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Maggie Marko's back—and this time she's doing a favor for a friend! The beauteous Kate's horndog hubby has been cheating on her—and he'll rue the day he did so after suffering through the very special and very kinky punishment that Maggie has arranged for him!


The Adventure of the Spiteful Spouse


T.T. Gore


Maggie Marko was a voluptuous fortysomething hottie with dark hair, big brown eyes, an extravagantly beautiful face, long legs and a voluptuous figure. She was also the best neighbor that Kate Brewster had ever had!

“Come in and sit down,” the brunette said, taking Kate’s hand and leading her to the sofa. Her touch sent a thrill through Kate’s body. “Care for something to drink?


“Two glasses of the white zinfandel!” Maggie commanded, raising her voice slightly. In prompt response her nephew Justin trotted in bearing their drinks.

“Goodness! He’s stark NAKED!” Kate shot the brunette an amused glance as she accepted her glass.

“Mmmm, yes, dear Justin LIKES to go naked for me—don’t you cupcake? And it’s SO much more comfortable for him when he’s doing his chores,” Maggie snickered, “such as cleaning my bathroom or scrubbing the kitchen floor!”

“Very cute!” Kate exclaimed. She examined the brunette’s nude, blushing nephew with an avid eye. With his dark brown hair, girlish good looks, silk-smooth skin, shapely limbs and curvy derriere Justin certainly WAS cute! And the slight olive tinge to his complexion added a touch of the exotic…

“Yes, he’s a handsome young man!” Maggie agreed. “And so compliant! All right, cupcake, back to your chores!”

She punctuated this command with a slap to Justin’s fanny that made him squeal and shiver with pleasure. Kate put a hand on Maggie’s knee as they watched him scamper off.

“You are SO naughty!” the blonde tittered.

“Oh, sweetie, you don’t know the HALF of it!” Maggie put her hand over Kate’s. “Well, let’s enjoy our wine and then I have a bit of a SURPRISE for you!”

“A surprise?”

Mmmm, a surprise I think you’ll really like…”


After the finished their wine Maggie led her guest downstairs to the basement. And waiting for them there was—!

“Richard!” Kate gasped. “Good GRIEF—!”

“BWUUUUMMMMPH!!!” Richard Brewster grunted. His eyes were bulged at the sight of his wife and Maggie Marko, both clad in snug, cleavage-revealing halter tops, equally snug shorts and high-heeled, open-toed tart trotters. Drool leaked from around the ball gag in his mouth as he attempted without success to say something coherent. Probably Kate’s wayward husband was attempting to voice a protest against the fact that he was bare-ass naked, vertically spread-eagled inside an adjustable metal frame that was equipped with leather cuffs for wrists and ankles.

“I had this made specially,” Maggie said. There was a small control panel on the wall. She strode to it and touched a button. An electric motor purred—and Richard howled behind the ball gag as the frame extended itself, stretching his limbs!

“Safety first!” the brunette chortled. “We wouldn’t want him to pull a muscle!”

The ladies laughed merrily.

“So are you pleased?” Maggie inquired brightly. “I had some friends of mine waylay dear Richard in the parking garage at his office building this morning. He’s been down here all day—hopefully meditating on his beastly behavior!”

“Oh, I’m VERY pleased!” Kate replied. Arms akimbo, she looked her helpless husband up and down. “Well, well, well! It appears to be time for some PAYBACK, darling!”

“And as a matter of fact I have some suggestions along that line,” The brunette chipped in. She smiled at their prisoner. “First of all, I think we should do something to ensure that he stays away from that BIMBO he been balling!”

“Such as what?”

At that moment Justin trotted down the stairs bearing a tray covered with a towel. At the sight of the naked young man, Richard made some very interesting sounds behind his ball gag. They might have been apologies and appeals for mercy but it was impossible to tell…

Justin placed the tray on a table that stood to the side of the bondage frame and retreated into a corner of the basement, where he stood awaiting orders. Maggie thereupon stepped forward and with a lewd grimace gave one of Richard’s stiff nipples a vicious tweak!

“GGGGRRRRUUUUGH!!!” he screamed—or tried to scream—as he writhed in his bonds.

“I was thinking,” the brunette chuckled, “that the easiest way to curtail this horndog’s extracurricular activities would be to BODY shave him!

“BODY shave him?!” Kate chuckled back. “Omygod!”

“NNNNNNNNF!!!” Richard protested.

“Yes, he’d have a hard time explaining THAT to his cheap little floozy!” Maggie toyed with the helpless horndog’s chest hair. “Anyhow, if you ask me he’s rather too…hirsute.”

