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Before I begin, just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful comments on part one. I appreciate the encouragement. Since the first seemed to go well, here is part II, with part III coming soon. I'm glad I could finally find a way to contribute to the community.

On a side note, here is the link for Part I of the story.

Neighbors Part I: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?263259-Neighbors-(A-Lilith-and-Marci-Story)-F-F

Neighbors Part II (A Lilith and Marci Story) F/F

“I wonder if you got my cookies done?” Marci said, a light chuckle in her voice.

Oh god, NO! Lillith thought, her heart racing in her chest.

Lillith’s long legs kicked, struggling, her arms pinned between her body and the small vent space she had managed to wedge herself. Fingers flexed at her neck, elbows pressing at her ribs, her chest rubbing against the metal floor of the small space. The waist band of her skirt pulled sharply against her struggles only helping prevent her from getting the necessary leverage to remove herself from the wall.

“I came in to borrow the flower,” Lillith said, shivering in dread. “Just get me out and I’ll have your cookies ready in thirty. Just get me out of here.”

Musical laughter answered her as her worst fears were confirmed.

“You should see yourself from this angle,” Marci cackled. “Such sexy legs and look at that ass. You been working out sweetheart?”

“Marcy,” Lillith spat, trying to summon her anger. “This isn’t funny.”

“No,” Marcy agreed. “It’s hilarious. You’ve been moping worse than Katie Holmes during visiting hours. You got me to lay off getting that smile back on your face with promises of cookies. This is going to be so much better than cookies.”

Lillith jerked her body sideways in one last heave of effort to free herself. All she managed to do was jerk the waist of her skirt farther up, the cool air blowing against the skin on her backside.

“Seriously,” Marci chuckled, her voice coming closer. “Blue stripes. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you wore those just for me.”

Lillith felt the heat rush to her face as her imagination provided the feel of Marci’s gaze sweeping over her exposed undergarments.

“No, no, no, no…” Lillith chanted as if it could ward away Marci’s ministrations.

Lillith felt as Marci’s slight weight straddled her thighs.

“Please Marci, I’m begging you…Aaaaaaahhhhhh….ghnk…heheheha…”

Lillith squealed as a single fingernail traced itself over the top of her panty line and just below the skirt’s waist. A light scratch, but already Lillith was giggling at the touch. The nail traveled slowly back the other direction.

Lillith tried to squirm away, her legs drumming the ground to dislodge her smaller friend. Marcy rode her like a bull, never moving, always keeping her legs pinned to the floor, all the while the nail traced maddeningly across her exposed skin. Marci slowed even further, stopping at one point which only made it worse when she started again.

Her giggles were loud in her ears as the sound of her helpless laughter bounced around the metal corridor. Her legs kicked the floor, but nothing she could do stopped the incessant slow progress of Marci’s nail.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any more, a second nail began trailing in the opposite direction.


Marci giggled gleefully at her plea, swirling one finger while dragging the other down her spine.

In Lillith’s struggles, she began to notice the change in her as her chest rubbed against the metal floor with every pass. The slow tickles, the warmth that was growing between her legs, and the shudders at the sensations from her chest were confusing, disturbing, and something else she refused to name even in her own mind.

Lillith had to do something. She had to stop this before these strange feelings continued growing. Marci couldn’t find out how this was making her feel. If dying from embarrassment was possible, Marci seeing that might just do it.

Slowly going mad with the light tickling sensations, Lillith arched her back, her feet bending backwards, toes pointed. With Marci’s scratching making her twitch and giggle with every touch, she felt as though she was trying to bend herself in half as her feet kicked out at her friend.

Lillith’s intention had been to nudge her friend off, maybe knock her off with a good shove. It was a desperate attempt, but only desperation remained.

Her feet touched cloth, but to Lillith’s surprise, her toes were suddenly clamped in two warm hollows. Wiggling her toes, she tried to free her feet and knock the woman from her legs. Instead of a grunt or a curse, Lillith suddenly heard a high pitched squeal from behind her, the tickling assault on her back stopping so suddenly it startled her.

“Eeeeeeeeeehehehehe….” Marci squealed.

Lillith was stunned as she realized that her toes were lodged securely under Marci’s arms. She’d never thought about the smaller woman being ticklish, always assuming that there was no chance someone that aggressive tickling her would share her weakness. Especially with how much more athletic Lillith was than her neighbor. Curious, and perhaps foolishly, she wiggled her toes again.

Rewarded with another high pitched squeal, Marci’s body stiffened, twitching from on top of her.


“I’ll stop if you promise to get me out,” Lillith said, a small flicker of hope blossoming in her mind. “No more tickling.”

