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Dear all,
I've been a watcher and reader for a long time, and want to thank all of you who do such amazing and creative work. I've always wanted to give something back to the community, but I never really had any good way to do it. I tried a story years ago, and apparently it was terrible. I've worked on my writing in other ways since then, and hopefully I've made some progress. It's mostly just a teaser right now. Let me know if you like, and if I should write the part II to the story...or...not. I won't be offended if it is the latter, just let me know politely and truthfully and I will believe you. Hopefully you will enjoy. So, here goes nothing. :)

Neighbors (A Lilith and Marci Story) F/F

“Hahahahah, get off!” Lilith said, squirming away from Marci’s nails. “You make me drop this, you’re paying for it.”

Lilith scurried forward, turning to put her back against the wall while shielding herself with the bags of groceries. Eyeing the smaller woman with annoyance, Marci’s face was plastered with a wicked smile, her hands held out in front of her, fingers splayed wide and wiggling in mock threat.

At 5’10”, Lilith was a good eight inches taller than her diminutive neighbor. The size difference didn’t have much effect on Marci who’s favorite past time seemed to be teasing her physically more imposing neighbor. They’d had a bit of a rough beginning when Lilith moved in, but for the past three years had become close friends, though Marci’s teasing had only increased over the short years.

“I’ve decided,” Marci said, still grinning viciously. “No more moping over that jerk of a boyfriend. You’ve been split for weeks. Time to move on. You can get over him and give me that big beautiful smile again, or I’ll make you smile.”

Lilith squeaked, trying to put her back through the wall as Marci approached, fingers still squirming. Lilith shivered at the thought. It wasn’t that she hated Marci’s attentions, and even had to admit from time to time, despite her initial annoyance, the teasing could pull her out of a funk. However, whenever Marci was in this mood, Lilith couldn’t help but feel confused.

“Fine, fine, ok,” Lilith squealed as she slid closer to her door. “I promise, I’ll cheer up. Just wait, there are eggs in here.”

Marci’s eyes lit up as she backed away quickly, her eyes sparkling with delight.

“Eggs?” Marci said, bouncing up and down excitedly. Lilith couldn’t help but be envious of the woman’s abundance on her chest. For such a little woman, she had quite the curves. “That means cookies? Doesn’t it?”

Not like me, Lilith thought miserably. While Marci was curvaceous, Lilith had the body of a volleyball player. Many thought she was beautiful, but it was hard to find a guy tall enough that she could wear heels without making them look like a dwarf. She couldn’t help but envy her friend her figure.

Lilith shook her head, laughing despite herself.

“Maybe,” Lilith chided. “Depends if I can make it to my door, and if I feel like you have been good enough to deserve them.”

Marci whooped for joy, doing a little dance that made Lilith envious all over again.

“I’ve got to cover half a shift for a friend,” Marci said excitedly. “I’ll be back by seven. I’ll even bring movies. So long as you have cookies, I promise one whole night without any tickling.”

Lilith breathed a sigh of relief, chuckling at her friend’s spunky joy.

“Off you go then. See you at seven.”

Marci was off like a shot, running down the stairs and out of the apartment building. Turning, Lilith fumbled with her keys before making her way into her apartment.

Lilith set out the groceries, flipping her shoes off and setting up everything she needed for making cookies for the night, thinking about Marci’s words. After breaking up with her previous boyfriend, she had been mopey lately. She had decided to make cookies as a final send off to the jerk that dumped her for being ‘a cornstalk with heels.’ The comment had devastated her, as had the relationship’s sudden end. Marcy was right. She needed a turn around.

Plus, she needed to get these cookies made or Marci was going to spend the night torturing her with pokes and prods that would make her shriek and squeal like a school girl.

A shiver ran up her spine as the feel of Marci’s fingers wriggling their way up her sides intruded into her thoughts. Her heart raced as she leaned against the counter.

What the hell is wrong with me, she thought.

Reaching up into the cupboard, her hand froze at the pathetic remains of the flour bag.

Oh god no, she thought. Marci’s going to kill me.

No she wouldn’t kill her. She’d tickle her. Those long nails sliding up and down her ribs, poking her in the side. God forbid she manage to get to her feet. Lilith looked down at her socks, reminding herself to put her shoes back on before the diminutive woman returned. Marci hadn’t found her worst spots, thank god, but Lilith had more than enough to make life interesting.

Lilith’s heart started racing all over again, making her pleasantly uncomfortable. She didn’t know what was going on with her, and she wasn’t eager to find out.

“Calm down,” she said to the empty apartment. “I just need to get some flour.”

Her eye caught the air conditioning vent lying on the floor. Once the space had housed a small machine that produced wonderfully cool air to both her and Marci’s apartments, but that had broken ages ago. Now it was a flaw in the design, an empty space between the two apartments. About three feet long, Marci had always joked that Lilith was more likely to fit through the small opening, slipping in between the apartments without the need for doors. They had laughed about it, the space clearly too small for even Lilith’s lean frame.

Now Lilith looked at the space as if it was water in the middle of a desert. Before she knew what she was doing, she had the grate off, and was squeezing her way through the space. Crawling on her stomach, she had to wriggle her way through. The loop on the back of her pants got caught at the very end, giving her a moment of panic before she wrangled her way free.

Looking at the clock, she only had an hour before Marci returned. She had spent too much time preparing everything. She needed to get the cookies started soon or…

The feel of nails running across the back of her neck made her shiver, her heart leaping lightly in her chest.

“Stop that,” she swore to herself, diving into the cupboards.

“Mrow…” a small noise called to her. Looking down, Gary, Marci’s little devil of a cat stared up at her in curiosity.

