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Again thank you all for your support. I hope this is a relatively satisfying ending to this particular trilogy. I am still thinking of some ways to continue this couple's story in future installments if there is a demand for it. But either way, I will try to continue writing as time goes on. Hope you all enjoy.

Here is a link to Part II for those of you interested in seeing how this all got started.

Neighbors Part III (A Lilith and Marci Story) F/F

“Oh god Marci,” she whispered to herself. “Don’t stop.”

Two weeks after being dumped by her former boyfriend for the apparently horrible sin of being taller than him, she had moped, depressed for weeks. Her pent up frustration was clamoring for attention now, forced to the forefront after Marci’s ministrations.

Stuck in the wall, arms pinned, legs hanging out like disembodied doll legs with her blue striped panties uncovered for all to see, she lamented her helplessness. Pushing herself forward and back just wasn’t enough, the feelings inside of her were begging to be let out but she couldn’t generate enough movement to satisfy herself, nor could she free her hands for the purpose.

“Mrow…” Gary, Marci’s house cat called.

“You are not what I need right now,” she said, her breath still heaving after being tickled half to insanity by her friend. In truth, she had to admit to herself, her current heavy breathing had more to due with her current frustration than the after effects of her laughter.

Something swished across the back of her leg, making her twitch.


Gary’s soft tail swished back as he bumped his head against her knee, begging to be petted.

“Go away,” she hissed. “Bad Gahahahry.”

Her hiss turned into a squeal as the tail brushed the back of her knee.

“Come on,” Lillith wailed. “Seriouslyhehehe nohohot faihahahair.”

Gary was working his way up her leg, his soft fur trailing maddeningly along her leg. His bushy tail dusting the back of her exposed thigh, back and forth, trailing ever higher as he worked his way up her leg. She tried to kick him away, but only manage to illicit a single disgruntled meow before Gary was back at her, pushing his head and swishing his tail.

“Marciiiiihihihih…” she called out, not sure whether to laugh or cry at her miserable situation.

The warmth still running through her body begged for release. Grinding her hips into the ground and rubbing her chest against the floor was not enough, only making her frustration more desperate. All the while, Gary’s attention did not let her cool down, eliciting little grunts and squeaks as soft fur brushed against her skin.

Apparently disliking the previous shove, Gary moved upward to her hips. Gary head butted her side, the tail swishing over her exposed backside. Lillith found herself growling, a stream of giggles ruining the menacing effect as the soft tail trailed across her cheeks. A sudden yelp escaped her lips as whiskers lightly poked at her waist.

“Gahahary,” Lillith called out, shoving her hips against the floor. The sensation rolled through her, close, but not enough, her body quivering with laughter and need.

“Oh no you don’t,” Lillith heard Marci’s voice call out.

“Thank youhohoho…” Lillith called back. “Get him off of me.”

Marci’s tinkling laughter reached her ears even as Gary continued his purring tickles.

“I wasn’t talking about Gary,” Marci laughed. “I was talking to you, silly.”

Lillith heard soft sounds, unidentifiable from her current viewpoint as Marci let Gary continue to poke and trail his stiff whiskers across the exposed skin at her waist.

“I told you,” Marci chimed in, “I’m going to make you forget about that insecure bastard. Cornstalk my ass. Look at you girl. Anyone that can’t tell you are sexy should have their eyes removed.”

Lillith felt as something soft slipped over one of her ankles.

“Marci, what are you aaahahah...” Gary of course chose that moment to sniff her side, his whiskers dancing across her exposed skin, making Lillith squirm with a peal of giggles.

Marci used her distraction to pull the appendage sideways. Lillith found her leg stretched to the side, secured perpendicular to the wall.

“We are going to take care of you sweet heart,” Marci said, her voice purring in a way Lillith could feel resonate through her body. “Been far to long since you released some stress.”

“Mrow…” Gary called out. The whiskers were suddenly dragged away from Lillith’s side. Letting out a sigh of relief, as Marci seemed to have taken some small mercy on her. Lillith’s mind finally began to work again. When her other ankle was suddenly wrapped in a soft cloth as well, Lillith had a vague thought about what Marci might be intending.

