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Howdy, all. I wrote this story on the request of Jets28. It's not my usual cast of characters, but it was fun to fiddle around a bit with a popular scenario that I usually don't write.

Enjoy, and please leave comments!

Sorority Sacrifice


Kid Indy

"You must present a sacrifice!"
"You mean that's real?"
In the darkened room the two girls who knew the whole story exchanged a smile. One of them continued. "Loyalty to the sisterhood demands the sacrifice from the rising ruler's family!"
Lauren paused, thinking. "But I don't have any sisters. And my cousins really don't come this far north. What do you want me to do?"
Another knowing glance between the two in the know. "The sacrifice doesn't have to be a virgin."
This time Lauren's pause interrupted the quiet with a gasp. "My mother?"

* * * * * * *
Tiffany Williams had transformed her life in ways that inspired--and troubled-- feminists and sorority sisters alike. A Tau Omega sister in the mid-nineties, Tiffany had married Josh, her fraternity-brother boyfriend, the summer they graduated, and within a year she gave birth to Lauren. She was the picture of the suburban Atlanta stay-at-home mom for twelve years while Josh worked his way up the management chain at Coca-Cola, but when Lauren was just about to enter (private) middle school, Josh's intern (also University of Georgia--they do look out for their own) drunk-dialed her and challenged her to a fight for Josh. Tiffany didn't take long to find out that this girl was neither the first nor the youngest with whom Josh had cheated while she faithfully raised their daughter.
That started the transformation.
Tiffany retained an elite Atlanta divorce lawyer, and within fifteen months, she came away with more than half of the wealth that Josh had accumulated, plus a steady stream of alimony and child support. With the help of Tiffany's generous family, who helped raise Lauren, Tiffany embarked on a nine-year business career that became a local legend in the suburbs: she had jumped on the real-estate and home-construction wave as the bubble inflated, transferred all of her assets from real estate to biotech just months before the crash of 2008, and turned a comfortable living into a genuine Southern fortune, all the while making a point of maintaining her tennis-player's body that local business magazines so loved to photograph. (The camera loved those legs.) As Lauren rose to her senior year at the University of Georgia, her mother had consolidated an investment empire that made her everyone's favorite success story to love and to hate.

What made her even more tasty for the local and even national gossip magazines were rumors that she had developed her own taste for interns, leaving behind her a trail of college seniors, none of whom would admit to anything but who nonetheless fueled speculations that she had reversed the standard roles of the powerful and the beautiful.

On that late-summer Atlanta night Tiffany Williams sat in an air-conditioned hotel banquet room attending politely to the political fundraiser dinner. The candidate was no more exciting than any other red-faced, silver-haired Georgia man could promise to be, but Tiffany had learned from years doing business in the South that owning a state legislator or two was an investment that only suckers would pass up. And besides, she had her eyes not on the old man running for office but for one of his young proteges, a tasty young law student who was going to take the fall semester off from classes to help with the campaign. He had taken the seat next to Williams for the night's wining and dining, and Tiffany Williams knew just what she wanted for dessert.

Nolan Benson managed to pass off his unease as the natural result of being the object of the beautiful millionaire's attentions and intentions, but he knew what Williams did not: he had a job to do that night, and his career could depend on it. Nolan had just dodged a pregnancy scare years before, and the girl was a Tau Omega sister. The ruling presidents had come to him with very specific instructions for the evening, and if he didn't comply, the sorority sister would come forth with tales of date-rape and bribes to abort. (None of these were true, but Nolan knew better than to set himself against Tau Omega, the sorority that people who knew things called Machiavelli House.) As Tiffany Williams touched his arm and as each glass of wine had her leaning in closer to him, Nolan knew that he would have no trouble getting access to her hotel room and carrying things out. He also knew that being trapped between current Tau Omega and their most famous alumna was no place to be. Yet he stuck with the plan.

When speeches were over for the night, Nolan let himself be led up to the luxury suite of one Tiffany Williams, and as she worked the seduction that she had been visualizing while the evening's official business had worn on, he kept an eye on the clock even as her hands made him contemplate just letting things go their course and apologizing to the Tau Omega sisters later.

But he knew there would be no apologies later. Choosing to go with the Machiavelli women threatening now rather than the one who might threaten him later, Nolan made his request to walk to the suite's living room and turn his phone off at precisely 11:29, and when he opened the suite's front door, he stood in only his underwear in front of four beautiful, long-haired women, ready to carry out the night's mission.
"Alright, Nolan. Now it's time for you to help us subdue her."

