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Hello all. Chapter three of my Barbarella saga. I hope you all enjoy it. Part 1 is here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?258980-BARBARELLA-THE-FEATHERTRAP-(*-F-EXPLICIT-TICKLE-TORTURE-ORGASM-DENIAL)&highlight=barbarella) and part 2 is here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?259919-BARBARELLA-THE-FLESH-PATROL-(MMMMMMMMM-F-HARDCORE-SEX-ORGASM-DENIAL-TICKLE-TORTURE)&highlight=barbarella).

By wingman


When Barbarella finally awoke, she was laying on soft cushions, wrapped in warm blankets. She was still nude, but had been scrubbed clean. In fact, her skin was perfectly smooth; her legs and underarms had been carefully shaved. Even the tuft of curls atop her pubic mound had been removed. As she slid the covers off and stood, she felt the new and curious sensation of cool air on her bare mound. It was definitely…interesting. And a little distracting.

As Barbarella stood, she suddenly felt wobbly and dizzy. She sank back onto the cushions. Clearly, she was still recovering from her recent exertions. Her suit and equipment had been stripped away within minutes of her capture. She didn’t even have a timepiece with her, and she had lost all sense of how long she had been held here. She looked around at the room. It seemed more like quarters than a cell. The door was closed, but a small alcove led to a bathroom. She found a steaming bath had been run and was sitting waiting for her. Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Barbarella slipped into the water, lowering herself in slowly, giving herself time to adjust to the steaming water. When she finally settled her body in the bath, she let out a relieved sigh. It was only now, after some rest that she realized how much her body was aching, especially her ribs. Not surprising, considering what she had endured so far. She leaned her head back, allowed the heat to work on her sore muscles, and reviewed what had happened so far. Maybe she could gain some clue as to how long she had been here.

It had started some weeks ago with a strange red beam from the depths of space striking Earth, triggering a maddening lust in the adult populace. Barbarella had been sent to investigate, and had found herself here, on the distant planet Porno. She set off from her ship, and soon found herself captured by the soldiers of Porno’s ruler, Wang XLIII. She had been stripped and placed on a table that used flow form technology to restrain and torture her. Oh the torture!

Barbarella sighed as her fingers worked their way down between her legs. She couldn’t help it; she was aroused. The table created tools that both pleasured her, but mostly tickled her. She had been locked in a contraption that tickled her relentlessly and mercilessly. The whole time a vibrating phallus was buried in her pussy, but no matter what she did, she was tickled all over, with such intensity that she had been unable to orgasm. She had in fact been trapped in that torture for five hours, but it had felt like weeks to her. Relentless, inescapable tickling mixed with powerful pleasure and orgasm denial. Had she been able to actually speak after that first hour, hell after a mere ten minutes, and she would have begged for release, anything to finally orgasm.

After the tickling was finally brought to a halt she passed out. She was sure that only minutes had passed, because when she came to, she was still hot and shaking with desire, still wet, still desperate to cum. But then she had to contend with the Flesh Patrol. All she knew of them was that they were identical, naked, and had orders to both satisfy their lusts and continue her torture. So they did. Thirty men in all, and they began to double penetrate her as they tickled her. Again, she endured this for hours, driven and kept on the edge of release, only to be denied by intense tickling. Just when she was sure they would cum, they would slip out, their cocks replaced by a fresh pair. Barbarella lost count of how many times they penetrated and fucked her, how long they had kept her on the edge. Finally, two of them came in her, and her own long denied orgasm finally exploded. The tickling didn’t stop, but merely intensified the feeling. Over and over they fucked her, finally allowing themselves to cum inside her, and Barbarella endured a ceaseless, unstoppable orgasm. It had been denied for so long, it wouldn’t stop, and their relentless tickling and fucking kept it going until finally the last man spent himself inside her, and Barbarella finally blacked out, exhausted by her ordeal.

“Oooohhhhh!” she moaned softly as she stroked her pussy. She fingered her clit and brought herself to a nice, deep orgasm, reliving the feeling of that merciless tickling, that relentless fucking. She lay back, relaxed, and her thoughts finally began to clear. She still had no clear idea of how long she had been held here. It had to have been a day at least. But how long had she been unconscious after that gangbang?

