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05-21-2015, 07:40 PM
Standard disclaimer: Tenchi Muyo and all characters belong to Pioneer. This story is the creation of my imagination, and therefore is in no way connected to the continuity of the OVA or the T.V. series.

part 1

by Lurch7

Washu was living her most erotic fantasies. That was one of the advantages of being the greatest scientific genius in the universe. Her virtual reality machine made any fantasy or sexual perversion possible.
Washu leaned back on her reclining chair especially designed for the device with a visor covering her eyes and ears. Her mouth was curled in a smile of pure bliss. One might guess that she was experiencing a sexual romp with any number of Earth heart throbs that she had seen on Earth TV and movies. Leonardo DeCaprio, Mel Gibson, and Jean Claude VanDamme, were likely choices. Indeed, the brilliant redhead had those individuals programmed into her virtual reality computer, ready and waiting to pleasure her. But she was in the mood for something darker than just raw sex.

You see, even though Washu could be classified as a heterosexual, there was one thing that brought her swinging to the side of lesbianism. And that was the writhing and hysterical laughter of tickle tortured women.

The program she was running now was designed to satisfy her sadistic ticklish cravings in every way. She called it Tickle Hell.

The fantasy the virtual reality program provided made Washu the Devil of an afterlife realm of punishment where women were sent to suffer eternal tickle torment. If one could look into the artificial realm of the program Washu was running, he would see an endless multitude of gorgeous women being mercilessly tickled by feathers, vines, disembodied hands, etc. across a broad expanse carpeted with a plush rug and littered with soft pillows. The deafening peals of laughter might drive the observer mad with horror as he saw the immense suffering on these women's tear soaked faces, but to Washu, the sounds of their agony were music to her ears.

Looking across the field of tickle torture victims, one might recognize many celebrities among the throng. One might see Cindy Crawford laughing and rolling on the plush carpet as dozens of feathers brushed every nook and cranny of her ticklish body. One might even see Jennifer Love Hewitt tied spread eagled on the floor as disembodied hands tickled and massaged her breasts and thighs. Many other female movie and TV stars could be found that Washu could choose from, but right now, she was preoccupied with someone very special.

In the middle of the thousands of women laughing and writhing in their ticklish agony, Washu straddled a restrained Nagi, the inter-stellar bounty hunter, and mercilessly tickled her armpits and ribs.

Nagi bucked and screamed with tortured laughter under Washu's wriggling fingers. She was stripped of her provocative bounty hunter costume and donned a humiliating bunny suit instead, which Washu found very cute.

Washu wore a sultry devil's costume, which was appropriate for her place as the Devil of Tickle Hell, which consisted of a red leotard and blood red, knee high boots. Two short horns poked out of her forehead right below her spiky hairline. Washu smiled down at Nagi's flushed face while her bunny ears bobbed as her head shook back and forth from the intense tickling.

In the mood to hear the ex-bounty hunter beg some more, Washu stopped tickling and waited for Nagi to calm down and catch her breath.

Nagi looked up at her torturer, her tear soaked eyes filled with desperation. "Oh please, mistress!" she said over the din of female laughter. "Please no more tickling" I-I'll die!"

"You're already dead!" Washu shouted, amused that she had to state the obvious.

Nagi wept at the memory of being condemned to an eternity of tickle torment. She couldn't bear the fact that she will be ticked forever and ever.

"Please!" Nagi sobbed. "I'll be your slave!"

"You already are my slave!" Washu said, cackling evily and showing her gleaming fangs. Washu wiggled her fingers in front of her victim, ready to tickle her again.

"NO!!! No!" Nagi shouted in pure desperation. "I'll do anything you want, just please, PLEASE let me rest!"

"Hmmmmm," Washuu muttered, considering. "That depends Are you sorry for hounding my dughter, Ryoko across the galaxy?"

"Yes! (gasp) Yes!" Nagi said immediately.

