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Kitana was wretched and miserable as she stared at the cold ground of her castle's dungeon. The woman was bound by two cylindrical tubes installed on the wall with the help of ropes that wrapped around her wrists and held them separately on her sides like a crucifix. Her ankles were secured in tight handcuffs that prohibited her movement, though Kitana could move them with limited range - not that it mattered anyway.

The freezing air of the atmosphere bristled against her exposed body. Kitana adorned a midriff halter-top with stripes on her cleavage alongside a blue thong and a loincloth that resided down at the front with embroidered designs on the center panel. She wore thigh high boots, a cerulean mask, silver eardrops, matching arm gauntlets in addition to a tiara on the head. Her long black hair fell on her back and slightly bridled with the wind. Her outie belly button enlivened with the hint of sunshine from a window nearby and her limbs contracted.

Kitana gave the impression of being asleep, but she was fully awake and on the verge of taking a nap at this point. It had been quite a while since she was locked up in her position with no hopes of escaping anytime soon.

'How did this happen?' you might ask yourself. To begin, Kitana had heard strange rumors about an ongoing experiment in the laboratory in her home's underground dungeon. She was often told not to go there by her father and mother alike, which raised some intrigue in the young lady. Eventually, the hearsay got the best of her and she had to find out exactly what was going on in that forbidden zone. It turned out that it was filled with clones that looked almost identical to her safe for those terrifying mouths. One was awakened by her presence and engaged her in combat. After defeating her in battle, Kitana went to report her sightings to Shao Kahn whom merely congratulated Shang Tsung in his handiwork. It then dawned on her; he actually permitted this to occur! Climactically, the emperor called for her execution after going against his orders and imprisoned her in this very area.

And now here she was, fastened in restraints and patiently waiting her own death by her adoptive father's hands no less. Kitana knew of his reeling evilness and witnessed his cruelty prior to this, but this was lower than any normal standards. It explained her glum and overall depressive demeanor. If Kitana ever eluded her fate, her path was clear; join the Earthrealmers' cause and stop Shao Kahn's sinister and devastating plan of merging Netherrealm and Earthrealm together.

Footsteps were perceived from the steps on her right and alarmed her instincts. Kitana woke up from her daze and turned her attention to the origins of the sounds where she saw a pair of high heels followed by a familiar silhouette that she had encountered previously.

"My dear sister," the woman greeted with an inkling of malice in her tone. She was the embodiment of evil alongside her father and for that, Kitana despised her. Mileena was a carbon copy of her except for that horrendous buccal cavity and her personality. This time, instead of being stark naked except for white bed sheet hiding her private regions, she had a much more revealing outfit on par with Kitana in a pink variation. Her sickening grin gave Kitana chills just by staring at it.

"We are not sisters. Our blood links us together but nothing more and nothing less."

"Aww, you're going to make me cry. I suppose that's why father made me Princess of Edenia in your place. I wouldn't blame him for it, though," Mileena taunted but her adjacent relative wasn't as affected like the monster thought she'd be.

"I do not care for your position. His wrongdoings shall be amended when they arrive to stop him. His reign will end and you'll all pay for what you've done," Kitana spat out.

"Siding with the Earthrealmers, are we? If only Mother saw you now..."

"Say what you will, but it is the truth. I have faith that the Thunder God Raiden will manage to defeat him and his army. Even you won't be able to stop him," the defiant princess retorted. "I grow tired of this conversation, now leave me be. I do not wish to linger around with your presence. Begone."

"Unfortunately, I don't take orders from you," Mileena sneered. "Besides, I've come here on my own accords to toy with you for a little while. When you'll be executed tomorrow, I won't have a big sister to play with. How will I be able to entertain myself?"

Toy with her? She was more disturbed than Kitana first believed. Before she knew it, a hand was established on her bare thigh and advanced near her genitals like a rattlesnake. Kitana struggled in her bonds in irritation of her inappropriate actions. However, her limbs were spread apart and the restrictions offered no getaway for her terrible predicament. Mileena's palm elevated to the spot above her waistline and it began wiggling with adagio. A yelp was produced from Kitana's lungs.

"Hmm? Ticklish? That will make it more interesting for us, then. Kootchy Kootchy Koo..." Mileena's fingers tapped directly underneath her navel and she stirred her manicured nails on her firm stomach in an unbearable manner. Tingling sensations were stimulated and it drove Kitana in a frenzy, although she tried hard not to express her mirth.