Nolan whispered in a panic: "What? You said I only had to let you in!"

Another of the leggy burglars chimed in. "If you don't help us get what we want, you're still a dead man!"

Tiffany called from the other room, "Where did you go, sweetheart? You're not going to leave a girl in here in the cold, are you?"

Nolan's head swiveled between the bedroom door and the four young women in front of him. "She'll destroy me!"

"Not when we're done with her."

"How do you know that?"

"Trust us! Now get ready to help us tie her down."

Again Tiffany called out. "Nolan! What are you doing in there? I'm lonely!"

The tallest of the four women grinned, drawing her mouth up in a way that terrified Nolan Benson and solidified his erection. "Not for long she won't be!"

With that Nolan went back into the bedroom and climbed back under the sheets. Tiffany Williams was down to her black silk underwear, and he couldn't deny that he would have gotten into this bed, conspiracy or not, and he wished that he could have been one of the voracious woman's conquests without all of the complications. But here he was, and he maneuvered his way behind Tiffany Williams and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Tell me, Mrs. Williams,"

"Call me Tiffany, Nolan!"

"Tell me, Tiffany, are you still ticklish?" One arm's grasp tightened as his other hand squeezed her side, making her thrash.

"Stop that! My goodness, you're ready to play!"

But he didn't stop. His hand was rapidly exploring for ticklish spots and finding gold wherever it turned, and Tiffany was having such a time fending off those fingers that she nearly missed the fact that four young women were quietly filing into the room. When she did open her eyes long enough to see them, they already surrounded the bed.

"What in the world?!?!?" With her exclamation Nolan's playful embrace became a bear-hug, and two of the women pounced on each of her legs, wrapping spare bed-sheets they had stolen from housekeeping around her toned calves and securing one to a bedpost and the other to the rail at the foot of the bed. With that done, they moved with some efficiency, as Nolan rolled off the bed, to do the same with her arms from her elbows to her wrists. Tiffany screamed as this happened, but the hotel knew from her previous stays to put her in the suite that would allow for rough play and not to come near until the morning. She was on an island.

One of the women turned to the underwear-clad law student. "Stick around, Nolan. We've got a job for you still."

Tiffany pulled on her bonds and growled at the five young bodies in her room. "You people are in trouble that you can't imagine! When I get out of here I'm going to find your names out and end you!"

"You'll do no such thing, Tiffany Williams. Tonight you are to be the sacred sacrifice of the sisterhood of Tau Omega, and if you tell anyone about anything that happened here, or if you come after Nolan, we will destroy Lauren's career prospects!"

Tiffany's eyes widened. "No. This can't be right. Sacrifices are young girls, little sisters and roommates! I'm a Tau Omega alumna!"

"Tonight you're a sacrifice."

"I'm going to find out who you people are, and you're going to pay for this!"

The ringleader, a tall, slender young woman with dark brown hair, continued the ritual. "As tonight's priestesses it is our duty to drive the sacrifice to the point of despair, to show one more the power of Tau Omega."

"Don't you even think about it! I offered sacrifices to become one of the four rulers when I was twenty-one! There's no way you're going to... you're not really going to, are you?"

Another of the young women chimed in. "The sacrifice hasn't changed, Mrs. Williams. We're going to tickle you out of your mind!"

Tiffany's struggled redoubled, but her slim frame didn't have the leverage to pull the bed's frame apart. "You're going to regret this! You'll never know it was me that got you!" She turned once again to her young law student, who stood still in his boxers. "Nolan! Let me out of this!"

The ringleader once again spoke up. "No, Mrs. Williams, he's not going to let you out of this. In fact, he's going to pleasure you orally while we drive you crazy."

"Wait! We never did that to anybody's little sister!"

"You're hardly the typical sacrifice, are you?"

Nolan's face was a mask of terror. "I'm not going to do that!"

"Then we'll remove our protection from you when this is over!"

Nolan's face dropped. He couldn't afford to have both the Tau Omega house and Tiffany Williams as enemies. He steeled for the task at hand. "Then let's get this done."

"NO! I swear to God, Nolan, if you don't let me out of this right now, nobody is going to be able to protect you!"

