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Standard disclaimer: Tenchi Muyo and all characters belong to Pioneer. This story is the creation of my imagination, and therefore is in no way connected to the continuity of the OVA or the T.V. series.

No Need for Tickling!
part 2

by Lurch7

Washu emerged from her lab after a long day's work of inventing and experimenting. She yawned and stretched as she looked forward to spending the rest of the evening lounging in the hot bath with her friends. Then she noticed with annoyance the screams of laughter going on upstairs.
"Geez Laweeze!" said Washu. "Are those two still at it?"

Ayeka looked over her shoulder at Washu. She was sitting on the couch watching TV with her sister, Sasami.

"On and off throughout the day. Just like every day for a week."

"Yeah, poor Mihoshi," said Sasami with more compassion than her sister just displayed.

Ever since the girls gang tickled Mihoshi in the bath a week ago, Kiyone and Ryoko have been chasing and tormenting Mihoshi with their tickling fingers. They'd tear throught the house, Mihoshi squealing, crying, and begging as Kiyone and Ryoko tagged close behind with sadistic gleams in their eyes. Sometimes the tickling duo would separate in order to cut her off as the ticklish blonde rushed desperately down a hallway. Once they caught her, one would hold her wrists to the ground while the other would straddle and tickle Mihoshi's armpits, ribs, belly, and sides. Locking herself in a room from her tormentors proved useless with Ryoko's teleportation powers. The space pirate would merely pass through the wall and tickle Mihoshi away from the door, then she would unlock the barrier to allow Kiyone. Then, they would have the blonde trapped and tickled.

Before now, Washu considered herself completely merciless when it came to tickle torturing women. Indeed, her sadistic exploits within her VR Tickle Hell had convinced her of that. However, when confronted with the real life agony of a fellow female who suffered endless attacks by tickle sadists, Washu couldn't help but feel sorry for her. One day of merciless tickling was one thing. Having it go on and on indefinitely was quite another. At meal times, Washu had seen Mihoshi shaking and sobbing as she listened to Kiyone and Ryoko talk about the further tickle torments they will inflict on their hapless tickle toy.

Mihoshi never got angry. If she were capable of such an emotion, just yelling at her tormentors and responding with physical violence might compel the detective and the space pirate to back off. But she only begged them to stop with pleas and sobs. This only encouraged her torturers. Indeed, they found poor Mihoshi to be too cute and ticklish to be taken seriously.

"Poor Mihoshi, indeed," Washu ageed as she listened to Mihoshi's squeals and sobs. Washu turned to Tenchi, who was sitting next to Aeyka on the couch. "Tenchi, you're our host. Aren't you even going to try to put a stop to this?"

"Ahhh hahahahaha," Tenchi laughed nervously, a sweat drop appeared on the side of his head. "I tried all right, but..." He turned around to reveal two sets of foot marks that covered his face and the front of his willowy form.

"I thought so," Washu huffed in disgust. Tenchi was such a wuss. What the hell did Aeyka and Ryoko see in that skinny dork anyway? Those two are so gorgeous, they can get any guy in the universe that they wanted. And they waste their time fawning over this human version of Kermit the Frog?!! Only in the world of anime would women give that nerd the time of day.

No sooner than Washu finished belittling Tenchi, Mihoshi came rolling down the stairs with Kiyone runing behind her, giggling like a madwoman. Ryoko appeared out of thin air at the foot of the stairs and caught Mihoshi in her tickling grasp.

"NNNNOOOOOOO!!! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!" screamed Mihoshi as she broke from Ryoko's grasp.

'"Get her!" yelled Kiyone as she met Ryoko at the foot of the stairs. "She's getting away!"

Ryoko leapt forward and tackled the ticklish Mihoshi. The blonde fell face first onto the floor as Kiyone jumped in the air and landed on her friend's back. Once there, she proceeded to tickle Mihoshi's ribs as Ryoko straddled the back of Mihoshi's calves and tickled her bare feet. Poor Mihoshi bucked and writhed helplessly in her ticklish agony.

Washu walked up to the three and sternly clapped her hands. "All right, you two. That's quite enough!"

Kiyone and Ryoko completely ignored Washu and went on tickling their hapless victim. Looks of sadistic glee were plastered on their faces.