Kate didn’t really think so—she’d always been partial to male body hair. But the idea of giving Richard a full-body shave was simply too brilliant to veto!

“Sounds like a plan!” the blonde agreed.

“Excellent!” Maggie clapped her hands together. “And just to make it interesting we’ll leave the grooming to dear Justin. And then…”


“Oh, I think you know!” Maggie winked, then gestured to her nude nephew. “All right, cupcake, get busy!”

Justin trotted forward to the table. He plucked the towel from the tray to reveal a basin of warm soapy water, a sponge, a can of shaving lather, several disposable razors, nail scissors and tweezers.

“DNNNNNNNNT!!!” Richard protested incoherently as Justin approached with the soaked sponge. “UUUUNNNNG!!!”

But his pleas availed him nothing! First Justin soaped the naked stud’s legs, then he applied the lather—and then, with a lewd smile, he selected a razor!

It was a pathetic spectacle! Richard blubbered and squirmed as his legs were shaved. Justin took his time about it. This was the most…interesting…chore he’s ever performed for Aunt Maggie and in fact he found it rather…enjoyable…

Not so Richard! His futile struggling grew more and more frantic as his body hair was systematically removed. By the time that Justin had finished with his armpits and chest, the poor bastard actually had tears in his eyes—tears that began rolling down his cheeks as his arms were shaved! His muffled sobs elicited much ribald comment from Maggie and Kate as they sat watching.

“Now for the MAIN event!” Maggie chortled. “Be very careful, cupcake!”

“Yes, Aunt Maggie,” Justin responded obediently as he went to the table to fetch scissors and tweezers. And realizing what was coming next, Richard had a HISSY fit!

“Better hold very still for this part,” Kate advised her grunting, squirming husband.

“MMMMMMPH!!!” Richard screamed. “WUUUUUUGH!!!”

“Settle down, big boy! “Justin commanded, flourishing the scissors—at the sight of which the naked stud froze!

Snip, snip, snip, snip! Richard held very, VERY still as the tangled curls of his pubic hair were carefully removed. He DID keep making frantic noises behind the ball gag, however!

“Use the tweezers for his balls and butt crack,” Maggie directed.

“UUUURRRRG!!!” the naked stud howled as the hairs were delicately plucked from his scrotum and the cleft of his curvy buttocks. “GMMMMMMPH!!”

Finally the job was done. Justin swept up, then anointed their prisoner’s newly-smooth body with baby oil, lingering over the most sensitive portions of Richard’s masculine anatomy. This sent the poor guy into another unhinged fit—particularly when his penis began to LENGTHEN itself in response to the nude nephew’s ministrations!

“Will you look at THAT!” Kate snickered.

“What a PERVERT!” Maggie giggled.

“Well, that makes TWO of them!” the blonde observed, raising an eyebrow in Justin’s direction. It was true! Maggie’s nephew was in a VERY manly way!

“Go stand in the corner, you naughty boy!” the brunette directed. “Face to the wall! And no playing with yourself!”

Justin hastened to obey.

“We’ll add him back into the mix later,” Maggie said to Kate, lowering her voice. “No doubt your hubby will enjoy that! But for now…”

“For now it’s time to explore my wayward husband’s SENSITIVE side!” Kate giggled.

“Exactly!” The brunette agreed. “You’ll find just what you need on the tray, sweetie.”

The blonde rose from her seat and sashayed to the table. On the tray she found a pair of sword-shaped red plastic cocktail skewers. Picking one of them up, Kate tested its point with her thumb. She chuckled…picked up the other skewer…then turned to her helpless husband…

“Let’s start here…” Kate muttered. And with no more ado the voluptuous blonde applied the points of the skewers to Richard’s freshly shaved ARMPITS!

“WUUUURRRRK!!!” he bellowed into his gag. His torso jerked and quivered as Kate scratched and scratched and SCRATCHED his defenseless hollows with her hellish instruments of torture!

“Ha, I don’t think he likes that!” Maggie observed.

“Nonsense!” Kate replied. “Richard ADORES my wifely attentions—isn’t that right, darling? In fact, I think you want me to tickle you MORE!”

And the blonde suited the action to the word by running the skewers down her cheating husband’s sides!

“GRRRRRRMMMMMMPH!!!” he screamed, cheeks puffing out in a strenuous attempt to force his pleas and protests past the gag. “FUUUURRRRGH!!”

“What was that?” Kate inquired. “I can’t quite understand what you’re SAYING, darling! Maybe THIS will help!”

She switched her assault to Richard’s rigid nipples—and the naked stud went absolutely BONKERS—!