And yet the five young bodies closed in around her. Long-fingered hands wrapped around her ankles as manicured fingernails began to stroke her upper arms, making Tiffany hold her breath as the already-excited nerves just under her skin got their first taste of what was to come. Joining the delicate touches on her arms, fingers began to trace the contours of her soles. Tiffany wanted to threaten, wanted even to scream, but she knew that at any moment, and entirely irrespective of what she wanted, those fingers were going to start exploiting her wine-loosened and lust-fired nervous system, and she was going to get the tickling of her life. So instead she pursed her lips together and attempted to wait stoically for what was to come.

The ringleader now spoke to Nolan. "We're warming her up, Nolan. I need you to start your taste-testing."

Almost mechanically Nolan mounted the bed and began to pull Tiffany's underwear away from her navel, down around her upper thighs. One of the other girls, who obviously had planned this out, broke off from her foot-massage and grabbed a pair of scissors out of a bag. With one swift snip she cut away the expensive panties, and Tiffany Williams was open for business.

"No! You can't do this!" But they could, and they did. As she shouted this protest, the girls stationed on her upper body moved downwards to her underarms, wriggling eight fingers rapidly against her reddening skin. The result was instantaneous: Tiffany Williams's threat gave way to a screaming laugh, and the two foot-holders shifted their attention from tantalizing the edges of Tiffany's soles to scraping rapidly across the sole of her foot, landing at the edge of the heel, sweeping across the sole, and lifting off before they attacked the balls of her feet.

Tiffany's body was so overwhelmed by the sudden and inescapable tickling fingers that she didn't even properly thrash; her limbs couldn't coordinate quickly enough, and the ticklish shake she performed was more like a jerky dance than like an attempt to escape. The ringleader, who was tormenting an armpit, nodded to Nolan, and his well-muscled arms wrapped around Tiffany's thighs, securing her hips for his tongue to start its work. As his head descended to do his job, he noted that the cameras didn't lie: these were legs that were worth seeing and worth touching. Without the ability to twist away, Tiffany could only throw her head back and moan, then squeal, then pant, then giggle, as his tongue added intense sensations to a gang-tickling that by itself would have sent her to the moon.

One of the sisters who was working on her upper body shifted her attention to Tiffany's ribs, and the other matched Nolan's tongue-lashing with a matching lingual assault on her belly button. The foot-ticklers just kept at what they were doing, relentlessly poking fingernails between her toes, stroking her soles, attacking the places where no amount of tennis could have given her any protection against these touches. Tiffany Williams was undergoing erotic torment like she had never even dreamed of before, and her former target, Nolan, was just about to explode with excitement seeing this powerful woman, who once thought of him as prey, at the mercy of four additional ruthless women.

One of the foot-ticklers saw this and broke off her attack to wrap her own arms around Nolan's body and whisper in his ear. "Ooh baby! You look like you're about to bust!" As her hand wandered downward Nolan's head popped up from its work.

"Wait! This isn't..."

"Shhh... Just let me give you a little reward!" The other three women started to take her lead, and they all abandoned Tiffany Williams for a moment to surround Nolan Benson, who was now kneeling on the bed, between her legs, his arms hanging useless by his sides.

Tiffany, finally getting a moment to breathe, raised her head from the pillow that one of the girls had slid under her head, and watched as long, young fingers stroked Nolan's chest. She could see that he was out of body, and when one hand reached south, the sudden look of ecstasy told her that Nolan was out of the game. And he probably needed a new pair of boxer shorts.

Then the realization hit her.

"Wait! He wasn't finished! Let him finish!"

The ringleader once again grinned as two girls helped Nolan off the bed and out of the bedroom. "No, Mrs. Williams, it's not going to be that easy. Nolan is done for the night, and you're not going to bother him any more. But you're just getting started."

Tiffany pulled on her restraints again, but she could feel her own weakness from the tickling and arousal. "Let me go, and I won't come after you."

"You're not going to come after us anyway, because if you do, we're going to turn on Lauren. We're going to let everyone who will ever think of hiring Lauren know what she does on weekends. We know her like nobody else knows her, you realize!"

Another of her torturers chimed in. "And before we do that, we're going to tie her down just like this and go to town on those ticklish little feet of hers!"

Tiffany scowled at the four younger women. "You're going to regret this."

"You might as well enjoy it, Mrs. Williams. We're going to drive you to despair, just like the sacrifice demands."

With the break Tiffany's resolve was coming back. "You're going to regret coming after me! I swear it!"

