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05-27-2015, 10:50 PM
Well, this is several months overdue. Sorry about the wait and thanks for all the kind words about part 1. Hopefully this doesn't disappoint and is worth the wait. (I'm sure there are typos but I was putting posting it above taking too much time to edit it.)

Slumber Party Part 2

Shane was thrown onto Claire’s bed; before reaching the bed, the girls had used some padded restraints that they had gotten for tonight to bind his arms behind his back and his ankles together. He had noticed two other girls from his hazing night waiting in the room, wearing only their underwear. His erection still hadn’t receded, and seeing them both lustfully waiting for him didn’t help. Before he could take in the sight of the girls too much without being tickled mad, his vision was blackened by a face mask.

“Hey, come on. You can’t let me at least enjoy the sights,” Shane said, trying to joke, hoping it might give him a few more precious minutes without being tormented.

“Well, you’re the one that said you only got this from seeing us all so nearly naked, Shaney,” Claire smirked as she lightly touched his boxers where his half-erection still pressed, making him moan a little She then took her hand away, not wanting him to get too riled up yet.

“Aah, yeah but..,” he tried to argue, he didn’t want it to start again.

“Oh don’t worry, not butts involved at the moment. Your boxers will make it off limits for right now. We can see how excited you are even with them on. So like I said in your room, we’re going to play a game. The rules are simple; after you calm down, we’re going to tickle you again. If you get excited, you lose. Of course we already played a game determining if you become our tickle toy or not. No the stakes are a little different,” she explained.

“Claire, please! I can’t take it! I’ll do anything else, just…” he begged her. But his pleading did no good.

“Oh Shaney, you can beg all you want. But you’re our toy now. Like I was saying before you interrupted me,” she said squeezing his side to make him squirm, “the stakes are also rather simple. Pick your most deviously ticklish spot. During this game it is off limits and if you can hold out for, say, ten minutes? That’s always been the time limit for our other games. If you can hold out for ten minutes without getting excited, then we promise not to tickle that spot for the rest of the night.”

His mind raced. He didn’t want to tell them, afraid this was a ruse to get him to tell them the last place he wanted to be tickled. Before he could think too much, he felt his waist band get lifted, and then a freezing cold sensation went all over his poor sensitive flesh underneath his boxers.

“Aaaahh! Stooop!,” he squealed, this time from two trays of ice cubes being placed down his boxers.

“Well you were still excited, Shaney. We want to be good sports and give you a fair game. The ice might even make it harder for you to get your erection back,” she said, moving the ice cubes around underneath his boxers to ensure they touched every spot.

He pleaded and squirmed but the ice cubes were held on him for several minutes despite his protests. Finally, they had him stand up, letting the half-melted ice cubes fall to the floor. Then they threw him back on the bed, before pouncing, a few of them started tickling his sides and ribs while Claire teased his thighs just below where his boxer legs ended.

“Ahahahahaha! Waitahahahaha!” Shane squealed, not expecting the tickling to start yet since he hadn’t even told them where his worst spot was.

“Well, pick a place quick or else we might get it by accident,” Claire teased, not wasting time with light tickles, “And if I were you, I’d pick a spot that you think is going to make it harder to, well, not get hard.”

Shane squirmed for a few minutes before squealing out the answer, knowing he wouldn’t be able to remain unaroused if they touched him there “My neeeheeheeheeplesahaha.”

His face turned bright red, embarrassed at how he sounded screaming “nipples” while laughing, but the girls giggled at him, enjoying their twisting toy.

“See, was that so bad?” another girl teased, going after his belly button, making him squirm even more.

Suddenly he was flipped onto his stomach and his wrist restraints were unbuckled, and then he was placed on his back and the restraints were re-buckled around Claire’s bed frame, his arms stretching out above him. His horribly ticklish armpits were now exposed and the girls wasted no time in going after them. Melinda, another one of the girls went after his poor underarms first, followed by Jessie.

“Nahahahahtahahaa theeheereehee!” he yelled, feeling the two girls dig into his armpits.

“Oh, Shaney, would you like us to go somewhere else?” Claire asked, moving down from his thighs down to his feet; she was now facing his feet, straddling his ankles.

