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Vacation Torment Part 4

You sleep soundly through the night, the best you have slept since you left Athens.. You think you are dreaming as you feel something licking at your vagina,. You start you say yessss and go to reach down and touch your clit. Your suddenly awakened, your eyes open in shock as your hands are bound to the bed with leather straps.. You look down and my head is in your lap and both your feet are spread apart and also strapped with leather to the foot bars. You cry out oh mistress Sandy no please.
I lift my head and yell, no begging. Your wet pussy is telling me yes. I deserve a breakfast treat don't I. I continue to lick around your clit, down around your vagina and back and around your anus. Your body is straining against the straps. Me between your legs you can hardly move.
You start to cry as your vagina begins to swell and you feel so physically and emotionally vulnerable... "Why are you crying? Have you not had the best few days of vacation. I have pleased you in every way and you are so ungrateful. You want to deny me a little pleasure." You whisper no mistress but you can't stop your tears. " Okay I think we have to turn those tears into some giggles. " I slide to the foot of the bed and stand, I grab your left foot as you you are trying to struggle out of the foot hold. I start a light tickle under your toes. You start to squirm. Oh I am forgetting something .. I pull a knee high stocking out of a bag and put it on your left foot. I know you like this better... Nooooo you scream. I take my nail and I run it zig zag over your arch to your sole...your laughter and moaning increase and your body is thrashing on the bed.." Don't hurt your self, you dirty whore.." I begin digging my nails in and out all over your left foot. Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie koo. I see that your vagina is spasming and you want to cumm. I yell at you don't release yourself yet until I give you permission.. You are choking as you are laughing so hard, new tears fall and i say ahhhh there are some tears of joy.. I am tickle raping your foot.. You are in total ecstasy as you need to climax so bad.. Hmmm let's see how you taste now. I stick my left index finger in your Vagina. I take it out and lick....mmmmm finger lickin good.... I finish your feet off with all my nails raking and plunging your instep. Yes, yes you scream. I smile as you lay there aching for me...
I untie you and tell you get showered. We have one last day of sightseeing on the island.
I put out a fatigue colored skort, a y back white tank for you and some ankle length hiking boots.. We are going hiking I tell you and I don't want you wearing come fuck me pumps. I am not in the mood to carry you today unless I want to. And I don't want any strangers getting a look at your twat when you sit..
You don't know what has happened since last night... But you think it's best not to cross me..
We get into the car and you are grateful that I don't restrain you. I stop in Skaka Erros at a small store and get out. I leave you in the car and for a second you think about getting out.. I have locked the doors and you cannot unlock them.. I come out of the store but I don't react so you are pretty sure I did not see you trying to open the doors. You see that I have a picnic basket and I put it in the trunk..
We drive over a beautiful hillside with huge black rock and olive trees spottingvthe landside. We stop in a tiny village as the road is blocked for what appears to be a little parade in the town square. We get out and watch. A villager explains that it is a national holiday, OXI translated to mean "we said no to Mussolini day. The day Greeks celebrate standing up to Facism..
Next we travel on and we see a small monastery hidden off the road under the shade of many olive trees and red flowers hang from vines covering the monastery. We stop to see if it is open but it is all locked up. I take several pictures of you posing there and you are pleased that I seem to be in better spirits. " So my Trojan slave should we move on.." You respond yes mistress Sandy can you tell me where we are going now.. Oh it's a surprise for you.. You will see when we get there. I laugh and you become apprehensive.
We drive further into the mountainside and it becomes more rocky and barren... We arrive at a gate and I show you that we are at the petrified forest.. It is the largest of two petrified forest in the world the other famous one being in Arizona. The national park is extremely large and your eyes wander over the many paths.. There are petrified trees of many shapes and sizes and beautiful colors. We can see the sea in the distance as well as the town of Sigri with it's castle. It's a beautiful clear day. We find a place with tree stumps made into a picnic area to eat.. I pull out the usual olives, feta, figs, bread and apples to eat. I ask you if you want to try some ouzo.. I warn you to be careful as you swallow to much at first. The licorice tastes good but burns going down. There are no other people in the park because of the holiday and the tourist season being over.. You tell me you feel a bit dizzy. I put a blanket on the ground.. I sit and tell you to sit on my lap and you lean back