"Actually, Mrs. Williams, you should take some pride in this. It was your example and your talks that turned Tau Omega into the Machiavelli House. Before we were just looking for rich husbands like the rest of them."

"Don't you put this on me, you little--" Her threat came up short as one of the girls, with a claw-squeeze motion, began to tickle her inner thigh, making her abdomen light up once more with unresolved sexual tension.

"Enough talking! Let's have some fun, girls!" This time Tiffany Williams was indeed thrashing--without any sensation competing with the ticklish squeezing, but with her skin still sensitive from Nolan's work, Tiffany had never felt as ticklish as she did as the younger woman stimulated her upper leg and those signals went straight up from there. Then another started to work again on her armpit, and it became worse. Then fingernails started stroking her sole, then fingers wormed their way between the toes of her other foot. The girls didn't have to work on her for more than a few minutes before Tiffany Williams, the toast of the town and the Southern success story, was whimpering between giggles. Her feet and underarms were somebody else's property, and the girl tickling her legs was affecting her whole body, making her feel every finger on her body as if it were the touch of a lover. She writhed and arched and laughed and giggled, and the four women would not stop. And every minute that passed made her more and more desperate for what she thought only a man could give her.

When, at one of their signals, the torture did pause, Tiffany knew just what was happening: she could feel every inch of her skin gasp in relief even as the core of her wanted just a little bit more, just enough to feel release.

One of the Tau Omega girls once again picked up the scissors, and the gasping Tiffany shook her head in vain as she drew near. With four neat snips and a quick tug, her bra came off, leaving only straps underneath her body. Tiffany didn't even care how much money it would cost to replace that garment; she only knew that, with her feet and sides as sensitive as they were, her breasts could only heighten the torture.

"Please. Don't do this. You've done enough already!"

"If you're still begging, it's not despair yet!" And with that girl's nod all four once again lit in, one at each foot and one circling her navel and one pinching just at the bottom rib. Although Tiffany's body was exhausted, the tickling still pushed her body to writhe, only this time she could feel her own breasts bounce, unrestrained. The humiliation of that was real enough, but when the rib-tickler's hand strayed to one of her breasts, nails scratching so lightly that they barely touched, her back arched, and another moan escaped, only to give way to a squeal and more laughter as the foot-ticklers scrabbled away at her soles. She giggled, furious with her own body, as fingers continued to prod at her underarms, and the moment of anticipation, just as one armpit fell vacant and just before another finger began to circle her breast, was the worst of all.

Tiffany knew well enough what was coming next: she had sacrificed four young women, the freshman and sophomore sisters of rising rulers, in her own day, but as the oldest-born in her own family, she had never known what it felt like to be the one tied down. She tried to imagine the revenge she would have on these girls, but even that could only last so long as the tickle-torture, punctuated by the delicate stroking that was bringing her to a place that Nolan could not quite push her. Her moans became whimpers as she realized her own body was going to betray her in mere moments.

One of the girls, who had been doing most of the talking, gave a hand signal, and all four stopped. Tiffany growled in frustration as her body twitched, eager for the next touch that would release all the energy that had been building. The ringleader leaned in. "Do you want us to go on?"

Tiffany's vision was a blur. Her body tried to answer, but her defiance, just for a moment, overcame that. "You go to hell!"

The young woman just smiled. "That tough face won't last long, you realize." She leaned down, puckered her lips, and blew a column of air between Tiffany's legs. With all of her nerves strung as tight as they were, even the motion of the air was enough to drive her crazy, and her head rocked back, and she gasped in spite of herself. "But you told me to go to hell, so we're going to work on you some more! Girls, no pleasure." She reached down with a clawing hand and pinched Tiffany's lowermost rib cruelly, making her squeal once more. "Just business!"

Tiffany once more whimpered as she saw the two girls tickling her feet pick up hairbrushes. She felt them pull her toes backwards, and when those bristles hit her soles, she regretted her defiance immediately. Her feet were ticklish on any day of any week, as her pedicurist knew, but in the state she was in, those brushes, their round plastic bristles increasing and releasing pressure on the surface of her skin in ways that ignited the nerves from her ankles to her hips and everywhere between, were enemies like she had never faced before. The two ticklers who had been working her upper body didn't even have to contribute; the brushes were breaking her very will to defy.