Claire touched his fit ever so softly, making him screech. The girls had yet to tickle his feet yet, and all the tickling everywhere else had made him completely forget about how much they used to love tickling his sensitive soles and toes.

“Nohohohoho Clairahahahaha pleeeheeheehease nohohohoho!” he yelled as both of her hands spidered ever so softly over his soles, just barely touching them.

“Oh, Sweetie, you’re not ticklish here are you? Oh that’s right; this is one of your worst spots,” she grinned as she dug in more.

“Ahahahaha!” he yelled as her hand moved over his soles faster.

More girls joined Claire at his feet. Some of them started pulling his toes back and then Claire dug into his feet’s ticklish digits.

“Clairahahaha merceeheehee hee!” he pleaded, unable to stop the tickling with the girls holding his toes back.

When Claire moved her fingers to his big toes he screamed even louder. The girls were loving Shane’s torment and his hysterical laughing. There were spidering fingers at his underarms, feet, stomach, navel, knees, ribs, soles, and toes, torturing him. All he wanted was for them to stop, give him a break, but they had no interest in it. He lost all sense of time; Claire had said he would have ten minutes of tickling until, that’s right, he thought, the game. He had squealed his nipples as the place that was off limits if he survived. And even if he was getting some joy out of this, the torture was keeping his traitorous erection at bay. Maybe at least his extremely sensitive nipples were safe. Claire, however, had noticed his lack of arousal, still, and decided to add the last touch. She moved so she was straddling his crotch.

“Oh you are doing so well, Shaney. It’s already been six minutes. Maybe your nipples are safe. But I do have one last spot I want to test. I never got to tickle you here, although some of the other girls said you were quite ticklish at your ‘lines,’” Claire declared, as she moved her hands close to his hips, where his abs met, making muscular so called “lines.”

Of course with all the tickling, Shane couldn’t really think too hard about what she meant, but soon enough her hands dug in and he started wiggling and laughing even more.

“Nohohohoho Clairahahahaha. Yoohoohoureahahaha cheeteeheeingeehee!” he yelled, feeling her touch so close to his teased cock to arouse him.

“Cheating? Well I’m insulted. Your boxers aren’t covering your hips. I mean they may have been when we started, but all your convulsing has exposed your sensitive ab’s lines and I do love your sexy muscles. I could just eat them up,” she said as she moved her mouth to one of his hips and started to lick him, adding a new effectively ticklish sensation to complement the wriggling nails on the other side of his hip.

After another minute his erection was at full mast again; he had lost their game, but the girls continued well past the ten minutes, teasing him and telling him he lost. A few of the girls even reached around Claire and groped his newly formed erection, making him slightly moan in between the laughter. Shane struggled to pull his arms down, wishing he at least had his arms to fight them with, but they were bound tight and his whole body was the girls’ to play with. Claire stopped her tickling of his hips and moved her fingers just above his nipples, her prize for winning her game.

“Oh poor Shakey Shaney. You couldn’t help yourself, could you? Even without seeing us in our revealing pajamas” she said grinding herself on his erection, groaning a little with him as she did, “Now I believe the prize were these terribly sensitive nipples?”

“Noooo!!” he screamed as her fingers lightly made contacted, flicking quickly over his hard nipples, adding new convulsions to her tickle toy.

He squirmed and screamed for it to stop but there was no break or escape from the torture. The girls giggled as they tortured him, but after an hour of torture, finally stopped to let him catch his breath. They took the face mask off, and after his eye adjusted to the light, he was surprised to see several of the girls with no tops, including Claire, her large soft breasts perkily staring back at him, nipples hard with excitement to match his own throbbing member.

“You enjoying the view, Shaney?” Claire asked, rubbing her breasts for him, “See it’s not all bad. We love watching you squirm but we don’t mind letting our toy have some fun. I’ll tell you what, we’ll release your hands and let you grope everywhere on me not covered, but after you get in a short grope of your favorite next-door neighbor, you have to let us tie you back up however we like.”

