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Continuation of the 'Couple's Fun on the A.T.T.R. series. Start of which can be found here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?262984-Couple-s-Fun-on-the-A-T-T-R-part-1-(Nudity-Explicit-Content-non-tickling))
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Feet and Flirting in Flight

Let me ask a question: have you ever been told something so amazing yet so unbelievable to you that, even if you were given proof, you still weren't convinced? Like saying you were going to get the most popular but expensive item for a gift but didn't believe it because you were too poor. If you answered yes then you pretty much have an idea what was going through the minds of myself, and my girlfriend Karyn as we waited for our appointment to see the president of T. K. Lee Manufacturing to acquire the deed to a fully automated, AI conscious Tickle House. Because me? I can hardly find the words.
Three days ago today, Karyn and I purchased an Automated Tickle Torture rack with a built in artifical intelligence hologram who called herself Atti, who basicly took on Karyn's personality but altered it to show what Karyn would have been like if she took up Dominatrix skills. At first, the thought of a machine that could think for itself programmed to induce tickling and pleasure to the owners of the rack frightened me and nearly, like her previous owners, called the safeword to ship return to sender. However Atti managed to convince, but mostly tickle torture, us to keep the machine, which was a good move considering the tickle sessions Atti put us through started getting Karyn to be more open about her fetish desires that we shared but even more importantly: it ment we had won a prize drawing, which we were the only participants, for a Tickle House. Karyn looked at me nervously sitting next to me, we decided we best make a good impression so we showed up as though we were coming to interview for an government position. A bit over the top, I know, but they were the only good clothes we had which is odd for us because usually at home we're nudists.
Looking at the clock, I saw it was 9:15 am and the president of the company, Evelyn Hiscock (real Surname I swear to God), had still not called us in. Considering that we were the company's only successful coustomers, it seemed really strange as to why she didn't decide to see us when we arrived for our 9:30 meeting when we arrived at 8. Finally, at 9:45 we were told we could go in. The office was a comfortably large room with several pictures littering the walls of many versions of tickle machines. The only picture in the room that had people in it was a wedding photo of a fairly attractive brunette bride with a handsome blonde groom. Seeing this I turned to Karyn who was just looking at me but then looks away when she noticed me staring.
"Um ... Nice office huh?" She said, I noticed she had a bit of a blush on her cheeks.
"Yeah ... But where-" I started to say when Mrs. Hiscock came in from what I could guess was the bathroom, though her hair was a little disheveled and her clothes looked as if she got dressed in a hurry. Pretending not to have notice I turned around to take in the rest of the room and noticed something large hidden under a sheet and smirked to myself.
Mrs. Hiscock cleared her throat and extended her hand for us to shake. "You must be Karyn and Terence" she said as we sat down.
"Terry actually, so I take it tickle racks come standard gifts for employees here?" I asked as her whole face suddenly just glowed bright red "it seemed kind of obvious"
Mrs. Hiscock took a shaky breath and smiled embarrassingly. "I'm so sorry, my birthday was yesterday and my husband bought me one ... I was so excited I didn't recall you both were coming today until ... five minutes ago" she said apologingly. "He pre-set the timer for twelve hours and I forgot the safe word ... And even worse was he was on speaker phone and-" she said before she blushed even redder.
"So why isn't your name in the drawing?" Karyn asked causing Mrs. Hiscock to shake her head.
"Its only for customers outside the company's employees ... besides my husband is more of a 'Ler than a 'Lee" She said before taking in another breath "but enough about me, this is about you two and your brand new home, now we have some documents to sign to make it all official-" She said as she started to get up but I interrupted her.
"Just a moment ... Before we sign anything ... We wanna make some requests" I said as Mrs. Hiscock eyed us both curiously but nodded as Karyn started.
"For one, Atti-"
"Atti? You mean the Aphrodite Cortex mark 22?"
"Oh that's her full namename, no wonder she shortened it" I commented but Karyn nudged me in the ribs.
"Atti mentioned that the house would already havethe AI unit installed ... But its not fair for her to be restricted to just the rack"
"So you wish for her to be the new unit?" She asked us as we both shook our heads.
"Just a second one" Karyn said.
"When mentioned to us that she wished she had a boyfriend like me cause she's got Karyn's personality so ..." I said as Mrs. Hiscock nodded.
"I understand and its easy to do" she said as I continued.
"Two is that we guarantee that we'll have absolute privacy at our property including the outside grounds" I said as she nodded again. That was all the things we talked about we would ask so I was about go grab a pen before Karyn spoke up.
"One last thing and this is nonnegotiable ... Coverage for a method of permanent birth control" she said as I looked at her shocked but she looked stern. "As much fun as this house sounds, if I forget to take my birth control or run out ... well ... Its not a very propitiate environment to raise a child" Karyn said as Mrs. Hiscock looked at her for a long time before finally nodding.
"It will have to be nonsurgical means I'm afraid, but I accept your requests ... If there's nothing else let's legalize this and get you both ready to go to your new home" Mrs. Hiscock said as she got out a stack of paperwork that looked as thick as the last Harry Potter book.


