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WARNING: This chapter is a bit more X-rated than the others due to more detailed erotic intimacy but no worse than I found in the forums and pictures.
You've been warned.

I had no idea how long it was, how long I was unconscious or how long I was asleep.
All I was aware was that I was laying on my side and curled up with something warm and soft. Groaning I woke up and saw that I was on the floor cuddled up with Karyn who was starting regain consciousness herself. When she awoke and looked at me I started to say something, probably something witty but I didn't remember because as soon as I opened my mouth a fraction of a centimeter, she leaned over and kissed me. A passionate, lustful yet loving kiss that I had never received from her before. Now don't get me wrong, when we're in the moment her kisses melt my heart and I have to fight the dumbstruck-ness to kiss her with as much love she feels for me, but this- this was as if all the shyness and all embarrassment she had was drained out and acting like a completely confident lover. Like turning from a girl to a woman. Surprisingly enough we both had a lot of energy still, enough so that we both were rolling around on top of each other kissing and making love to one another. I was glad that my glasses were off because they would be fogged up, and the last thing i wanted was to not see my beautiful love's face. She had rolled up on top of me when I rubbed my hand up her back and caused her to smile kissing me. I did it again but then I heard her musical, heart melting giggles escape her lips. They were so contagious that I did too, but I knew I needed to hear those giggles like they were an aphrodisiac. So I reached up to her sides and tickled her, though she must have thought the same about me because at the exact same time my fingers touched her skin, she tickled me too.
It was as if it lighted a fire. The two of us were laughing under each of our tickles but they were muffled by our kiss that didn't seem to break, in fact it got more passionate. So passionate I thought i could feel the love she had for me just radiate from her body with each breath of laughter that escaped from her lips as they locked onto mine.
I started to feel Karyn's hips grinding into mine trying to get my penis to enter her. With one look directly into her eyes I saw the same lustful gaze in her eyes she had for the whole session when I looked at her. I finally knew what that look ment. For years she kept her tickle fetish a secret, not only did her first crush finally got together with her, but that said crush, me, had a tickle fetish as well. A tickle fetish so strong that, no matter that near the end I felt like I was going insane, I never called out the safe word. I was her dream guy. She started to get up slowly stealing some more kisses, tickles, and giggles then positioned herself above my penis, she was about to let it go into her with a look of burning desire, when suddenly ...
"hope you took the pill dear" came the voice of our tickle machine's AI computer: Atti. Though at the moment we totally forgot about her and thought it was somebody else. Karyn gasped loudly and rolled off me and curled up in a sitting ball making sure her legs covered everything while i sat up and hastily covered my crotch. Lookimng around to see Atti was standing in front of the rack in a holo business suit looking at us with a look that definitely said 'oops'. When we realized who it was, Karyn bared her teeth and got up marching right up to the hologram who cringed.
"oh my-i am so sorry, I tried to get your attention before ... but then things started to get really steamy-"
"What. The. Fuck?!" Karyn said angrily and tried to swat at Atti's arm but seemed so mad she temporarily forgot she wasn't real and her hand went right through Atti.
"I know ... And I really didn't want to interrupt yours ... but this really-"
"Shut up! Just ... Just ..." Karyn shouted and started to sob from embarrassment and covered her breasts, moved her leg up to cover her crotch and crouched over. Immediately I got up and ran to her and hugged her tightly as she just sobbed. I felt her quivering from fear. Naturally I understood why, her finally being open about her real sexual feelings only to be interrupted by thinking we got caught would easily kill the mood but with Karyn, she put the doubtful and shy walls back up.
"I'm so sorry, i should have left you guys finish but I talked to my boss- please just ... just let me say my peace before you yell at me" Atti said noticing my angered expression as I held Karyn in my arms and was gently sitting her down trying to caslm her. Yeah I'm over protective but if I see my girlfriend crying because of what someone or something did to her, you better believe I'd be ready to kick someones ass.
"I contacted my boss, we had a thing going to try to boost sales to put customers names in a drawing for a house if they decided to keep their A.T.T.R., and since you two are the only ones who-"
"You ruined- You ... Why the Hell should we care about some stupid house?" Karyn said tearfully as I held her closely and rocked her back and forth shushing her softly. I had to agree with Karyn on this.
"a house that was built by the Auto-Tickle company, that built me" Atti said as both Karyn and I looked at her "they ... They built it?" I asked as Atti nodded and Karyn started to calm down a little, like me she started to get interested but was still miffed.
"a fully automated, livable, no rent or mortgage paying two story tickle house including four bedrooms, two bathrooms, full sized kitchen, living room, dining room, patio and basement on a fifteen acre of private property" Atti said trying to make it sound like a sales pitch but at the same time trying to sympathize with us. I actually likedvthe sound of that but ultimately it was, in my opinion, Karyn who deserved to make the discission. She actually was slowly sitting up, still covering her breasts and blinked a few times. "A t-tickle house ... Your giving us a tickle house?" She said as Atti nodded slowly "sounds more like a mansion than a house" I said to which got a grin to flicker onto Karyn's face.
"it'll have an AI unit to activate the toys, but yeah ... a house where you both can asked to be tickled wherever you are ... Even extends out to a few acres so if you guys have any fantasies about being tickled outside in the middle of a meadow ..." Atti said then made a nervous grin. I looked over to Karyn to see she was drooling a little, heck we both were. It sounded awesome, a bit too awesome.
"What's the catch?" I asked as Atti started to get nervous.
"You'll have to talk to my boss about that, I was only given orders to call her in case a customer decides to keep one of the machines and tell them to put them in the drawing, but since, like I said, we were going to scrap the project before you two bought me ... well your names are the only ones in the drawing" Atti said as I actually noticed something she said before. "You said the house already had an AI unit ... What about you?" I asked as Atti got so nervous now that the fact she modeled herself after my girlfriend was kinda unfair.
"well ... I-i guess I come with you but um ... could I make a request?" she said dirrecting her attention to me "could you sign the house in your name?" Atti asked.
Looking at Karyn, the both of us started to smile and start cracking up then looked up at Atti "You ... You want an AI boyfriend?" I asked making the computer whince nervously but that just made Karyn and I burst out laughing
"s-sorry I ..."
"Are you seriously asking us that?" Karyn said grinning "you think that we didn't think you needed once considering your basicly me?" She said lying back laughing which caught Atti by surprise. "Atti ... Yes you pretty much killed the moment but ... You pretty much caused us to have it, plus well ..." I said looking down at my now giggle-drunk girlfriend who's face was starting to get as red as her hair from the laughing. It was very reassuring to see her happy. Looking up at Atti I just smiled. "Guess your kinda part of the family ... Or at least an interesting addition for the secret raunchy part of or lives" i said as Iayed back and wrapped my arm across Karyn's giggling tummy. She looked over at me and started to come down from her giggle high and just smiles at me.
It wasn't until I looked at the window to notice how late it was, should have been obvious considering we were locked in the rack for six hours before passing thern falling asleep for the other six, so it was little surprise that I felt and heard Karyn's stomach growl. She just blushed a little before I reached over and kissed her. "Quick bite to eat and we'll try and see if we can't get back to where we were" I said but Karyn had a look I recognized too well: she was trying to ask me something that was embarrassing to her but really wanted to do. Though instead of telling me when I urged her to ask she just looked at the rack then at Atti. "Is ... Is there a setting for ... For us to ..." Karyn said but the words faltered to come, but both Atti and I got the idea as I grinned blushing while Atti had the most devious and mischievous smile she gave us yet.
Then she nodded.
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