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What is it about Unknown University, anyway? Something in the water, perhaps? Shawn and Randy sometimes wonder…


Gambling’s a Sin


T.T. Gore

“AAAAH-HAA-HAA!!!” Shawn giggled. “That TICKLES, damn it!”

“Yeah, well, it’s SUPPOSED to tickle!” Randy shot back. “You lost the bet, didn’t you?”

“EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!” Shawn squealed. “I fucking KNOW that I lost the fucking bet! Jeez, give me a BREAK here—!”

“Uh-uh!” Randy chortled, shaking his head. “You owe me an HOUR, handsome—that was the deal!”

“Look, I’ve changed my MIND!” Shawn jerked his limbs in an unsuccessful attempt to free his wrists and ankles from the ropes that secured them to the corner posts of the bed. “Just cut me loose, OK?”

But Randy didn’t bother to respond. Instead he applied the tip of the letter opener to the sole of his helpless roomie’s left foot. Shawn’s response was gratifying. His belly tensed, his legs trembled, his toes writhed and he emitted another high-pitched, girlish squeal!

A whole HOUR of foot tickling! The thought of it gave Randy a funny feeling low in his belly—hot, loose and greasy. It occurred to him that what they were doing was pretty fucked up. Normal guys didn’t take their CLOTHES off and TICKLE one another—!

“You know,” said Shawn from the bed, “this is pretty fucked up!”

“What? Me tickling your feet?” Randy moved from the foot to the side of the bed. He went down on his knees, being careful to keep his hands to himself. “Okay, sure, I admit it’s kind of queer but we’re not actually going to…to…you know…do stuff that we shouldn’t do…”

No, of course not, Shawn told himself! They’d been roomies for two semesters, sharing a small but cozy rented house off campus, and so far they’d managed to control their emotions. Sure, he was a bit bi-curious and so was Randy. Nothing unusual about that! And all right, so they got naked, knelt down side by side and jerked off together a few times a week. But they’d never, like, made OUT with one another! Even this stupid bet on the Unknown University-State Tech season opener didn’t involve anything more than TICKLING—!

As for Randy, his thoughts were running along the same lines. He’d been a bit shocked when the starring role in his midnight masturbation fantasies was assumed by Shawn…who happened to be a handsome, virile, brown-eyed brunette with a hirsute chest, shapely limbs, a taut belly and a curvy derriere…and in fact they could have been mistaken for cousins, perhaps even brothers…

Randy bit his lower lip, sternly resisting the urge to run his fingers through his helpless roomie’s manly chest hair.

“Maybe we should—” Shawn began.

“A bet’s a bet!” Randy exclaimed, cutting off his roomie’s second thoughts. “It’s TICKLE time, laughing boy—and I’m going to tickle you SILLY!”

“EEEEEEYAAAAAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!” Shawn bellowed. He arched his back and bounced his behind on the mattress, writhing frenetically as jolt after unbearably ticklish jolt shot up his quivering legs! “EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HIIIIEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!”

“Awww, what WRONG laughing boy?” Randy snickered as he tickled merrily away, manipulating the letter opener adroitly as he alternated between his roomie’s squirming feet. “Are you telling me that a big strong jock like you can’t handle a little cootchie-cootchie COO—?”

“HIIIIEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HIIIIEEEE-HEE-HEEEEEEK!!!” Shawn shrieked. No, he COULDN’T fucking take what fucking Randy was dishing out! He couldn’t catch his breath—his body was covered with goose bumps and oily sweat—his sides and belly ached abominably! He was laughing—laughing—LAUGHING like a fucking LOONY bird and his fucking BRAIN felt like it was flying to PIECES—!

But his roomie’s screams and squeals were music to Randy’s ears! Kneeling there at the foot of the bed, tickling with one hand and edging himself with the other, he was in horndog HEAVEN! It was totally fucking HILARIOUS the way Shawn was bleating—he sounded just like an adolescent GIRL! Better still was sight of his squirming, shivering naked body—and best of all was the heady perfume of masculine perspiration and musk that permeated the air!


