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05-27-2015, 10:51 PM
Hey guys, like i said i have joined forces with my best friend ever so we can start bringing you stories as well as pictures.

I would like to say that this story belongs to my friend , she did the work and she gets the credit. All i did was give her some notes. Make sure you show her your love.

This is also the debut oh a new TICKLER character Cipher. Hope you guys like her.

The only thing my friend has to say on this peace is this.
"Better shit is coming."

Nails perfect and sharp? Check.
Boobs perky enough? I should probably fix my bra before walking in. Maybe pop it out of my shirt. Oh, that'd be fun.
As I waited in the uncomfortable chairs, I pulled out my purse. Vibrator? No. Not yet. Cock ring? Maybe later. Ah! My eyes sparkled as a small compact purse was pulled from the corner of my bag. Just as I was about to re-check my makeup, my eyes snapped upwards to the door swinging open.
"Mr. Krowley will see you now." the secretary said, giving me a strange look as I pulled my skirt down and walked in. What, had she never seen someone so beautiful and curvy before? I brush past her and walk into the tiny office space. For the head CEO, his office was pretty crappy.

"Good Afternoon Ms. Cipher." he stood up to shake my hand, immediately looking down at my large breasts before back up at me. I can't help it if they pop out of my shirts. Oh wait, I can. I just don't want to. "So your resume is..rather interesting." he starts, holding a piece of paper in his hand as he walks back over to his giant chair. The lengthy guy barely filled the seat, he could easily have 3 other people in that chair as well! Hehe...the things I could do to this guy in his chair. Oh, what did he say?

"I'm sorry what?" I asked, leaning against his desk with my wrists together and holding my chin up. I flashed him a toothy grin. "I was distracted."

This guy's face! I have never seen someone become so flustered before. "You have no qualifications to be on our sanitation department staff. I see nothing in your prior work that points to it."

"Hey! I was a maid." I roll my eyes. "Not a certified one though. And my feather duster was always dirty with something else-"

"Ah, enough!" he stopped me, putting a hand over his face. "I cannot hire you.".....what.

"What?!" I bolt up from my seat.

"You aren't qualified. At all. For any professional job!!" Mr. Krowley cleared his throat, "you can leave my office, Miss Cipher. I don't think we will be meeting again." I look at him. I take a long hard look at the man before me and grin.

"Oh I wouldn't guarantee that just yet, Krowley..." I wink before leaving his office, my anger finally sitting in. Oh yes, this will not be the last time you see me.


"Did you invite someone to dinner, honey?" Voices scattered across the large home, followed by confused noises and shuffling towards the door. A petite little woman answered the door. Her hair came down to her shoulders and she had the average "stays at home all day and buys shit online with a glass of wine next to her" look. If I wasn't trying to worm my way inside, I would have rolled my eyes. "Hello, can I help you?" she asks, her eyes wide and curious as to not try and stare down and curvy body tightly wrapped in a dress that makes my boobs look absolutely irresistible. No wonder they were both gaping at me haha!

"Your husband invited me over, didn't he tell you?" I almost broke down and laughed at the scene before me. Her head nearly snapped off of her body as she stared down Mr. Krowley, all while he was staring at me. I winked at him again, making a line across my throat with a finger before his wife turned around to stare at me. He knew I could easily fuck him over. He had no choice but to let me in. Because if he didn't, I'd probably stroll in anyway, sit him in that big ass chair I can see from the entry way, and torture him with that cockring I have in my purse. Who knows? Maybe he wife would join in!

"She's my newest employee. I offered her to come to dinner to introduce herself since she's new to the area and doesn't really know anyone." Good cover, asshole. But how long can you keep your little story up? How long before you crack under my fingers and I finally get what I want? The wife looks between her husband and I, and believing him, offered for me to be shown to the dinning room. Poor sap. She has no idea what hell she just set her husband up for. Their home was lovely for the most part. Some ugly paintings hanging here and there. Personally, I saw a room that could of used some more bondage tools, maybe a nice long X to tie someone up and torture. I saw a cute little maid earlier, I'd love to corner him and have him all to myself-wait! Getting ahead of myself. I'll deal with the cute freckled maid later. The dinning room table was long, probably for all of those "house parties" rich people tend to have. I wonder how many secret handjobs were given under there?