“My, my!” Maggie chortled as she watched their prisoner gyrate his hips. “I never would have figured him for the sensitive type!”

“Big strong handsome stud!” Kate sneered as she tormented his hollows, sides and nipples. “Look at you now! All pink and naked, not a hair on your balls, squirming and squealing like a pathetic SISSY!”

“DNNNNNNT!!!” Richard begged. “SSSSSSTP!!!”

“Stop? Is THAT what you’re trying to say?”


“But why would I want to STOP, darling? I’m just getting STARTED on you!”


So it went for the next several minutes! Richard drooled and sweated. He got goose bumps. He grunted and shivered. It was the performance of a lifetime—but it failed to impress Kate! She merely smiled salaciously and went right on probing his torso with those hideous skewers!

“Better let him have a break,” Maggie suggested finally. She was sitting with her legs crossed, watching with extreme interest as Kate ruthlessly tortured her cheating bastard of a husband. “He looks like he might faint on us.”

With some reluctance the blonde suspended her assault on Richard’s ribcage and stepped back. He gave a muffed sob of relief and sagged in the frame, chest heaving, trembling all over as hot little beads of sweat trickled down his limbs and torso.

“Not TOO long of a break, now!” Maggie rose from her chair. “And would you mind if I join you when break time’s over?”

“Not at all!”

Within three minutes Richard’s chest was no longer heaving.

“So where now?” Kate asked.

“How about his sexy bare behind?” Maggie patted a freshly shaven butt cheek. “I have the feeling that he’d REALLY enjoy that!”

“Excellent!” Kate laughed. She moved to position herself behind Richard, who craned his neck in a futile effort to keep her in view.

And while you’re doing that,” the brunette snickered, “I’ll have some fun with his BELLY button!”

“Great idea!” the blonde agreed, handing Maggie one of the skewers. “Okay, darling, all set?”

“UUUUR-UUUUR-UUUURRRRK!!!” Richard screamed as the sharp points of the skewers traced the curve of his fanny and probed his belly button. He shivered violently, causing his balls to jiggle and bounce between his wide-open thighs.

“See?” Maggie giggled. “I knew he’d enjoy having his fanny and his button tickled at the same time!”

“And I bet he’ll enjoy THIS even more!” Kate replied, eyeing the inviting cleft between Richard’s flexing butt cheeks. “Brace yourself, darling!”

“GRRRR-UUUUR-UUUUR-UUUURRRRK!!!” Richard howled as an indescribably hideous sensation shot up his asshole. He writhed madly, causing the stout bondage frame to creak. “NNNNNN!!! SSSSSSTP!!! UUUU-UUUU-UUUUHG!!!”

Carefully, delicately, Kate probed her naked hubby’s ultra-sensitive crevice. Her tongue protruded from the side of her mouth and her nipples were rigidly erect. Her free hand toyed with the waistband of her shorts. Repeated bursts of excitement shot through her breasts and loins as she drove her faithless spouse closer and closer and CLOSER to the brink of absolute, total HYSTERIA—!

“Oh, my GOODNESS!” Maggie exclaimed suddenly. “Richard, you naughty, NAUGHTY boy!”

“What’s up?” Kate inquired, eliciting a raucous laugh from the brunette.

From her position behind Richard the blonde couldn’t see the development that had Maggie smiling with scornful delight. In response to their intimate ministrations, Richard’s joystick was rising again…and lengthening itself…

“Justin!” the brunette called. “Turn around and look at this!”

“NNNNNNT!!!” Richard whined. “NNNNNNTWUUUUMPH!!!

“I think he’s trying to tell us that he’s not that WAY!” Maggie opined. “As if! Well, cutie buns, what are you waiting for?”

She summoned Justin from his corner and, with a swat to his buttocks, placed him face to face with an increasingly frantic Richard!

“PLLLLSSSS!!!” the naked stud cried. “DNNNNNNT!!!”

“Here you are, cupcake!” Maggie said to Justin, passing him her skewer skewer. “I don’t suppose I have to tell you what to do with it…”

“No Ma’am!”

“It’s called edging,” the brunette explained to Richard. “And I’m afraid it might provoke you into making a MESS!”


“No, of COURSE you’re not that way!” Maggie gave the naked stud a pat on the cheek. “That being the case you’ll no doubt prove immune to my comely nephew's charms, and you won’t have to worry about DISGRACING yourself in front of your own WIFE!”

“Maggie, you are SO evil!” Kate chortled.

“Just trying to be a good neighbor!” the brunette replied. “Now, you keep tickling him from behind while Justin pampers his penis for him!”