“No, No, No, Marci,” Lillith said in her most stringent voice.

“Come on,” Marci giggled, “I know how flexible you are. This is nothing for you.”

Lillith kicked madly, dragging Marci back and forth. Lillith’s greatest attribute, at least as she saw it, was her legs. Strong, athletic, long and sleek. She knew it was a loosing fight, but Lillith was determined to make Marci struggle for every inch.

“Fine,” Marci said, releasing the tug of war game. “If that’s how you’re going to be.”

Lillith let her head drop, ignoring the frustration that sat roiling inside of her. Finally, she had won a tiny struggle, the first win she had managed this evening.

Lillith paused, confused by the sound reaching her ears. The fridge door had opened, a small clink of glass followed. For the life of her, Lillith couldn’t figure out what Marci was about. She knew, unfortunately, that she was going to find out all too soon.

“Mrow, Mrow, Mrow…” Gary called, suddenly excited by something.

“Ahhhh coooold,” Lillith called as freezing liquid touched her trapped foot. She could feel it dribble down from the base of her heel. Gritting her teeth, she managed not to laugh as a single drop ran slowly down the bottom of her foot, unerringly following her archway all the way down until dripped between her toes. Another quick drop and Lillith was hissing out air to keep from exclaiming from the double feel of shocking cold and the liquid’s slow progress.

She was proud of herself, for a brief moment, managing pretty well until a little sandpaper tongue suddenly started scraping delicately across her foot.

Ahhhhahahahah… Mahahahrci….” Gasp, “Stahahahap…”

Shaking her foot, scrunching her toes, even trying to shove the blasted cat away only gave her short respites. Gary was only too happy to wait until she tired before resuming licking the cold cream from the arch of her foot.

“Pleaheheheeees,” Lillith begged as Gary began exploring the cream that had managed to drip between her toes. Her foot spasmed, shaking back and forth, but locked into place with no other way to escape the dainty cat’s lapping tongue.

Lillith felt the cloth around her other ankle tighten as Marci slowly shook the captured leg. The meaning was clear. Don’t fight or it would only get worse.

Lillith continued to laugh helplessly, but let her other leg be dragged across the floor and secured. She’d always prided herself on her flexibility. Suddenly, she was regretting the time spent in hot Yoga rooms.

“Just wait over here for a bit Gary,” Marci cooed. Lillith heard the soft clink as a saucer was placed on the ground.

A soft wet cloth quickly massaged her foot. Lillith giggled as the rough cloth dipped between her toes, but it was a far cry from Gary’s incessant licking.

After the cleaning was done, she heard a few odd noises, but couldn’t place them. Blind as she was to what was happening on the other side of the wall, her thoughts summoned up the worst possible ideas, all with Marci’s smiling face beside them.

“Just a few more preparations,” Marci called out happily.

Lillith breathed heavy, her muscles shaking with anticipation. Terrified, excited, she didn’t know which was worse in her mind.

Fingers lay gently on her sides as a tender kiss touched the base of her spine. Both caused a shiver of pleasure to run up her back, a tingling in her neck, and her heart beating at her chest.

“Don’t worry sweet heart,” Marci purred, her voice vibrating against Lillith’s skin. “You are going to feel so good at the end of this. I promise.”

After all that, Marci’s hands pulled away without the slightest tease. Even in her compromised state, Lillith knew that just meant Marci had something much worse planned.

Lillith’s breath was no longer gasping lungs full of air. Rapid short breaths came in and out, her mind and body unable to deal with the combination of panic and desire that coursed through her veins.

As the cold liquid hit her foot, the cream dripping down her foot, Lillith’s mind revolted. No tickling had begun, but already she was screaming with laughter. If she had kept her senses, she wouldn’t have been surprised as the liquid dribbled across her other foot as well.

The sound of the saucer being retrieved and Gary’s plaintive, ‘Mrow’ as his treat was taken away.