“You too,” she told the grey cat. “I’ll be gone in a second.”

She dismissed the cat, looking toward her true aim. After a few panicked moments, she finally found the flour. Carefully sealing the bag, she tossed it back through the vent. Then, she knelt, pushing herself through the opening.

Somehow the space seemed smaller this time, her arms barely able to inch her long body across the metal flooring. Elbows pressed against metal as her legs flailed at the tile for purchase.

Have to get these done before Marci comes home, she thought desperately.

Thinking of Marci and her hopefully avoidable fate had her feeling strange. Therefore, when something touched her side, she couldn’t help but yelp, a sudden surge of panic making her jump. A panicked giggle escaping her lips.

“Mrow…” said Gary innocently from behind her.

“Stupid cat,” Lilith swore. “I don’t have time for you.”

Determinedly, she began her crawl once again.

Oh god, no.

In her yelp of surprise, she hadn’t been aware of how she had moved. Her once tight fit had become much more problematic. Her elbows were now securely wedged at her sides, trapping her arms. Only her fingertips able to wriggle next to her neck, though those were of no help.

Frantically she, she pushed and struggled, her legs pounding and flailing against the tile in Marci’s kitchen. She felt a pulling at the back of her pants, the loop holding her captive as much as the small space. In her struggles, her shirt had ridden up, exposing her back, sides, stomach, and further wedging her even tighter into the small space.

Gary of course, chose that moment to decide he needed a good petting. She felt as his soft fur rubbed up against her side.

“Ahhh, hahaha,” she squealed as his fur brushed her side. She tried to turn, only managing to expose her stomach enough for Gary’s tail to swish over the taught skin.

“Gahahary,” she squealed, trying to shoo the mangy bugger away with her flailing feet.

“Mrow…” Gary replied.

Suddenly, the cat was on her lower back, kneading gently. Lilith bit her lip. It didn’t tickle too much there, so long as the damn cat didn’t…

As if she had told him, the cat pressed into one of her carefully hidden spots. Halfway up the back, just to the side of the spine, a little knot of tension that Gary had found rather neatly.

“Damn cahahahat,” she squealed as the heavy paws pressed on the knot. Lilith giggled, struggling in panic to pull, push or shove herself free. The kneading was already driving her crazy. Strangely, Marci’s face came to mind as she found her heart racing, and something strange was happening not only in her chest, but on her chest. She giggled and squirmed, her legs thrashing as Gary calmly kneaded the exact wrong spot.

By some miracle, Gary finally stopped, leaving Lilith huffing and puffing both with relief, and something else she didn’t want to understand.

Gary lay down, apparently sated with his torture, but Lilith didn’t relax. On the contrary, a gentle motion across her backside came into clear focus. Gary’s tail swished back and forth across her backside making a soft wisp sound as the cloth of her skirt met soft cat fur.

“Come on Gary,” Lilith pleaded. It was only a matter of time before the cloth was pushed aside and the cat’s tail would brush up against her sensitive skin. “Get off. Please get off. Off you damn cat.”

Centimeter by centimeter, the cloth crept upward. The first time the tail touched her bare skin, the back of her leg, she screamed. It tickled like crazy, but Lilith screamed because she knew it was only going to get worse. Again the soft fur brushed across the back of her leg. Panic at being so helplessly stuck only added to her laughter. Biting her lip, she struggled, again trying to dislodge the cat, who seemed only too content to ride out her movements.

Back and forth, with an agonizing delicate touch, the tail brushed across more of her exposed legs.

“No,” she whispered, biting her lip as a stream of giggles erupted from between her lips.

Brush. The tail pulled up the skirt. Only a hairsbreadth more and the bottom of her but cheeks would begin to be exposed.

“No, no…ghnk…ha…ghnk…” This couldn’t be happening. To be bested by a damn cat.

Brush. The skirt flipped up, half her cheeks exposed, the white cotton panties barely covering the crack between. Brush. The soft hair trailed over the taught skin sending vibrations all the way through her body.


The damn finally burst as the skirt was pushed aside leaving her backside exquisitely vulnerable. A peal of laughter escaped her lips, her legs flying wildly behind her as Gary’s tail trailed delicately across.

In her panic, she hadn’t realized that her flailing had only pulled her legs further apart. Gary’s tail dropped between her legs, brushing across her inner thigh.


No more thought, no more sanity. Only the tickling feelings of Gary’s tail swiping slowly, incessantly across her backside, her world filled with laughter, desperation, and a strange warmth growing between her legs.

“Mrow…” Gary said, hopping off of her back.

Lilith gasped in relief, tears streaming down her face.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…” she muttered. Finally it was over. Now maybe she could figure out a way to get herself out of here before…

Her heart leapt into her throat as she heard the lock turn, the door squeak open.

“Oh my,” Marci’s voice said with undisguised glee.

Terrified Lilith began kicking with vengeance, more desperate than every to get herself free.

Marci’s laugh reached through the wall in a tone that made Lilith fear the little woman more than she could have thought possible.

“I wonder if you got my cookies done?” Marci said.

Oh god, Nooooo!

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That's a great start! Hope there's more!

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What a delight! Thank you!<p>Funny, sexy, piquantly plausible in the best domestic comedy tradition, this ticklish tale features two characters so friendly and familiar thanks to your affectionate, deft portrayals. I constantly maintain that careful characterization makes for tickling that amuses and arouses the reader as much as the protagonist. You've illustrated my plaint perfectly!<p>
Pray continue! Lilith and Marci (and Gray) are irresistible!

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It's fantastic!

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KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fine story. Would like to see more. :D