"AAAAAYY!!!" yelled Washu. "I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!!!"

But the tickling duo went right on tickling as if they couldn't hear the redhead over Mihoshi's screaming and laughing. And perhaps they couldn't . But Washu was in no mood to accept that as an excuse.

Using her pseudo-scientific powers, she produced an energy ball with her right hand and threw it at the two ticklers. A bright explosion sent Kiyone and Ryoko flying through the air. Ryoko impacted face first, embedded in the ceiling. Kiyone lay sprawled on the floor several feet away, her face and clothes black with soot.

"Christ, Almighty!" shouted Washu. "Every day for a week you've been torturing this poor girl! Can't you see that you're killing her?!!" Washu indicated the quivering and giggling Mihoshi. "She's had enough, dammit!"

Kiyone just gawked. Ryoko let gravity peel her from the ceiling and drifted down to the floor like a piece of paper.

With infinite compassion, Washu helped the sobbing, quivering Mihoshi from the floor. "Come on, sweetie. Let's get you out of here."

Mihoshi sniffled and took Washu's hand. She got to her feet and allowed the redhead to lead her to the lab.

"I'll make sure that those two never torture you again," Washu whispered to Mihoshi. "And I'll make certian that you have your revenge on them as well. And it will be sweet."

Mihoshi giggled, and it was not from her ordeal of tickle torment.

A few minutes later, Mihoshi was sitting on a doctor's bench in Washu's lab. She was still sniffling and quivering from her ticklish ordeal from those two tickle bullies: Kiyone and Ryoko.

Washu was in he nurse's uniform, but there were no kinky mannerisms in her behavior this time. She held up a shot and walked towards the apprehensive Mihoshi.

"Wh-what's that for?" stammered the shaking Mihoshi.

"It's an anti-tickling serum. It will dull all of your tickle nerves and make you immune to tickling."

Mihoshi's quivering increased and her big blue eyes rimmed with tears. "B-but I don't like shots!" she wined.

Washu shrugged. "Then I guess that you like tickling better." She turned to the door. "I'll go get Kiyone and Ryoko."

"NO!!!" Mihoshi shouted, reaching out desperately. Washu hesitated. Mihoshi gulped and shut her eyes tight. "OK. Gimme the shot."

Washu injected the serum into Mihoshi's arm while the blonde whimpered. Washu wiped the mark with antiseptic and placed a cute bunny rabbit band-aid on it. "There, now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Mihoshi shook her head, still whimpering.

"Now, why don't you get some rest here in the lab. And in the morning, I have something I want you to do for me. Will you do it?"

Without really listening, Mihoshi nodded her head as she allowed herself to be helped off of the bench by Washu and led to a soft bed. For the first time in a week, Mihoshi slept soundly.

Early next morning, Mihoshi peeped out of the broom closet that served as Washu's lab. She scanned the outside area with her big blue eyes for her stalkers. There was no one to be seen. But experience told her that this meant nothing. They were there all right, just waiting for her to emerge. Before now, she would be overwhelmed with dread, but this time, she was ready.

Slowly, she opened the door and stepped out into the hall. She shut the door behind her and set out to run the errand that Washu sent her to do.

She was only five steps from the broom closet when she heard a demonic sounding growl coming from behind.

"MMMMIIIIIHHHHHOOOOOOSSSHHHIII!!!" said the voice with a tone dripping with evil playfulness.

Mihoshi spun around and saw Kiyone peering from around a corner. Only half of her face was showing, but the blonde could tell that it was twisted with sadistic glee of the torments she will inflict upon her. Kiyone's eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Uh, I dunno," replied Mihoshi as if she didn't know the answer. "What?"


As soon as she yelled this, Ryoko leapt out of the wall and grabbed Mihoshi's waist with her tickling hands. Meanwhile, Kiyone charged at the blonde and attacked her ribs.

On instinct, Mihoshi squealed and clasped her arms and hands over her body. But then, she remembered: she wasn't ticklish anymore. Indeed, she could feel the girls' fingers rubbing against her flesh, but there were no tickling sensations whatsoever.

