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So, this here is my first ever story posted, I hope it's too much enjoyment or at least not painful to read through. I'm open to criticism as I'm looking to write a couple of these and would like to improve myself as a writer. Also, I'd like to point out that I'm aware of the no minor rules and this all takes place in college and every participant is over the age of 18. And with no further ado, please enjoy!

Gymteachers Torture

Jenny had just gotten out of the shower, beads of water glistering of her perfectly built body in the lazy afternoon sun, her blonde hair hanging down on her back reaching almost all the way down to her bottom. She was a gorgeous looking woman, fit and slank with well defined muscles just in the right spots, keeping her body firm, the only bulk one could find would be her perfectly round breasts. Her skin was soft with a golden tan, her eyes blue like the ocean on a sunny day. She didn't bother wearing a towel, no one was around anyways, this time of the day, it was the last gym class before the Summer break and the students had all rushed out of here a long time ago. Jenny had only staid behind to finish correcting some last minute reports and to use the school gym for free, something she usually does during the afternoon. The girls locker room was all cleaned for the summer, it felt bigger than usual, she thought to herself as she walked down towards the locker she'd put her belongings in. To her shock, she found her clothes removed, so was her bag with the test results! Someone must have sneaked in as she was in the shower and taken her stuff. With a frown Jenny walked over to the locker room door leading out to the hallway, she could have sworn she'd locked it tight. And sure thing, the door was locked. Whoever the thief was he or she had to have come in from another way. She then noticed the door to the gymnasium was ajar, someone could've entered from the Mens locker room.

Jenny made her way out into the gymnasium, all naked. What choice did she have? She was hell bent on catching whoever was responsible for this, she had a reputation of being tough on the students, something not everyone appreciates. Maybe this was some kind of elaborate revenge, she thought to herself. If so, whoever responsible would see just how tough she really could be!

Jenny's footsteps echoed throughout the large, open gymnasium. There were no windows inside, only a few fluorescent lights dangling from the ceiling. There were no signs of anyone else inside the large building, but at the center Jenny could see her sportbag left ransacked. It was leaning against one of the balance benches, the long, small wooden ones used for gymnastics. Why this one wasn't cleared out for the summer like everything else Jenny didn't understand, or if it was placed there by whoever stole her belongings. But why?

Jenny went up to her bag, but found none of her cloths, only the tests she'd been correcting. This sure was strange, why would... Jenny didn't have more time than that to think about it before she was grabbed from behind by two sets of arms, taken completely by surprise. She barely got any time trying to fight against whoever grabbed her, not only that, but she was also outnumbered three to one as a third person grabbed for her legs. She was pinned down on the bench, her hands hold above her head and wrapped by ductape, same with her legs. She was now all tied up, naked and defenseless at the mercy of her attackers!

”Well, Miss Jay, not so tough now, are you?” a smug, female voice rang out. Jenny looked up only and saw the one person she least wanted to see, the captain of the cheerleading squad Pam. She was wearing the white, purple and gold cheerleading outfit and stood with her hands on her hips and with a pleased smile on her head. On her sides was her two friends Tammy, a tall ebony girl with black Rasta and Ashley, a redhead with green, catlike eyes. They both giggled hysterically at Jennys predicament

”What the fuck is the meaning of this, you get me out of this right away and give me back my clothes!” Jenny roared, struggling as much as she could but to little effect, she was all stuck. Tammy took up her phone and started taking pictures*
”You've been a pain for us this whole year miss Jay and we don't appreciate it, like at all. So we thought we'd get a little revenge for you!” Pam said and walked over to Jennys exposed and kneeled down, reaching into the*sportbag*and taking out her own test

”You see this, a D-. This doesn't work, Im an A student, you're going to change this right now!” Pam continues, holding the paper up to Jenny face.

”I will not change a damn thing, you've barely studied at all and have been an annoyance this whole year! Now untie me immediately or I will... Aaah!” Jenny suddenly shrieks as she is poked in the side by Pam

”You don't get to tell me what to do, that ends now. I'm calling the shots, got it?” Pam says and pokes Jenny in the side again, causing another shriek from the tied up blonde. Pam seems both equally amazed as confused at the reaction, trying another poke and then another. Jenny does her best to keep silent this time, but can't help to squirm. A wicked grin grows across palms face

”Hey girls, look! I think someone here's a little ticklish!” Pam teases as she lighlty starts to scratch her fingernails up and down Jennys exposed belly.

”No! Don't you dare, don't! Don't youhoho...” Jenny tries to protest al whilst keeping in the laughter. A small rush of panic surges through her spine as the two other girls walks over, grinning and giggling as they kneel down at next to poor Jenny. Tammy on the other side and Ashley down at her feets. Palms finger slowly walks over her sides towards her exposed armpits as Tammy puts her finger on top of Jenny belly, her long nails scratching the soft skin. Jenny does her best to keep herself together

”Last chance misses Jay, what's it's gone by?” Pam tassels as she's dragging her indexfinger up and down Jennys armpit. Tammy keeps her fingernails on the belly, not moving. Jenny's squirming and heavy breathing ensures they tickle either way.

