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The previous story was intended to be last one but also the most explicit, however it didn't feel right leaving it on a cliffhanger like that so I decided that this last one of the A.T.T.R. series will be the more x-rated that I intended for part 5 so quite a bit of language.
__________________________________________________ ________

Atti convinced us both to go eat something while she worked on, as she put it: 'Tonight's Entertainment'.
I was busy cooking while Karyn stood next to me looking really anxious, she hasn't sit still at all ever since we left the 'dungeon' mostly because Atti wouldn't tell us what she had planned. Naturally the house rule of nudism was in effect as I decided it might be safer not to fry anything. "How are you not nervous?" She asked me after I managed to hand her a plate. "I never said I wasn't, but it's not like it'll be too difficult to contemplate what she has in store for us, after all you asked" I said but this only seemed to make her more anxious as she wrapped her arms around her midsection and wasn't touching her food. Seeing this I got up and walked around to her and hugged her. "Karyn just relax, you only have a bad case of the butterflies. Just eat OK?" I said to her but only got a whimper as a reply. I did some quick thinking then finally moved my hands over her breasts and started to caress them slowly which got a soft pleasurable moan from Karyn. Smiling to myself, I knew I was getting her right where I wanted her as I felt her nipples start to harden. I started to slowly move my hands away but Karyn kept moving herself forward so I'd keep groping her breasts. It wasn't until I circled her nipple with my thumbs and her letting out another soft, yet more audible moan, that I removed my hands entirely, as expected she protested watching me walk back to my seat. I looked at her seeing her pout and smirked then picked up my fork. "Eat, and I'll do it even better after" I said which seemed to easily cure her butterflies and she started wolfing down her dinner, seeing this I just chuckled. 'she's like putty in my hands sometimes' I thought as we both finished eating. I took my time washing the dishes cause I was enjoying teasing her, I kept hearing longing whimpers coming from her which got me smiling to myself.
At long last I turned around to her and she was behind me with her back turned to me withher arms across her tummy like before, she turned her head to me and looked at me pleadingly. I couldn't say no to that puppy dog look so I slipped my arms through and crisscrossed them so my left hand was on her right breast and visa versa. We both were sort of in a hypnotized sensual slow dance, both looking at each other. I reached down and kissed her on the lips which she hungrily returned. I was so focused on her that I barely noticed Atti's head come through the door to the 'dungeon', but luckily I did. Atti seemed to have learned her lesson about interrupting us because she didn't say a word, she only just made a 'come here' motion with her finger and went back in. Karyn didn't seem to notice so I decided to have a little fun and gently tickled her breasts and got her to giggle.
Atti heard it and stuck her head out excitedly and gave a thumbs up and mouthed 'roleplay' then pointed into the door 'dungeon'. I quickly thought of a situation and gave a smirk before going back to massaging Karyn's breasts and broke the kiss, much to her disappointment. "You've been very naughty, haven't you my queen?" I asked her then moved my eyes to the door then back at her. Following my gaze she suddenly became excited and grinned at me. I stroked her hair as I moved to tease her left breast. "Answer your king, my love ... Have you been naughty?" I asked as she just giggled but then caught on and turned to face me. "Yes your highness, I'm afraid I have been ... Unforgivably naughty" she said in a sultry way which drove me wild but I tried to cover that with a mock sternness. "Sadly my queen, we are not above the law, you know the royal penalty" I said as she nodded. "Yes my king ... I must be led down to the deepest dungeons naked by my husband through tickling where I must submit to the torture mistress and suffer the same fate for however long you see fit" she said then made a pouty face "but ... Surely my king could show his loving wife-" she said then paused looking up at me. She said husband and wife and already I was nervous but entranced about the idea and it seemed she did too but not before putting her hand on my bare chest. "Amnesty?" She finished. It took all my strength not to kiss her and turned her around to have her back in front on me, then I leaned down and whispered into her ear. "No my queen ... You deserve to be punished" I said as I slowly moved my arm diagonally across her chest, feeling her heart racing as fast as mine, and grabbed her shoulder firmly, my arm resting between her breasts. "Grab onto my arm with both hands, my love" I whispered into her ear. She giggled but, still playing the part, shook her head vigorously.
"Please ... Mercy, Sire I swear i- AH!" She said but was now breathing heavily closing her eyes with a smile. I had just smacked her ass hard leaving a handprint.
"Obey your king, my queen or you will receive another spanking ... The more you prolong the escort, the longer I may devise your sentence" I said rubbing the place where I had struck. Karyn only wrapped her arms around her waist and looked at me with a pleading yet coy look. She liked it. I added this new bit of information away as I gave her another spank. WACK! "Obey-" WACK "Your-" WACK! "King" I said softly but struck hard, I heard no protests, only excited gasps, so I did it one more time. Which also was the one to cause my penis to grow fully erect which was pressed against her ass.