"Ngh--st-stop! Don't touch me, you freak!" She swept her hips to attempt to deprive the digits away but it was all in vain; Mileena would simply maintain her phalanges and adapted to every changes.

"I never expected you to be this ticklish, sister. You always leave your belly uncovered and you're simply begging to be tickled like this," Mileena commented while dragging her fingertips on the smooth curves of her abdomen. "How about I hear that sweet laugh of yours? Come to think of it, I've never seen you smile nor utter a giggle." The tormentor's maniacal s******ing reverberated through the piece while Kitana grimaced - endeavouring to withstand the titillating fingers on her guts.

Kitana ceased talking seeing as it would only worsen her circumstance - small yelps and squeals already elapsed in repercussion. Mileena's palm pushed her back forward which made her midriff arch and her ribs and waist more defined. She was irresistible and completely at her mercy. It was wrong to be attracted to her sibling but Mileena couldn't help herself. Her finger trailed Kitana's stomach line yet neglected her belly button, retracting back to her solar plexus after her trajectory came to an end. The captive twisted and dangled consistently from the provoking sensation and a faint moan caught Mileena's perception.

"Was that a moan I heard? You're loving this, aren't you?"

"N-no, I am not! I-I'm warning you, do not touch me any further!" Kitana said in a worried tone.

"I think I sense a liar..." Mileena reached for her sister's mask and tore it apart from her face and let the thin fabric fall on the ground. Her visage was as perfect as the rest of the body which made Mileena a bit jealous; she wasn't born as a beautiful girl after all. "Ah, your pretty face is very captivating to see." A finger was gently placed on Kitana's flanks which triggered a twitch on her lips. "Your belly is cute just like mine and this adorable navel as well, so perfect." Mileena's nail was at the border of her umbilicus and it circled around the little orifice like a shark nearing its prey in the sea. Kitana tensed her torso and pulled on her wrists. Mileena's other hand extended behind her and gripped her stiffened butt.

"Mmm! Wh-what are you?"

"Hush, you mustn't be speaking while I enjoy my meal," Mileena shushed while bringing her facial countenance next to Kitana's exposed midsection. She yanked on her own mask to reveal a row of big, sharp teeth. Her eyes were orange and feline-like, much similar to Baraka's. Her cheeks rubbed on the surface of Kitana's midriff like a cat and the sufferer shut her eyes in anguish. It tickled quite a bit but an awareness of gratification was present simultaneously.

"Don't....Heeeha haahahahhaha!" Mileena implemented a raspberry on her stomach and the buzzing feeling was too much for the overwhelmed princess. Her abdominal muscles rattled and squirmed as more of them were implanted on her firm tummy.

"There is that beautiful laugh that I was looking for. You are so delicious. Kootchy Kootchy Koo, more tickles for this lovable belly!" Mileena held her abdomen tightly with her hands on her waist and used her thumbs to probe her hipbone concurrently. Furthermore, she dragged her tongue on Kitana's guts leaving some saliva in its track.

"Naahahaha heheahahahahaha!" she gasped at the strange sensation and sucked her middle while roaring with laughter. Her sides were pinched and her ribs were kneaded after Mileena tucked her top to a further extent. Kitana's body temperature heightened due to the oppressing fingers that prodded her nerve endings on her midriff.

"What's the matter, sister? Can't take a little tickling?" Mileena teased whilst heaving her thong to sneak a wriggling digit in to torture her sensitive hips. A phalanx entered Kitana's navel and twirled around her tender outie, prompting an increase of her hysterics.

"GAHAHAA AHAHAHAHAHA I'LL KILL YOUHOUOHOUOH!" Kitana yelled while shaking around like a professional dancer. She had hoped that Mileena targeted a different part of her anatomy instead of her most hypersensitive spot but it was too late now. Her secret was unveiled. "PLEAEEHEHEHEHEHESE TICKLE SOMEWHERE ELSE! NOT MY STOMACH! NYAHAHA AHAHAHAHA!"

"Now what would be the fun in that?" Mileena asked with a palm on her chin while her other hand squeezed the frontal area of her stomach. "I mean, I could stop now if you begged hard for it."

"NOHOHOHOH I WILL NEVER BEG HAHAAHAAHAHA YOU FIEND!" Kitana boldly proclaimed. Her buckings became more prominent; she kicked her legs and joggled in order to break free of the chain shackles. However, Kitana didn't have her fans with her so she was practically helpless to do anything.

