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The Question
The Dream
The Gift

[The question]
It started one night about a week ago while Crissy and I were lounging on the bed talking about things like her job, where we wanted to go for our 13th anniversary. She was lying across the bed in a tee shirt and panties chatting with an old boy friend on face book, I was laying behind her my head even with her waist gently teasing her bottom and the backs of her legs and sometimes sliding my hands over her arches and toes. Not really tickling but enough to distract her. I was feeling kind of jealous. As my fingers traced a path across the back of her thigh she wiggled and said for me to stop, she couldnít concentrate on her texting.
So I asked her why she put up with me and all my tickling of her. She laughed and said it must be Iím mental. She went back to her typing on her phone. . What you two talking about?
Just the old times and he was wondering if he could stop by for a visit, since he was going to be in town to visit his family sometime in the next week.
Sure I said, he was still friends with her and me sort of and I trust my wife.
So she told him good bye and sheíd see him when he got here and put her phone down, Then stretched out flat on her tummy next to me.
I started rubbing her back and after a couple minutes I asked her if Matt had tickled her much. Some she said, sometime he would get me down and tickle me.
How would he tickle you?
Why? She asked as she raised her head to look at me.
Well I never really thought about it much but lately I been wondering what it would be like seeing someone else tickling you. Itís kind of a turn on for me, thinking of someone else tickling you. But Iíll settle for past tickles, ok?
Ok Öwell most of the time was just plain old tickling, but he had this thing he liked to do sometimes when we had sex. He would lie down and have me lay on top of him with my back on his chest and my left arm pinned between us. He left my right hand free to rub my clit while he fucked me from behind and tickled my sides and ribs with his hands to make it harder for me to cum and he wouldnít stop till I did. It was maddening! He would tease me by going easy so I would get close, then he would start tickling me faster making it harder and harder to cum. it was fun but it was hell.
All I could do was say WOW!!!, and I am going to put that on our bucket list for our trip.
She just smiled shook her head and kissed me, and said maybe I shouldnít have told you that. Now good night, go to sleep.

The end
of the Question

************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************************

The Dream
(Question continued)

That night was the first time I had t he dream.
It started with me across the road from my house. Crissy would be standing in the doorway waving to me, hey baby got a surprise for you, come here and watch me get tickled.
I would turn towords my house and see her standing in the door waving to me, then a manís arm would reach around her waist from behind, dragging her back inside the house leaving the door open.
Iím frozen in shock, then I here the laughter coming from inside the house. I start running towards the house but it seems like slow motion, mean while the laughter continues spaced with words like ahahahahahahpleaseee hurry heheheheheheheh Iím doing this for hahahahahahaaa you hahahahahaha hurry I canít take much moreeeeeehehehehe
I finally reach the door and the laughter seems to be coming from the door on my right. I open it to find an empty room.
Oooooohhohohoho ahahahaha where are youuuuu pleaseeeeheeeheeeheee I canít stand it heheheheheeplease he wonít stop till youhuhuhuu hehehehe seeeeeeeehehehehe me beingggg TICK TICKLEDDDD!!! Hahahahahahahaha oh no no not there eeeheheheheheheeeee pleaseee where are youuuuuu ahahahahahahahahah I canít standddd it there hahahahahahahahahahah
I keep opening doors all down the hall, dozens of doors it seems like; all the while Crissy is begging me to come see.
Oh please please hurry hahahahahahaoh no no please not that heheheheheheheheheeee please please hurry hahahahahahaha
Then I get to the last door, but its locked. I can clearly here Crissy laughing and calling to me from inside. I draw back to bust in the door,
I wake up!
I am lying awake in bed Crissy is in my arms looking into my face saying, its only a dream, kissing my face as she holds it between her delicate hands. What was it honey? You was moaning and twitching all over the place.
It was just a dream, I say.
Must have been a good dream, she says as she rubs a massive hard on in my shorts.
Holy cow was I turned on. Crissy just smiled and side it out of my shorts and into her hot body. A hard on is a terrible thing to waste, she said with a smile and a deep groaning sigh. Iíll make you forget that bad old dream.
I came fast but held on to get her there too.
Wow you was really turned on, what was that dream about? She asks.
I tell you after I get the kids off to school. It was 6:00am, I get them up about 6:30 but decided to go ahead and get started. Told Crissy to go back to sleep if you can, which she did, a smug satisfied smile on her beautiful face.
About 10:00 she came wondering down the hall to the living room where I sat writing down my dream before it got all jumbled up and forgotten.
What you doing? she asked me .
Just writing down that dream I had this morning.
Can I see it? Please? Her face blushes red as she reads it. What brought this on I wonder. Was it caused by what I told you about Matt tickling me?
Maybe. I say ,
You had better be getting ready for work or youíll be late.
I got an hour yet was her response.
Yeah but I am still horny!
With a squeal she was off down the hall, heading for the shower.
I had the dream a lot over the next week, even when ever I napped. It was really getting on my nerves, and Crissyís. Seemed like I was horny 24/7 and couldnít get any rest. I hate dreams that repeat, you know as soon as it starts what going to happen yet you struggle to change the out come or just to do it differently. It was starting to affect me physically.
But that was soon to be over and I would soon be cured.