"So..you work in sanitation with my husband?" the wife sat across from me, her mouth in a stern line as my large breasts brushed up against the table. She tried not to look, but I saw her eyes slowly wandering back down.

"Oh yes, I just got the job today, actually. Isn't that right?" I turn to the head of the table, grinning at Mr. Krowley, who was under a heated glare from his wife. He nodded, almost jumping slightly as he felt my foot press up against his leg.

"Oh! Uh yes, yes she just got hired today actually..hehe.." oh how the mighty have fallen. Not so cocky now, are we? His wife excused herself from the table after a few tense moments, mumbling to herself about where the food was. The second she was out of earshot, he turned to glare at me. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" he growled. I just grinned, slipping my boot off so I can rub my toes under his knee. He jumped, hiding his mouth under his hand. Oh, what's this? Is he ticklish? Mmmm I could use this to my advantage..maybe if his wife takes too long, I'll pin him down and tickle him till he cries! I'd be sure to get the job then!

"I said that wouldn't be the last time you saw me." I laughed, pressing my foot on his upper thigh, watching as he jumped back. "Now you wouldn't want your wife thinking you were cheating on her...would you..?" as I talked, my foot got higher and higher until I could feel the warmth between his legs. My grin widened as he rubbed his face once more, trying to hide the blush that crept on his face. "I thought so.." My toe rubbed against his clothed shaft, and I laughed as he moaned against my touch. "Give me my job and I'll be sure to give you more than just a footsie." I winked as his face grew a darker shade of red.

"No way in hell.." he snapped out of his daze before pushing his legs together and grabbing my foot. "You stay for dinner but under no circumstances are you allowed to ever be in my home or life again!" I only smiled, moving my foot back to where it was. Oh he'll learn his place soon enough. I looked to where the wife was. She was still in the kitchen, pre-occupied with one of the maids. Not the cute one though, ugh. Such a shame, how many maids to these guys even have? I moved under the table, my head suddenly popping up between Krowley's legs, my breasts against his knees and my ass just barely in his vision. He stuttered, completely dumbfounded by the move. My arms were on either side of his, effectively holding him down so he doesn't push me away. "HEY!" he shouted. There is no way he would yell out right now would he? Haha not when his wife could be walking back in any second.

"Listen to me, Krowley. I get what I want when I want." I moved my one hands down, flicking the tent that was arising in his pants. He leaned his head back, biting his lip and unable to look into my eyes as I moved closer. "And you are not giving me what I want." My grin never faltered as I moved my sharp nails across his balls, causing him to break out into laughter and moans, his bottom lip was bright red as he tried to silence himself, "and that makes me very angry, Mr. Krowley. So here's the plan. I get the job or your wife walks in to you getting a blowjob by your "new employee." And I don't think you want to loose all the lovely rich man accommodations. I know how the system works and you will loose big time buddy." I heard footsteps and with one last flick to his pulsing cock, I got up, shuffling back from underneath the table. He looked at me as I surfaced, mouth gaping and face bright red. I winked as I sat back in my chair, adjusting myself before leaning forward and smiling as the wife entered the room with plates of food.

"I'm so sorry that took so long. We had to re-portion. I hope you like lamb." she explained, smiling at me before setting the three plates down. She's so naive, it's almost cute.

"Thank you so much." I pick up the tiny piece of lamb on my plate and bite into it, letting the juice drip down my chin. Meanwhile, I haven't broken eye contact with Mr. Krowley. His face just kills me every time. He looks as if I bite the head of his dick off or something! I laughed, wiping my chin and licking my fingers. "Sorry! I'm not used to eating fancy."

"What are you used to?" his wife asked. I hummed, crossing my legs and rubbing my foot against Krowley's upper thigh again. His knees hit the table, and his wife turns her attention to him. "Honey, our guest is trying to answer my question. Don't be rude." I look over at him, my smile as innocent as can be as I splay my toe's over his twitching leg.

