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Vacation Torment Part 3

We kiss each other, sucking tongues reaching towards each other.. I move my mouth to your neck and I suck and lick you.. We are Holding each other our legs straddled grinding into each other. Our nipples caressing each other.. You can't believe after all you have been through and forced to do that your enjoying this and that your hard nipples and clit are hard already again. Every bit of me wants you.. I move from sucking your neck to your right nipple then your left. Even I am amazed and excited by my desire for you.. You reach your right hand in through the slit of my briefs and you play with my clit. I grind on top of your hand while I suck and pull at your nipples with my mouth. I yell at you to take my briefs off. I straddle you and move with my vagina so that we form two v's. Fitted together. I strain to keep touch with your breast.. Our vagina's in unison like one. We slop against each other and we hear sucking and sounds of our vagina's rubbing against each other. Wet dripping you and I one... We cum shaking together.
The sun has set and darkness fills the minaret.. I light a candle. I see you lying in the candle light "..hmmm Aphrodite could not hold a flame to you. We need to move on.. Do you think i can trust you to not run?". You nod and say yes mistress..
You take off your stockings.. Put on your dress and panties.. You begin to cry but not so much from fear.. But because you are astonished and ashamed that your are so fulfilled and happy. You are totally embarrassed. You take the cuffs yourself and buckle them to your ankles. You then tell me to bind your wrists... You now look like a prisoner ready for death row. You start to shuffle to the door.. You trip several times.. You look at me pleadingly and I pick you up and carry you to the car.. Your head resting against my shoulder.. I strap you in the car and cover you with the shawl..
We drive in the dark down the winding mountain. You smell the approaching sea, the salt air becomes thicker... We pull up to a small deserted bungalow on the oceans edge. The moonlight reflects of the water... And illuminates the Lesvos night... I reach over and kiss you deep and hard.. "we are here my slave."
I get out and get the wheelchair from the trunk.. I open your door and transfer you, then get the bags and set them on your lap.. I push you to the house. You have lost all track of time. When I get to the door.. I tell you it's time for sleep.. I put the bags down inside the kitchen door. I lift you and carry you to what appears to be one of two bedrooms. You are slightly pleased thinking you might have a room to yourself.. I lie you on the bed and you notice that it is cast iron with bars at the headboard and foot..*
I take the chains off and you are slightly relieved. Until you see that I am taking out two mens ties and two belts from the closets... You beg me to not tie you up.. You tell me that you gave up at the minaret and deserve to not be bound. I snap and "you may have been a good girl for a moment but let's see how you do for the next day.. I tie your feet to the bed and pin you down at the shoulders.. I grab a simple white cotton short sleeve night gown by the side of the bed.. I pull it over your head and my hands smooth it out over your breasts and down your hips until it is in place.. I then bind your wrists and ankles to the bed. I do not put on your panties and with your legs spread you feel vulnerable. I whisper bonne nuit in your ear and tell you I am going for a swim..
Your heart is pacing as I turn out the light and you are lying in the dark alone and exposed.. You realize after awhile that I may not return. A part of you is relieved to be alone but the majority of you misses me. You drowse off, exhausted from the ordeal and pleasure.*
As the sun starts to rise.. You hear a rooster crow outside.. You wake and start to move and you realize once again that you restrained. I am not there and have not been since the night before. You are fearful again that you have been abandoned.
You lie there waiting for any sound of me.. You are unable to sleep your feet and hands straining against the restraints... It seems like forever before the door to the bedroom opens.. You look up and I enter with only an apron and black 2xist briefs on. I am carrying a tray with champagne, peach juice, yogurt and pomegranate seeds.. You also see the jar of honey I got in the mountains ." So my little Trojan slave, did you sleep well??". You tell me you slept very well, thank you. "wrong answer!! Of course you did not sleep well without your owner!"
You try to apologize but I am obviously not pleased with your response. " oh, and I planned on taking you sightseeing on the island.. Maybe I will have to go on my own as you like being tied up here by yourself.". You again apologize and plead with me telling me you are sorry and that you missed me..*
