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Welcome to Fan-tehe-sy Island

Five hours!
My god, five hours of this torment all the way to Teekle Island thats what we were enduring. It wouldn't have been so bad if the treatment of the vibrators and tickle combo stayed as it was for the whole fight, but no. No, because I was pretty sure know that mine and Karyn's holo-doubles got off on our torment, seriously demented sadists in other words. They would play with the vibrator speed every so often so sometimes it'd be low so we'd feel the tickling more, to high which Karyn and I screamed for mercy when they did, which was a lot. They never turned them off, so we both begged more than usual.
It was after orgasm number ... I don't remember but we were already four hours in the torment when Atti finally spoke.
"If you can't take it, then ... mmmmm ... say the safe word she said as we both looked over at her and both nearly came just from that.
Both Arnie and Atti had stripped away what little clothing they were wearing and were slowly fucking each other with her sitting in his lap, both sitting forward watching us like we were some porno. So I guess they wanted us to experience what they do perhaps?
"S-Say it ... Go on, you b-oooooh, oh yeah ... Mmmm ... Both need your strength ..." she said as both Karyn and I looked at each other. Her hair was messy and sticking to her cheeks due to a combination of sweat and tears and, once again, her eyes were glazed over with lust. Only two things ran through my mind seeing her like that: 'good thing she's not the type to wear makeup' and 'my god she's always so beautiful'.
The both of us kept laughing and struggled against our bonds which seemed to make our holo-doubles even more excited as their rhythm increased. We both begged for mercy but didn't call the safe word. Not yet. The tickles increased as well as the vibrators so we both were screaming out laughter, I think they were trying to force us to say it, and it was working. This was becoming too much: endless orgasms made the tickling worse and the tickling seemed to also make us cum harder than normal, I didn't think I even had any left.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH BUTTERFLY! BUTTERFLIIIIIIIIIII-HAHAHAHAHAHA!" We both screamed as at last, as our holos climaxed, both Karyn and I were set free and we fell into the floor next to each other lying on our sides. The vibrators werent turned off though and still set on high, and the both of us made quick work to removed them and threw them across the cabin. We both just held each other in our arms, breathing heavily, and trying to calm the other down. It still felt like the vibrator ring was still on me. Honestly I'm not sure if i'd be able to feel my genitals for a week.
"Terry?" I heard Karyn ask. I looked directly at her into those beautiful blue eyes and she smiled lustfully at me. 'uh-oh, I'm gonna be in for it now' I thought almost excitedly. How the Hell could either of us still be horny after over four hours of tickle and orgasm torture? Well one swift motion from Karyn proved she certainly was. She rolled over so she layed on top of me then blushed as she leaned down to my ear.
"Can I tickle you?" She asked then looked at me pleadingly. I honestly think my heart skipped a beat when she said that, I mean yes Atti was her holo-doubles but ... She wasn't Karyn. I only grinned and stretched out spreadeagle style in response. Karyn immediately looked down at me with the first sign there was indeed a sadistic side to her: a very sexy devilish grin. I could tell she had an idea or two forming in that head of hers, but before she could even start teasing, Atti spoke up.
"hate to break up the foreplay guys, but we're almost there" she said as Karyn fell onto my chest groaning and muffled "no fair" on it. I just gently pet the back of her head then looked over to our holos. "You both owe us a full night for ourselves" I said as they both looked at each other then nodded.
"OK, the tour will take a while anyway so might as well" Arnie said but smirked to himself glancing at Atti who just nodded at us. Clearly she didn't notice but looking at Karyn I knew we did: Atti was about to be on the receiving end this time. With that bit of enjoyment stowed away, we both got up and sat, this time on a second love seat next to theirs just in time for us to descend, and notice our holos pick up the vibrators.


