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05-08-2015, 01:05 PM
A fantasy of mine...I hope you like it.


Tomorrow is the big party.

She's turning 62 and has lived alone since her husband died. I know she is attracted to me by the way she holds my gaze too long when a conversation ends and the way she finds reasons to drive over to see me when a phone call would have sufficed. I am about twenty-five years younger than she is. My wife is out of town so I am going to the party alone.

I go out tonight to get ready.

I buy a snug black T shirt that goes with a pair of my old tight faded jeans. I find a skimpy pair of red bikini briefs. I cut the jeans in a few places to show skin beneath. Not so much that everyone notices, but enough that she sees it. I go to sleep and plan out my strategy.

I wake up and do my workout. I work out every day. My body is lithe and muscular. I shower and groom my body.

I show up to the party wearing the outfit I put together. The red bikini briefs are a secret I carry all evening. She doesn't know it yet, but tonight is for her.

Everyone is drinking - enjoying themselves. I drink some but not too much. I avoid things that bloat. I want my abs as flat and hard as possible tonight.

I say hello and happy birthday.

I embrace her. I walk away.

I make sure I talk to her a little bit but do not let on that I have anything in mind. From time to time I casually mention my workout routine and call attention to my body. I ignore her for some time, giving the tension time to build. I re-engage with her at random intervals, putting my arm around her to talk and letting her hand find its way to my chest.

From time to time I find her sneaking glances at my abs. I see her in the mirror checking out my ass. I don't say anything. I just bend over and pick something up.

As the night dwindles, I find a reason to get her talking about something she's passionate about. She's been drinking so her guard is down. It's late. Everyone has left. We are alone. I feign interest in everything she is saying to keep her focused.

I ask her if she wants another drink. I open another bottle of wine and begin pouring. She sits in her easy chair, I sit on the couch next to her. I kick off my shoes. I do not wear socks.

She talks more. I ask questions to keep the conversation going so I can keep filling her glass as she talks. The conversation lulls and I see my chance.

Her gaze holds mine. But instead of ending the conversation, I maintain eye contact. My heart beats faster as I know I need to make my move. I stand. I keep locked in her look.

I bring my hands to the bottom of my shirt and slowly start lifting. Her eyes leave mine and fasten themselves on my now uncovered belly button. She glances up to my face and cuts her stare back to my midriff. I lift my shirt more, exposing my abs, seeing how far I can push it before she tells me to stop.

She doesn't. Instead, she sips more wine as I cross my arms over my chest and pull my shirt off, letting it fall to the floor. I stand before her naked from the waist up.

I can tell it's been a long time since she's seen a body like mine up close.

She's in shock and gives me an "is this really happening?" look.

I could let it go there, but I push the moment. I step closer and unbutton my jeans. I put my hands behind my head and indicate my crotch by presenting my pelvis.

She unzips my pants and peels the denim off down my legs, revealing my red briefs. I step out of the bunched pants.

She sips the last of her red wine. She stands.

I am now before her only in my red bikini briefs. I let her eyes wash over me and drink in my body. She glides her fingernails along my sides. I wriggle a little in response.

Her eyes widen. She now knows I'm ticklish. She wants more.

She unhooks the jack from the phone next to her and undoes the connection to the wall. She guides my hands to a beam on the ceiling. She runs the chord through a hole and ties my hands above my head.

I am exposed, wearing only my red bikini briefs with my hands tied above my head. My skin feels colder now. I am completely hers.

She saunters closer. She spiders her fingers along my sides and over my abs. She knows that a light touch tickles more.

I writhe. She smiles.

She moves her fingers faster along the same path, gliding her fingernails over my naked taut midriff. I wince as her torturous caresses explore my vulnerable muscles.

Her eyes cut lower as she inspects my toned core.

She looks up. She touches my underarms and wiggles three fingers. I stifle a scream. She knows she's torturing me and that I have no recourse.

She comes alive.

I grind my pelvis as she rakes her fingernails up and down, tickling my ribs. Every now and then, she runs her hands along my ass and teases the small of my back.

She tickles me with one finger, sometimes two, sometimes all ten dancing on my muscular chest, underarms, ribs and hips.

Each tickle yields a different reaction in me. She notes which ones torture most.

She plays with me like a cat plays with with mouse. She tickles me. She tortures me. I squirm. I tense up. I writhe and grind. She's merciless.

She loves it.

So do I. But I don't say anything as her cruel fingers pinch up and down my sides, caress my armpits, tantalize my ribcage, and tease my belly button.

She torments me all night.

When she is finally done with me, she unties my hands.

I stay in my bikini briefs for a while, still feeling the phantom tickles of her fingers against my stripped body.

I open another bottle of wine and pour her a glass. I let her enjoy my physique a little more as I stretch while she has another drink.

I say nothing more. There are no words for what happened.

I put on my pants and get in my car, knowing I just gave her a night she will never forget.

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Fine story. :D

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wow. I love it.

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Thank you for posting milagros and smellking! For every person who reads and likes it, it is as though I have stripped for you and let you tickle me. :)