for French class.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come over last night, I had a bit to drink and thought it best if I stay over at Gary’s last night”

She stops and shoots me a look for just the briefest of moments before scooping up all the cards on the table and shuffling.

“So… can I play?”
“You wanna play?” She said menacingly
“Umm, yeah let’s play”
“Ok sure, let’s play… … put your feet through here.”

I am puzzled by that, but the intensity in her eyes makes me feel like I don’t have a choice. The coffee table has a low shelf that practically touches the floor. It’s usually stuffed with knitting magazines and balls of cotton wool but I notice that they had already been removed. The table is wide enough for me to get my legs through, with my knees squashed up against the table top but I can still have my bum on the carpet floor so it can be quite comfy when we get into a long session of Cards. Except this time, she grabs my left ankle, pulls it tight against the table leg and proceeds to tie up my ankle with an old silk neck tie.

Being hungover, I was horny and the blood flowed all the way down my body without a moment for my brain to stop and think and question. I just watch her as she pulls my other ankle to the other table leg, spreading my bare legs wide open in a V. She wraps the tie around my ankle sock, while holding the heel of my trainer.

She shuffles the cards and tells me to pick one. With free hands, I duly oblige but she snatches it from me before I can see it and lays it flat on the table.

I am so aroused that I don’t say a word as she gets up to walk around the table to sit behind me, with another silk tie in her hands. Grabbing my arms, she pulls them behind my back and ties my wrists together like a hostage. She puts a cushion, grabbed from the couch, behind my back and lays me down so that I look like a Y from above. I am just barely comfortable. Until she stuffs a cloth in my mouth! It catches me by surprise even when she then starts to run tape over my mouth, gagging me. We had tied each other up before but never used gags!

I am worried a bit but she has her hands on my chest now and she stares in to my eyes and says “Ok, let me explain the game.” I am wearing a V neck t-shirt and my elasticated shorts are at full stretch in three directions now.

“The card you picked signifies the amount of time you will have to spend tied up like this. The numbers mean minutes times 10. So if you get a 2, you’ll get 20 minutes. If you get a Royal card you’ll get 100 minutes. If you get the Ace, two hours”

She sits closer to my waist and pulls down my shorts to give me some air. Except I’m not wearing underwear! I have no idea where they went.

“Where’s your underwear?” She looks at me and I don’t know where to look, blushing.

Even if I wasn’t gagged I couldn’t have answered. I was still standing to attention like a flag pole though. She grips my cock in her soft hands and starts to rub me up and down, really slowly. My poor achy, hungover body is in heaven. The hairs on my legs stand up. She lightly tickles my balls, making me giggle, as she massages my stiffy. But she’s not done speaking…

“Kirsti texted me last night. She said you were so drunk, she had to take you back to her place.”

I look up, realizing I had stupidly told her I was at Gary’s. Nothing happened with Kirsti so why did I bother to lie in the first place? Gary stayed over too.

“You probably left your underwear in her bedroom”

I tried to speak through the gag but I couldn’t make myself heard. She mustn’t think that anything happened. I would never sleep with Kirsti, her best friend! I had to tell her.

“Shhh, It’s ok. Wanna see the card?” as she reaches over to pick it up along with her phone.

She flips it and laughs before showing it to me. I see that it’s a 9 of hearts, as she taps a ninety minute timer into her phone.

“I wonder how long you’ll last before you break”

I have no time to react to this sequence of revelations before she wraps her lips around my shaft. With her soft lips going up and down my swollen cock she also has a hand cupping and massaging my testicles. My outstretched leg muscles tense up and I can’t help but lay there and moan at the pleasure of it. I am so sensitive due to my escapades the night before that it’s pure ecstasy. I can’t close my legs, I can’t speak to her. She has me trapped in her mouth. I can’t stop her as she runs her tongue up and down and around the top. After a few minutes I cry out, blow my load, while she continues to French kiss my genitals and slurp up the mess.

I close my eyes and lay back, completely spent. I am out of breath and completely exhausted. If I didn’t have the gag on, I would tell her how much I love her. With the ties off, I could easily sleep right now.

“Kirsti also said you were so drunk, that you kept tickling her”

My eyes widen at that statement. I sit up to look her in the eyes.

“You kept poking her ribs all night at the bar”

Did i? Oh shit I think I did.

“When you got back to hers, she said you stole her shoes and then you and Gary pinned her down to tickle her feet. Luckily you were so drunk it didn’t last long before she got away. But you broke her shoe”

I actually have nothing to reply, mainly because it’s new information. I don’t remember that at all. She grabs the waist of my t-shirt and pulls it over my head so that it covers my face and exposes my chest and stomach.

“Still another 85minutes to go”

Completely blind because of my t-shirt, I only now realize what’s going on. She made me orgasm because she knows my skin is 100% more sensitive afterwards. She intends to tickle torture me. And along with my hangover I can’t handle any stimulation right now.