Before the week was over we were on our own autopiloted jet made from the company intended for ticklephiles in higher classes, though sence they had a bunker full of them, Mrs. Hiscock added one to our agreement. Turns out our home was on a private island about 200 miles west off the coast of Hawaii that Mrs. Hiscock joked that they named Teekle Island, so it was quite a long journey. But we had some very good inflight entertainment courtesy of our home's new AI unit: Arnie. Like how Atti was an alternate version of Karyn, Arnie was the same with me: a bit subtly muscular, no glasses, and blonde hair he appeared just as the door closed clad in only silk boxers which I could tell Karyn was drooling over.
"Hi, I'm Arnie, your new AI tickle program" he said as he eyes Karyn and gave an approving smirk. "I was briefed about your request to have your rack program, Atti, be integrated into my servers and be your second home AI, if you wish to upload her, there is a USB port you may use to do so" he said as I looked over at Karyn
"Good God, I'm not this boring am I?" I said as Arnie chuckled.
"no, but the opportunity for that joke was too good to pass up" he said as Karyn snorted to which he gave her a wink which got me starting to get angry. Now I know how Karyn felt with Atti when she flirted with me. Fishing into her bag, she got the memory drive that held Atti's consciousness and plugged it in. Suddenly next to Arnie a 3-D figure started to form slowly as he just looked at us.
"she's being uploaded along with a few upgrades, if you two will just strip naked and wait in the chairs it shouldn't take long" Arnie said as he turned to the upload area and I think he might have been blushing. Meanwhile the both of us were stripping and folded our clothes into our bags then sat down in the two chairs side by side facing the front of the plane where Arnie and the reforming Atti stood. It had built in foot props that couldn't be lowered, I grinned to Karyn getting the picture of what they planned but it felt like the chair was nothing more than a chair, granted it had straps which were securing themselves around our forearms, waist, forehead, and legs but there was no sign of any hidden tendril accesses.The jet still hadn't taken off yet so both Karyn and I were litterally, strapped in watching Atti finally rematerialized.
She was clad in just the same black leather underbust corset with black leather high-heeled thigh boots as she was during the 'Royal Punishment' session and stood facing us not noticing Arnie. Grinning widely, she strutted over to us as sexily as she or Karyn ever did to the middle of the chairs then bent over looking at us both and got Arnie to get a full view of her ass. Given that he was me and she was Karyn, I wasn't surprised at all to see him go bug-eyed with his jaw dropped.
"Hi guys, hope I'm not interrupting I mean I can see your tied up with some stuff" Atti said smirking.
"Atti have you met Arnie?" I said causing her smirk to fall and look at me confused, I replied by nudging my head as much I could forward. It took her a while but her expression was priceless as she got the message and straightened up putting her hands over her ass with two loud claps trying to cover it the best she could.
"OH MY MAKER!" she cried out causing both Karyn and I to laugh. After getting over his shock, Arnie chuckled at Atti who turned to him blushing. "oh ... I am so-" Atti said turning to face him but then noticed now both her breasts and pussy were exposed which she quickly covered. "so, so sorry" she said a her face went bright crimson.
"why? I'm not. I don't go out much so I'm glad I finally got to see a full moon" Arnie said chuckling. Atti started to slowly smile embarrassingly when she noticed he was flirting with her. "would it help i were a bit more revealing?" he asked causing Atti to blush even redder when she saw he was now in a pair of crotchless boxers. Walking towards her, Arnie looked as red as Atti did and stood next to her in front of us, we all saw his penis was starting to grow erect as he stroked her cheek with his finger that glided down to her neck causing her to giggle.
"Hey, they can touch each other" Karyn noticed as I threw as look at her and she threw one back at me "get your head out of the gutter" she said as the jets engines started to him to life. Noticing this too, Arnie winked at Atti and went over to kneel in front of Karyn's feet then looked over at Atti.
"care to join me?" he asked her as Atti suddenly got excited.
"You ... You mean you-"
"You can bet your sexy ass I did" Arnie said as Atti turned to me and smiled devilishly then kneeled down like Arnie was at my feet.
"Wait what- What are you doing?" I asked as Karyn joined in
"You're holograms, you can't touch solid objects!"
Both holograms turned to each other and grinned widely at each other and giggled. Then positioned one hand on one of our feet. and her touch felt real!
"oh Karyn, sweet Karyn ... For programs like us, upgrades work wonders ... Including upgrades from soft light-" Arnie said as he tickled the bottom of her foot he was holding causing her to giggle in surprise. My surprise giggles started as Atti started tickling my foot as well.
"to Hard Light" Atti finished for him then the both of them used both hands on both our feet as Karyn and I bust out laughing just as the jet started to rise up, which seemed to fire up the situation even more. My God it was fun! Like the most intense rollercoaster ride in the world. Then of course came the teasing which both Atti and Arnie played off each other really well while playing with us.
"this is your captain speaking" Arnie said smirking "We have just taken off the runway and looks like smooth flying here on out, but don't be startled if we experience a little- he said as both of them grinned then outright attacked our feet with tickling. "TURBULENCE!" they both shouted. The effect was instant! We were howling with laughter!