After a long soak, Barbarella pulled herself out of the bath and dried herself on the towels that had been left next to the tub. One thing was for sure; her ordeal was not done yet. Wang had mentioned the appearance of her old enemy Duran Duran on Porno thousands of years ago; that all of this was his long planned vengeance. So what was she expected to endure next? She doubted very seriously that she would be given back her uniform and allowed to leave. No, she was certain there were more sexual torments in store for her. She was both dreading them and anticipating them. Barbarella was no stranger to sex anymore; indeed most of her adventures these days involved all manner of sexual activity. But never before had she endured such intense, unrelenting torture. She had never been tickled like that before, and never kept on the edge of orgasm for so long. Her mind kept drifting back to the table. It had been unbearable; teased, tickled, penetrated, and denied release. And she wanted to experience it again. The very thought of being strapped on that table again filled her with fear, and gave her a very pleasant fluttering feeling in her stomach.

The door to her room opened, and she found herself facing two men from the Patrol again. Another little thrill of excitement shot through her. Were they here to continue her torment?

“You will come with us, Earth girl,” said one of them, and he levelled a long-shafted bulbous headed pistol at her.

“I already did, repeatedly,” she replied, a hint of breathiness in her voice. “And you don’t need that,” she said as she strode from the room. “It’s not like I’m getting away, is it?” Her guards were silent as they led her deeper into complex, through more corridors. The metal and circuitry in the corridors soon gave way to rough-hewn stone walls. A faint sound reached Barbarella’s ears. As they wound their way deeper into the stone tunnels, the sounds grew louder, and she realized there were many sounds. High pitched squeals, low guttural grunts, some long and protracted, some coming in staccato bursts. They passed a sealed room just as a high-pitched shriek sounded from inside. With another thrill of excitement, she realized someone was being tickled in there. Was she in for another round of tickling as well? Part of her dreaded it, but another part deeply hoped so.

She was finally led into one of the many rooms that lined the corridor. The room was small, hewn from stone like so much of this complex. But the room, more of a small alcove, was lined with circuitry and had an interface console on the opposite side of the door. Two sets of metallic cuffs, one set jutting up from the floor, the other suspended from the ceiling, sat in the middle of the room. Looking at the set hanging down, Barbarella could see a hole in the ceiling of the room. Standing next to the interface console was the controller who had manipulated the controls on the table.

“Leave us. Close the door behind you.” He ordered the Patrolman.

“My Lord,” the Patrolman said.


“The Patrol has requested another…session with the Earth girl.” Barbarella found herself flushing red, and she couldn’t help but notice her nipples had grown hard at the thought.

“Can the Patrol not find satisfaction with the regular palace courtesans?”

“If it please you my Lord,” and the Patrolman turned a burning gaze on Barbarella. “They cannot compare to the Earth girl.” She blushed red, and felt a flush of heat between her legs.

“Perhaps. We shall see what sort of state she is in after a session with the Ray.”

“My Lord,” the Patrolman replied, and he bowed out of the alcove. Barbarella turned to the controller.

“The Ray?” she said. That feeling of dread mingled with anticipation was rising.

“The apotheosis of your torture, Barbarella.” He gestured her towards the restraints. She hesitated. She couldn’t deny she was curious. She had never experienced tickle torture quite like she had since coming to Porno, and she was certain she was in for more. But both of her torture sessions had been utterly unbearable and utterly inescapable. As much as she wanted to experience it again, she was honestly not sure how much more she could take. Despite the rest and the soothing bath, she still felt weak and shaky, and honestly she was finding walking difficult.

“Please, haven’t you done enough to me?” He smiled a grim smile.

“I shall do things to you that are beyond all known philosophies.” Her eyes widened. She had heard that very threat before.

“Oh yes,” he said nodding at her dawning comprehension. “That is my family’s creed. Passed down through the generations from my distant ancestor, Duran Duran.”


“Yes, Barbarella. I am a direct descendant of the great and depraved Duran Duran. And it has been my very great honor to be the instrument of his vengeance.” He pulled out one of those long shafted pistols. He gestured again at the restraints. Heart hammering in her chest, Barbarella felt a very real trickle of fear as she stepped up onto a slightly raised platform. She had to spread her legs rather wide to set her ankles into the cuffs. They snapped sharply closed. She raised her arms, and stretched to fit her wrists into the cuffs, grabbing a small bar set just above them. They too snapped shut firmly. She felt the platform beneath her feet drop away, felt her body stretched taut, and found herself rising slightly. The cuffs obviously contained more of that wondrous flow form substance, because a sheath of slivery material flowed up her legs, ending just above her knees, and down her arms ending just below her elbows. Her arms and legs were completely locked, her torso bare and stretched tight. She could barely move. Another harness pressed against her back, and the silvery material flowed around her chest, locking her upper body in place while leaving her breasts exposed. She wouldn’t even be able to try and shake them away from whatever was coming. The only part of her body she could even slightly move was her hips; not that she could move them very much. As if reading her thoughts, silvery fingers moved into place, the thumbs pressed against the sides of her hips, the fingers pressing the tender spots just inside her hipbones. She jumped slightly at the touch, and realized that any attempt to move her hips would mean instant, devastating tickling. Her heart was racing, her breath coming in deep pulls, and she knew she was already wet. Whatever he had in store for her, Barbarella knew she would be completely unable to escape it.

