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Vacation Torment Part 2

Debarking for Lesvos.....
As you pass out I remove your panties from your mouth, your blouse still laying open across your shoulders, I pull your skirt down which had been rolled at your thighs. You lay there helpless on the floor with just your thigh high black stockings on. I admire your body lying there and then I roll down your stockings, excited to play with you again. I take a wash cloth and bathe you, gently. You are out cold from the chloroform.. I take a pair of lace navy blue lace panties from your bag and a simple grey sundress that ties around your neck and waste at the hip and dress you as I have to move quick before the ferry docks. I put on a pair of Birkenstock silver sandals on your bare feet.. The heat of the mediterranean sea would make stockings and heals suspicious...
I pick you up and put you in the wheelchair, strap you in around the waste and feet.. I throw a sheer shaw around your shoulders. No need to gag you as you will be out long after we leave the ferry. I leave the room and have one of the mates fetch our bags. I am amazed that in leaving no one realizes that no woman came onto the boat in a wheelchair. Ignorant greek sailors.
I have a rental car waiting at the pier. It is late October and the tourist have mostly left the islands for the fall. I lift you from the chair and belt you in the front seat. I am off heading toward the home town of Sappho, Skala Erros..
As you sleep you moan and giggle, a big smile on your voluptious lips.. I laugh to myself knowing you are thinking of me tickling your feet.. Within a half hour you awaken, groggy, the taste of chloroform, making your mouth dry.
Your eyes adjust to the sun, you look out and see the grey boulders as the car climbs the mountain. You squint as you look over at me driving and the fear and excitement return to your face as you remember where you are and all you have experienced in the last 12 hours.
"well look who is awake my little trogan whore"... Sleep well??". You try to move and realize that your hands are in leather cuffs chained down under your chair and then attached to similar cuffs and chains at your ankles. You try to struggle free but the seat belt and restraints only give you slight movement.. You look outside and yell for help.. Though you know it is useless as there is not another car or person in site.. Tears come to your eyes and you try to stiffle them.
"oh, what are those tears for my little slave. A few minutes ago you were moaning in delight. Is this what I get for taking such good care of you?" You whisper out a no and apologize. You then ask me to take off the shackles.
" I wanted to let you be free but the moment I let you loose on the boat, you tried to run.". You plead with me telling me you won't try to run again. "well you will have to prove it to me first. When you are ready to fully submit we will see. I think the little tango whore will need some more punishment." I reach over and tickle your left arm pit.. You let out a giggle and my hand then easily moves under your dress and caresses your erect nipple. You shudder in delight from the touch. "see I knew you wanted to be tickled again." I drive with one hand and my right hand pulling and circling your right nipple. You try hard to hide your pleasure as you see the beauty of the mountains against the bright blue sky..
As we drive we see white bee hive boxes next to the cypress trees that line the road. I pull over and stop. You see me get out but there is no one in sight. I place some euros in a box and you see that I have taken a jar with honey and honeycomb inside. I open your door and set the jar at your feet.
My hand stops and takes off your right sandal and I run my index finger over your arch.. You bolt up in the chair an electric current running through your body. " oh there you go again, such a tease! Should I stop right here and fuck your foot?". Hmm, you are would like that being right here in the open. Patience my pet, good things come to those who wait. " One last run with my nails at your sole. I put your sandal back on. You sigh with a bit of relief and fear of what lies ahead. I drive down the mountain towards the glistening ocean. The view is breathtaking and you close your eyes for a second as the excitement and anticipation scare you..
"Well my love you are so insatiable, I need some nourishment so that I have strength for you. Oh, how I wish you could be trusted" you again plead that you will do as I say.. I pull the car off the road into a spot hidden by the trees. I lean in the back seat and you see me pull out a leather strap with a ball attached.. You begin to scream.... Noooooo. I tickle your under arms and force the ball into your mouth. "see I had no choice.". I recline the seat which pulls the chains around your ankles and wrists tight. Your eyes show their panic.. What now?? I then throw the shawl that I have over your body and place a straw hat over your face.. Making it look like someone is sleeping. " I will be back in a moment".
When the door closes you are momentarily relieved but it seems like forever that I am gone..you try to wiggle out of the chains.. You wonder if I have left you here to die in the car. Panic sets in and you are sobbing and trying to breathe under the ball.. You hear me open the back door. I come to your door and push your chair back up. The hat falls off and I see your tears.. "oh, I am sorry did you miss me." I wipe your tears and kiss your eyelids and your cheeks..
I get in the car and take off your gag.. You sigh and between sobs you beg me to not leave you in the car alone again. You promise to behave.. "oh don't worry, I won't leave you.. We have too much to experience here my Sappho. You and I will become very familiar!!"
I laugh and speed off.. We wind back up hills now filled with ochre mounds of earth, green patches and olive trees. You smell fresh bread from the back seat. You are famished and thirsty.
There is an old Turkish minaret in the distance. I pull over and pull the car close. I bend over and remove the cuffs from your wrist to your feet but then shackle your feet together and holding your wrists shackle them together. You are just too tired to fight me. I get out of the car.. Come to your side and undo the seat harness. I then bend down and reach around and lift you like a sack over my right shoulder. I carry you inside the minaret. You see a rug and pillows laid out near the alter. The sunlight is streaming through directly on the rug. You are amazed that it is set up there. I lay you down on your stomach and before you can react your arms are pinned behind you and your wrists are shackled to your ankles, knees bent with your feet in the air. I place a pillow under your head. " if you promise not to scream I will not put the ball back in." You promise you won't. "Excuse me it's you promise mistress you won't??" You whisper I promise mistress I won't..