With only a red thong, almost all of Claire’s entire body would be open for Shane’s hands to roam. Her offer was a devious one. He desperately wanted to run his hands over her soft boobs and toned butt, but he didn’t know if he could take more tickling. He was still breathing heavily from his past hour of torment. But he realized that the girls had no intention of letting him go. They no doubt already had his next torture in mind. He reluctantly agreed to her offer, excited to run his hands over her but terrified of what his next torture would be. As he ran his hand over his soft breasts, Claire moaned, closing her eyes. Her offer was as much for her as it was for him. She had wanted his hands on her multiple times, more than once fantasizing about being at the mercy of her toned neighbor. She would be happy to let him have his revenge later this summer. But for now, he belonged to her and the other girls. As he moved his hands to her inner thighs, she jumped a little, feeling him slightly tickle her, but not too much that she would feel the need to end his grope. Her ass and hips also got plenty of attention. After several minutes of this, Claire stopped Shane, and then moved down his legs, pulling at the elastic of his boxer’s waistband as she did. His boxers were quickly moved down his legs, his erection popping out, falling to his stomach, the tip wet with precum.

Many of the girls gave out an excited noise, some were moaning, having touched themselves at the sight of Claire being groped. Claire pulled his boxers off him and then moved a hand to his erection, making him moan. She groped him a little before deciding to restart his ticklish torment.
“Mmm, that was nice. Now be a good boy and raise your arms back above your head,” she said stroking him very slowly, teasing him.
“Claire can’t we just…” he tried to beg.
He wouldn’t mind being played with by all these gorgeous girls; he just couldn’t take the tickling. His arousal only made him more ticklish and he didn’t want to find out what they were going to do now that he had had his boxers stripped from him.
But Claire interrupted him, “No, sweetie, I’m afraid we can’t. Now be a good boy and do like you promised.”
“Claire, it’s too much, please. Girls, you can’t. At least give me a break. The tickling is pure torture,” he begged again, but the girls were looking at him with evil grins. They loved watching him squirm. All his pleading for the tickling to stop only made it all the more fun. And unwilling tickle toy was the most fun of all.

“Shaney, you had your break and you got a nice helping of me to hold. Now I won’t ask you again,” she said, with feigned annoyance.

Shane realized he was about to be tortured, but he was finally free of the restraints. He tried to make a run for it, but all nine girls pounced on him, holding him down firmly.
“No please no! I can’t take it. You don’t understand!” he continued to plead, but the girls were enjoying this too much to release their new slave.

His arms were buckled, once again, to Claire’s bed frame. Then they raised his ankles up and used some used some old dress ties that Claire’s father never used anymore to tie his ankles to the frame as well. They tied them in such a way as to make sure his feet stuck straight up and were spread open wide, exposing Shane entirely. His ass even was pushed up, allowing full access to all of Shane, in any way they decided.

“Now Shaney you promised to let us tie you back down and instead you fought and tried to escape. That calls for a little punishment, wouldn’t you agree?” Claire teased, hovering her hefty chest over his face, “And unfortunately for you, you have a few new tickle spots exposed that we’ve just been dying to torment.”
Claire moved back down to slightly between his legs, her knees on either side of his butt; Shane’s ass turned up towards her.

“Now which spot should be first?” she said hover a hand of wiggling fingers over his crotch.

But she didn’t give him a chance to answer, before lightly tickling the bottom of his helpless balls.

“Nohohoho!! NAhahahtahaha thaharharahaha!” Shane screamed in protest to the tickling torture on his sensitive balls.

“Not there? Well then would here be better?” Claire teased, as she moved to the grooves of his thighs, her hands lobster clawing just next to his exposed manhood.

Shane screeched and convulsed, his head shaking violently from side to side. He couldn’t take this torment, especially not the unending torment and tickling between his legs. Then before he even had the slightest chance to adjust to this new torment, he felt tickling on each of his ass cheeks. A girl on each side of him had grown impatient with watching and decided to join in.

“Well it looks like the girls are getting a little impatient, Shaney. You know, Girls, he does still need quite a bit of punishment for breaking his promise. I don’t think a single ticklish spot of his should go untouched. Have at it,” Claire said, moving a hand from next to his manhood to behind his balls.

The girls all attacked at once; armpits, stomach, navel, hips, nipples, ribs, sides, thighs, toes, soles, back of the knees. All fell victim to the girls’ assault and Shane just about lost his mind, convulsing even more than before, a feat which would seem impossible.

