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05-25-2015, 04:11 PM
It was in the intermediate classes.
A boy named Rishu had a crush on a girl named Aditi. He used to stare at her all day long. Sometimes she caught him doing so. She noticed everything but never used to tell anything.

Aditi was a tall,beautiful,Frank girl. Lot of boys used to admire her. But Rishu seemed to have a lot of interest in her.

It was the teachers day. She had been looking delicious in white top and blue jeans. Between the teachers day programme Rishu went out of the auditorium to the toilet. Aditi followed him but unnoticed. As soon as he came out she sprayed on him with a can and he felt unconscious . After waking up he found that he was lying eagle spread tied on benches brought together. He felt very uncomfortable but realised that he was locked in a classroom. Suddenly he heard the sound of a girl. Finding her to be Aditi his heart jumped a bit. She came near him and said ,"I have been noticing you for about 5 months that you constantly keep staring at my assets. I am going to punish you for that." Rishu knew all about this but tried to be innocent. Moreover he was stripped to his boxers on the bench.

She also then opened her top and jeans revealing her white bra and panty. Rishu's heart jumped in delight but also was feared about what she was going to do to him. Suddenly she put one of her palms with blood red long fingernails on his torso. He pleaded her not to hurt him. Of course she was not going to hurt him. Then she scratched his torso which made him squirm. She kept on doing that for 3 minutes constantly watching the trail of her hand from his armpits to his inner thighs. When the hands reached the armpits he became more restless. Then she sat on his torso and began the tickling torment on his torso and his sides. He could not stand it whatsoever and began laughing uncontrollably.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......He begged to stop but she seemed to enjoy it.

After doing this for 10 minutes she moved at the back of his head and whispered seductively in his ears,"time for the armpits. " in no time she put both her hands on his armpits and he started to jump but to no avail. She just moved her hand in it which made him wild.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ..stop he said but to no avail.

Then she started poking them furiously which got the best reaction out of him. She loved doing so and continued it for another 10 minutes.

After this tickling was over she noticed the erection in his underwear. He did not want her to see it but could not stop her. She seemed to be excited at that. She undid his boxers and lucked the tip of his cock which let a moan out of him.


She took his cock inside her mouth and began stroking it in the best possible way. She stopped just at the right moment denying him of orgasm. He wanted to cum badly but she did not let him. She did it three times but the forth time he exploded with the most amount of the sperm. She kissed passionately on his lips and then the boy said that he loved her so much. She also confessed that she loved him and would love a lot of sessions with him. Then she released him from his bonds after he had a good lick at her luscious breasts which was dreamt by every boy in the school who saw her.

05-25-2015, 07:14 PM
Very nice story. :D
Glad you included 18+ in the title; here "intermediate classes" might be underage.