When the plane finally landed and the door opened to reveal the island paradise, I half expected someone to say "Welcome to Fantasy Island". The place was amazing: like Atti and Arnie said the grass was in fact millions of green dyed feathers, goose I imagined, constantly moving so it looked like it was always blowing in the wind that wasn't there. Mercily there was actually a sidewalk that lead up to the house littered with park benches that faced the fields, obviously intended so we would have some foot tickling while we relaxed. The island itself was about the size of three football fields in every direction and at the center on a very large hill, was the house itself. Well, I say house but the place looked like a mansion from Beverly Hills and looked a whole lot bigger than just four bedroom two story place Atti told us about, that or the rooms were totally huge. I could only imagine what the furniture was like in there at fist glace, Atti assured us that we wouldn't need to move any big stuff save for the rack which some movers from the company did, so most of our big stuff went to good will.
"Wow" I heard Karyn say looking around "And they just ... Let it sit here hoping it'd get taken?"
"they were desperate for the tickle products to sell ... In fact this place was supposed to have been a community, but they didn't want to get their hopes up so they only built one: the Mayoral home ... Your home " Arnie said as Karyn just reached for my hand which I eagerly took.
"So ... We're the only ones who are gonna be here right? I mean non- hologram wise that is ... I mean they won't try to restart Tickleville or anything ... right?" I asked as both of them nodded.
"if they do then it'll take your word as the final discission and make it somewhere else if you'd want ... This is all yours" Atti said as Karyn breathlessly muttered "all ours"
"Pinch me I must-AHH!" Karyn said but exclaimed when I did what she asked and pinched her, right on her ass. I just smirked at her and held up my fingers in a pinching position looking right at her.
"Anything else?" I said as Karyn punched my arm giggling.
"Just you wait till tonight big boy, we'll see if your still cheeky then" she said brushing her hair from her face then kissed me.
"hey, you two gonna stand there all day?" came Arnie's voice from up ahead. With a grin on both our faces, we both streaked (quite literally) up the path to the large doors of the mansion which were about seven feet high and a large brass doorknocker on each one in the shape of a feather. I couldn't resist.
"What knockers" I said as I saw Karyn smirk off the corner of my eye.
"Why thank you" both Karyn and Atti said as all four of us laughed.
"you think that's something, take a listen to the doorbell" Arnie said as he pushed it and the sounds of a woman giggling was heard, he then pushed it again and then held it longer and the giggled turned into tortured laughter then the woman shouting 'please! Someone get the door!'. This got us laughing again.
"recorded voice, don't worry" Atti said as she opened the door and lead up inside to the foyer. It was very beautiful, two stairways circled in a crescent around the door and up ahead was a large empty photo dead in the center of the wall. I pointed this out to which they both grinned.
"oh don't worry, that picture will get painted later, c'mon" Atti said as we entered the sitting room.
The first thing I noticed were the couches and chairs, they were very fancy and seemed to be fluffy. Upon further inspection I saw that the fluff was feathers. Grinning at Karyn I sat down and immediately was grinning from the light tickles just sitting on these caused, she just giggled and slid next to me and squealed.
"Oh my god I love that!" She said as she wiggled her hips causing her to giggle more. Deciding we better not overdo it, I got her up and stood us back up, much to Karyn's disappointment. She looked like she was about to belly flop onto the couch and just roll around. But holding her back I noticed the rooms other features including a rather spacious fireplace and a large built in flat screen TV.
"There's a television like that in every room, the fireplace is electric of course but it looks like a real one when its on, look" Atti said as she clapped then suddenly we had a roaring holographic fire that felt like the real thing just like she said. "and yes, all the chairs and couches are fluffed with feathers ... Think you love that then just wait till you see the beds" Arnie said as we moved onto the kitchen, which was the size of the foyer almost. And the Dinning room which had a table that could seat ten. Arnie said there was nothing tickle related here due to not wanting to cause injury.
"though the pantry is constantly stocked, meat freezer as well and every two months you guys get a shipment of groceries, so it'd be best if you made a list of things you guys don't eat and present it to them when they show up so ... hope you guys have bathrobes" Atti said.
After assuring her we did, we moved on to the library. This place was even bigger than anywhere else because it actually took up the two floors.
"not all of these books are real though, most are just hidden passages to the other rooms or just surprise doors for tickle hands to come out, but those are on the ground floor" Atti said as I just looked around grinning. Karyn however had a look that just screamed 'plotting' as she looked around too.