"AH!ah!AHk! Yes ... I submit i-i submit" she said before grabbing onto my arm. We were enjoying this too much. I started with stroking my finger slowly down her side which produces some small giggles.
"Pray the servants are all asleep. Do not let go nor try to escape" I said to her softly as I walked her forward while tickling her side as I did.
"NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHS! FORGIVE MEHEHEHEHEHEHE-HAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! NOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Was what she cried out as I lead her around the house or 'through the castle to the deepest dungeons' as she put it until at last we arived at the door then I stopped tickling her "Open it" I said as she hastily obeyed, as soon as it was open I tickled her in then closed the door locking it and looked around the room.
When Atti said she was going to roleplay us on a dungeon, I didn't expect this. The entire room seemed to be in a replica of a 16th century torture dungeon, including the faint sound of torturous laughter that were both male and female, which might have been 'other prisoners'. I was so amazed at Atti's handywork that I didn't realize I was still tickling Karyn, the background noises were that convincing. Still didn't mean I stopped when I became aware.
"Oh no my queen, your punishment isn't even started ... so there's no need for me to stop" I said as I reached over and kissed her cheek.
"well now I know that laugh" Atti said finally showing herself. This time though I was so stunned I did stop tickling Karyn, who took in a breath of relief but looked disappointed; this ended however when she looked at Atti. Apart from a black leather under-bust corset around her waist and matching black heeled thigh leather boots, the hologram was completely naked and stood there with one hand on her hip then bowed to them
"your majesties, I'm delighted you both could come down to my dungeon, and with tickles as well ... The royal punishment I presume?" she asked as I nodded. Smirking at the both of us she turned around and put a hand on her ass turning her head towards us with a cheeky look. "then follow me to the rack so we can determine an appropriate sentence length" she said walking ahead of us.
Quietly Karyn looked at me and whispered "I wanna get those boots and corset" to which I said "Hell yeah" as we followed Atti through what I was now certain a virtual door. Sure enough as we went through, the room shifted to show a torch-lit chamber where the A.T.T.R. was at the wall. It had shrunk a little and was low lying completely horizontally but in the center of the room hung two of the machines generals with an arm cuff at the end of each one.
"Please, sire if you would lock her in these" Atti said referring to the hanging cuffs. I did so with little resistance from Karyn. As she stood there with her arms above her head, she jerked around making her breasts shake which I could tell she only did for my benefit. "Now then, what are the charges?" Atti said in a business-like tone as I thought of some trumped up charges.
"Public lewdness within the castle, flirtatious behavior, bribery of royalty, and resistance of authority" I said eyeing Karyn who was looking at me with another coy look. "Two of those your guilty of yourself sire" she said as I walked closer to her as she eyed my penis and panted. "For these crimes I would suggest endless tickling until dawn" I said still eyeing her as her head jerked up at me with excitement as I gave her a wink. Karyn had a hard time hiding her grinning excitement as she mockingly protested. "No! No please! Anything but that!
"I agree with the sentence and it will be carried out immediately ... The both of you are guilty and will be punished accordingly" Atti said which made me turn to face her
"Both?" I said with mock surprise, I knew that was coming.
"oh yes your highness, you see your queen is right ... you displayed public lewdness by tickling her down here as nude as she is, and you have displayed flirtatious behavior towards her as well" she said as she snapped her fingers and the rack started to move. It came around behind me and scooped me back causing me to fall onto it and locking my limbs into place. The rack then moved again as it went over to where Karyn stood and layed be backwards so I was flat on the rack table, moving me to Karyn. The cuffs that held her suddenly hoisted her up and grabbed her ankles as well suspended over me, then suddenly the hands came.
"No! No sire please! Please forgive me!"
"he can't even if he could, highness" Atti said as shhe reached through the crevasse of her breasts into her corset and pulled out a long feather then held a hand to her ear as the sounds of the many tortured laughs in these dungeons grew in volume all over as though they were through a paper-thin wall. "Do you hear that your Majesties? Those are the laughs off the condemned of this place, and now you both will join their chorus" she said as the hands went to work on us both.
Unlike before, there was a mixture of hands and spin brushes. The hands were tickling our sides, feet, and inner thighs, however the brushes were on our armpits, nipples, and ribs. We were laughing hard in no time flat, begging for relief. Atti didn't ablige in the way we hoped but instead lowered Karyn down towards me, it wasn't until a foot above me that I realized that our genitalia aligned perfectly and I got the picture of where this was going, or at least in Karyn's case: down dead center.
Lower ... Lower ...