“You came here investigating the Sex Ray we fired at Earth yes?” he said as he circled her, checking to make sure she was trapped. Barbarella said nothing, she was trying to bring her breathing under control.

“Well, you’re about to discover just how it operates, Barbarella.” He returned to the console and began to swipe his fingers over the control screen. As he did, the flow form restraints started sprouting new instruments.

“Many thousands of years ago, the first Emperor Wang developed the beam and fired it at Earth. Three Earth people came to investigate and managed to destroy the beam. Not long after, my ancestor arrived on Porno, having been sent here by you, Barbarella.”

She remembered. Last year after a months-long captivity spent being sexually tortured in Duran Duran’s diabolical Excessive Machine, Barbarella had managed to gain the upper hand and shot him with his own Positronic Ray, which had displaced him in the Fourth Dimension; Time. She gasped as silver needles emerged and positioned themselves right next to her underarms.

“He naturally fit right here on Porno, his own depravity made him very useful. He rebuilt the Sex Ray, improving its design. He even managed to collect genetic samples of the Earth man Flesh Gordon and created the Flesh Patrol; blessed with his phenomenal sexual prowess but totally loyal to the emperor.”

More needle like projections formed right over her stiff pink nipples. Her position meant she couldn’t see everything, be she heard a slight hiss as more of the flow form technology did something behind her and between her legs. She also felt something grasp her toes and pull them back.

“And he began to plan his vengeance on you, Barbarella. It has taken thousands of years to perfect and finally bring to fruition. And here you are, about to become a part of the very beam that brought you here.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” she said, finally finding her voice. He gestured around them.

“This palace is built within the mountain you were captured on. It has, deep beneath it, a magma chamber. Over the centuries, we have fitted in devices that siphon off the heat and pressure to provide power. Thus it is safe, but there is still a huge quantity of power to be had; power enough to drive the Ray.”

Barbarella let out a small yelp as she felt something press against her pussy. It was just resting there, but she knew she was wet enough that it would slide in with no difficulty.

“Such a massive use actually dims the power for a time, so we must wait several days between firings for the mountain to build up its energies again. The Ray is now ready to be fired again. But the Ray requires…focusing.” He began circling her, checking the placement of his tools of torture.

“Focusing? What does that have to do with me?”

“You and others, Barbarella. Surely you heard the cries as you were led here?” She said nothing. She was trembling now. Whether it was more from dread or anticipation she wasn’t sure.

“Your chamber is at the apex. Duran Duran discovered, and we have spent centuries perfecting, the use of pleasure and torture to create a kind of focusing energy. The energy from the mountain will be released, bathing in your exquisite torture, and then be released on your homeworld!”

Barbarella looked up again, and realized that the hole above her was a small tunnel leading to the surface. Now she realized what all those holes at the top of the mountain were; venting chambers for the Sex Ray! The strange noises she had heard, that strange song, were other captives being tickled and tortured, priming the Sex Ray’s “lens” as it were. And hers were about to be added.

“I genuinely hope you survive this, Barbarella. It has been my very great honor to erotically torture you. I wish to continue doing so.” And with that, he pressed a glowing green symbol on the interface screen.

The tips of the needle like extensions began to glow a faint blue, and the light arced out towards her underarms.

“MMMMMMNNNNNNN!” Barbarella bit her lip at the sudden tickling sensations skittering in her smooth, sensitive underarms. Her arms tensed as she instinctively tried to pull them down. She tried to twist her upper body, she tried to wriggle, she tried with all her strength to pull free. She was completely immobile, completely at the mercy of the strobing arcs of energy which teased and tickled with mounting intensity. Within seconds her whimpering attempts to stifle her giggles failed, and she erupted in full shrieking laughter.

“NNNNAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” Her head rocked back and forth as she struggled. How could she have forgotten how intense the tickling was? The flow form tech that made her restraints and the tickling tools used the same static energy Duran Duran had discovered and used in his Excessive Machine. He could use the energy to deliver stimulation with extraordinary precision; it was precise and very intense. It was what made execution in the Excessive Machine possible, although Barbarella had managed to endure the pleasure long enough for the machine to overload. With that energy the flow form tech could deliver pain. It could deliver pleasure.

It could tickle. Nothing tickled like this.

Her long gangbang with the Flesh Patrol had been exhausting. They had tickled her mercilessly as they relentlessly fucked her, and she had thrilled to the feel of their bodies, the pulse of flesh and blood, the thrill of feeling them fill her, tease her, and finally climax inside her. There was an organic thrill to the orgasmic high. It had been overwhelming.

But the blue strobing sparks delivered sensation with an intensity that was far more intense, utterly unbearable. Utterly inescapable.


“You’re begging already, Barbarella?” the controller said. “A shame. I haven’t even started the second phase yet!” She struggled to control her laughter.

“Wh-wh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! S-s-second ph-ph-phaaaa-hee-hee-hee-hee!”

“Yes. This one.” Unseen beneath her captive feet, more sparks lashed out, arcing across her soles.


For several minutes Barbarella shrieked and squealed, her fists clenching helplessly around the bars in her palms, her hair tossing as she shook her head. Finally the beams stopped, the tip of the needles still glowing blue. Barbarella gasped for breath, still giggling. The static charges fired her nerve endings directly, and even after they stopped, she could still feel the effects tingling all over, phantom tickles that would not stop for several minutes. But now the needles poised over her nipples glowed blue, and as she gulped down air and tried to shake her tousled hair out of her face, the energy arced out once again.

“NEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” The charges now danced all around her body, and Barbarella could only squirm slightly and shriek with laughter.

The charges varied in intensity and in the pattern. Her underarms and feet, her buttocks and the backs of her thighs, her sides. Worst of all were her nipples. With her torso firmly restrained, and her breasts spilling out of holes in her flow form restraints, she could not move her breasts in the slightest. That captive feeling, the helpless restraint, coupled with the sheer intensity, meant a tickle torture on her poor nipples that was indescribable. The charges arced out and caressed and stroked her stiff pink tits. Shrieks became squeals, which became whimpers as she struggled to catch her breath under this onslaught.

“Pl-Pleee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!” she gasped feebly, shaking and wriggling.

The pattern was completely random. One moment her feet were feeling the merciless caress of the needles, the next the fingers securing her hips would prod and tickle them, then her sides, her nipples, her newly bare mound, back to her hips, her feet and nipples simultaneously, then her underarms, her thighs, her feet. The little strength she had managed to recover after her last two ordeals was quickly being sapped away.

“HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAAHHNNNNNNNN!” Barbarella tensed as the device pressed against her pussy moved. A thick shaft slowly slid inside, buzzing as it did, sending shivers up her back. The base of the phallus widened, and pressed against her, covering her labia and her engorged clitoris. And it too started buzzing, sending unbearable tickling sensations shooting into her tender petals and her pink pearl.

“HHHANNNNNNOOHHHHHHHHHHH!” Barbarella couldn’t even form the words to plead for mercy, so intense was this new tickling. And now the phallus buried in her began to pump in and out of her slowly. It was thick, slightly curved like a real cock, and the tip kept sliding across her g-spot, vibrating and discharging a very precise amount of the static energy into her as it did. It was like being fucked, and tickled inside her pussy at the same time.

She tensed and trembled. She was already on the edge of a powerful orgasm, but as before, the tickling kept her from cumming. The flow form dildo now fucking her was new, and it was unbearable. She was stretched so tight, held so still, that everything was much more torturous. Knowing she could not escape, could only try and endure, unable even to form the words to plead for a mercy she knew would not come, Barbarella instead used the small portion of her consciousness not overwhelmed to plead to a higher power.

Please! she thought desperately. Please! I can’t take this! It’s too much! Please stop! Please help me!

Please more! said another tiny part of her mind.

The controller, the descendant of Duran Duran had finished programming the machine. He had even added an algorithm that would randomize the tickling, varying the intensity and the areas stimulated, giving her a few seconds to breathe before starting again, all the while preventing her from orgasming. The energy levels in all of the chambers was building, and a very low rumble was just discernible in the ground. Barbarella, thrashing helplessly as she was right now, enduring an excruciating tickle torture, was completely unaware of anything. He wordlessly slipped out of the chamber. The door slid shut behind him.

