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Steve (captain america) has got a secret crush on Wanda Maximoff (scarlet witch), and is acting really different to her. Wanda wants to find out what's wrong so she seeks help from Natasha with an interrogation. This is my first story, i'm not really good at this so please all comments will be well received. Any tips or stuff that would help me please let me know :)

Steve was just sitting there, staring at his shield, tracing the outline of the different colors. He was thinking about how hot she looked in training today. His thoughts were interrupted when Wanda walked into the room, looking as mischievous as always.
"How are you feeling," she asked in her Sokovian accent. During training, Steve was so mesmerized by her (she didn't do that on purpose) that Tony kicked him hard in the ribs.
"Oh uhh... i'm fine now... thanks hehe," he giggled nervously, like he always did whenever he talked to her.
"Ok... I was looking for the duct tape, Stark broke the broom again." she said rolling her eyes.
"I think it's up here," the captain said but as he reached up to get the tape he winced in pain and clutched his ribs.
"What's wrong," Wanda ran over to him, worried, and put her hands on his sides, pressing quite firmly. Steve jolted and let out a suppressed giggle. Wanda was really confused now, and looked at him questioningly.
"Let me have a look, Steve. It won't hurt I promise." She advanced towards him but the captain kept backing away from her. The scarlet witch was getting tired of this. Steve was acting really weird and cold towards her, which was upsetting as he was the avenger that she was closest to. She glared at him and raised her eyebrow, folding her arms over her chest. Steve had always hated that look. He walked towards her gingerly. She took out a chair for him and told him to take his shirt off. He was hesitant at first but when he saw that she was going to give him the look again, he sighed and took his shirt off.
"Oh wow," Wanda could feel her cheeks going red and had to look away for a second. "Ok. Arm up," Steve had shaven armpits. His ribs were slightly red from the kick but no real damage. Wanda lightly pressed her fingers against his ribs when Steve shrieked and practically fell of his chair.
"I gotta go thanks," and he grabbed his shirt and ran out of the room. She had realized pretty quickly what was the problem and couldn't help but smile. This was her chance to find out why Steve was acting so different, but she would need help. The captain was much stronger than her and would easily be able to get away. So who could she ask for help to interrogate Steve?

*a few hours later*

Steve was sitting on the sofa, trying to figure out how to use that fancy equipment that Stark is always fiddling with, when suddenly Natasha jumped onto the sofa and sat next to him. She was smiling which Steve found unnerving because she never smiled. She was looking at him and smiling.
"What's wrong?" Steve asked, he was really nervous now.
"Nothing," the black widow replied, "it's just that... Girls talk!" and with that she pounced on him and tackled him to the ground. Out of nowhere, Wanda appeared and straddled his waist while Natasha held his arms above his head. Steve had dreamed of being in this position but Natasha was never there, and the cheeky grin on both their faces started to unsettle him even more.
"What are you doing? Get off of me!" The captain was trying to break free but it was no use, both girls had a firm grip on him and he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. The other avengers were either out or in another part of the building so it was not like screaming would help.
"Help me someone!" he shouted and then Wanda put her finger to his lips.
"Scream all you want but no one is going to help you. Now, Captain, you have been acting different for some time now and I want to know why. And well... Nat just wants to torture you." Steve's eyes widened at that last statement.
"What are you going to do to me?" His breathing became more rapid.
"You see Captain, all these little things are starting to make sense. How you can't look at me when I use my powers, how you jump every time someone touches your sides. You're ticklish." she said that last bit with an evil grin. Steve's blood turned to ice water. He was incredibly ticklish and hated being tickled.
"Here's your chance to save yourself hours of torture," Natasha said, "all we want to now is why you have been acting like this." Steve just lay there, frozen. He couldn't admit his secret crush on Wanda and the whole team knew that he was a terrible liar.
"Alright then, have it your way." and with that Wanda started gently wiggling her fingers behind his ears. "Let's start here and work our way down." and then she winked at him. Steve held his breath and closed his eyes. At first he managed to resist but after a few seconds, he couldn't hold it in anymore and a smile escaped his lips.
"Wow you really are ticklish. This is gonna be so much more fun than I thought." Natasha chuckled. Wanda trailed her fingers down to his neck and collarbones. He scrunched his shoulders and kept twisting his neck to try and get away from her fingers, but it was futile and the captain started to giggle already.
"Dooon't dooo this to meee pleeaassee." "Aww we have hardly started and you're already begging. Just tell us what is the problem and we will leave you alone." Wanda said and started digging into his exposed armpits.
"You know what to say," Natasha said. Steve shook his head. Wanda was expertly tickling him now. She alternated between each armpit, keeping him guessing, digging into the middle of his deep hollows and scratching the edges of him armpit. She moved her fingers down to his ribs, vibrating her fingers on each rib. Wanda loved the sound of Steve's laugh. This whole time she was smiling and laughing long with him. Steve let out a high pitched yelp when her nails grazed the top of his stomach and he arched his back almost throwing the scarlet witch off. The girls looked at each other and then shot him a 'You're dead' look.
"Oh a sweet spot huh? Shame your t-shirt is in the way, we are going to have to so something about that." and with that Wanda grabbed the bottom of his shirt and yanked it over his head. "Now where should I start?"
"No please don't do this I promise I will do anythAAHHH" The scarlet witch hadn't even done anything to him yet, she just placed her fingers on his well-toned abs and the captain was already giggling in anticipation. She lightly traced the outline of his abs, which drove Steve crazy.
"One more chance, Captain. One... Two..."
"No trust me I can't do this ple-"
"Three!" and she dug in. She was drawing circles on his sides, scribbling her fingers all over his stomach. "Aww is the poor little baby ticklish on his tummy. Yes he is! Look at how adorable you are!" The black widow teased causing him to blush fiercely. Wanda loved the feeling of power she had over this strong soldier. She found it extremely adorable whenever he blushed because of Natasha's teasing. Obviously feeling left out, Natasha let go of his arms and starting tickling his ribs, especially the lower rib and near his back. Steve was ready to give in but he was too busy laughing. His laughter had now turned to silent laughter and the girls could see him mouthing "No, Stop." Wanda let one finger slip into his bellybutton and that is when the Captain cracked, "OK OK HAHAHAHA I'LL TEEELLLLLLL." Wanda kept wiggling her finger, pressing deeper and deeper for a few more seconds and they stopped the tickling, but did not get off of him.
"Go on." Wanda said, folding her arms. Steve told both the girls everything about how he felt and Wanda gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before letting him go.

Well there it is. Please let me know what you think :)

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Superb story! Revenge on Wanda is a must!

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wow, what a wonderful story.

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Fine story. :D

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Fine story. :D

Thank you so much that means a lot to me :)

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Superb story! Revenge on Wanda is a must!