For a full two minutes this continued until the both slowed down to only mild tickles.
"During our five hour flight, ufortunately, you are not free to move about the cabin, however to our special naked ticklish guests you are free to laugh and beg as much as you wish" Arnie said chuckling as he moved down to Karyn's toes when Atti chimed in. "Please be aware of the exits as they won't serve you any good, in the unlikely case of being unable to take anymore, remember your safeword must be spoken simultaneously." Atti said chearfully as she spider tickled from my toes to my heels then back up. Neither of them really looked at us and only looked at our feet occasionally, their real interest was each other as they always kept in eye contact. Sometimes Atti would scrape up my soles then scratch the bottom of my toes, all while kissing at Arnie who would retaliate by circling the middle of her soles with spider tickles as he winked at Atti licking his lips. It was as if they were on a date, and Karyn and I were just the entrées.
Suddenly the both of them stopped and stood up, facing each other. The tickling had, naturally, caused my penis to be fully erect and the same thing seemed to be going on with Arnie as Atti eyed his and, like Karyn tended to do with me, drooled but then regained her composure and looked at us grinning.
"we hope you will enjoy your time on Flight TKL-713, we have provided an inflight entertainment group of videos for your enjoyment. But first we have a clip from a movie that seems highly appropriate for our destination" she said walking behind the chairs with Arnie with a demented grin on her face that Arnie shared. The film started and I noticed it was the scene that started my fetish, which oddly enough was from Veggietales: Esther, the girl who became queen. The introduction of the Island of Perpetual Tickling with the Grim Tickler appeared in the doorway with a large feather and walked to the camera waving the feather at us. It wasn't until the peas got tickled that I felt Atti's nails digging into my sides and both Karyn and I screamed in ticklish laughter. It wasn't distracting enough for me to notice the organ music played durring the scene was now only that and on a loop but played tickle videos.
"you both are going to an island where you'll be tickled any day and/or night"
"by us or by the islands built in tickle arms"
"or the grass which is actually green feathers programmed to perpetually move for enjoyable ticklish picnics"
"you both are sooo going to love your new home"
"and when we land, we'll give you both a tour then be submitted to a whole day of a ticklish welcome party down in the dungeon"
They both teased us as Karyn and I were screaming for mercy on deaf ears. Neither of us could see, but Atti and Arnie were starting to fall for each other as they hesetently shared a kiss all without stopping their speed with our tickling. I caught Karyn's eye as she nodded at me as much as she could, frantically, while laughing. Im sure she had the same idea that if Atti now had a body and Arnies showed it was ticklish then we'd just need an elaborate plan to give Atti a little payback. Stuudenly the music stopped and Arnie stopped tickling Karyn annd I was given a brake a few second later.
"ooh, Atti check it out" I heard Arnie say as Atti squealed
"oh that is so awesome, let's see if ... There's one right here too!" she said excitedly
"we got them reversed, here trade you" he said as the both of them showed up in front of us with their hands in front of us grinning like kids in a candy store.
"guess what we found" Atti said in a flirty voice then the both showed two cases that, as I catches Karyn's eye, gave us mixed feelings of excitement and dread. In Arnie's hand was a brand new remote controled egg vibrator and in Atti's was a remote controlled cock ring. They both giggled as both Karyn and I shook our heads franticly but they both unwrapped their new toys and walked towards their chosen victim.
"No! No please! Please anything but that!" Karyn cried out
"Please don't! Please it was torture last time!" I said but they both ignored our pleas and put on/in the vibrators and stood back to look at us. We both were begging them not to.
"oh you both are enjoying this ... Besides, you better get used to it, couple programs like Arnie and me are filled with plenty of kinky tickle programs, 80℅ cause orgasms" Atti said to us as Arnie put his arms against her waist which she didn't object to. Then they both turned our vibrators on medium and both mine and Karyn's eyes could have popped out of our sockets and we both struggled to get free.
"oh don't worry, we only plan for you to endure this for just ..." Arnie said as he looked at Atti "maybe two hours?" he asked as Atti had that look Karyn would give me when she felt in the mood for sex.
"three! was all she said as she tossed her controller to the side and tackled Arnie, who dropped his remove, with a kiss and they landed on the couch next to our chairs and started making out as both Karyn and I breathed heavily and moaned from the vibrators and kept begging even as our orgasms were starting to build up.
"Well ..." I said to Karyn "at lea- mhph .... Least we got a b-break from tickling" I said moaning as she nodded but then we suddenly heard two finger snaps as four tendrils with spin brushes came out of the floor at our feet and four with hands came from behind positioned at our sides. Karyn lustfully glared at me.
We both were reduced to laughing messes as we both climaxed loudly. As for out holo-doubles, they were just watching us chuckling at our misfortune while,unbeknownst to any of us, Arnie was thinking about eventually giving Atti a taste of her open ticklish medicine as well. He had plenty of time to plan and we had the same about of time to suffer our ticklish overstimulation.
We still had over four and a half hours of flight left.

(Figured I might as well make a name for my character sence things would have gotten difficult without it. Also not a fan of feet tickling so for those of you that are, I hope I did alright)