I have no time to struggle or say anything through my gag as I feel her graze my tummy with her fingernails. She scratches my tummy with one hand on either side of my belly button, Spider tickling up and down and side to side.
It’s the worst thing in the world, I scream with laughter through the gag. I test my bonds to see if I can get out of this, pull my hands in front of me, but there’s no give in the knot around my wrists. As I try and sit up she changes her technique to clawing at my belly like a hawk.

There’s nothing I can do except laugh and laugh as she attacks, varying her attack on my stomach. She fingers my belly button, tracing around it like a pencil, scratching the edges. Poking inside it is enough to send a jolt through me so she delights in doing it.
As I lay there thrashing around, she moves to my sides scratching at them like her hands are combs. Up and down from the sides of my armpits, all the way to the sides of my legs. She manages to scratch the sides of my butt cheeks too. She does it with both hands in parallel which is terrible enough but when one hand goes out of synch its unbearable! Her left hand is wriggling around inside my armpit while her right hand is delayed tickling my sensitive butt cheek. One is on the way down and the other on the way up, they meet in the middle and I explode with laughter.

The Tummy Tickling lasts way too long for me but she does finally let up. She pulls the tshirt over and behind my head so its rests on my neck and I can finally see. She looks down at me, right in the eyes with a grin on her face. She licks her fingertips and makes Pinching gestures with her thumb and forefinger, moving them slowly closer to my nipples.

I am exhausted and try my hardest to shuffle away, but I can’t protect myself. I lie back and laugh uncontrollably as she pinches at my nipples, almost like she’s plucking tiny invisible hairs from them. It kills me and she knows it. Worst of all, since enough time had passed, I was starting to get hard again. My nipples are super ticklish but they are also an erogenous zone so she leans down and starts to lick one with her tongue. I have no capacity to resist. I try to shrug her off with my shoulder but it’s no use. She bites one nipple, grazing it with her teeth while scratching the other. I lean back and laugh, bucking occasionally, while I can also feel myself get hard. It’s cruel, just cruel.

She stops and looks at me, with tears streaming down my face now that there’s no tshirt to soak them up. I lay there panting while she stares at me and I feel like I’m on an operating table. She grabs my manhood, erect again and begins to softly stroke, up and down. I’m so tired but her hand still feels so good. I know that I’m in real trouble and there’s nothing I can do about it.


Syrilsneer81 © 2015 All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Great Story! I cant wait to hear the rest.

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I do hope she is heading to his feet!

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Wonderful story! :bouncybou
Can't wait for the SECOND HALF.

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Looking forward to part 2

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With her soft hand rubbing my member, she leans in and starts to kiss all over my tummy. Then, all over my chest. She must feel that I’m close because she moves her soft lips over to my right nipple and begins to suck gently while rubbing me up and down near the tip. I try to hold on but I can’t. I moan and spray myself inside her hand, tensing up all over my body.

I feel so faint now, my head is spinning. She lets go of me and I sink back down. My body feels so heavy. She gets up to leave the room and I take the opportunity to shut my eyes and breathe steady. I’m extremely ticklish even on my strongest days but today with a hangover and post orgasm, it was pure torture. There’s a relief that I survived and I can get some peace now.

Wiping her hand with a tissue, she comes back and sits down beside me holding a glass. She continues to just stare at me, judging me without saying anything. I wanted to explain things to her, tell her my side of the story, but even if she took the gag off right now i probably wouldn’t be able to speak. I am so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I don’t even notice what is in her hand as it disappears behind my legs.

I feel intense cold touching against my balls and when she runs the ice cube all the way to the tip of my shaft, that’s when I understand. She glides the freezing cold piece of ice all over my genitals, like she was scrubbing gently with soap. I want to curl in to a ball but there is no chance. I try yanking at my ankles that are tied to the legs of the coffee table but it’s too heavy to move. I try to squeeze my legs together at the knees to protect my privates but the knots were too tight. She had full reign over me and my poor exhausted member was being tortured. She cleans every inch of me thoroughly, lingers around the tip and leaves it pressed on my sack until the block of ice melts and my genitals are frozen.

I had hoped it was over when she got up to look at the timer on her phone. I mumble through the gag asking her to let me out now.

“Plenty of time left.”

I start to plead with her, mumbling for mercy.

“Ok, ok, let me undo your knots” as she walks round to the other side of the table in her fuzzy red socks, leaving her slippers next to me.

A huge wave of relief crashes over me. I let out a big sigh that I can finally rest. Rest for a long time and then explain myself. Except that I feel tugging on my shoe laces.

“So you like to get drunk and tickle feet? Huh? Any feet you can find?”

I look up at her as she is sitting in between my feet and taking off one of my trainers. Both trainers are off in a matter of seconds. I struggle as much as I can. I can’t let her get my socks off, it will kill me.