Marci, however, wasn’t done as Lillith felt the touch of something soft run across the back of her left knee. In her mind’s eye, Lillith pictured the large decorative peacock feather that Marci used to give her room a little color. It was there and gone so fast, Lillith wondered if she had imagined it. Then it came again, it’s length dragging across the back of her leg. It was gone, then it came again, methodical. She howled at it’s touch, trying to simultaneously grind her chest into the floor trying to get away from the gentle feathering, or to feel the warmth each movement send racing through her chest.


Trailing from where her leg met her blue striped underwear, the feather dragged down her leg, trailing into the now exposed and defenseless hollow at the back of her knee, only ending the pattern just above her ankle.


Gary, uncaring of her growing distress, found that his treat had not been taken away, only moved, hidden between her toes. His sandpaper tongue greedily ran across her foot, lapping at her toes.

The second sensation had her mouth open, laughing from somewhere deep in her chest, snorting on occasion as the warmth and frustrations continued to build.

“Oh Gaaahahahahad…”

She didn’t think she could take it much longer, but she found out how wrong she was when Marci decided to add another dimension to her growing insanity. Firm points from all ten of Marci’s finger began slowly teasing, trailing the length of her right leg.

Where the feather was teasing, light, and gentle like an itch driving her mad without the ability to scratch, Marci’s nails were a charge of electric impulses that raced through her nerves, jolting her with every delicate touch, every tawdry scratch. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably now along with her body, unable to deal with the sensory overload.

Screaming even as she laughed, her stomach heaving from the effort, nothing mattered any more. Too many sensations ran across her lower body. Sand paper licks running across the backs of her toes.


The feather continued trailing it’s soft feathers from just below her but cheek down to the hollow behind her knee in consistent intervals.

“I cahahahahan’t…hahahaha….”

Mari’s nails trailed up and down, pausing at any place that Lillith’s laughter managed to sound somehow even more desperate than the standard stream of snorts and deep chested laughter.

“Naaaaa…gnk….[snort]… hahahaha….eeeehehehehe…”

Hair plastered against her face as she swung her head from side to side, her fingers clenching and releasing, shaking in their uselessness. So lost was she, that Lillith didn’t even register the fact that one of the hands attacking her leg had disappeared. However, when the buzzing sound reached her ears, a small part of her mind managed to jerk her body side to side.

Vibrating bristles traced their way across the exposed skin of her backside. Lillith didn’t think it was possible to laugh any harder. When those bristles traveled across the tight curve of her but cheek right where her leg connected, she found that she had been wrong. Indeed she could laugh harder. And she did letting out a peal of laughter more desperate than any before.


The bristles traced one side, dipping low to her inner thigh, trailing across to the other side to repeat the process. Along her panty line to her hips, then back in the torturous pattern. Muscles shook from fatigue, unable resist trying fruitlessly to escape her bonds.

Some small part of her mind begged for the brush to stop passing over the spot just between her legs. Barely a thought, more of a notion her body was begging for without her conscious thoughts getting in the way.

Marci was relentless, trailing the buzzing brush along her stretched taught inner thighs, dancing to her panty line, only to jump frustratingly over the striped cloth barely protecting her modesty, then trail along the other side, all as she laughed and bucked with uncontrollable mirth.

It seemed she stayed in this state for forever, unable to move, think, only laugh.

Whether Marci made a mistake, or she had been waiting for the exact right moment, Lillith would never know. All she did know, was that one pass of the bristled brush dipped a bit too low.

Like all the others, it started tracing her toned posterior, dipping slower down, the vibrating brushes eliciting helpless laughter as they moved relentlessly onward. Her inner thigh screamed at the attention. Then the brush didn’t come up in time, barely grazing the place between her legs that had been begging for attention for a small eternity.

“Uuuuooogahahahad,” Lillith moaned with an explosive gasp of air interrupting for a bare second her laughter.

Frustration and need made her cry, tears of need streaming down her face. In a last desperate attempt, she called out to Marci.

“Mahahahaharcihihih…Pluhuhehehahahase,” she called out as she helplessly rubbed her chest against the floor. Anything to make it stop, anything to let this urge be satisfied, anything to finish her off. She needed it so much now. Silently she pleaded for the brush to hurry, to visit between her legs just one more time.

