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Axel flame
05-21-2015, 11:19 AM
this is the first sequel to

Chapter two: Pad-foot, the pre-sequel

It has already been a month since he was caught stealing into their house. To punish him they made him their tickle slave. he had to willingly come to their home, where Matt, Michael, John and Addie would be waiting for him, and subject himself to any kind of torture they had in mind at the moment, and that day was no different.
Addie opened the door this time, the plump milf was wearing a tight black and red corset emphasizing her large breasts, and a matching laced tong with “can't have this” printed on her pussy area. She grabbed him by his arm and dragged him to the bedroom, lightly squeezing his sides form time to time. <We are going to have SO much fun today, sweetie> giggled the chubby lady <and we are going to try something more “intense”> added while opening the bedroom door.
All three of them were there, by the bed: Michael was wearing only his boxers while Matt and John were totally naked. <Strip naked and lay down> ordered Matt, he obeyed and they proceeded to strap him on the bed, spread eagled as always. < John, Matt and I are going to be only a “support team” today> said Michael <for you see, today is Addie's birthday and she requested something special.> continued Matt as Addie giggled and approached Pad-foot's feet, lightly tickling them.
<Now dear, since it's my birthday I suppose I have to blow a candle, don't you think? Do you have a “candle” for me?> asked Addie stroking his feet harder and harder, causing his penis to twitch and him to burst out laughing <Why, yes, you do have a candle....oh but it's just too small, I want a BIG candle> she stroked the middle of his soles even harder and his penis started to stiffen, He couldn't tell what was the worst part, the tickling or the fact that he was enjoying it.
John began tickling his feet as Addie shifted her attention on Pad-foot's member lightly blowing on it's exposing tip and making him shiver, then she pulled out a stiff feather from between her soft breasts and vigorously stroked his balls with it, sending him over the edge and making him fully erect. The tickling stopped and Michael approached the bed <Now that you are ready, the real game can start. Here are the rules: for the next hour, Addie will try to make you come, focusing her tickling and teasing on your penis, and balls; meanwhile John will tickle your feet to distract you. At any time John can ask me, Matt or both of us to join him as a distraction for either you, his mother or both. We will also intervene if one of them misbehaves. If Addie wins John will stop the tickling and she will receive a prize, if John wins, Addie will stop teasing and he will get the prize.> After saying this he whispered in Pad-foot's hear <Just a friendly advice, whatever she does to you, DON'T come> then he went back near Matt.

They started simultaneously, John spider-tickled both of his feet while Addie swirled her feather under the head of his penis. The mixed sensations staggered him at first, then he began alternating moans and laughter.
Judging by the pre-cum drops forming on his tip, it was clear that Addie was going to win soon so she upped the game and started licking and sucking his member, that's when John called for help <Matt, Mick, she is cheating! GET HER!> the couple rapidly surrounded the chubby milf, and started to stroke her sides and exposed feet <Addie, we agreed there was a “No-sucking rule”, come on, spit it out!> scolded Matt <Well, I think you CAN keep sucking him...if you can do it without breathing> teased Michael tickling her left foot and side faster, causing her to struggle more and her bouncing breasts to fall out off her corset. Matt grabbed a pair of feathers and stroked her boobs and nipples, Addie tried to suck faster while holding back the laughter, but in the end, she pulled Pad-foot's penis out of her mouth.
<C-ahaha-me on gu-huhuhu-ys> she said <Not my tits!> <You were cheating, we had to punish you> replied Michael stroking both of her nipples <I'll be gohohohod, please STOP!> she managed to say while violently jerking Pad-foot's dick <Tickle Johohohn! I'll do ANYTHING!> Michael laughed <Sorry honey, we can't do that. Besides, he is not cheat...> his words were cut by Pad-foot letting out a sudden, loud howl.
Matt, Michael and Addie simultaneously looked back to find John sucking happily on Pad-foot's toes, fitting all five of them in his mouth. <Young man the “No-sucking” rule applies to you too, spit it!> Matt yelled. John smugly shook his head and kept going, driving Pad-foot hysteric.
Michael jumped him, spider tickling John's balls and belly at the same time, causing the young man's penis to grow completely hard, then he pulled his skin back and feathered John's pulsating tip, finally forcing him to spit out the foot and start moaning and laughing.
Addie took advantage of this moment of distraction to quickly spit on Pad-foot's penis, then jerk him as fast as she could, the captive grunted, shivered and moaned and, in a few seconds, spurted out a huge load of cum.