“Sounds like a plan!”

With a smile of sadistic anticipation, Justin stepped closer. He held the skewer between two fingers. With his free hand he took Richard’s balls in a gentle grip. And then…and then…

And then, in an instant, Richard’s life changed forever! The intimate ministrations to which the swollen head of his upright organ was being subjected drove all coherent thought from his mind. It fucking TICKLED and it was driving him BUGFUCK but at the same time a delicious—an utterly MAGNIFICENT—sensation was building and building and BUILDING in his fucking BALLS—!

“Do you LIKE it when I swirl this thing over the tip?” Justin whispered. “Do you like it when I tease your PEE hole?”

“FUUUUNNNNK!!!” Richard grunted. “GUUUUMMMMPH!!!”

“Getting CLOSE, are you?” the nude nephew inquired, giving his play toy’s scrotum a squeeze.


“Would it help if I tickle your PITS, darling?” Kate discarded the skewer and flexed her sharp-nailed fingers. “Let’s find out!”

“MMMMMM-URRRRMMMM-MMMMMM-MMMMMMPH!!!” the naked stud bellowed into his ball gag as his sadistic wife clawed at his hollows.

“Careful, cupcake!” Maggie called. “I do believe that your new best friend is about to lose control of his EMOTIONS—!”

And Richard did!

Jason stepped nimbly to one side as the naked stud arched his back, wiggled his hips—and launched his load!

Kate, Maggie and Justin laughed scornfully as Richard emptied his balls. But he didn’t care! LET them laugh! All that mattered was the totally GLORIOUS sensation of ecstatic RELEASE that was surging through his squirming, hairless body! Grunting and sobbing, he deposited his most precious masculine essence onto Maggie Marko’s basement floor. And when it was all over he laughed too…albeit with tears in his eyes…

“That was quite a performance, darling!” Kate gave her gasping hubby a slap to the fanny that made him writhe. “And now—!”

“Now the FUN begins!” Maggie rose from her seat and strode to the bondage frame. “Did you know, Richard, that a guy’s at his most ticklish immediately after he’d had an orgasm?”


“Yes, it’s true!” the brunette chuckled.

And over the course of the next hour or so, Richard found that it WAS true—!”


Eventually he passed out and when he came to Richard was no longer confined to the bondage frame. Still naked he was sprawled on the floor with his arms bound behind his back. Maggie and Kate were standing over him. Justin was back in his corner.

“Omygod!” Kate was saying. “The video of this session is definitely going to be a keeper!”

“MMMMMMPH?” Richard asked, discovering in the process that he was still ball-gagged.

“That’s right, darling,” his wife sneered. “Maggie took the liberty of recording this little tryst and if you don’t do exactly as you’re told, well, the most salacious portions of it just might turn up on line!”


“We’re getting a divorce, Richard. On my terms, of course, and I’d better not hear one single solitary word of protest from you!” Kate smiled nastily. “I’m going to take everything but the family jewels, darling. As far as I’m concerned Maggie’s cute nephew can have those!”

“And so he shall!” Maggie chortled. “Your soon-to-be ex-wife has agreed to let me keep you as a houseboy for a week or so. There’s SO much to do around here and Justin will appreciate a helping hand, I’m sure! Now the rules of the house are simple: remain nude at all times and do exactly as you’re told. Oh, and I’m afraid that you two will have to share a bedroom…and a bed. But I’m sure that won’t be a problem!”

“Gee, thanks a LOT, Aunt Maggie!” the nude nephew exclaimed.

“You’re very welcome, cupcake. No doubt by the time we send Richard on his way he’ll have a completely new perspective on life!” Maggie smiled nastily. Now what else?” “Oh, yes! Before I send you on your way Justin will treat you to another full-body shave!”

“BUUUURRRRMMMMF!!!” Richard protested.

“And then,” Kate added, “you’ll have three days to get out of town, darling. By the time Maggie turns you loose I’ll have all your crap boxed up and put in storage. I never want to see you again, understand? If I do…well, remember all that naughty video footage and how easily it could turn up online! So just to be safe you might want to consider leaving the STATE! Jut let me know where you end up, so that my lawyer can send you the divorce papers.”

Cringing on the floor, Richard felt fresh tears fill his eyes. He was crushed, humiliated, ruined.

“Oh, and Justin?” Kate said.

“Yes, Ma’am?”

“Please don’t feel as though there’s any need to be gentle with him. As his soon-to-be-ex-wife I happen to know that he likes rough sex!

Everybody laughed. Except of course Richard…

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