Heaving, she pressed her hips against the ground, all to no avail. It wasn’t enough, the brush still tracing patterns over her tight posterior, dipping down to her exposed inner thigh. Nailed hands squeezed her side, making her jerk her whole body helplessly. Her legs spread wide, no leverage to move, all she managed to accomplish was pulling her hips up and away from the ground.

Which apparently had been Marci’s plan all along. The brush never stopped, but as Lillith’s hips returned to the ground, she found something else underneath her, pressed between her legs. The sensation sent her groaning in deep throated laughter and moans that rocked her from deep inside. The vibrating thing tickled her so deeply, she felt it in her chest. Pleasure and desperation had her whole body convulsing, unsure whether it was trying to get away, or trying to dig her hips deeper onto the pulsing thing.

The bulbous shape vibrated to her soul even as the brush continued unabated, tickling her backside. The Feather continued to brush her legs, even Gary seemed to increase his fervor to lick her feet clean.

“Hahahaha…ooooohhhh….gahahahah…mmmmmhhhhhhahahahah …”

To many sensations. The heat exploded inside of her. Every muscle in her body went stiff. Her toes curled, her legs bucked, her neck twisted with the pleasure that radiated as her hips pressed against the vibrating thing. Moaning and laughing in equal parts, she realized there was no stopping.

Marcy chuckled as she pressed and rubbed the vibrating thing between her legs, still tickling away at her posterior.

“Not yet sweet heart,” she laughed as Lillith shuddered, unable to control the pleasure radiating through her body. The second wave came almost immediately.

Thinking herself finished, she began readying herself to finally come down from the rush of pleasure and torture.

Lillith found herself hyperventilating as she realized Marci had other plans. No stopping, no mercy. God, she couldn’t stand it any more, but all she could do was pray that Marci wouldn’t stop.

Unable to move, Marcy continued to press the item harder against crotch, the brush pushing aside her panties and digging deep between her cheeks.


Marci finally relented after her third, her final gut wrenching wave of pleasure and laughter so intense that the world faded from view. Blackness covered her eyes, her body drained of any and all tension she had been carrying.

“Marci…” she whispered as consciousness left her. “Thank you…”

************************************************** ***********

Lillith woke to the smell of cookies baking in the over. She stretched lithely on the couch, her muscles pleasantly sore as if from an intense workout. Eyes shooting open, she stared at her arms shoved triumphantly into the air.

I’m free, she thought in wonder.

Looking down, she lay on Marci’s couch, the fan above her circling slowly around and around. A string attached to a large peacock feather was being dragged around and around lazily across the floor.

Marci’s smiling face suddenly appeared upside down over hers a smudge of white powder decorating one cheek. The smaller woman planted a gentle kiss on Lillith’s forehead.

“That’s the most relaxed I’ve seen you look in…well…forever,” Marci said. “How you feeling?”

Lillith looked across at the open grate in the wall, all the memories of the evening coming back to her in a rush. What could she say? What dared she say? The truth? That she hadn’t felt this good, this satisfied in her entire life?

No. She wasn’t ready for that much truth. Not yet.

After a long pause, Lillith finally decided to answer by giving Marci a lazy smile, then grabbing her under her extended arms.

“Eeeeehehehehe…” Marci squealed, her feet pounding the ground as Lillith smiled.

Quickly leaping from the couch, she attacked her friend who rolled on the floor squealing in a fit of giggles.

Lillith stood, towering over her friend who looked at her with mock horror.

Spinning toward the kitchen, Lillith stopped to scratch Gary behind the ears, his gentle purr soothing when she was on this end of things.

“Just wait,” Lillith said, keeping her back to her diminutive friend. “Payback’s gonna be a bitch.”

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Great story! :D

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One of the best stories I've read in a long time. I hope Marci gets hers!

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This third entry had much to please: Lilith's release (in more than one way), Gary's enterprise, and Marci's knack for brushing and baking. VERY amusing and marvelously affectionate towards your players.<br> Do keep us abreast of these friends' further misadventures. Many thanks.

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Mrow! :D