The Gift

It was a Monday when I finally was cured of my obsessive dream. The night before Crissyís friend had shown up and come by for a late Dinner with the wife and me,
We had chatted about what we had been doing since we saw him last. After dinner he left for his hotel room and us to our never quiet home of underage apes (my beloved offspring). Matt called to tell Crissy that he was going to try and come by sometime after lunch he hoped on his way back home.
Crissy asked that was ok, sure I said. I had some things I needed to do but I would try to get back in time to see Him before he left.
As usual I was up and gone before 8 am. Crissy was off for the week on vacation.
So I spent the morning doing my chores as I called it. Was on my last chore when the texted me asking when I was going to be home she had a surprise for me.
Heading that way now I sent back. I got to my house and went in the front door I heard Crissy, sounded like she was in the basement/ family room.
That you honey?
I couldnít help myself and said, no itís your husband!
Lock the front door and come down here funny man and see what I have for youuuuu noooo nonono wait! He aint here yet hahahahaha nooo stoppppp!ahahahahahaha.
OH GOD! Bad dream flash back, I practically fell down the stairs trying to get to my wife. The door at the foot of the stairs was closed, but a note is on it saying.
(come in and sit down in the chair and donít interfere Iím doing this for you, signed your loving wife)
So I open the door. My wife is lying on an old dinning room table held down with my truck tie down straps the kinda that ratchet down tight, giggling and squirming.
The first strap is across the top holding her arms above her head. The 2nd is across her waist, (actually looped through the belt loops in her blue jean cut offs) and the 3rd and last is around her ankles, with her big toes tied together.
Matt was standing at her feet gently scratching her right foot smiling at me and with the other hand gesturing for me to have a seat in the recliner that had a card that said reserved for Richard (thatís me)
Please take your seat so we can begin, Matt said, still teasing Crissyís arch, canít start the timer till your seated.
Heehehehehehe yessss honey haha please hurry and sit down hahahaha pleaseehehehee
I kind of fell in my seat more than sat as Matt hit the button on a timer that went to an old board game set for 4 minutes.
With that he went to really tickling her feet, she was laughing her head off as he scratched his nails on her soles and arches. Pinching her sweet little toes.
All she could do was laugh and shake her head being so thoroughly restrained.
At the 2 min mark he stopped tickling her feet and started tracing his fingers up her ankles.
Hey hehehe what ya doing ?
Moving he said ,I getting bored .
Reaching her waist he started sliding her shirt up under her breasts .
NO NO NOT THERE! Pleaseeeeheheeheeheehee noooooooo!
With that he started scribbling is the best way I can describe it, his fingers across her
Lower belly and waist line. She went nuts. You can tickle her belly with a feather its so sensitive. All she could do was squeal and make deep belly laughs.
She almost broke the strap at her waist when he blew a zerbert on her navel.
He spent the last 30 seconds on her ribcage counting ribs,
Finally it was over.
He stopped tickling her bent and kissed her on the cheek , told her he loved her and that he hopped to see her again soon, shook my hand said he was running late and would leave me to get her loose, or not, he said with a wink and a smile. Iíll go out the side door so I can lock it from the inside . bye bye .
All I could do was stand there looking stupid, then walking over to my still gasping and giggling wife, bent down and give her a long sweet kiss and tell her thank you and I love you.
All she could do was smile and say she loved me.
I straightened up and looked down on my sweetie and smiled placing my right hand gently on her tummy and drawing a circle around her navel with my index finger.
She jumped and tried arching her back ,nooooo donít you dare hahahaha no after what I just went through for you stopppp hehehehehehehee.
I relented and started getting her free.
You know my birthday is a couple weeks away, maybe we Ö..you know do this again with just you and me?
With her hands free and massaging her belly and ribs, she looked at me and smiled.
Maybe. Donít forget there is still motherís day and I know just what I want. Payback! On you.
With that she headed for the shower. And told me to turn of the camcorder and download it to my laptop and delete it so the kids wouldnít find it.
Camcorder! Really? I said.
She answered from the head of the stairs. You didnít think I would put myself through that for nothing? Now you can look at that and remember it forever, because I am not doing anything like it again.
Oh I love you. I said.
Love you too, came down the stairs.
Then it hit me.
Did you say something about payback? On me? Motherís day? ÖÖ.. Honey? What do you mean exactly? Honey?
But all I heard was the bathroom door close and lock.

But I havenít had my crazy dream anymore thanks to my wonderful wife.

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Great story! :D