Pleased, Mihoshi stood up straight and raised her arms up to the bullies' attack, her fingers laced behind her head. Mihoshi enjoyed the confused looks on her tormentors' faces when they realized that they were having no effect on Mihoshi's ticklish status.

"What the hell...?" said Ryoko as she moved her fingers from Mihoshi's waist to her armpits. "She ain't laughing!"

Kiyone's expression changed from a demonic smile to an annoyed frown as she moved from Mihoshi's ribs to her thighs. "Yeah, what the hell, Mihoshi?"

"Nyah nyah!" said Mihoshi. "I'm not ticklish anymore. Washu saw to that."

"Aw, doggone it!" said Ryoko. "Leave it to Washu to break our toy!" With that, she vanished into thin air, perhaps to flirt with Tenchi.

"Yeah, dammit!" Kiyone agreed. "That midget should mind her own damn business." And she stormed off in a huff.

Mihoshi breathed a sigh of relief. At last, those two won't be bothering me anymore, Mihoshi thought. And now, to the assignment Washu gave me.

And Mihoshi continued to Kiyone's room to retrieve one of Kiyone's headbands.

Washu paced back and forth in her lab while looking at her watch. What was taking her so long, Washu thought. Surely not even Mihoshi was too incompetent to obtain one of her best friend's tokens. Right when Washu decided to go looking for her, Mihoshi walked through the door into the lab.

"Hi, Washu," said the blonde. "I got it! One of Kyone's headbands."

"Ah, good!" said Washu as she snatched it out of Mihoshi's hand. "Now for the next step for your revenge against Kiyone." Washu walked to a corner and pulled out a life sized doll of Kiyone.

It was so life-like, Mihoshi almost thought that it actually was Kiyone. But upon closer inspection, she could see that it was made of soft felt rubber. It had no clothes on and it was anatomically correct as well.

"This is a giant voodoo doll of your tickle nemeses, Mihoshi," Washu explained. "It took me all of last night to invent. It doesn’t transmit pain very well, but tickle! It transmits that by a factor of ten!"

As the redhead spoke, she placed Kiyone's headband on the head of the doll. "This is to establish the telepathic bond between the doll and Kiyone. All of the tickling we inflict on the doll, will transmit to Kiyone's tickle receptors in her brain with ten times the intensity."

Mihoshi was excited. She couldn't wait to get started. "Cool! When can we begin!"

"Well, first let's see what our brunette friend is doing right now." Washu summoned her mid-air keyboard and used it to conjure up a movie screen above their heads. The screen showed the two co-conspirators what Kiyone was doing right that instant.

Kiyone was getting ready to do some morning aerobics. She had on a pink leotard and donned a pair of leg warmers. She was still grumbling about how Mihoshi lost her ticklishness and now she was going to have to resume her morning workout instead of chasing and tickling her blonde friend. Pity, chasing and tickling Mihoshi burned off more calories than all of the morning workouts in the world.

As she got out her boom box, Washu looked over Kiyone's leotard clad body. Yessiree bob! There was nothing sexier than a trim woman in a leotard, thought Washu. Especially when tickled!

Wahsu turned and splayed the giant voodoo doll in a spread eagle position with its head pointing towards the screen. Washu was as giddy as a schoolgirl. "Watch this," she said to Mihoshi. And she squeezed the doll's waist.

"WHHHHOOOOOOP!" yelled Kiyone as she dropped her boom box and leapt three feet in the air. Immediately, she turned and frantically scanned the room. "What the hell..." she exclaimed.

Washu and Mihoshi snickered devilishly. "Wow! Let me try!" said Mihoshi as she squeezed the doll's thighs.

"YYYYEEEEEEE HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!" Kiyone squealed as she fell to the floor, clutching her thighs. Then, Kiyone looked up and scanned the room again in the pause that followed. "Ryoko?" she called. "Ryoko, is that you? Answer me, dammit!"

Mihoshi and Washu giggled in delight. They then proceeded to run their hands all over the body of the voodoo doll while watching the screen, entertained by Kiyone's writhing and squealing as the tickling sensations crawled all over her body.

"Oh, I have a fantastic idea," said Washu as she leapt to her feet. "Keep Kiyone occupied, Mihoshi. I'll be right back." And the mad scientist ran to the other end of her lab. Mihoshi didn't have to be told twice. She focused on tickling the doll's rib area while watching the detective howl with laughter.