“Giirrlllshahahahaha meerheeheehceeheehee!” he screeched, wiggling any way he could, feeling tickling on all but two purposeful avoided spots.

This continued another ten minutes, his body never stopped shaking and quivering. And despite his nonstop screams, his erection was harder than it had been the whole night. After what seemed like an eternity to the convulsing Shane, the girls finally stopped his torment. He flopped to the bed, an exhausted sweaty mess. And he discovered he was incredibly horny, and painfully erect. The girls giggled and stared at their aroused tickle slave.

Despite the tickle torture, Shane was at least hopeful that they might give him some release, but even that hope was crushed when Claire went to a bag in the corner of the room and brought back a cockring and ballring.

“No, Claire, please, after all the tickling, at least let me finish,” he begged.

“Well, I’m surprised you even know what these are for. But I did say you need to be punished. You didn’t think that just applied to the tickling did you? No as much as the girls and I love to see a man convulse with ticklish agony, unbearable teasing and denial is just as much fun. The only think better would be if, say, some naughty vixens were to do the two at the same time. My what a poor unfortunate man that would be to be in such sadistic girls’ clutches,” she said as she held his cock in place to put on the ring, then did the same with Shane’s balls.

Despite his desperation to stop the evil toys from being placed on him, the touch to his genitals that was finally something other than tickling elicited a moan from him. Shane desperately needed to come and he was afraid of how long that need would continue with those rings now in place.

Claire didn’t waste time saying anything to him; she moved an index finger to the bottom of his erection’s head, which was already dripping clear precum. He jumped a little, but then relaxed, enjoying her touch. It tickled slightly but mostly just felt good, even if it did just add to his tease.

“Oh, you like that hmm? What about this?” Claire teased as she moved her other hand to stroke his erection agonizingly slowly.

Shane moaned and tensed a little at the sensations on hi shaft and head. His eyes were closed. He was trying to enjoy what little bit of pleasure the Claire and the rest of the girls would grant him, trying not to think about the torment that was sure to start again in not too long. Claire stopped after a few more minutes, seeing how much Shane was enjoying the tease.

“Oh Shaney, I know you’re enjoying yourself, even if you can’t finish. I’ll tell you what, I have another game in mind and it doesn’t involve any tickling.”

Another game? Shane didn’t want to play Claire’s games anymore. They were always terribly stacked against him. But if he said no the girls were sure to pounce on him all at once. At least this would give him a bit more of a break.

“Fine, but no tickling,” he said, fearing she wouldn’t keep her promise.

“Well just a little. Still it’s better than before.”

Shane had no response and in his exposed state, no choice.

“Now I’m thinking you could use a nice long blowjob. In fact I bet every girl in here wouldn’t mind giving you one. But there is the matter of your last untouched tickle spot…” she said, implying a cruel torture worse than anything so far.
Shane knew exactly where she was talking about and had been both thankful and surprised the girls hadn’t tickled between his toned ass yet.

“Well I’m going to give you a blow job for the next ten minutes. And I promise I’ll only tickle that last spot of yours, nowhere else. And none of the girls will help. You can moan and writhe but if you thrust too deep we’re done. And instead of each of us giving you a ten minute blowjob, we’re each going to spend ten minutes tickling the last terribly ticklish spot of yours. Although for your sake, you’d better hope it’s not ticklish. No one’s tickled you there before have they?” Claire asked both deviously and sexily, her gorgeous figure hovering over him.

As he stared at her again, he noticed a soaking wet patch on her red thong right over her crotch, making his erection twitch a little.

“Mmm, I’ll take that twitch as a ‘yes, please’ to our game,” she said with a smirk placing her head down.

Before Shane could say anything, Claire engulfed his erection, her lips tightly moving over his sensitive head, before moving farther down. As she engulfed him further, her tongue started to move around his head, making Shane twitch and moan. He was careful not to move too much, fearing the consequences. After another minute of this, Claire moved her tongue to tickle under his erection’s head, making Shane tense a little more, giggling a little through his moaning. Still, it wasn’t enough to push too far down Claire’s throat. He wanted to enjoy this as much as possible. But after several minutes, Claire realized the game didn’t have much time left and she deviously moved her left index finger, not holding his erection in place, to his exposed anus, ever so lightly wiggling her finger on his sensitive puckered flesh.
Shane squealed and thrusted into her, losing her game. Claire immediately took his erection out from her mouth and began moving her finger lightly and quickly over his sensitive anus.