Barbarella, for her part, was unaware that he had left. As the door slid shut, the intensity automatically increased, and she squealed in surprised and cried out at the increased pleasure. In so many ways this was the worst torture she had yet endured. Her first torture, on the Table, had been unbearable, but at least she could change the conditions slightly. She traded one form of unbearable tickling for another, but there was at least the tiniest bit of control. Her gangbang with the Flesh Patrol had not tickled as intensely, and was more of a sexual ordeal, having to satisfy all those lovely, tireless cocks. But now, she was completely helpless, trapped and about as immobile as it was possible to be. There was no control, no escape. There was only the torturous sensation; unbearable, unrelenting.

The rumble in her chamber was becoming more pronounced. Unseen by Barbarella, a small gauge on the control panel was measuring some sort of energy output. It was steadily rising.


Already she was teetering on the edge of orgasm, again denied due to the intensity of the tickling. How long would she have to endure it this time? Could she even survive it? Was this to be the final culmination of Duran Duran’s long planned revenge? All she knew was that, between the increased intensity and her utter helplessness, this tickling was the most torturous she had yet endured.

And with no warning, it happened. The energy levels reached their peak; the rumbling grew steadily more intense. The room was starting to glow with a strange red energy, and just as the dildo gave a particularly long, slow stroke across her g-spot, just as every needle fired the strobing charges into her body, teasing her all over, just as everything peaked, and she suddenly found herself right at that moment before orgasm claimed her, tickled mercilessly to keep her from cumming, the beam fired.


It was a pleasure such as Barbarella had never experienced before. There could never be words to describe it. All Barbarella could feel, all she knew or ever remembered, was this feeling. She lost all other awareness. She could no longer consciously detect the beams strobing over her body, though they continued to fire and she continued to jerk and spasm, her body still reacting to the stimulation. She was unaware of moving, though she writhed in her restraints. She couldn’t distinguish the tickling and the dildo now thrusting powerfully into her pussy, though it all continued. She was unaware of her screams, though the pleasure now tore them from her throat. Orgasm after orgasm crashed through her body. She tensed and convulsed helplessly as the strange energy bathed her, and passed through her, discharged up into the ceiling through the passage that had been bored up to the surface.

On the surface of the mountain, hundreds of individual beams poured out, collecting in the air above the mountain. Four aerials, each on far corners of the mountain, gathered the energy in a compression field, slowly releasing it. The air crackled with energy as the red glow gathered, built in intensity, and poured up, up into the atmosphere, out into space, and off through the void towards an unsuspecting Earth. The compression field would allow the beam to fire off for a solid 24 hours, bathing the entire Earth in its strange sexual energy; energy that now included the pleasure coursing through Earth’s adventurous, helpless native daughter.

Barbarella was unaware of any of this; indeed she was unaware of anything except this all-encompassing, unbearable pleasure. For two solid hours she endured the beam, transported to a state of constant orgasm. She shook and convulsed, strained and screamed, her body stimulated ceaselessly. She orgasmed, but would then find herself peaking again, right at that floating, spine tingling moment before orgasm, then would shudder in orgasm again. It was all she was, this orgasmic pleasure. She was nothing more than a conduit for this pure orgasmic bliss, this sexual energy that filled her and fired out of her. Endless and consuming.

An eternity later, the beam slowed. The volcano had spent its energy. The eruption had been fierce, the energy spewed deep into space. Flickers of awareness. She was shaking, aching, spent, exhilarated. Air; that was air she was pulling into herself. Deep shuddering breaths. Her throat was burning, raw from her screams of pleasure, the laughter that had continued even as she had lost awareness of it. Tingling; her whole body was tingling, her nerves raw and jangling from the ordeal. The slightest touch might send her into another orgasm, and she was sure it would finally kill her, finally prove to be too much, and yet her mind was now filling with thoughts of the Flesh Patrol, their thick eager cocks, their need, their seed flowing into her. Wet; her whole body was drenched in sweat, her pussy dripping with her honey, and that thick dildo was still buried in her. She had to leave it there! If it moved, if it pulled out, she didn’t think she could endure it!

Slowly her breathing slowed, her body stopped shaking. Words were finally returning to her.

“C-can’t….no….more…..please…please….” Long minutes dragged by as her awareness returned. How much longer would she remain here, trapped and vulnerable?

