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05-06-2015, 01:41 PM

Sax Tunes is a very bad man. He only got where he is by marring Martha Sings and slowly taking over the company bit by bit. Does Martha mind? Not really. She cares more about the money and that her company produces good content, she couldn’t give a damn if it was her or her evil husband Sax calling the shots. Besides, in the end she wants to hand everything over to her pride and joy Collin.
Collin is a nice young man, has a real love for the music industry and wants to make sure his mothers record label has the best content, the money doesn’t matter to him. That is why Sax hates him more then anything else in the world. Sax doesn’t want some of the money the singers he cuts deals with make, he wants all of it. As much as he can get while his clients and wife are blissfully ignorant to his actions. Sax is damn near certain that when that little runt Collin gets his hands on this company he’ll see his bank account shrink and shrink until there isn’t anything left for him. Something needs to be done. He needs to get that kid out of the business.
He finally got an idea. Ways to scare the dumb kid off and also throw some of his smarter clients of his trail. Just blame the Collin. For instance Miley Cyrus has been hounding him for months trying to get the money she earned from her new song. Sax simply had to play it cool and say that he was planning on giving her every penny, till Collin came in saying no and talking about a new business model. The spoiled popped star bought it hook, line, and sinker and left saying she was going to give Collin a peace of her mind.
In any other business this would spell trouble. Cyrus would only need to give Collin a word in edge wise for him to explain everything. Good thing this is music business where the egos are big and people just talk at you. Hell scream and Collin being the sniveling brat that he was would break in no time. IF only it was that simple.
That day Collin didn’t come home and Martha was in a huge panic. She was ready to call every police station near them if she didn’t find her baby. Sax could five a shit less. Honestly he just wanted to eat and go to bed so he can get back to scamming pop stars. Then Collin walked in. He was quiet unlike all the other times when he would come in and talk about all the things he did right today. He just went up to his room without a word and it stayed like that through out the night
The next day Sax got a flash drive and a note on his desk saying “Not Safe For Work”. He plugged it in and played the one video stored on it. By God, the things he saw. Miley spoke loud as the camera phone rolled. Behind her was a naked body laying flat on the bed with a sac on his head.
“You know Sax baby, you really need to discipline your kids more.” She looked behind her. “Didn’t anyone teach you not to lie sweetie?”
A grunt came from the naked body, it sounded weak and tired.
“But don’t you worry Saxy.” The pop star slowly got on the bed and lied down at the body’s waist. “You know me, a real ‘do it yourself’ kind of girl. And I have my ways of making sure naughty boys learn all kinds of lessons.” Her nails began to drag against the hips of the body (that no doubt belonged to his step son Collin) as he struggled. “Ooo, looks like someone’s ticklish! Come help me teach him a lesson guys!”
And from that moment on Sax saw the weirdest and maybe most effective torment he’d ever witnessed with his own eyes. Tickle torture. Extreme, nonstop, tickle torture. They used what ever they could and even more. Nails on his feet, toes in his ribs, even a brush or two on his nipples. The video seemed to go on for hours as Collins body was brought to heel by fingers of all kinds of men and women all teasing him wile they laughed and amused themselves with his torment. Sax heard so many mean things coming from so many people it was hard to make out.
“Were going to make you cry baby boy!”
“Your cute but how can you be a real man if you cant take a brush on your nipple?”
“What a fucking baby! Tickle tickle tickle!”
“I bet I can make him cry if I put this feather in his balls!”
Sax couldn’t begin to imagine the humiliation Collin had to have gone threw having his body turned into nothing less then a toy for all these people to taunt and tease.
Then there was Miley who just stayed at his waist. She was silent and just smoked and tickled Collins dick. She tickled it to no end and him cumming was just an invitation to go harder. She just kept going and got more and more pleased when every time Collin came.
What seemed like an eternity passed Collin would have thought to be dead if Sax didn’t see his chest breath heavy. His skin looked pink. Nail marks are everywhere. Miley got up and took the phone from who ever was recording it.
“I want you to know I could keep tickling your sexy step son till he willingly became my new fuck tickle toy. I wont do that though. Instead im going to be the nice girl that my daddy taught me to be and let him come back home to you. When he gets there the first thing he should tell you to do is give you the money you owe me you scum bag. If that doesn’t happen not only will we be back for your darling boy, I will personally tell every client the fun me and buddy boy here had today. You never know what dirty little ideas I could give. Maybe Nikki would like to get her claws on her? Or what about GaGa? You want them off your son’s ticklish body then give me my money. Bye baby.” She ending it in a selfie pose next to Collins sacked face.
And with that the video ended. Sax sat back and lit a cigar, as a huge smile smeared across his face. Everything just works out better then he hopes. Few more pope stars on Collins ass and he’ll be begging to tell what ever stake he had in this recode company. And maybe sell the video to the porn industry for some extra profit. Sax Tunes is not a good man, and he was going to show again just as bad he was by calling in Katie Parry and telling her where HER money is…..