“Well, now it appears you are very ticklish here. That’s good. I was afraid you might not be. Hmm, you lost so that gives me ten minutes tickling here. And each of the girls tickling here. Oh dear, you’re going to be here for a very long time,” Claire smiled, faking concern for her slave’s next two hours of torment.

“Clairhahahaha nahahaha tharharhahraha pleasheeheehee! Aneeheehee wharhahahaha elseeheehee!” Shane begged as he convulsed, trying to get away from the torment, but his the ties on his ankles were too snug to give him any movement; his anus was Claire’s to torment.

“Anywhere else? Oh you mean like here?” she said as she moved her other hand to tickle his balls.

“NoooooHAHAHAHA!” Shane screamed, not expecting both ticklish areas to get tortured at the same time.

“What’s the matter, Shaney? I said we each get to tickle you here, not that we couldn’t tickle you anywhere else. You really shouldn’t Ass-sume,” she emphasized the first part to the word and began to tickling his anus even faster, making Shane squeal and convulse even more.

Before Shane could really adjust to this new horrifying tickle torture, the girls joined in, unable to hold themselves back anymore.

“IEeeheehahahah! Noohoohoohohoho!” Shane screamed more feeling all the girls’ hands on him again.

His eyes were clenched and his head shook. His nerves were on fire from the tickling. After a few more minutes of this hell, the girls switched, Claire moving for another girl to get the fun new spot of his. The tickling immediately continued, never giving him a break. The girls began to brush a hand over his leaking cockhead. Claire would use a single finger or thumb to tease-tickle underneath the head, making him leak even more from the horrendous tease. This continued for another hour. By the time they stopped, Shane was completely exhausted and his whole body ached. He needed to come more than he ever remembered needing to in the past. And worst of all, he had a least another hour left of this before any change to his torment would happen.

“Oh Shaney, you look like you’re having such fun, but all your screaming is a bit much, don’t you think? I think it needs to be quieted a bit,” Claire said as she stood in his full view, on the bed next to him.

After saying this, she pulled the skimpy strings hugging her toned, runner’s hips down, making her thong fall off her, revealing a very wet and bare pussy. Before he could make any protest, a Claire grazed a finger over his armpit, making him open his mouth to giggle, and then shoved the drenched thong in his mouth. Another girl quickly taped over his lips to keep the wet thong in place.

The girls didn’t waste any time in starting up again, a new girl immediately positioning herself just behind Shane to tickle the horribly tortuous spot between his toned cheeks. Shane squealed and convulsed again as hands found every horribly ticklish spot. But the thong kept his squeals down. Tasting and smelling Claire’s arousal also turned Shane on, adding to his teasing torment. Those rings were still working very well, keeping his arousal high without letting him cross over, even with the girls’ evil hands teasing his erection and tickling his balls, not to mention the incessantly terrible fingers at his anus. Every ten minutes a new girl took over, going after his horribly ticklish spot. By the time all the girls had had a turn, Shane was barely aware of what was happening. His nerves were on fire and his desperation to come was nearly too much for him to take. His face was covered in tears and a good bit of his saliva was mixed with Claire’s own juices in the thong muffling his screams of laughter. His erection was soaked with pre-cum and was twitching with desperation.

Claire, now naked, and dripping between her legs, was kneeling over his head, “How ya doing, Shakey Shaney? Do you need to finish real bad? Well, I’m sorry my little tickle slave but we still have some fun to have before that can happen. Tell me, how clean do you feel right now?”

After Claire said this several girls went over to a bag in the corner. Shane couldn’t quite make out what was in the bag but he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to like it. Claire had her arm behind her back and leaned over him, her knees leaning just behind his spread legs and cheeks.

“Guess what I have?” before he could really guess, she pulled her arm out in front of her, the electric tooth brush on display right in front of his face.

Shane’s eyes got wide, his head shook from left to right and he began pulling at his bonds.