Somewhere in the periphery of her gradually returning awareness she felt another rumbling. Was the beam about to turn on again? With great effort, she raised her head and tried to focus. Her vision was hazy, and it was several seconds before she realized the haze was actually debris. She blinked several times, and realized she was looking at the shining exterior of her ship, the Alpha 8.

“Greetings, Barbarella.” Alfie’s mechanical voice boomed from the ships speakers. Still panting, Barbarella was still having trouble placing the voice, realizing what she was looking at. Her thoughts were still far away; scattered in a haze of lingering pleasure.

“A-Alfie?” she finally stammered.

“Affirmative. The allotted interval has passed. I am intervening per your instructions.”

Cool air swirled into the room. It raised goose pimples on her naked skin, but it also helped clear her head. She remembered; she had tasked Alfie to come to her rescue if she had not checked in for five days. The ship must have used the peri-screw to bore its way down to her location. She could escape, if only she could get free of her restraints.


As if reading her intent, the ship fired fine beams at the bars attached to her restraints. First, the beam sheared the beam attached to the dildo still stuffed inside her, the widened base keeping it from slipping entirely in. Next, the beam sheared away the struts attached to her leg restraints, and she struggled to get wobbly legs beneath her. Another pair of beams lanced out, and her arms came free. Barbarella collapsed to the floor, still heaving and spent.

Five days. Unless Alfie had detected some sort of danger to her, she had endured five days of this torture, punctuated by unknown periods of unconsciousness. It had been utter torture, unbearable, but so wonderful. But now, she knew she needed to escape, to rest, to warn Earth of the imminent erotic threat of the planet Porno and its depraved ruler. Slowly, Barbarella made her way to the ramp that had lowered itself to allow her entrance. She managed to crawl up, and the ship sealed itself before engaging the lift thrusters.

“Alfie, we need to return to Earth as quickly as possible,” Barbarella ordered. She managed to finally get to her feet. Her arms and legs were still encased in the flowform substance, but now that she could properly examine it, the sheath was pliable, not rigid. It was a bit hindering, but she could walk. Her upper torso was also still encircled by the flowform, her breasts still exposed.

“Engage maximum speed once we’ve cleared the atmosphere. And help me get this stuff off.”

“Scanning,” the ship intoned. It happened with no warning. Her arms jerked up, new struts emerging from the silver sheath, twisting up into the roof of the cabin and into a power conduit she knew was tight above her. Her legs jerked up as well, also connecting to a conduit, spreading. She was dangling from the ceiling of her cabin, body nearly bend double.

“Wh-what’s happening?”

“It appears the scan has activated a buried program within the material. It is drawing power from the main conduits.”

“Bypass!” Barbarella shrieked. The material around her legs unwound a bit, forming a new strut locking her knees apart, and connecting to the dildo still in her pussy.

“Unable to comply. The material is not responding to my program.”

Feathery extensions rippled to life, skittering over her bare soles.

“Oh no-ohhh-ho-ho-ho-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA!” More feathery extensions emerged, teasing her underarms, and she wriggled again, helpless in her restraints.

“A-A-Alfie-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! C-cut the power!”

“Unable to comply. The alien program has overridden my access to the power grid.” New feathers sprouted and began to tease her helpless nipples.

“EEEEEEK! H-h-ha-ha-ha-HA-AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! HOW LONG TO EARTH?!?!?” Barbarella shrieked, writhing under the renewed torture, seeing the slight blue tinge of the static charges as the fired her nerves again.

“Speed reduced due to power drain. Estimated time to Earth one standard week. Deactivating voice interface to maximize power.”


Within minutes, every device, every diabolical torture was being applied to Barbarella’s body. The phallus fired up, vibrating again, the feathers mercilessly teased ribs and feet, nipples and anus. The tickling again ruining her orgasm. One week to Earth. Barbarella’s exhausted body writhed in the restraints. She was sure she would die, that her body wouldn’t be able to stand the strain. But a new thought emerged, blossoming before being obliterated by intensifying tickles and fucking. What if the flowform wasn’t meant to kill her? She had to admit, she was caving he sensation again mere hours after her last stimulation. Would a solid week of stimulation leave her addicted to the torturous embrace of these diabolical feathers and the static charges that made them tickle her so?

The Alpha 8 streaked through space as Barbarella wriggled and squealed inside, driven to orgasm again and again, only to be denied by relentless tickling, helplessly enduring Duran Duran’s vengeance. Seven days to Earth.

And behind her ship, the massed forces of Porno, its depraved emperor, and the insatiable Flesh Patrol followed, eager to spill forth on an unsuspecting Earth.


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