I shout through the gag that I’m sorry. I was drunk and being stupid. I shout at her to let me go because I can’t take anymore. I beg her not to tickle me on my feet. But she is not hearing any of it. She's not even looking at me. She rolls off my thin summer socks, throws them behind her. Without delay, before the cool air even hits my warm naked feet, she runs all her ten deadly fingers over both my soles at the same time.

My bare feet are warm and her hands are cold from holding the ice, so her scratches over my defenceless feet are hellish. I am hungover, overstimulated and exhausted all at the same time. My vulnerable feet are being tickle tortured well beyond my limits. I laugh at the top of my lungs, trying to concentrate on wrenching my ankles free. It’s unbearable. But is it unbearable even if I am forced to bear it? There’s no escape. She mercilessly explores my feet; from the heels, to the soles, to the balls of the feet and back again. Both feet tickled at the same time, but mixing it up so that again they were out of sync. Little spider fingers tickled on the sole of my right foot and big tickling scratches on the heel of my left foot, going up and down, side to side, killing me with every varied movement.

She stops and I have no idea how much time passed. I’ve never felt exhaustion like this. I want the gag off, and I want to close my legs. I want to curl up into a ball in bed and have a duvet thrown over me. Instead the most sensitive parts of my body are being held hostage.

“I was waiting for you here all of last night. Waiting for you to come around, to spend some time with you. Instead you’re out getting drunk?”

I feel like shit after the ordeal but I do feel guilty now.

“You only get to tickle me. You only get to tickle these feet” she peels off her fuzzy red socks from each foot, one at a time. She pokes them through the coffee table, squeezing past my legs but making it through. I look at her beautiful soft feet, with their exquisite toes. All soft and warm from being in slippers all morning. I watch them come towards my genitals and shiver. She’s not done with me.

“These feet love you”

I want to cry, her toes are lovely and warm while my exhausted cock and balls are chilly from the ice treatment earlier. It feels wonderful as one set of toes is nuzzling my ball sack while the other gorgeous foot sole slides over my penis. I can’t help but react as the two start to slide over me, ganging up on me, massaging life back in to me. I let out a guttural moan of pleasure.
She gently, gently runs her fingers over my toes. I don’t know which way to turn. I don’t know what to do. I can only giggle like a child. She lightly pinches and plays with each of my toes, while her toes lightly glide over my ball sack. I feel like I have a gun to my head, like I have my head in the guillotine.

Between fits of giggles, through my gag I get enough energy to plead for mercy. Enough is enough. I get up enough energy to try and sit up straight and look her in the eye as she twiddles my toes. She must see I can’t take anymore. But all i can see is a wicked look in her eyes as she announces in a high pitch

"Tickle, Tickle, Tickle..."

She goes all out. She digs her toes, curling them in to my balls, using them as her tickle weapons, softer than her finger tips. With her hands she pinches my toes, scratches them side to side, three four at a time. I am in hysterics. She pulls my toes apart and tickles in between, where my nerve endings are weakest. I can’t handle any kind of contact in between my toes. I lay down on my back and lose my mind. My legs are sore from trying to close together, to stop her toes tormenting my testicles. I desperately want my feet to touch the ground but her delicate little fingers are scratching right in between all my toes on both feet. My lungs are killing me, I can’t even make a sound, laughing silently. And now that she's verbally teasing me, i feel like the inside of my ears are being tickled too. Tears roll down my cheeks that are sore from smiling involuntarily against my will.

She laughs now. A sexy victorious laughter. She winds down and returns to rubbing me with her feet, holding my penis between her two delicate soles.

“Will you promise never to tickle another pair of feet again?”

Panting and out of breath, I am able to give out a “uh huh.” I have given up hope this will ever end. All I can do is go along.

“Was that a yes? Good; because my feet get jealous”

She rhythmically squeezes my penis in between the soft soles of her feet, wriggling her toes closer to the top each time while she licks the sole of my right foot all the way to each toe and back down again. It makes me hard yet again. I’m totally helpless as she begins to trigger a foot job out of my tired body. Where she had her deadly fingernails a minute ago she now has her tongue, sticking out, invading between the digits of my left foot. Moist and slimy irresistible pleasure. As I start to get close, she grabs my entire big toe in her mouth, sucks it as hard as she can. She pinches my penis with her big toe in on foot and rubs the delicate sole of the other one against it. I have no breath left in me. I cum all over her creamy soft feet and groan in to the gag.

I see stars and lay back, my head spinning out of control now. I am about to pass out but i can still hear her laugh “Aw Baby, there’s still about 30 minutes left. Maybe I’ll give them to Kirsti as payback for her shoe.”

Syrilsneer81 © 2015
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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That was an awesome story!

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Amazing story. I'd love to find out where those 30 min go lol

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In my youth in the early days of dial up internet, before video clips and when photos would download one blurry minute at a time, before i even found the forum, it was the written stories that really introduced me to all of this. That first story i read changed my life.

Thank you all for the encouragement.

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Incredibly hot. Thanks.

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Great story!