against me and close your eyes. I tell you I have a something in the basket that will keep the sun out of your eyes. You turn your head to look at me and you see me pull a ball gag and blindfold head harness out. You try to get up.. But I hold you around your waste. You are not quick enough and I pull the harness down and push the ball into your mouth. You are stunned and can't see. You struggle and I stand turn and you are now pinned down on your knees.. I pull your wrists back and put leather cuffs around them and clip them together.. " get up my Trojan slave" and pull you to your feet lifting you by the cuffs . You try to scream but you can't with the gag. I tell you to walk but you can't see and shuffle your feet. I push you forward and you almost fall over as you bump your shins against a fallen petrified log.. I push you down so that your stomach is on the log and you are on your knees. I hold you down and take off your boots and socks.. You try to stand but cannot get your balance against my weight. You are having a Hard time breathing as you suck in air through your nose and your stomach is pressed against the petrified log.. I cuff each of your legs above your ankles and with a leather strap and clip
It to your wrists.. Hogtying you over the log. You hear me get up but you cannot move. You want to see but you only see blackness. You wonder if anyone is in the park and can see you. I come back and put a blanket under your knees. How can I be so brutal and then provide a small shred of comfort.. "so my Trojan slave did you think I did not see you trying to get out of the car.." you lift your head and try to mumble . Sorrrrrf. "Did I tell you you could speak? I thought you understood that I owned you.. I had hoped to not have to punish you again. ". You shake your head .. And try to mumble again.. I take your feet and put back on the knee high stockings. "I think you need to have both these feet tickled again."". You wiggle your feet and try to clench your toes down.. Your stomach muscles shaking against the tree stump.
You start to feel a faint brush up your insteps. I take a light feather there and tickle both feet. You squirm and breah in deep through your nose.. You mumble out nooooo.. But you are choking on the ball. "what's that? use my fingers.. ". I dig my index fingers over your arches.. Your head Bobs back as you are try not to laugh and your stomach muscles tighten. My fingers are now tracing your arch softly and then penetrating.. You keep throwing your head up and your stomach is pumping against the tree as you struggle for air. "Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie koo.. you won't think of leaving me now will you. "I am tickling both your feet voraciously. You feel so helpless and your clit is pulsating your vagina is dying to be touched. You are trying so hard to not laugh as you really cant get a breath. I tickle you with my left hand and reach up and hold your nose.. You yank your bead up in a panic. Pulling your feet in. "Hmm now you know what it feels like when you take my breath away ha, ha..". I take my hand away and you suck in air through your nose. I put both hands back on Your feet, my nails tickling you so fast and furious. You are in such ecstasy and you cummm in a gush. You feel the wetness soak through your panties and skort. " oh you bad girl did I tell you to cum all over yourself? how can take my slave out now all soiled.". I tickle both arches one last time. You shudder. Squirting again.. " I guess I should let you air out." I put my hand around your stomach and unwrap your skort. I leave it open your panties exposed in the air.. You are limp with exhaustion.. I wipe the drool from your face.. "do you think you can behave now. You mumble but choke And you just nod your head. Suddenly, you feel me get up and move. Then nothing...not being able to see. Not hearing a sound, not feeling any movement you panic. You have not Felt this fear since in days.. I watch you from a few yards away.. I see you struggle and try to break free .you are about to pass out as you cant breath. I come up behind you and put my hand on your pussy. I whisper in your ear.. If your good I will take this gag off.. You try to say yes ... I run my finger along the edge of your panties and finger your clit outside of them. You can't help it but cummm again.. You quiver and fight for air. I reach over and pull the gag out of your mouth keeping the blindfold in place.. You gasp for air and I tickle the outside of your panties over your vagina... Your stomach muscles flex and your vagina pushes down for my fingers... You don't know how your body still responds. "One last tickle for the whore who can't get enough.. Kootchie, kootchie.." I put my hand in your panties and tickle your clit, your perineum, the rim of your anus... You moan as you cum one last time.... Yes, yes mistress, I will never leave you again....you moan and pass out.
You wake up and your are laying flat in the backseat of the car.. Your wrists still bound together and your feet bound separately. You see me smile in the rearview mirror. " hello sleeping beauty are you all rested for our last night in Lesvos. ."

A new day is on the horizon.....:trippyrainbow:


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