"And are you sorry for acting like a cold, macho bitch all the time?"

"Yes! Yes, I am!" Nagi said as her breathing slowed, getting her wind back.

"Sorry," Washu said, her fangs gleaming in a sadistic smile. "Apologies are never accepted in...Tickle Hell!!!" And she dove her fingers into Nagi's sides and belly.

Nagi reared and screamed in ticklish agony. So once again Nagi squirmed and screamed with laughter under Washu's tickling fingers. Wash giggled sadistically at Nagi's laughing and begging. "Not such a cold, macho bitch now, are you?" Washu remarked to the agonized Nagi.

In reality, the real Nagi was on the other side of the galaxy, plotting revenge against Ryoko for constantly outwitting and escaping her clutches. She had no idea that her likeness was being used for a mad scientis's sadistic perversions. And even though the Nagi Washu was tickling was nothing more than an electronic image embedded in cyberspace, Washu had suspended all desbelief and what she was experiencing through her virtual reality device was as real as can be. Washu was looking forward to the sexual delights that Nagi will grant her in exchange for spanding a little time untickled. Yes, life was good to her.

Then, the program was interrupted by hissing static.

"WHAAA?!!!" shouted Washu as she was rudely smacked back into the real world. She leapt out of her recliner ane ripped the visor from her head, the static hurting her eyes. Washu blinked continuously as she looked around her lab. She immediately noticed the cause of the disruption.


The ditzy blonde stood by the smoking virtual reality machine with one finger on her puckered lips.

"Oops! (half-hearted laugh) Sorry."

"Mihoshi!" Washu raged, throwing the now useless visor on the lab floor. "How the hell do you keep getting in here?"

"Uh, I dunno," Mihoshi replied. "I took a right, then a left, then another left..." Mihoshi rambled on and on as her arms moved in every which way, indicating directions. "Then, I found myself here. (giggle)"

Washu slapped her palm to her forehead in a sign of exasperation. A sweat drop appeared on the side of her head.

"Well, anyway, Washu, I came to tell you that dinner is ready. But I saw you in that headband thingy. And you were laughing in a way that was scary. So I tried to shut off the thingamajig that you were hooked up to...and...I think I did that. (giggle)" Mihoshi said as she pointed at the steaming wreckage that was Washu's precious pleasure toy.

For the upteenth time, Washu suppressed the urge to throttle the stupid bimbo. But then, she started to examine the blonde.

When her programs were allowed to run their normal course, it ended with Washu receiving a belly busting climatic orgasm. Then, she was sated until the next time around.

But she didn't get the opportunity to become sated. Because this bimbo in front of her broke her VR machine.

So Washu found herself drinking in the blonde's exotic beauty. Her khaki pants flowed around her voluptuous rear end, enhancing its perkyness. Her pink blouse cradled her breasts and tucked into her slacks, showing off her figure. Being fresh out of the Tickle Hell VR program, Washu had to restrain herself from attacking the beauty with tickling hands.

"Um, Washu? Um, why are you looking at me like that?"

With Mihoshi's inquiry, Washu snapped out of it. She had an idea of how to deal with this bimbo once and for all.

"Mihoshi," said Washu. "Now that you are here, there's something I'd like you to try out for me."

"Oh, wow! What is it?"

Washu rummaged in a corner of her lab and brought out a bright silver ball. She brought it over to Mihoshi.

"This is an entertainment device I've been working on. I need an unbiased opinion on it. Since you like to poke and prod things, I think this device is just for you."

"Woooooooow! (giggle) Um, how does it work?"

"Just press that red button and it'll start."

"OK, (giggle)"

So Mihoshi started her search for the red button on the silver ball she held. Washu fumed at how long it took the bimbo to find it. She swore that this ditz couldn't find her own ass with both hands.

"Oh, here it is!" (giggle)" And she pressed the red button, completely unaware that something devious was afoot.