“THAT’S it, laughing boy!” Randy sneered. “LAUGH for me! Laugh LOUDER for me! Laugh like you’ve GOT a pair! Laugh your handsome HEAD off for me! Laugh your sexy ASS off for me—!”

And Shawn did his best to comply!

“OH-HO-HO-OH-HO-OH-HO-HO-OH-HO-HO-HO!!!” he howled, jerking his limbs in a desperate attempt to slip free of his bonds. The frame of the bed creaked as he wiggled to and fro. “OH GAAAAW-HAW-HAW-AAAAW-HAW-HAW-HAAAAWD!!! NO MOOOORE-HOR-HOR-OOOOR-HOR-HOR-HOOOOR!!! I’M GO-HO-OH-HO-HOING CRAAAAY-HAY-AAAAY-HAY-ZEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!”

“Now don’t be such a SISSY!” Randy admonished his roomie. “We’re just getting STARTED!”


“But they’re such CUTE feet!” Randy replied. “I love the way they WIGGLE! Still, if you INSIST, laughing boy!”

He shifted position from the foot to the side of the bed, noting with pleasure that Shawn was fighting for breath. Randy’s nostrils flared as he breathed in the musky scent of his helpless roomie’s sweat.

“Hmmm, now maybe I should tickle you some place else,” he whispered. “How about it, laughing boy? Want me to check out certain OTHER sensitive spots? Your RIBS, for instance, or your ARMPITS?”

“That…wasn’t the deal…” Shawn gasped. “Only…my feet…”

“Yeah, but it’s not as if you can STOP me, right?” Randy poked his index finger into Shawn’s ribs, eliciting a girlish titter. “So, laughing boy, I guess the deal’s what I fucking SAY it is!”

“No FAIR!” Shawn protested. “You’ve got me all tied UP—!”

“So I noticed!” And so saying, Randy ran his fingers through his naked roomie’s sweat-damp chest hair!

“Jesus GOD!” Shawn whined, squirming on the bed. “You shouldn’t TOUCH me like that—!”

“I know…” Randy whispered as he delicately stroked a rigid nipple with the tip of his index finger.

“EEEEEEEE-HEE!!!” Shawn squealed. “EEEEEEEE-HEE-HEE!!! Cut it OUT! That TICKLES—!”

“Want me to stop…?” Randy whispered. He gave the nipple a tweak.


“I’ll stop if you say…”

But no! Shawn DIDN’T want him to stop! In fact, he wanted Randy’s hand to slip LOWER! And he had to bite his tongue to keep from demanding exactly that! Yet he couldn’t help shivering with pleasure at the sweet teasing sensations produced by his roomie’s intimate caress! It fucking TICKLED—but it felt so NICE—!

“Now I’m going to tickle ALL of your ticklish spots!” Randy promised. “Would you LIKE that, laughing boy? Would you like it if I went exploring, hmmm? I bet you WOULD!”


“But don’t worry…” Randy whispered. “I’ll behave myself. I won’t touch you any place…naughty…”

Shawn almost blubbered that he WANTED to have those naughty places tickled—WANTED to be teased and edged until he squirted all the fuck OVER himself! But somehow he managed to control himself, even though his fucking traitor COCK was standing tall!

Meanwhile Randy climbed aboard the bed to kneel between Shawn’s quivering, wide-open thighs. He too was in a state of arousal—and far from certain that he’d be able to keep his promise and behave! It was SO fucking SEXY to have his naked roomie under his control. Randy licked his lips. He gazed avidly into Shawn’s eyes. And then…and then…

“GAAAAAAR-HAR-HAR-HAR-AAAAR-HAR-AAAAR-HAR-AAAAR-HAR-HAR-HAR!!!” Shawn bellowed. His belly convulsed as Randy’s tickling fingers danced along his sides, from armpits to hips and back again! He bounced his behind on the mattress and jerked his torso to and fro, jerking his limbs against his bonds while he laughed like a fucking IDIOT!