"It's alright. I used to eat in dinners back home, places that were probably not the most healthy for me." My toes are moving constantly, trying to find spots that will get a reaction out of him. As I stroke my toes across his upper thigh, his face contorts, and I can see a smirk appearing on his lips. Ohh have I struck a nerve? Haha this is going to be more fun than I had previously thought! I continue pressing my foot up against his thigh, moving it up as his wife and I talked. His wife is actually a pretty funny woman. She's a cute little thing I noticed. Not some annoying housewife. She made dirty jokes, asked about my love life, family. I of course asked about their wealth, family, that cute little maid I saw when I first walked in. She wasn't the little petite woman I had originally met at the door. Hell, I think she considered me a friend! Haha isn't that fucking ironic. When desert finally came (god damn truffles, are you kidding me?!) I moved my foot up to his crotch once again, pressing my toes against his hardening shaft. He looked a lot more nervous than he had when I first walked in, sweat began dripping down his forhead, refusing to look up at either of us. I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing as my toes moved and brushed against his pants.

"I was thinking.." the wife, sorry she has a fucking name I think it's Molly said, "we should have a girls night." Krowley's head snapped back up, turning to look in disbelief at his wife.

"What?!?" he shouted, and I broke out into laugher, pressing harder into his crotch so it sounded more like an injured mouse had raised his voice. I swear his dick was going to pop out of those pants any second now.

"Yea, I haven't had a female friend in a while. Its not fair you get to keep her at work all the time!" this fucking woman, oh my god I would lean over and kiss her for making my job much easier!

"I think it's a wonderful idea!" I grin, leaning over the table to stare him down, all while my toes rub against the head of his throbbing cock. I could feel him twitching. "I don't want to steal your wife from you, how do you feel about it?" I turn to him, giving him an innocent smile. (which wasn't soo innocent but hey I had to keep the charade up until I can manage to convince her to let me torture him) I rubbed my big toe against the pulsing head, feeling him about ready to burst between my toes.

"Uh..oh..I uh...it's a wonderful idea-!" he cut himself off, biting his lip so he didn't make any noise.

"Hon, you ok?"

"Yea, you alright there? You look like you have a fever. Doesn't he?" I faked concern, knowing I was the real reason why his face was so red and why he looked about ready to jump out of his skin. He noticeably shook as his wife got up, putting her tiny hands on his chin. She got closer, I couldn't hold back my glee as I felt pre-cum through his pants. I moved my toes faster, feeling around for the one thing I knew would send him over the edge. My big toe bumped one of his balls and he nearly screamed, jumping out of his seat and laughing his ass off.

"Hon!" his wife looked really concerned and he looked REALLY nervous. One more push, one brush against those ticklish balls of his and-

"AHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! STOP STOP I CAN'T!!!" He burst out laughing, moaning slightly to himself as he came all over himself. I hid my victory to myself, I'll be able to enjoy this at my new job on Monday. I got up, as did his wife.

"What the heck is wrong with him?!" I put my boot on (thank god for slip ons)

"Oh I'm fine I'm fine!!!" he covered himself by crossing his legs. "Well tonight was fun and I'm glad you made a friend, dear. But I need to sleep. The stress is finally getting to me. Kid! Can you please escort our guest to the door?" I turned and grinned. The cute little freckled maid was standing at the doorway, waving me over.

"Sorry about what happened! We'll set up a time for when we can have girl night!" His wife bid farewell to me as I walked away. Krowley didn't look up from his seat. Poor sap. How's he gunna explain that mess he just made? Hehe. I headed down the long corridor, my eyes constantly roaming over the cute boy, though a bit disappointed when he never looked back at me, though. The door swung open, and I walked away from the large home with a grin plastered all over my face. I can't wait to work on Monday.
(Two Weeks Later)

I walk into the same ritzy small office that I've been called into for countless reasons: flirting with co-workers, teasing staff members giving presentations. Hell they once found me trying to seduce the secretary while she was working. Krowley turned in his chair, annoyed to see me.
"I know I can't fire you because you'd just show up to my house and torture me infront of my wife, but you have to stop this nonsense immediately!" he said once the doors were closed behind me. His face had a tint of red to them.

"Only if you give me a raise." I responded, making sure to fix my bra right infront of him. "And besides, your wife would probably join in if she found out your dirty little secret." his hands gripped the end of his chair tightly.

"Miss Cipher, for the last time-"

"Give me a raise." I said sternly, not bothering to hear his response as I calmly walked out of his office. I looked over my shoulder, grinning at him. "Oh, and tell your wife we're on for dinner tonight. I'm sure she'd LOVE to see you on that long table being served than any other food."

A scream rang out through the entire building as I walked back to my chair. I couldn't help but laugh. Who knew office jobs could be so fun?