Two clamps attached to strong metal cords shot out of the silver sphere and clutched both of Mihoshi's wrists.

"Yipe! Wh-what's going on?"

Washu grinned evilly in reply.

Dozens of metal tentacles seeped out of the sphere and started rubbing into Mihoshi's voluptuous body.


Mihoshi immediately dropped to the floor in a fury of squirming and squealing as the tentacles snaked into her armpits, belly, and ribs.

Washu nodded in satisfaction. That should keep that bimbo busy for awhile, she thought. Now let's see what I can do with the VR machine the little ditz broke.

Through the sound of Mihoshi's hysterical laughter was pleasant at first, it became kind of annoying after a while. It was really distracting Washu as she was trying to fix the VR machine. But the last straw was when she heard a loud crash from behind.

Washu spun around to see Mihoshi sprawled on the floor along with the wreckage of her setup of beaker and test tubes. Washu guessed that Mihoshi had managed to get to her feet in an act of ticklish desperation, then slammed herself into the delicate arrangement in her ticklish torment. Mihoshi continued to writhe and squeal among the broken glass. Tears began to flow from her eyes as the devilish thing reached under her clothes and continued to tickle her hairless hollows mercilessly.


Washu huffed in irritation. She was going to have to put Mihoshi away somewhere until the tickling device ran its course. Washu pecked on her keyboard, which appeared in the air in front of her at her command. With it, she created a subspace transdimensional padded cell she could put the ticklish blond in. A door appeared near the redhead.

Washu grabbed Mihoshi by the hair and dragged the ticklish blonde towards the door. Once she opened it, she threw the laughing, writhing bimbo inside.

"There! That'll hold ya!" Washu shouted, laughing as she slammed the door.

Then, Washu continued to repair the busted VR machine. She whistled as she listened to the muffled screams of laughter of the tickled Mihoshi.

When Washu was almost finished repairing the VR machine, she received another visitor.

"Oh, hello, Kiyone!" said Washu.

"Hi," said Kiyone as she walked into Washu's lab. "You and Mihoshi didn't come to dinner and we were wondering what was up."

Then, she cocked her head, listening to the screaming and squealing that seemed to come from all directions.

"Um...Washu, what is that?" Kiyone inquired.

"Oh, that's Mihoshi," Washu replied in a matter of fact manner. "She's testing out one of my torture machines."

"She's what?!!!"

"You heard me!" Washu stood before the brunette, facing her squarely in the eye. Even though Washu only came up to the beauty's chest, the redhead could take her out in a fight any day with her pseudo-scientific powers. And she would have if she had too. Indeed, Washu expected the Galaxy Police Detective to fly in a rage over what she was doing to her partner and try to rescue the blonde.

But instead, Washu noted a twinkle of devilish delight in Kiyone's eyes and her mouth had curled in the slightest smile. Kiyone looked at Washu, enthusiasm brightening her face. "Can I watch?"

Washu smiled back at the detective. "Sure! Right this way!" And Washu led Kiyone to the subspace padded cell.

Kiyone peeped in as Washu opened the door to see Mihoshi writhing, laughing, and sweating up a storm. The tickling device had stripped the blonde of her clothes down to her pink bra and panties and was brushing its tickling tips all over Mihoshi's ticklish form.


"Oh, tickling," Kiyone said, a hint of disappointment touching her voice.

"Of course, what did you expect?" said Washu.

"Well, from the sound of it, I thought she was bing skinned alive. But this must be just as agonizing for her. I know just how ticklish she is."

"Do tell," said Washu.

"Oh, yes! From time to time, I have to tickle her to keep her in line. She behaves for a while after such a session. But when she starts acting like an annoying ditz again, that's when my magic fingers go into action." Kiyone giggled. "She is as weak and defenseless as a child whenever she's tickled."

"Yes, well, it's been an hour new," Washu said looking at her watch. The "tickling machine should shut off just about...now!"