"No need to be so violent, I haven't hurt you have I?" Mileena tugged on her strap so that she was fully exhibited to maximise her humiliation. It was pulled so low that Kitana's ass crack was visible from behind. Her face flustered in a crimson taint.

"You pervert! Do not pull any more!" Words could not describe how embarrassed she was at that precise moment. However, a yelp was generated as Mileena poked her left side. Kitana turned to the right. A poke on the right. The procedure continued like this as Kitana suffered some wicked nipping torture on her flanks and upper body.

"I am going to enjoy breaking you," Mileena whispered in her ears as her digits grew more aggressive on her tummy. She jammed her extremities on her pelvis and shook like an earthquake, sending jolts of electricity down to her nervous system. She wasn't done yet as she fiercely spider tickled Kitana's concave organ. A feature that Mileena discovered was that there were spots that triggered more reactions than the others. She explored every region to inspect the most receptive ones. "Does this tickle, hmm? This looks like a good spot. Ah, what about here? And here?" Her fingertips were so quick that they left an afterimage after scribbling everywhere that needed to be analysed. Not a single part of Kitana's midriff was untouched by Mileena's fingernails. She unearthed that the area right beside her belly button made her quiver more and proceeded to exploit the sensitive section.

Kitana had lost the ability to speak, having embarked silent laughter. Her jaw hung low but no sound came out of her throat, just incomprehensible murmurs. Her body jerked as it was stimulated from left and right. She thought that she'd die from lack of oxygen - how long had this been going on? It felt like a millennium, even an eternity.

As Kitana's bladder was on the point of flooding, the tantalizing halted and Mileena gave her a slap to the butt. Kitana was breathing deeply to appease her aching lungs and her stomach hurled with each inhale and exhale.

"You've been a naughty girl, Kitana," Mileena mocked. "You're enjoying this, aren't you? I can see those solid nipples from here. And here I thought you had some dignity left. Shape up, you've been through worse things than this. Surely you can still go on."

"I--I will kill you," she retorted in between her breaths.

"That's the spirit. I knew you were a tough girl." Mileena's hand began caressing Kitana's bare abdomen in a soothing way. Kitana flinched and tried to tilt it away from her relative. "What's the matter? Afraid that I'll tickle your belly again? Rest assured that I will do no such thing...for now. I'm just preparing you for what's to come."

Kitana hesitantly allowed Mileena to massage her tummy and relaxed her muscles. With a sigh, she was relieved by the delightful feeling that her sister procured with her rubs and fondles.

"Does it feel good?" Mileena questioned as she skillfully scrubbed her midsection with dexterity. Kitana, with her peepers closed, nodded in reply. It did feel quite nice after that gruesome experience.

"Why are you doing this to me?" the long-haired woman asked.

"I told you, I'm doing this because I like it and I know you do as well." Was her simple answer. Spreading her phalanges wide, Mileena palpated Kitana's stomach in a circular motion. She shifted a bit in her position as it tingled but not enough for her to burst in laughter. Mileena wiped away some tears in her sister's eyes that were produced during the excruciation.

"I do not like it!" Kitana shouted in defiance. "It's torture!"

"Honesty isn't your cup of tea, I see. We both know that you relish this acutely. Why else would you lay your belly bare in this fashion, knowing that it is very ticklish?" Mileena emphasized her point by stroking her abdomen with her forefinger several times. Kitana giggled and turned in her comportment.

"It is not my fault; father had it made for me by the finest tailor in the kingdom and specified for it to be like this."

"So I see, that is quite unfortunate for you," Mileena added while patting Kitana's hindquarters. "Though, it will make things easier for our entertainment." With that, she called for a Kartara servant to provide one of her 'special' contrivances. "You will love this one, sister. It shall make you the most joyful woman in all of Edenia. You'll be cracking up in an instance."

In a short juncture, the henchman arrived with a bottle of baby oil and Kitana widened her eyebrows. Her struggles became more conspicuous.

"No...get that away from me! Release me at once!" she demanded in nervousness. The sight only made Mileena's grin broaden. It was truly going to get exciting.