But need was not the issue that night. Tiffany realized quickly enough that the other two girls had absolutely doused their fingers in oil, and when their fingertips began to slide all over her sides and belly, that was it: Tiffany Williams, tycoon of the Atlanta scene, would have given or done anything to make those terrible fingers stop in that moment. Of course, she was too occupied screaming and laughing to make any offer, but the possibility remained nonetheless. The world of Tiffany Williams, once confined to a suburban house and her daugher's dance practices, then expanding to encompass what most men dreamed of ruling, now did not allow her to see or imagine anything beyond the boundaries of her own, tortured, ticklish skin. A month or a minute could have passed; all she knew was that whoever made those fingers and those brushes stop would be her goddess, and she would serve that savior until the day she died.

Of course, the girl who did give the order was no divine being, just a cruel young woman, but order she did, and once again she posed the question to their sacrifice: "Do you want us to go on?"

"Please what?"
The four young torturers exchanged looks and smiles as Tiffany's body began to cool down from the tickling. One of them who hadn't spoken much chimed in: "Since you're a Tau Omega sister, you're going to have to sing the song of the sisterhood!"
Tiffany wanted to defy but knew that she was broken. Even twenty years ago, when she ruled as one of the four, she hated singing in public. Now she knew her voice was in no shape, yet she dare not defy. "If I do, will you stop?"
"If you do, we'll finish!"
So with a shaky voice, Tiffany began to sing the first phrase of the song. As she did all four girls began to stroke and rub her tickle-weary body, and her notes began to shade higher as the promise of release tightened her larynx. They timed it so that she hit her climax during a long sustained note, and they all laughed as its pitch jerked this way and that with her heaving body. As the song ended Tiffany Williams, lover of younger men and intimidator of the great, panted, her humiliation and her satisfaction complete.
The girls laughed as they untied her and left her in her hotel suite.
* * * * * * *

The music in the club was loud, as everyone liked it. She danced first with a slender young man, then a more densely muscled one, moving to each new mix until she found herself face-to-face with a genuine specimen, a few years her junior, but that's just the sort of taste she was starting to develop. He must have seen the connection as well; before long he was motioning to her to walk outside with him. She checked her phone: 12:15 AM. The night was technically still young, but she didn't want to pass up a good chance, so she went with him.

His name was James, she found out, and as she anticipated, he was a student at the local university, a junior. She was only a year out of college, but she already knew what a fountain of youth a good-looking young man could be, and she intended to get a drink that night. They made their way to a house he said he was renting. His roommate was out for the weekend, he said, so they had the house to themselves.

She came in and sat on the couch as he went to the kitchen to pour some drinks. But even with her senses dulled a bit by the drinks she already had, the sound of high heels on the wood floor made her stand and turn in a hurry.

"Hello, Karrie."

The air went out of her lungs: there was none other than Tiffany Williams, and to each side of her were two large men. James was nowhere to be seen.

"How did you..."

"You're not that hard to track, dear. Or to lure." She gestured to the men, and they began to step forward.

"What are they doing?"

"What I've paid them to do, Karrie." The young woman stood no chance against the four large young men: within seconds they lifted her off the ground and started making their way, cargo hoisted, towards a bedroom in the house. Karrie shouted to them to stop, but money spoke louder, and with speed and efficiency they wrapped silk sheets around her forearms and ankles, tying her to the bed just as she and her three sisters had tied Williams more than a year ago.

As they stood back to behold their work, Karrie spoke up. "Please don't do this! We have to make a sacrifice! You know that!"

"And you know that I didn't become who I am by letting people get the better of me... for very long. Boys, step into the other room. I want to have a look at her." They left, and she looked at a long, lean body, tight shorts and a tighter top excellent gear for attracting college boys but not much armor to withstand what was coming.

"So are you going to tickle me now?"

"No, Karrie. The true mark of success is that you get to watch other people take care of things like that." She strolled over to the door, and Karrie's blood went cold. "Carl, would you join us?"

"No! You can't do this!"

"He's been eager to see you again, Karrie."

"Please! I dumped him because of his creepy tickle fetish!"

"Oh, I know, Karrie. And that's why I offered to buy him lunch tomorrow, anywhere he likes, if he'll join us tonight."

Karrie began frantically to beg as the door swung open.

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How could one not love a tale where EVERY single character was irredeemably wicked, down to the tips of their tickling fingers and/or ticklish toes? Thank you for this heady guilty pleasure.