Immediately after Washu's statement, the silver globe released Mihoshi's wrists and all of its tentacles seeped back into the machine.

Mihoshi slumped onto the padded floor, a quivering, giggling wreak. Then her big blue eyes filled up with tears as her mouth formed into a whimper.


"Ooooohhh! There, there, Mihoshi," consoled Kiyone as she went to her.

Mihoshi embraced her best friend and cried on her shoulder. "I-i-it was horrible! (sob) I couldn't stand it! (sniffle)"

"It's all right. It's all over now. Now why don't we get your clothes back on and get out of here, OK?"

Mihoshi nodded as she gathered her torn off clothes to her breasts and left the padded cell, leaning on Kiyone for support.

As the pair passed Washu Kiyone winked at the redhead and gave her the thumbs up sign. Washu nodded in acknowledgement.

Later that night, the girls were in the hot bath, chatting about the day they had. Ryoko and Ayeka were arguing over who Tenchi liked best, as usual. Washu was watching the two rivals fight with a smirk on her face. Sasami was playing with Ryo-oki. And Kiyone and Mihoshi were sitting in the giant bath next to each other. Kiyone had a peaceful expression on her demeanor and Mihoshi was uncharactoristically silent. She just stared down at the water and brooded.

Sasami noticed Mihoshi's sulleness.

"Gee, Mihoshi. What's wrong? You're not you're usual bubbly self."

"Aw, she's had a rough day," said Kiyone as she looked over at Washu and winked.

"Yup," agreed Washu. "Mihoshi found herself in a very ticklish situation today."

"What?" Sasami asked innocently.

So Washu told everyone of how she punished Mihoshi for coming into her lab and breaking stuff all of the time. Kiyone smirked as Sasami, Ayeka, and Ryoko were held mesmerized by the story. Mihoshi was on the verge of tears.

"Yup," said Washu. "I think it'll be a cold day in Hell before Mihoshi intrudes herself in my lab again! EHH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!"

"Stop it! Mihoshi shouted, two streams of tears squirted from the sides of her eyes. "You're so mean! (sob) I almost died!"

"Aaawwwww!" said Kiyone in mock sympathy as she put her arm around the shoulders of the sobbing Mihoshi. "Poor baby is upset. Here's something that'll cheer you up!" And she tickled Mihoshi's ribs.

"SQUUUUEEEEEEAAAAAALLL!!!" STOP IT!!!" Mihoshi shrieked. She immediately jumped away from her friend and swam to the middle of the bath.

Kiyone giggled and swam slowly towards her. "I'm gonna getcha!" She playfully growled, her head skimming above the water as she stalked Mihoshi. "I'M GONNA GETCHA!!!"

"No! Stop! I mean it!!!" Mihoshi cried as she swam towards Ryoko and Ayeka with the conception that they would protect her from the suddenly sadistic Kiyone.

But when she moved herself between the two rivals, they gave each other a look of mutual agreement. Acting as one, they each grabbed an arm and scrambled their hands all over the blonde's too ticklish body.


Kiyone laughed in pleasure to see that the tickling spirit she displayed was spreading. She took Mihoshi's right foot and scrambled her fingers along her soles.

Mihoshi bucked her naked body spasmodically and squealed in laugher as her tormenters continued to tickle

Little Sasami, ever the innocent, said: "Wow! That looks like fun! Let me try!" And she appeared behind Mihoshi and started tickling her neck.

Ryoko was laughing raucously at poor Mihoshi's predicament, obviously enjoying the blonde's torment. Ayeka was giggling in a feminine way, enjoying this too. Sasami had a look of child like joy on her face. And Kiyone's face was twisted in a sadistically evil smile.

But Mihoshi wasn't enjoying this one bit.


Washu shrugged her shoulders. Welp, the more the merrier, she thought. And she swam over and started tickling poor Mihoshi's left foot.

Mihoshi's ticklish laughter rang out through the bath area as her torment continued.