“Oh, you don’t really think, we’re going to let you go know. We’ve all been looking forward to using these brushes so much. So let me ask you, which spot do you absolutely not want me tickling with the brush first?” she asked, teasing her still-gagged victim, “Oh right the gag. Well just make some noise when I reach your favorite spot.”

Claire moved her hand with the brush over his armpit, making muffled protests come from Shane. Then to his nipples where he groaned more. As she moved it over his stomach he became a little quieter but then started to really shake as it went over his foot. But Claire kept going over his balls where he tried to beg more, and finally to his exposed anus. He became noticeably louder when she was there.

“Oh my, I think we found our winner,” she said as dipped the toothbrush into a container of lube one of the other naked girls was holding.
Claired placed it on Shane, making him jerk, but as she turned it one, he went nuts. His whole body pulled at this bonds and his erection jumped.

“Mmhhmmhhmhhmhmhm!!” he screamed in his gag state, horrified that things had somehow escalated again to an even more ticklish torture.

After a couple minutes she stopped, making Shane flop down. Then she grabbed another electric brush and had one of the girls take off his tape and gag.

“Did it taste good? Now, let’s see how the brush feels…here,” she said as she turned both on, placing the one back on his anus and the other just under his cockhead.

“Nooo! Ahahahahah! Nohohoho mohohorohahaha!” Shane screamed, helpless against this new torture.

The girls had been tickling his erection but it hadn’t tickled that much. But with the electric toothbrush, he was extraordinarily ticklish on his cock, screaming and begging for it to stop as he writhed. As if that wasn’t enough, he barely suffered for three minutes before the rest of the girls joined in. Several brushes were placed on his cock head and balls, and a couple more were added to his anus. Brushes also tortured his nipples, between his toes, his armpits, and his waste.


This was pure torture for him and ecstasy for the girls. Every one of them were dripping wet. But they were enjoying this too much. They kept going for another twenty minutes before stopping. When they finally stopped Shane slumped down, practically unconscious. Claire tickled his armpit slightly to wake him back up.

“Now, now, you don’t get to sleep just yet. We still have some fun planned for you,” Claire said as she moved over to between his legs, her pussy hovering just over his hips, “We have one more game. We’re going to take turns mounting you two at a time, one of us riding this denied dripping cock, and one on those screaming lips. The other girls are going to turn on the brushes on and off in thirty second intervals. I would take advantage of the breaks to lick the girl on your face to a wonderful orgasm. As for the girl on your cock,“ she stopped as she lowered herself down, engulfing his erection insider her pussy, “AAAhh, I think all your ticklish shaking will be more than enough, Mmm.”

Shane moaned too as she impaled herself on his needing member but barely could enjoy it as another girl placed her pussy right over his face. He tried to move away, but the girls immediately started to attack him with the electric brushes as well as their devilish fingers again. His anus and balls were given quite some attention as well as his nipples and toes.

“Nahahahahta lieekeeheehee thihihihahahahshahaha!” Shane screamed, before the girl readjusted herself over him, muffling further screams.

“Aaah, Shaney this is, aaahh, the only way to do it, Mmm!” Claire said as his convulsing thrusted his erection into her repeatedly, going right against her G-spot.

“MMMHHMHHM!” Shane screamed from underneath the girl on his face.

He couldn’t concentrate on moving his tongue so the girl just rubbed her soaking pussy on his face, adding her juices to his already tear-soaked face. After the thirty seconds were up, he slouched down, but having already suffered so much, he was able to remember to start licking the woman hood presented for his attention. He licked vigorously and the girl was already very close after the hours of torturing Shane, but thirty seconds wasn’t quite enough and the girls went back to work on him. He went wild again, his screaming laughter muffled between the gorgeous girl’s shapely thighs. He pulled at his bonds and thrusted his hips repeatedly.

“Oh god yes!” Claire screamed feeling herself get closer, “Oh Shaney I’m sorry, but we just can’t stop now.”

The girls took the hint and kept tormenting him well past the thirty second mark. Claire convulsed violently on him, enjoying a wonderfully delayed orgasm that was well worth the wait. But Claire didn’t get off him after the first one and rode him to two more orgasms. When she did finally get off him, his cock was drenched in her juices and his own precum. His cock was pleading to be given release. His cock and balls were infinitely more sensitive than when the girls started tormenting Shane.