I leave and come back with a picnic basket. "I think that since you have been a good slave I will share my meal with you. I want you to keep your strength up. What do you say?" You say please mistress and thank me for my generosity.
I turn you on your side and give you water. This time pouring it gently into your mouth. You are so thirsty and the water feels so good. I then feed you fresh pears that are the sweetest you have ever tasted. It's difficult to eat with just your mouth and the juices run all down your chin. I take a bite of the pear and then lick the juice from you. "mmm almost tastes as good as you." I then feed you fresh homemade flat bread that has a fresh tomato sauce and Rosemary baked in. I feed you tiny pieces and then myself. I drink from a bottle of Greek red wine and first put some on my finger and rub it on your lips. You can't help but lick and suck my fingers.. "oh, I see you are a high class whore, you like the wine as much as water.". I take a swig and then kiss you the wine in my mouth mixing with the juices of yours. I feed you olives and feta.. More bread and more wine. Each time stopping to kiss your lips and our mouths opening to taste each other. You are almost embarrassed that you are enjoying my kisses and surprised that I can be so gentle. You try to relax but with the restraints reminding you always that you are ensnared. Your body is weak but you still feel a throbbing of desire inside of you with each kiss.. I drift off and at first you think how you might get free. Finally you give up and you fall asleep with your face next to mine, my breath on your cheek.
You are awakened as you feel me climb around your waist. You try to roll over but you are pinned stomach to the floor. I look at your feet and admire how your tanned and toned your legs look in contrast to your silver sandals. I take off each sandal. I unshackle your feet and remove the cuffs there. You can't help but react and try to kick. I am facing your feet and grab one ankle. You scream out no.. "what did I tell you.. You were being such a good girl. I know you want to be tickled again don't you.." I take your stockings out of the bag. I first put on the right slowly rolling it up your thigh. I then grab the other leg and put on the other tickling outside the stocking as I roll it up. Your legs are kicking. I grab hold with all my strength and put the leather cuffs back on each ankle and chain them back to your wrists.. You are still pleading no.. "okay pet you never learn.. Don't make this difficult." I take the ball and leather strap, you give in and take the ball in your mouth and I strap it in place. "that's a good girl". You look so sexy and vulnerable lying there.
I stand and untie your dress around the waste. I open it so your back is exposed. I am excited just looking at you with just your panties and stockings. " i think you have been missing a tickle of those feet.." I hear a muffled noppphff.
I kneel behind you and you feel the nails of my index fingers simultaneously lightly dragging the outline of your feet.. Over the instep up the outside arch, tracing under each toe and back down the instep. You try not to giggle as the ball cuts off your wind. Your feet clench and you start to turn on your side.. I pull your ankles back up to me.. "don't you dare move".
Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie, koo.. My fingers are now making circles over both your insteps.. You feel them drag on top of your stockings. You contract your stomach muscles as the laughter rises from you... Sucking air in through your nose. I am now relentlessly tickling both your arches... You are rocking on your stomach and I see your butt cheeks clenching in and out as you feel every tickle vibrate deep inside your vagina... The tickling is brutal and you don't think you can stop the waterworks.. You are laughing so hard and snorting in air through your nose.
"listen to you and look at you... You sound like a little piglet and look like one too. All hog tied up.". I run my nails under your toes trying to curl in.
" this little piggy went to market, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none and this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home." dragging my nails across again and again, then down your insteps.. Circling and tickle raping both feet.. The throbbing inside you so intense. Your stomach muscles aching from clenching and laughing. You start gasping, choking on the ball. Still ticking with my right hand from one foot to the other, I lean over and remove the ball.. You suck in air through your mouth. I reach back fucking both feet with tickles. You are squirming and between laughs you beg me to let you cum.
" not yet my pet.". Your butt cheeks are rising and clenching in and out following the rhythm of my fingers.
I Reach up and pull your panties down with my left hand.. I want to see your anus and the rim of your vulva as I tickle now your left arch. Your perineum is wet and vulnerable. " I think all this thrashing you need a tickle here as well." I move so that your thigh is pushed against my chest. My left hand is tickling your spot and my right is tickling the arch of your left foot.. You are laughing and groaning.. Yelling yes, yes, omg yes. "Tickle, tickle my little slave". I tickle my nails into your vagina, I pull them out and lick. "mmmmmm, dessert how sweet you taste". I tickle back over your sweet spot and rim your anus. My fingers on my right hand ringing your instep. You are laughing and moaning as I finger your your anus.. You are dripping wet all over your body and your entire body shudders against me as you cummm like a gusher...
You are exhausted and estatic... You can't believe your body has been so weak. You beg me to uncuff you and and hold you... " maybe for a brief moment as the sun light fades on the minaret alter.. I unhook the buckles.. I look at your sweat drenched, glistening body. I undress completely except for my briefs. I drink you in with my eyes. I lean down, turn you over and lay entwined with you, sucking your luscious mouth..


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Great story! :D

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