”I wohohon't, nohoh...!” Jenny manages to get through, feeling her resilience weaken and the laughter bursting closer to the surface. Pam moves to sit on top of her restrained arms, Tammy on top of her hips. Their fingers constantly poking and teasing poor Jennys extremely ticklish body

”That's too bad” Pam says, placing both her hands in Jennys underarms, looking up to Tammy with a smile. The girl smiles back as both her hands are placed on Jenny stomach. Jenny prepares herself, clenching her jaws shut and closing her eyes. Suddenly she feels one of her feet being grabbed, a single finger placed on the top of her soul, slowly dragged down all amongst her feet, lightly scratching the soft, pale skin.She can't hold it in any longer, her body erupts in uncontrollable shaking and her face twists as massive amounts of laughter exits from her lungs. This seems to trigger the two others as suddenly they go on a full tickle assault

”NOOHOHOHHAHAHAAA! STAAHAHAAAP IHHIHIT PLEAHAHAASE!” Jenny roars as she trashes her body back and forth to no avail, the ductape and weight of Pam and Tammy is keeping her in place, unable to move an inch to escape the tickling fingers.

”This is even more fun than I thought it would be!” Tammy says in a gleeful tone as all of her ten fingers dances on Jennys exposed belly, running up and forth from her waistline to her ribs, down her sides and then up again onto her belly button.

”She got such a nice laughter...” Ashley says quietly to herself as she holds Jennys right foot in a steady grip with one hand, tickling it with the other.

”This is for all the hard time you've given us miss Jay, kitchy coo!” Pam teases as she's digging her fingers into Jennys armpit.

”STAHAHAAP, PLEAAHAAS STAAAP!” Jenny continues to scream through the laughter, though her tormentors show no signs of showing any mercy. This goes on for who knows how long, every second of this ticklish nightmare feels like an eternity for poor Jenny as her feet, armpits and belly are being tickled to the very last inch by thirty ferocious fingers

”Scream all you want, you bitch, no one can hear you but us, and we can't get enough of your begging” Pam says triumphant as her finger goes from Jennys armpits to her breasts. Meanwhile, Tammy leans over, pressing her lips towards Jennys bellybutton and blows a raspberry, then another one, followed by yet another one..

”GAAHAHAHHHAHA! NO! NO! NOOOHOHOOO!” Jenny shireks, though her pleads only seem to spur on the girls as they keep the raspberries coming. Down at the feats Ashley also starts experimenting with her mouth, poking her turn in between Jennys toes, nibbling the sides of her feet and licking the soles up and down like an excited dog, each lick grinding away what little resolve left.

”I GIHIHIHIVE, I GIHIHIHIVE!” Jenny cries out at the top of her lungs. Finally the tickling stops. Sweat now runs down*the Jennys naked body, her chest bobs up and down from heavy breathing as she tries to recover from the torment. Pamleans*in over her face, smiling wide.

”So, that's an A then, miss Jay?” she says with an awfully smug tone. Jenny looks at her with a stare that could kill, but is forced to shake her head, she can't take any more tickling ”And you're sorry for being a massive bitch and promising to improve yourself?” Pam continues in a teasing tone, Jenny bites her own LP not to throw out a huge amount of offensive language. Suddenly Pam reaches to Jennys side and gives it a good couple of squeaks, instantly sending Jenny back into frantic laughter

”Say it!” Pam demands

”IM SOHOHOHORRY!” Jenny cries out to Pams satisfaction

”Good, I knew we would reach an agreement!” she says gleefully as she walks off to the storage room taking out Jennys cloths. She drops them on the floor and instructs her two friends to untie Jenny.

”Well, look how time flies when you're having fun, we're all late to the party! Come on girls, let's go. Have a nice summer miss Jay, see you next fall” Pam says as the three girls walks away, giggling amongst themselves. Jenny's too worn out by the tickling to do anything at this point, she just takes her cloths and starts dressing, not saying a word. In her mind, though there's really just one thing occupying her thoughts; Revenge!

The end?

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its great ... keep posting

the story is very deep and exciting

05-06-2015, 06:42 AM
Very nice story, and:

Welcome to the TMF, Trickler, and congratulations on making your first post. :D This is a wonderful place. Have fun here.

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great story, well written and good plot. Looking forward to the revenge :)

05-06-2015, 07:39 AM
Great story! I just hope you don't leave us hanging on for an eternity waiting for the rest of the story like happens too often here. Write on! I'd love to see the three girls tickled just like Jenny was.

05-06-2015, 02:26 PM
Keep going part one was great

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Wow, Im seriously a bit taken by all the positive feedback! Thank you all for your kind Words, it really motivates me to write more. And I promise you this is not the last you will see fo our gymteacher Jenny! :D

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Uhh... I won't be that positive because the story, well, it kinda sucks on the plot level. It's boring and full of GHAHAHAHA's and stuff and... no, it didn't appeal to me at all.
But at least your grammar is pretty good so the story was readable.

Joker Jack
05-08-2015, 03:07 PM
I loved your story - I can't get enough of teachers like Jenny being tickled tortured by their students. Hope Jenny is in for a lot more suffering!