"well let's eat breakfast and see." I set on the bed and make us a Bellini. I take a drink and then tilt the glass for you to drink. Once again you swallow hard as you are so dehydrated and Starving from the day before. I feed you yogurt and pomegranate the nectar of the gods. We have a sweet Greek bread with fig jam. Then I ask you if you would like to have some honey.. You nod yes.. I place my hands on the bottom of your night gown and slowly pull it up above your head so that it binds your arms together more at your elbows.. I then take the honey and pour it slowly on your breasts, down your belly, over your mound and put a line all the way down each of your legs to the top of your feet.. You smell the sweet honey and a slight scent of lavender.. "this should sweeten you up.." I start at you breast rubbing the honey all over from your nipples, massaging the honey in with my finger tips.. You begin to giggle as my fingers tickle you. I Rub and massage the honey into your belly and then move my fingers to your thighs and tickling with my fingertips work my way down to the top of your feet.. I lean my head down and begin to lick the honey off your breast.. My tongue lapping at your nipples.. The feeling tickles you and you begin to squirm. As I lick the honey from your breasts.. I climb on and straddle your legs.. I begin to massage the honey between your legs and up into your vagina, my hand sliding the length of your vagina, over your perineum and around your anus.. Fingers spreading the honey in your anus.. I lick from your nipples down your belly to your clit where I lick and suck the honey off all over you.. My hands reach up under your arms and begin to tickle you as your cum mixes with the honey in your vagina.. I lift my head out of your lap.. " well I think you do have to pay for not missing me.. I think you need some tickling under your arms.. " As I put my tongue back down to eat more of you my hands begin to tickle you mercilessly. You yell noooooo.. But your vagina tells me differently as you buck and squirt.. You nipples are swollen inviting me to tickle from them to your under arms.. I take a breath.." You miss me now don't you you whore. " You bite your lip and taste the honey left there from my lips. You giggle. "tickle, tickle like a buzzing honey bee." I dive back in licking you deep.. You are rising to meet my tongue thrashing your clit, sliding into your vagina.. Around your anus.. I yell " oh you sweet honey ****" hiding there between your legs.. I tickle your breast and you scream yes Mistress, yes mistress, omg yes. Your juice rushes out of you and your body convulses in pleasure...*
We lie there me on top of you.. Finally, I untie your feet and your hands from the bed.. I tie your hands together and order you to stand and push you to the bathroom. You ask me If you can pee alone. I say yes but your hands are still bound. As you try to wipe yourself it dawns on you that you don't remember using the bathroom since you first got on the ferry. You think that you must have relieved yourself at some tine while you were unconscious. You become embarrassed and feel helpless all over again. You yell out asking if you can take a shower.. I say yes and you ask if you can have your hands free to bathe. I open the door turn on the shower, push you in and take off my briefs and join you. I take a washcloth and soap you all over. The soap burns on your vulva as it is swollen and red. You press against me and you can't believe you are excited again. Your hands reach for mine and you pull my right hand back to your vagina.. You then put your tied hands and bury them in mine..I pin you against the shower and we manipulate each other to we cum again. Our mouths sucking each other. My teeth taking tiny bites of your lips.. We let the water cascade over us both.. It mixes with the shower beneath both our legs..
"well have you decided if you are ready to be owned on this trip by me your dom. if you are really ready I will let you not wear restraints. You tell me that you are completely submissive to my wishes.. " if you do try to leave I will of course find you on these islands and the punishment will be severe."
If you stay I will show you Greece in the most erotically beautiful way you can see the islands..*
You feel that you have lost a war for yourself, you are week but you are excited for the rest of the adventure .*
"I am ready to follow you mistress Sandy, I want to be your Trojan slave, you can be my Greek warrior...
We step outside the shower and dry each other off. We stand in towels, you wrapped in my arms, looking out the front window looking directly out at the blue green sea, smashing the rocks below us. You are confused by your feelings...Is this where feelings of fear and anger turn to the beginnings of love. You turn to me smile and bury your head in my neck..
A new day is on the horizon..... :rainbowbounce:


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Very nice! The playful tickling is really interesting and quite sexy:) Good work once again!

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thanks you musictkls....more to come (cum)