“Okay Shaney, that was fifteen minutes. You get fifteen minutes to just use your tongue,” she sitting down on the bed between his legs.

The first girl had managed to cum just from rubbing herself on his face, and another girl traded places with her. He licked as quickly and skilled as he could, hoping to make as many of the girls cum as possible before his torture started again. Between Claire and the first girl, four of the nine girls had orgasmed by the time his fifteen minutes were up. A new girl mounted Shane, as Claire grabbed two lubed electric brushes, bringing one to his anus and one to his aching balls. They started without any warning. There wasn’t even another girl on his face yet.

“AAHAHAHAHA PLEEAHEASEEEHEE CLAAIRAHAHAHAHA MERCEEHEEHEEHEE PLEEEEHEEHEEESEEE!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, overwhelmed by all the tickling and his desperate need to come.
But Claire ignored him and just kept on tickling his most sensitive areas, occasionally going after his cockhead in between the girls mounting him. It must have been nearly an hour before the girls had all had their orgasms and a few more to boot, deciding that making him thrust into him during his tickling torture to be the most fun way to get their orgasms.
Shane was nearly broken. He desperately needed the tickling to stop, but right now he needed to come a hundred times more.

“Need something my adorable Shakey Shaney?” Claire said, teasingly rubbing her finger under his cockhead.

“Please *huff* Claire *huff* I’ve never needed to come *huff* so bad,” he begged, tears streaming down his face, his whole body shaking.

“Mmm, yes it looks desperate to get some release,” Claire teased some more, stroking the pussy juice and precum soaked cock, “But what to we get if we let you finish.”
The other girls, were feeling themselves finally winding down after each of them had had at least two or three orgasms riding his cock and face each. But they knew it wasn’t over. They had never seen Claire have so much fun.

“You’ve all come so much,” he kept begging, terrified of what else Claire was going to do to him.

“Yes and now you want to. And we have absolute control of that. So tell me, what do we get if we let you have that release?” she said, playing with her new tickle toy.


“That’s not an answer. Well, I guess you just want us to take shifts and tickle you all night. I bet you won’t even be able to black out with all the tickling,” she said, coaxing an answer out of him.

“God, anything, Claire, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Even let me tickle you more?”

“Damnit, fine, yes. God, I’ve never needed to come so bad. You can even tickle me more if you just let me come,” Shane conceded, terrified of what he was giving her but knowing he had no choice.

“What I want? Frankly, Shane, I want you. And not just tonight. It’d be a shame if this was the last night we ever got to play with you. I want you whenever I’d like. To play with you whenever. So the girls and I will give you release, but then you’re going to belong to use. And I have a little insurance to make sure that happens. It can wait until a little later though. Do we have a deal?” she said, sounding like a gorgeous busty devil as she said this.

Shane was terrified. He couldn’t handle having this happen again. But he had no choice. Both Claire and Shane’s parents would be gone another week. He would never last the next week without orgasm. He was pretty sure he’d explode. He gave in to this gorgeous demon’s demands. He was hers.

“Fine. You can play with me whenever you’d like. Just let me cum! Pleease!”

“Mmm, that’s wonderful news my new tickle slave. Now let’s give you your long overdue reward.”

The girls surrounded him, moving their lubed brushes and wiggling fingers inches from his body. Claire finally mercifully removed the cock rings from his erection and balls. Their removal was a bliss in and of itself.

“Time for release, Slave,” Claire said turning on her brush and moving it too his anus and cockhead.

The other girls did the same, with not a single ticklish part of his body being untouched. Shane screamed in laughter and writhed on the bed but tried to enjoy the building release despite it. It didn’t take long, maybe a minute or two, and then Shane came. He came more powerfully than he ever had in his entire life. He convulsed, moaning through laughter. He must have come for several minutes. It was pure heaven, even with the brushes never slowing or being removed from his body. He covered several of the girls with his come, especially Claire. She licked his cum off her face, with a smile. But after this pure heaven, Shane’s eyes shot open. They weren’t stopping. And he was somehow ten times more sensitive than he already had become from his orgasm.