"right, time for the upstairs tour" said Arnie as he went to one bookshelf and pulled down a book to reveal a secret stairway up to the second floor then turned and grinned at us. "you'll love where this leads" he said as both he and Atti walked up the stairs. Looking at Karyn I invited her on a head of me.
"Ladies first" I said as Karyn just smirked at me.
"I seriously believe that custom was made so guys could stare at the girl's ass" she said as I smirked back at her.
"Well of the two of us, yours is the better looking one" I said with a smack to her ass which got her to jump making a squeal but just gazed at me with lust again and traced her finger on my chest.
"Later, love, later" she said before kissing me then went up the stairs twisting her hips and I got a good look at the handprint I gave her which I noticed her put her hand on it as she walked then smacked it herself before she vanished up the stairs. Sometimes I still couldn't believe she's in love with me, so much like a dream than reality. "Hey handsome, you gonna keep staring at my ass or are you gonna get up here?" She called down which got me out of my daze and ran up the stairs.
What I saw was a shower room similar to public ones in gyms and such with only a few differences: dead center were two sets of what I guessed were waterproof wrist cuffs dangling from some chains coated in the same type of plastic coating children's swing sets would have in the parks. Above that was a large showerhead but it looked like no knobs to turn it on.
"this is a special type of shower room that let's the machines determine if your clean" Atti said with a hint of excitement in her voice. "it won't activate until one or both of you are strapped in then say start ... Scrub brushes and hand make sure your bodies are squeaky clean as the water pours down ... And they go all over guys so if it tickles then its getting that deep clean down she said as Karyn smirked at me which I returned.
"I guess this place will be pretty busy, after all being tickled always makes me ... Dirty" Karyn said flirtingly and wrapped her arms around me. I nearly lost it then and there but I struggled, good God I struggled, to resist.
"We, um .... We almost done w-with the tour guys?" I asked as Karyn kissed my cheek and moved to my neck.
Luckily Arnie understood because he just nodded to Atti who looked upset but nodded as well. "yeah just your bedroom and the dungeon ... But I guess we can show you guys the dungeon tomorrow ..." Atti said sounding disappointed; she must have had some toys down there she wanted to try on us.
Walking along out into the hallway, I noticed that there were pictures on the walls of people, medn and women being tickled in various situations. Some were playful like a couple having a tickle fight on the grass, others were X-rated type. One in particular caught Karyn's eye which depicted an F/M situation where the guy was bound to a Saint Andrew's Cross face down hanging from the ceiling wand was using several tools to tickle him, mostly on his ass. I could tell by the way she looked at me, she hoped that was in the dungeon. And honestly just seeing her face like that, I hope it was too.
Finally we came to a double-doored archway that, when they opened, received a master bedroom big enough and furnished enough to be thought to be royal accommodations. A feather couch, a very large four poster bed with bed ankle and wrist restraints with what I might guess would be a feather bed cover, and lastly at the very end of the room was a jacuzzi next to a door I guessed was the bathroom.
This seemed ... It felt like is was just a dream seeing this, a wet dream but still.
"I'm guessing you both want that alone time now" Arnie said as Karyn nodded
"Please? You guys can have the night off" she said with a bit of strain in her voice then closed the door on then and kissed me deeply, pushing me to the bed and landed on top of me again.
"I did promise we'd have fun later" she said then kissed me again


"well ... Now what?" Atti said as Arnie just smirked at her
"I think they won't mind if we went down to the dungeon before them" he said slyly as Atti just looked at him.
"why? Tickling those holos aren't very fun, their just loop programs" she said as Arnie smirked.
"actually, I think theres a new one down there they recently added, actual reactions so its like its the real deal" he said as Atti thought about it and shrugged
"Why not ... I could do for a laugh" she said as she walked ahead and Arnie smiled wickedly.
"Careful, you just might get your wish" Arnie muttered to himself and followed her.


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I have to say, this is another great instalment, and very creative. I look forward to seeing the dungeon. If you want any ideas for some tickle machines, let me know ;)

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I have to say, this is another great instalment, and very creative. I look forward to seeing the dungeon. If you want any ideas for some tickle machines, let me know ;)

Thanks very much, and I would love to hear some ideas. Might even add some torturing holographic prisoners in the dungeon in the next chapter

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Mmmm can't wait to see those cleaning brushes in action. Yummmmy

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Send me a private message and I'll share them. I look foreward to the next installment.