Kiyone frantically tried to block the hands that she felt tickling her sexy body. But there were no hands to block. The tickling sensations went on with the same intensity as though all of her ticklish spots were wide open. And they were as far as the doll was concerned.

"Take that, Kiyone!" said Mihoshi as she continued to exact her revenge for all of the long hours of tickling she had endured at the brunette's hands.

Then, Washu emerged from the darkness to reveal something in both of her hands that Mihoshi immediately recognized.

"Oh, no!" Mihoshi shouted as her mouth hung open. "That's too cruel, even for YOU!"

Washu cackled evilly as she held the silver metal ball that was the tickling machine. "I thought I'd break a record."

Mihoshi backed off from the doll, giving Kiyone a brief respite, to allow Washu to attach the metal clamps that extended from the silver globe to the doll's wrists. Then, she pressed the red button and stepped back to let the tickling machine do it's work. The metal tentacles seeped out of the silver sphere and skated across the doll's body.

The response from Kiyone was atomically explosive. She leapt from the floor and smashed against the ceiling in a fury of writhing limbs and maniacal laughter. Then she fell back on the floor writhing and bucking so fast, that her movements were a blur. Then, she managed to get to her feet in an act of ticklish desperation and started bouncing off of the walls like a hyper ticklish pinball, wrecking all of the furniture in the room.


Not wanting to be left out of Kiyone's tickle torment, Mihoshi moved to the doll's feet and started scrambling her fingers on its soles, adding to Kiyone's already infinite tickle agony.

Raising such a ruckus, it was inevitable that someone would come a knocking on Kiyone's door to see what the hell was going on. And it was none other than Tenchi.

Tenchi opened the door to Kiyone's room and shouted: "Hey! Is someone being murdered in here?" No sooner had he said that, Kiyone came charging into Tenchi in her ticklish agony and smashed him through the wall on the other side of the hall, leaving a Tenchi shaped hole.

Now free of the room, Kiyone tore down the hallway in a desperate attempt to escape whatever the hell was tickling her. When she reached the stairs, she fell down them, limbs flailing all over the place and shrieking like a madwoman.

Ayeka rose from her seat on the couch, observing the writhing, screaming mass of flailing limbs rolling down the stairs.

"Oh, my word," said Ayeka aristocratically. "Whatever is going on?"

Once Kiyone reached the bottom of the stairs, she bounced from the landing and smashed into the princess of Jurai, sending her smashing into the TV set. Kiyone landed on top of the shocked Ayeka, punching and slapping her with her writhing limbs as she continued to suffer the onslaught of immense tickle torture.

Indignant, Ayeka threw the tickled brunette off of her and rose from the floor. "Such an attack on the princess of Jurai is absolutely inexcusable!" shouted Ayeka. "You have gotten me quite pissed off. Such an affront shall not go unpunished!!!"

Using her Jurai powers, she emitted an explosive force field from her hands and sent the tickled Kiyone flying through the wall and out into the yard by the pond.

Meanwhile, Washu and Mihoshi were laughing their asses off over all that they have observed on the screen. Neither of them could remember ever laughing this hard. It was almost as though they were being tickled themselves.

Ayeka walked over to the large gaping hole that she blew Kiyone out of and watched as the beautiful brunette continued to scream and laugh as she writhed on the grass beneath the clear blue sky. Sasami came from the kitchen and watched Kiyone with her sister.

"Ayeka," Sasami said, naively. "What's wrong with Kiyone?"

"I don't know, Sasami," Ayeka said as she shook her head. "I just don't know."

After several minutes, Washu and Mihoshi finally finished laughing and lay on the floor, exausted. Mihoshi looked over at the voodoo doll and the tickling machine that was still squirming its tentacles all over its body. "So how long are you going to let this go on?" asked Mihoshi.

"Oh, I don't know," replied Washu. "How long has she been tickling you?"

"On and off all week."

"Well, if you put all of that time together, they should add up to about 30 hours, right?"

"About that."

Washu smiled at Mihoshi. "Sounds good to me!"

Mihoshi smiled back and nodded in agreement.