"Aww...are you afraid, Kitana? Don't worry, it won't hurt at all. I can tell that you haven't been tickled thoroughly before. It will be a great experience for both you and I." It was true; she had never been touched in this particular way by others due to her high status. The world that she lived in was violent and gory - tickling just never burrowed its path into its mess. Now, it was different.

Mileena crammed the container in her grasp and liquid dropped into her hand like a waterfall. It was quite hot and it had a pleasing sentiment on her palm. She smeared it together with both of her appendages and the blobbing racket engendered Kitana to brace her frame - drawing her midriff in at the farthest competency.

"Eep!" A screech emerged from Kitana as her stomach was squeezed. Some oil was left on belly in consequence and it descended down to her waistline. Merely the vibe it gave made her tremble uncontrollably.

"I haven't even started yet and you're already squirming around," Mileena scolded derisively.

"Please, do not tickle me anymore. I cannot stand it!" Kitana pleaded.

"There's that begging I wanted to hear from you, but you need to pour in more feelings into it. You're lacking that tone of desperation." Mileena then applied her oily hands onto Kitana's midsection in the form of a massage. She slathered the fluid on her ribcage and slowly made her way downwards. Kitana could feel her muscles contracting and throbbing manifestly and these were blatant brushes! Mileena's hands arrived next to her navel. Curving into fists, the dukes rubbed the baby oil on her skin oppressively and much too forceful which resulted into boisterous hysteria from the victim. Kitana's waist was more tricky considering that it was probably the most sensitive part of her midriff. Wrapping her arm around her sides, Mileena applied the substance on her lower tummy while wiggling simultaneously to give her a taste of what was to come.

"Wahaha ahahahahahahahaa!" Kitana shrieked in subtlety. She snapped her mouth shut instantaneously and blushed from the burst of laughter.

"You look so adorable when you're embarrassed, sister. You shouldn't be shy about your laugh - I find it very sexy to listen to. Come on, out with it. Don't keep it to yourself." Mileena traced Kitana's belly button seductively while licking her lips. "I think this cute dimple needs some attention as well. Don't you agree?"

She didn't grant her time to respond as her finger was upon the knot. Mileena scratched her umbilical cord and Kitana erupted into fits of innocent giggles. Mileena persisted and administered more pressure on her fingertip and her prisoner demonstrated more positive feedback.

"Well, it seems like you're very ticklish in there. It's really surprising seeing as not many females are sensitive in their belly button." However, she eyed the baby oil and came up with a malevolent plot. "This is why this is one of my favorite tools to use; it can make any part of your body hypersensitive. You might have noticed by now." Mileena's digits darted everywhere on Kitana's abdomen and writhed strenuously. The scapegoat detonated into full-blown belly laughs and shook breathlessly. Her tormentor assaulted her ribs by compressing them individually while her sharp teeth gently nibbled her sternum. "This product is quite effective. How about we turn that cute ticklish belly button into a cute and VERY ticklish belly button?"

Moans of pleasure engulfed the room as the alleviating oil splashed into her tummy hole and filled it with ticklishness. Once it reached her exquisite umbilicus, Mileena dived her index in the orifice and ensured that the elixir attached appropriately. Kitana's cries were mixed with enjoyment and delirium, so it was hard to discern if she was actually liking this. Abruptly, Mileena inserted her tongue into the depths of her crevice and shimmied in her interiors.

"Wooahaha ahahaahahahahahahhahaa! Whahahahahahat are you doing hehehehe?"

"Mmm, so fresh and succulent. I could do this all day long. Maybe I'll ask father to spare your life and keep you here as my tickle slave. What do you think about that, Kitana?"

"Neveeheheheehhehehr! I'd rathehheehehehehehr die!" was her antiphon.

Before matters got more sensual between the two, a guard alerted his presence by running down the steps. Mileena turned her gaze to him with an annoyed expression.

"Who dares interrupt my private session?" she asked.

"Princess Mileena, the Emperor demands your occupancy for the next matches of the tournament," the man stated.

Mileena sighed and stood up, wiping the saliva away from her mouth. "I apologize, my sister. It looks like we will be continuing this at another date." She embedded a kiss on the front of Kitana's stomach and departed with the soldier to the main garrison. A mark of lipstick was visible on the captive's navel while she gradually migrated to the realm of unconsciousness.

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Great story!! I love a woman's bellybutton..

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Simply gross. The story itself, the idea of Mileena giving "raspberries", the whahahahas and hehehes, the sister-on-sister thingy... just repulsing.

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