“Oh, Shaney, your poor balls still look so swollen. I’m sure our brushes and fingers can milk some more out,” Claire said with an evil smile.

Shane pulled as much as he could at his bonds. His head shook, his body quivered. He screeched from the post-orgasm tickling. His cock and balls were horribly sensitive, and the rest of his body weren’t too far behind. It only took several more minutes before he came again. This time there was less come but still a decent amount. It didn’t stop. He came three more times before they finally turned their brushes off.

Shane slumped down, nearly passing out, but then he felt a tickle at his feet to wake him up. Claire looked down at him. The other girls had moved away, several of them making themselves comfortable on the numerous sleeping bags or pull out couch in Claire’s room, exhausted and need to rest. But Claire wasn’t done.

“Are you empty?” she said, leading him to her last ploy of the night.

“Claire, *huff* please *huff*, I’m yours, I’m bone dry. *huff* What else do you want?” he begged, sure that any more would kill him.

“Oh I don’t think you really are empty. You know there is one way to be sure a cute boy like yourself really is empty though,” she said before reaching in the bag that all the other toys of this night’s torture.

Out came a dildo. Not too big, it looked like it was made for one place in particular. It was pink and covered in a rubbery material and protruding from it were dozens of tiny rubber pink feathers.

“No! Claire, please, if you care about me…”

But she cut him off, “Shane, you’re not in any position to protest. But you are in the perfect position to enjoy this toy. Now just enjoy it. I certainly will.”

She lubed in up, and teasingly moved it to his exposed anus, teasing him there a little. Shane pulled with what little strength he had left, wishing more than anything that he could get away. His whole body was terrible oversensitive. He had been brought to one fantastic orgasm and four tickling orgasms from hell. He had become more sensitive with every one and now Claire was going to do the last thing he could possible want right now. But he was too well restrained. And she was easily able to slip the vibrator in him. He pressed perfectly against his prostate.

Shane moaned a little as it entered him.

“Ready?” Claire said.

Shane shook his head violently, but Claire just ignored him, and turned it one.

“AAIIEEHEEHEEE IEEETSEEEHEE TOTURAHAHAHAHA!” Shane squealed and writhed, not aware of how terribly ticklish his prostate could be.

Claire just moved it slightly, milking his cock as she did. Shane writhed and laughed. After several minutes, he did come a sixth time. But Claire wasn’t done. He screeched loudly for it to stop, being hellishly oversensitive at this point. He woke several of the girls up who had fallen asleep with that shriek. Annoyed with the squealing, several of the girls moved over to him, and began tickling him. He squealed even louder, but still wasn’t as load as he had been when the post-orgasm torture, or vibrator torture had started. After another two truly dry orgasms, the girls stopped. Claire pulled out the dildo and undid his bonds. She then lied down in bed next to him.

“Mmm, this was truly the best day ever my sexy slave. We are going to have so much fun this summer,” Shane’s gorgeous neighbor said, wrapping her arms around her exhausted victim.

He didn’t even have the energy to move and fell asleep in her arms, knowing this would not be the last time she would torment him.

Shane woke up in his own bed. It was well into the afternoon which made sense since Claire and the girls had tortured him into the early morning. It had probably been nearly ten hours straight and only in the last hour or hour and a half had the girls let him come.

Unsurprisingly, his throat was a little horse and his muscles ached. What was a surprise was the chastity belt he found locked around his cock. He looked around nervously, realizing he needed a key to take it off. He found a letter on his dresser, but it contained no key, only a note with lipstick kissed at the bottom.

“Shaney, I had so much fun last night. And you did promise to be my little tickle slave. But just to make sure you didn’t go back on your promise, I made a little insurance. It should be comfortable and not interfere with any normal activities. But you won’t be able to get an erection or masturbate with it. That is solely up to me. So you just let me know when you really need it and I’ll be happy to oblige for a game. Oh, don’t worry, I have so many other fun nights in mind for this summer, you won’t have to worry about getting bored with the same game as last night every time. Tickle you later. Claire. XOXO.”

Shane looked down at the chastity cage around his erection nervously. There was not pretending any more. He belonged to Claire. And he had many more ticklish nights ahead of him.

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