The tickling seemed to try to destract us from our soon-to-be intimacy as our most ticklish spots seemed to get the most attention.
Lower ... Lower ...
A mechanical hand came out at my waist and gripped my fully erect penis, moving it up slowly until it was straight up. Karyn's pussy was almost an inch from the tip of my penis now. Looking into her eyes I could see her begging for it to happen, and so was I. Suddenly, however, the lowering stopped and our ticklish infused begging switched from 'stopping the tickling' to 'let us fuck!'
"my, my, my ... Aren't we eager little bunnies?" Atti said grinning devilishly at us writhing in ticklish agony and trying hard for us to inch closer together "Hmmm ... Looks like your plan backfired on you sire, your both guilty of naughtiness ... I should just leave you both like this, like everyone else sentenced here: tickled day and night without end until death so at least they'll go with a smile. But you two are the king and queen of this land so I must obtain the sentence carried out, which by the way sire ... you never said a specific person, sooo-" Atti said wiggling her fingers in my face giggling "you set yourself up" Atti said as she looked up at Karyn who was trying to pull her body down, but to no avail. She was starting to get exhausted so Atti made things a bit spicier and made the robot tendrils that were holding/tickling her move her forward a few centimeters then back which caused the tip of my penis and her pussy to brush each other. The result was like a jolt of electricity.
"HAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Was pretty much all that was coming from us: cries and laughter. What's worse was Atti had strutted over to the side where the robot hand was holding my shaft up and slipped her hand through it like a glove, she then subtly rocked it back and forth at different timing as Karyn's rocking so when she was moved forward towards me, my penis moved forward towards her and when she moved back away from me, my penis would move towards me. So no part of her pussy was left unbrushed by the tip of my penis, and our cries evolved to howls from both the sensitivity of it and the sexual frustration. Minus the robots, It really did start to feel like being tortured in a castle dungeon. Atti was just giggling cruelly with a devilish smile, which made me wonder if Karyn had a sadistic side as well. Atti then removed her hand from the robot hand, which continued to move without her, and walked around the rack once, looking at every part of us with that seductive grin Karyn used on me a few times before, until finally stopping at the side of the rack near my face.
"Awwww ... Is Mistress Atti's torment too much for you to handle your Majesties? Do you want to fuck each other?" she asked us as both Karyn and I nodded our heads in defeat. "then I want you both to beg me to let you. Grovel to me as though you both were mere commoners. Both of you beg to your mistress" She said in a commanding tone. I wasn't sure who cracked first, but soon we both were.
"PLEHEHEHEHHEHES MISTREHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHES!" We both cried with more ticklish promises of being good. That must have been enough for Atti because soon our bodies he can slowing down until we were perfectly aligned once more and Karyn was lowered more causing my penis to enter her resulting in a gaspy laugh to come from the both of us. Finally Karyn was fully lowered down and sat on top of me with her hands now came down so her chest was lowered down towards me but not completely touching. Her ankles had been secured on the rack so she couldn't move her position, but one lusty glare from her told me she was living a very big fantasy: tickle-sex. So naturally we were acting like what Atti called us: bunnies, as we humped each other, some willed but quite a lot was indused by the tickling. Which didn't end after the first climax, or the next, or the next. We were both in pure ticklish bliss, laughing as we both kept cumming which of course increased the tickling. It looked as though Karyn was going to be driven insane, so I only imagined what I looked like. Luckily, Karyn had taken birth control before the rack arrived so we didn't have to worry about 'producing an heir'.
"now my prisoners, doesn't that feel just divine? I hope so because this will be your punishment for the rest of the night" Atti said as she noticed Karyn was still trying to lean towards me. "what is it, Queen Karyn? Do you wish to kiss your husband? Hmm?" Atti asked as Karyn gave a laughing nod "sorry my queen your laughter is all I hear, let me ask again: do you wish to kiss your husband, the king?" She asked
"yehehehehehe-hahahahahahaha! YEEEEEEE-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YEEEEEESSSSS-HAHAHAHAHAHA MISTREHEHEHEHEHEHES!" Karyn said as he face started to go red and her breathing started to get heavy, I figured she had another orgasm building up, and I was too.
"my queen if I allow that then you couldn't stop, you must kiss him continuously until the punishment ends" Atti said teasingly but Karyn just kept laughing and nodded through her warning causing her hair to fly everywhere. Sighing, Atti allowed her body to fall towards me completely and secured her wrists cuffs to the table. Karyn emediatly kissed me which I returned eagerly as we both laughed into each others mouths. Three minutes later they turned to moans as we both came and true to her word, Atti had a tendril secure itself over her head so she couldn't move it.
Atti kept calling this a punishment but, for Karyn and I, this was Heaven. And not just because of anything she did, but because we were so in love with each other.