“Do you LIKE it? Randy demanded as he ticked merrily away. “DO you, laughing boy? DO you? Well, I like it! I like it a LOT—!”

Oh yes, Randy DID like it a LOT! He had, in fact, an erection that wouldn’t fucking QUIT—and he was hard pressed to prevent one hand from abandoning its ticklish mission in favor of a masturbatory dalliance! The thought of blowing his load all over Shawn made Randy’s BALLS quiver! But he wouldn’t do THAT! No, he WOULDN’T! He wasn’t some fucking PERVERT—!

The thought that there was something more than a little perverted about an all-male naked tickle session barely crossed Randy’s mind, nor Shawn’s either. They were both vaguely aware that Unknown University was a strange place…that its atmosphere was affecting them in some manner. But that vague awareness dissolved when the roomies tried to focus on it…and was replaced by lustful emotions that both frightened and compelled them…


“You can’t TAKE it?” Randy sneered, leaning down to dig his fingers into his writhing roomie’s defenseless armpits. “What are you, LAUGHING BOY, some kind of a fucking SISSY—?

“YAAAAAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!” Shawn screeched. He squeezed out a tiny drop of pre-cum. “HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!”

“See?” Randy chortled, stroking his roomie’s thighs. “You DO like it, laughing boy! Now beg me for more! BEG me, laughing boy! BEG me to fucking tickle and tickle and TICKLE you until you’re tickled PINK—until you’re tickled SILLY—until you’re tickled to BITS—!”


“”See? You DO want more!”

And so it went for the next fifteen minutes! Utterly oblivious to reality, the naked roomies cavorted on the bed. At first glance an observer might have thought that they were making out together. No such thing! Despite their nakedness, despite their state of high arousal, Shawn and Randy managed to confine themselves to the pleasures of tickling. The former found that he absolutely ADORED being his handsome roomie’s tickle toy—and the latter found that he positively LOVED having a hirsute horndog at his mercy!

But all good things must come to an end and when Shawn’S response to Randy’s ministrations dwindled to wheezing and shivering, they knew that the time had come to call a halt.

“Now wasn’t that fun?” Randy whispered, toying with his exhausted roomie’s damp chest hair. “Come on, laughing boy, admit it…”

“Ugh…ugh…ugh…” Shawn panted. “You were so fucking…mean…to me…”

“I know…” Randy sighed. “I'm so naughty…I should be spanked…”

They whispered together in this manner for some minutes, until Shawn had his breath back. Then Randy began to pick at the knots of his erstwhile laughing boy’s bonds.

“Omygod!” Shawn moaned as his limbs came free. “I can’t BELIEVE we got through that without…without…”

“Me either,” Randy agreed as they went down on their knees, side by side, separated by six electrified inches. “But that was the deal, right…?

“Yeah, that was the deal,” Shawn agreed. But can I ask you something?”


“Well, were you…serious about being spanked?”

“Spanked then TICKLED!” Randy exclaimed. “Just like I ticked you!”

“THAT’S a deal!” Shawn agreed as he closed a hand around his yearning penis. “Hey, pass me the baby oil.”

“Oh, fuck…” Randy moaned as they began stroking. “That tickling thing made me SO fucking HORNY! I’m going to cum my fucking BRAINS out—!”

“Jesus GOD, me TOO!” Shawn gasped, gyrating his hips and extruding a drop of pre-cum. “Except—”

“Except what?”

“Except afterwards I want you to give me a spanking…”

“THAT is also a deal!”

The naked roomies knelt there at the side of the bed, not touching but exchanging many soulful glances as they caressed their rigid cocks. And they wondered how much longer they’d be able to control their emotions.

Probably not long…

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