Everyone stopped. John and Michael got up and walked away from Pad-foot's feet, while Addie smiled widely <I WON!> she giggled <You cheated mom!> murmured John <No I didn't!> replied the milf. Matt looked at the bound man with a mixture of sadness and pity in his eyes <I warned you, but you couldn't hold on...> Addie jolted towards the closet and pulled out a bag filled with sex toys <Everyone OUT! It's time for my REWARD!> she gagged her captive with a strange-looking ball gag with a peg on it, while the three men walked out of the room <Have fun...both of you> said John before exiting.

The young thief thought that night couldn't get any worse, he was so wrong. Addie pulled out a cock sleeve attached to an Hitachi wand and smirked <Now, here is what's going to happen: you are going to get hard again, then come, then get hard again, then come AGAIN until I say otherwise. Understood?> he desperately shook his head in response. The chubby milf teased his right nipple with a feather while rubbing his balls <Come on, now> she teased <I know you want to get hard again> and, despite his best efforts to resist, he did. She licked all the left-over sperm form his dick-head then slid his whole shaft into the sleeve, with his tip poking out of it. She turned on the vibrator and teased his swollen head with the feather <You aren't holding back, are you?> she cooed <Let's up the game dear> she let out some fake moans, she set the vibrator to maximum and moved the sleeve up and down, faster and faster.
He came again, and again she cleaned the head of his hyper-sensitive dick with her tongue.
The vibrator didn't stop, she kept it at maximum speed and tears started to run down the captive's cheeks.
Despite the increased sensitivity and almost painful vibration, his dick started do grow again, this time Addie tickled his sides and enjoyed his pointless flailing around and muffled screams for mercy.
<Ooh, you are awake again down there> she teased and removed the sleeve <but you are not going to come now> she placed a cock ring at the base of his penis <and now it's my time to have fun> she removed her panties and climbed on the peg of his ball gag, letting out a loud and slow moan as the peg slid in her.
She then proceeded to stroke his penis with two feathers while slowly fucking the plastic peg, the smell of her wet pussy went straight to Pad-foot's brain. He wished he could move, he wished he could bang that woman like there was no tomorrow, he wished she would stop tickling his dick.
He felt the energy building up, he was right on the edge again but Addie noticed that and slid both feathers up and down his sides. His violent laughter had an unexpected effect, it made the peg vibrate a little, which pleased Addie a lot. She tickled harder, exploiting all his worst spots and causing him to laugh and trash, making the peg vibrate faster; it didn't take long for her to reach a screaming orgasm.
She laid down onto her captive, her face inches from his member, her heavy breath rhythmically teasing his balls. He felt the cock ring being removed and closed his eyes, thinking it was over.
Then he heard it, the wand. He felt its vibrations under the head of his dick and, after all the teasing from before, it only took seconds to grow hard and come again. Then he heard her laugh softly, he felt the vibrator shifting and coming in contact with his balls, felt her tongue caressing his head and her hand jerking his shaft, he came again but nothing came out of his penis.

He was in pain and his balls were as dry as the desert, she have been teasing him for almost two hours, he achieved orgasm after orgasm, one more painful than the one before. Three times she rode that peg and three times she tickled him senselessly.
Finally, after what it seemed like eternity itself, she stopped, climbed down the bed, gently removed the gag and passionately kissed his toy <Thanks> she said softly <That was the best birthday ever>
she untied him and covered his naked body with a warm blanket, too tired to even think, he fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

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