************************************************** ***

Morning came as the first rays of the sun came up, the dungeon vanished and the robotic tendrils all let us go and I held Karyn in my arms. We were both still giggle-drunk and it even still felt like we were being tickled. Not once did either of us faint, not even from exhaustion or sleepiness. Atti seemed to find ways of keeping us awake like the most memorable part of the night when my cuffs and hers lifted us both in the air, still connected, and two robot hands spanked us. I still felt the sting.
It took us a while for us to calm down, but when we did, Karyn still had a smile plastered on her face. "Oh my God ... That was ... That was ... Wow" She said as I chuckled. "You read my mind" I said as she snuggled closer to me. "I love you, Karyn" I told her as she reached up and kissed me "I love you more" she said as I looked at her start to fall asleep, but I felt wide awake at the moment. Reaching for her hand I looked at her ring finger, it looked about like a size six, I'd have to check her jewelry just to be sure. I planned to wait until we agreed to take the house when we would meet the head of T. K. Lee Manufacturing tomorrow. Not today, not after the fantastic ticklish fantasy we endured. Today we sleep. As I curled up and wrapped my arms around the woman I was now finding the perfect scenario to propose to, I heard her giggle in her sleep but held me tighter.
I'm really glad she talked me into buying this machine, cause thanks to Atti: Karyn was coming out of her shyness, we were having an even amazing love life than before, and I felt the courage I needed to finally ask my best friend to marry me. Finally falling asleep myself, I smiled widely snuggling with my love on the machine that was money well spent. In more ways than one.

(Right, well that took longer than I expected but I thought I should leave this part of their story with a good ending. Next continuation stories coming soon)

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I have been reading this series, and have enjoyed it, as there isn't many stories that have both /m and /f tickling in them at the same time, let alone machine tickling. In particular I enjoyed this latest addition, especially the dungeon. I hope that perhaps next time they enter the dungeon, Atti takes them on a bit of a tour, perhaps having holographic persons being tickled by holographic guards to help set the mood. I admit though, I would also like to see more of the tickle houses abilities. The basement/dungeon is great, but I would like to see what else the house has in store for it's owners. I admit, I would also enjoy seeing them get a program to give Atti a taste of her own medicine ;)

At any rate, keep up the good work!

05-07-2015, 03:37 AM
I have been reading this series, and have enjoyed it, as there isn't many stories that have both /m and /f tickling in them at the same time, let alone machine tickling. In particular I enjoyed this latest addition, especially the dungeon. I hope that perhaps next time they enter the dungeon, Atti takes them on a bit of a tour, perhaps having holographic persons being tickled by holographic guards to help set the mood. I admit though, I would also like to see more of the tickle houses abilities. The basement/dungeon is great, but I would like to see what else the house has in store for it's owners. I admit, I would also enjoy seeing them get a program to give Atti a taste of her own medicine ;)

At any rate, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your approval of my writings, this was my first time writing anything tickle related so I had doubts that this series would be any good. I have always wanted to find a video of this type of similar scenario but sadly the only things available are artwork and again, very rare. I can't reveil too much right now though I can tell you great minds think alike because I have had the exact same suggestions in mind for the continuation series.