With her words, she wiggled her toes furiously.

Marcy squealed, her whole body rocking back and forth, her muscles shuddering from Lillith’s lucky assault.

Lillith opened her mouth to give Marci the offer once again when suddenly something brushed up against her side.

“mrow…” Gary purred, butting his soft head against her side. The soft fur sparked a shudder through Lillith’s body.

A fraction of a second, but Marci was happy to take advantage. Lillith’s felt as her ankles were now held in those same warm hollows, bending her further backward. The tiny bit of leverage she had enjoyed was gone as Marcy bent her legs further back, Lillith’s feet squirming in anticipation.

“Not my feeeeeeeheheheheheh….”

Lillith wasn’t able to finish the word as sharp nails suddenly scratched at her heels. The nails started slowly, scratching alternating circles and drawing lines at her heels.

Lillith felt her body shaking as laughter poured from her mouth uncontrolled. Unable to form words, her mouth opened, her neck twisting side to side as if to shake off the sensations. Each tickle was worse than the last, the sensations somehow skittering from her souls, up her body’s nerve endings, all the way to the back of her neck tingling like electricity. Her hair fell in front of her face, no longer held by the hair band that had shaken loose in her struggles. Open mouthed, he laughed so hard, at times no sound came out.

Marci seemed to somehow offended by these moments, as if her inability to illicit an audible laugh was somehow a failing. As such, Marci changed tacks. The nails spidered, trailing her nails down to the hollows of Lillith’s foot, lightly scratching along the arch. First one, then the other, always returning maddeningly to the heel before randomly exploring her soft feet again.

Huge guttural laughs accompanied by unladylike snorts burst from her mouth and nose, her fingers flexing and un-flexing as the assault on her feet continued.


Marci was ruthless. With no rhythm, no pulse, no way to anticipate the next sensation, Lillith’s world had become the feel of nails on her feet, the harsh laughter escaping her throat, and the pleasurable feelings that wormed their way through her despite her determined mental protestations.

In a rare moment, the tickling ceased. As Lillith gasped to catch her breath, Marci revealed just how far from finished she was.

“You have such cute toes,” Marci commented.

Lillith had just enough time to yell a panicked, “Nooooohohoho,” before Marcy began poking and prodding.

Scrunching her feet did nothing as Marci held a toe, scratching behind it for just long enough to drive Lillith to the edge of sanity before moving to a new spot. Between the toes, across the arch, at the heel, nowhere was safe from Marci’s sharp nails.

Her chest continued to rub against the floor, unsatisfying teases of pleasure nowhere near enough to offset the torture on her toes. She felt as they hardened, the friction only adding to the electric sensations running through her body. The warmth between her legs continued to grow as Marci elicited more desperate screams of laughter.

This can’t happen, this can’t be happening, please no, don’t let this happen…Lillith thought somewhere deep in her mind as the laughter poured forth.

Marcy shifted, pressing Lillith’s hips to the floor.

Lillith let out a sudden moan as the new sensation cut through all others, a heated wave rolling through her body.

The tickling stopped as if a switch had been flicked. The following silence scared Lillith more than the tickling.

“Oh sweetheart,” Marci said, a strange tone of hunger in her voice. “Why didn’t you say anything? If that’s what you want, you just had to ask.”

Lillith felt heat rush through her body, a hunger of her own stopping her from pleading in desperation. Lillith’s mind spun with conflicting emotions.

She had to stop this. She had to open her mouth, tell Marci this was going too far.

Her mouth remained silent, the hunger rolling through her body not allowing her to speak of stopping.

What did she want? This was insane. This was wrong. Wasn’t it?

A shiver ran up her spine as soft lips touched the base of her spine, fingers resting gently on her hips. Lillith’s heart raced, scared the fingers would tickle, a small part of her wanting them to.

“I’ll be right back sweetheart,” Marci said, her nails trailing over Lillith’s sides which elicited a squeak followed by a tittering of giggles. “Don’t go anywhere.”

Lillith shuddered with terror. Shuddered with need. Her hunger only grew as she pressed her chest forward, trying to recapture the sensation.

“Oh god Marci,” she whispered to herself. “Don’t stop.”

“Mrow…” Gary answered.

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Wonderful continuation! :D

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Can't wait for the next part when her skirt comes off!

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What a sexy and playful follow-up to your opener with these charming neighbors! I'm glad you granted Lilith some initiative, despite her predicament. The romantic tension would be lessened if she were completely helpless, as much fun as that is to witness. I love the "please don't, please do" quandary that Lilith is stuck in, as well as the "Cat got your libido?" complication. <p>
Many thanks for this, and please revisit this couple soon.