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It's been a while since I wrote anything on here. But I hope you all enjoy!!! :)

Ali was 21 years old. 5'6", long curly brown hair, and one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. She was shy, and didn't open up to very many people. The only person that she was extremely close to was her wife. She had been in love since a young age, and couldn't believe that she got to marry her best friend. Her wife, Bre, was always tickling her. She loved to hear Ali laugh. But nobody else knew how ticklish Ali was.
One night, Ali and her wife had a couple of friends over. They were all hanging out and talking when Ali decided she was going to go ahead and go to bed since it had been such a long day. She said goodnight, kissed her wife, went to her room, and changed into her tank top and shorts. After a few minutes of hearing everyone else talking and laughing in the living room, it got quiet. She didn't think much of it and started to fall asleep. Suddenly, she heard her wife and her friends, Austin and Emily, enter the bedroom. She tried to act like she was asleep in hopes that they would leave. She heard them whispering and started to get a little nervous. She knew how Bre was. She was always up to something. She felt someone sit on the bed so she tried to roll over, but Austin grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head while Bre sat beside her and Emily sat at her feet, wrapping one arm around her ankles. She was completely helpless.
"What the hell are you doing?!?!" Ali screamed.
"Well, Bre here told us you were ticklish. We didn't believe her so we decided to see for ourselves." Austin said, smiling down at her.
She felt Emily start to lightly tickle all over her soles. She tried to hold in her laughter, and seemed to be doing good until Emily began tickling under her toes. Then she couldn't take it anymore.
"Ahahahahaha please stoahahahahap!!!" She begged, but knew it wouldn't do any good.
"Oh wow, you are ticklish aren't you? This is going to be a long night for you!" Said Emily, loving the situation that they had her friend in. "Alright guys, are you going to help me or not?"
With that, Ali felt Bre start tickling her sides. She knew every little spot to poke and squeeze to send Ali into hysterics. Then Austin joined in, immediately attacking her defenseless underarms. She was in ticklish hell.
"AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" she laughed and screamed, begging for them to stop. She couldn't take this much tickling. And she knew that they didn't plan on stopping for a while.
She felt Emily stop tickling her feet and was relieved that the torture seemed to be slowing down, but then she felt that grip back around her ankles and a brush scrubbing over every little ticklish inch of her feet. This was too much.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" she had tears rolling down her face. She had never experienced tickling this intense in her life.
"Awww, is someone ticklish? Such a cute laugh. It makes me want to keep this up all night!" teased Austin.
Bre smiled at her. "Awww honey, why do you want us to stop? You seem like you're having soooo much fun. We don't want to take that away from you!" She said and moved down to start tickling her waist, which brought Ali to new levels of ticklishness. She didn't know how long they had been tickling her. It felt like hours. And they were hitting all of her worst spots. She knew Bre had told them where she was ticklish, but right now she didn't care. She just wanted it to end. Suddenly all of the tickling stopped, and Ali laid there trying to catch her breath. Bre got off of the bed and walked over and whispered something to Austin and then to Emily. They smiled at each other as Bre walked out of the room.
"Okay guys, let me up now. I'm serious." She demanded.
"No, we have strict orders from your wife to keep you right here. She has a little surprise for you." Said Emily with an evil grin. Ali's heart dropped.
Bre walked back in with a bag in her hand. She sat the bag on the bed and pulled out four pieces of rope. Ali knew exactly what they were going to do and began fighting to get free, but it was pointless. They had too tight of a grip on her. Bre walked over and grabbed one of Ali's ankles. She then used a piece of rope and tied her ankle to the bed post. She did this with Ali's other ankle, as well as both of her wrists, so that Ali was tied spread-eagle to the bed. She couldn't move at all. She stared at her wife and friends, waiting to see what they were going to do next. They stood there, smiling at each other and whispering. She tried to think of a way to get out of this, but couldn't think of anything. She was at their mercy, and they were going to tickle her.
Bre was the first to move toward the bed. She smiled down at her helpless wife. "Baby, since we were all having so much fun, we thought maybe this would make it better. It keeps us from having to hold you down and it gives you less room to move, which should make the tickling even more intense!" Bre leaned down to kiss her but Ali stopped her.
"Please, let me go. You can tickle me any time you want, but this is too much!" She pleaded. Bre leaned down and kissed her, and as she was kissing her she tickled her sides, making Ali scream and jerk away. Bre walked down to Ali's feet, Emily went up to her underarms, and Austin was at her sides. Without warning, they began tickling again. Each one bringing new ticklish sensations to every spot. She had adjusted to the tickling before, but now that they had switched, it was like they were tickling worse than ever. Bre was focusing on tickling under each toe, which was driving Ali crazy.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP I CAHAHAHAHAHAN'T TAKE THIS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" She screamed, trying to get away from the tickling fingers all over her body. As they kept tickling, Ali gave up on trying to get away. There was no point. So she just laid there and laughed, knowing that they could keep this up all night, and she would have to stay in this ticklish hell.
Bre grabbed a bottle of baby oil and rubbed it all over Ali's feet, and then picked up the brush and began scrubbing every inch of her soles, sending her laughter to new levels. Noticing what Bre was doing, Austin and Emily decided to take the tickling up a notch as well. Austin began tickling up and down her sides from her ribs down to her hips, over and over. Occasionally he stopped at her hips, torturing them after noticing that it was a very ticklish spot. And Emily would switch between scratching all over her underarms and digging her fingers in, tickling mercilessly. Giving no warning of when she was going to switch methods. They were all expert ticklers, and quickly sent Ali into silent laughter.After an hour of tickling her, they finally stopped. They thought she'd had enough. She laid there, still feeling tickling sensations all over her body.
"Aww, baby, you seem tired. But that was a lot of fun!" Bre smiled at her wife.
"Hehehe yeah... just wait... one day you're going to see just how much fun that is." She whispered quietly. Finally they all went to bed, and Ali was thankful that her torture was over. But she knew that one day, she would get her chance at revenge.

I hope you all enjoyed my story! Thanks for reading!!!!!! :trippyrainbow:

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Great story! :D

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Great Story Cherry

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Can't wait for part two