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Vacation Torment Part 5

"So my little submissive slave. You think you are rested after your 3 hour nap? We have a big night ahead and you need to continue to please your mistress... "
You still feel drained but tell me of course I will please you mistress. What is in store for you now you think.
I get out of the car and open the back door. I unbuckle your wrist cuffs but then clip a short belt to the wrist ring connecting your wrist cuffs. I then pull you up by your wrists. And tell you we are going in to change.. We go in the house and someone has run a bubble bath with rose petals. I have you set on the bed and remove your hiking boots and socks that have replaced the knee highs. You flinch when I slowly remove your socks. I then move my hands up your legs, undo your skort and remove your soiled panties. I then uncuff you, pull your tank top off and undue your bra. I lean down and kiss your nipples... Already hard again. I lead you to the bath and help you in.. " okay I think you deserve a little privacy as I shower.." I turn on some classical music and leave closing and locking the door behind me.
You soak for half hour and it feels fantastic and the hot water relaxes and soothes your sore body. I come back in my bathrobe and hold a towel up for you to climb into. I wrap you up and pat you down. You turn to me and wrap your arms around my shoulders and you can't help but kiss me. You try to open my robe but I take your hands and hold them back. "did I give you permission to touch me?" You reply no mistress and find yourself baffled as to what got into you.
I open the bathroom door and I tell you clothes are laid out for you. I leave to get dressed.. (and of course you hear the door lock from outside.)
You see that I have left you a black and grey crepe, Silk organza dress. It is short rounded capped sleeve in front and buttons at the neck in back but then is open, low cut in back. It his form fitting a little tie at the waist and is thigh high. I have theft you a back lace bra and panties and garters to match. You have sheer to toe black stockings and black open toe sandals that have two straps that come down from a strap at the ankle. They are by Diane Von Furstenburg..and look like sexy biker healed sandals.
You get dressed and I come in dressed in a blue-grey white seersucker Jacket and bermuda shorts and brown thong sandals with blue-grey piping. Your surprised that you think we make a nice couple and you are taken back by me tonight..
I ask if your ready to go and pull out a Tahitian black pearl necklace which has fresh, imperfect stones on a sterling silver linked chain and I put it around your neck. I kiss you gently.. On your lips and neck.
We drive to Molyvos and I park at the Captains Table, a beautiful restaurant on the sea.. We have a bottle of Dom Riuimart Rose to start and many Greek mezedes and lesvos specialties.. Shrimp and Mussel Saganaki, lava beans with oregano and oil, spicy eggplant, kolokithis and melisanes( squash and eggplant fried with cheese and sadziki - garlic sauce.) sardines, squash blossoms and many local delicacies.
We are enjoying all the food and even dance on the patio to traditional Greek music. The harbor is lit by the moon and and we can see the medieval, Byzantine castle on the hill. I hold your hand through dinner.. You are totally caught up in the moment.. We have one last slow dance.. And you excite me just by the feel of your hips swaying with mine.
The restaurant is closing and the owner brings us a glass of ouzo and the traditional almond sweet of Lesvos - amigdalota yemata.. It is so sweet but we oblige and then leave walking a bit arm and arm by the moon light..we stop and you kiss me deeply while holding me around the waste. There is a breeze and I take off my coat and put it around your shoulders.. It is a beautiful night.. And despite the circumstances of the trip, you know that the tour could never have fulfilled you in this way.
We walk slowly back to the car and I ask you if you are ready for an amazing night cap..not knowing what to think you tell me yes Mistress Sandy. The entire ride back I find my hand going up between your legs.. You do not stop me.. As I trace the line of your panties.. You put your hand in my lap., you ask if you can touch me and I give you permission. You undo my fly and find an opening in my boybriefs. We play with each other until we arrive at the house.. I pull back both seats and we reach into each other enticing both our clits. I lean over and kiss you deeply without removing your dress.. We finger fuck each other to climax... I then I turn to you and tell you I would like to role play a bit tonight.. You are cautious but what choice do you have. I get out of the car and let you out. I carry you in my arms, you lean your head into my neck and kiss me there..I open the door into my bedroom.. You look over and see the bizarre bed in the corner you had seen days before..
You tell me you are tired and ask if we can play in the morning.
" no my slave I want to play tonight and depending on how submissive you are will determine, how free you will be on the rest of this trip.". You are apprehensive but nod yes. I carry you to the bed and set you on the side. I begin to undress you unzipping your dress and lifting it over your head.. You are sitting there in your panties, garters and stockings.. I have removed your bra and your necklace shines against your tan breast. I tell you to lay down. At first you resist pleading with me to just take you to my bed.. I yell at you," look we leave tomorrow for Chios and I don't want to take you by force. I want to role play tonight and I want to believe despite your actions of a Trojan whore that you will submit and I can trust you.. Is it to much to much to role play?". You tell me you are willing.. " I am telling you that if you please me tonight your torture will be less. Now my slave lay down. "
You lay back but are already frightened. I immediately tighten a strap over your chest.. I then take both your legs and I place each of them into upside down v shaped splints..that meet in your crotch and run to your feet. You feel straps being Velcroed over your thighs, over your knees and at your ankles. You can still lift up and see your legs being immobilized in these padded splints.. You plead no and struggle to sit up.. I push your shoulders back down. "Now you promised me to obey me and now I will promise you if you don't behave... Your punishment will get worse.." then I strap your arms down in similar wider splints on the foam padded bed. I take each hand and strap it around a mold for each hand with a rod under each palm. I strap them to the side splints of the bed and a foam rubber covered arm piece is between each arm and your torso up to your under arm. I then place a strap , tightly across your waste and strap it down to the side of the beds.. You are still pleading and have No idea what this bed is.. You see me lift these foam rubber pieces over both your thighs . With a knob like a vice I screw them down tightly further immobilizing your thighs. You can only move your head and then you see a foam padded piece being placed at the sides of your neck and two pieces being placed at the side of your head.. You feel the pads like big earmuffs being tightened like a vice around at your temple and neck. They are then attached to a bar at the top of your head. A strap is placed over your forehead and one cups under your chin.
You are now totally immobilized and you begin to cry..
"I told you we are going to role play tonight so.. I suggest you stop crying.. ". " I am going in the other room to change. Before I leave you see that the bed rotates and I put it at an angle where your head is elevated higher than your feet. You now can see this entire bed and try to contain yourself from crying more.
I come back in dressed in surgical scrubs. Hello Ms. Gomez I see that you are awake after surgery. I know you must be scared and well you have every right to be. I am Dr. Christian.. You had a terrible swimming accident and broke several vertebra diving in shallow water.. You have been to surgery and we have to place you in this special bed to immobolize your spine and body so there is no more damage. The bed does rotate to prevent bed sores. It also has a back hatch which allows us to get to your rectum for easy tolieting.. Now I know it's hard to hear this but don't panick.
First we have to check your feet and see if you have any feeling in your toes. When you first came in it appeared that you are a total paraplegic from the neck down.. We are hopeful that surgery has helped.
I am going to take personal charge of you recovery so first let's check out these feet.. You yell out please, no I promise to behave, please no. " no we must make sure there is no permanent damage." " please wiggle your toes. You wiggle them.. Now let's see if you feel this.. I tickle both your feet, my nails digging in over your arches.. You try not to giggle.. You cannot move except for your feet, that wiggle wildly with your toes curling.. Hmmm, that looks very good.. Of course we hope that this is a voluntary movement.. We will just try here for awhile. I tickle both feet in circles. All over your soles. You are laughing and trying to hold back. Yes, looking very good.. Let me wiggle up here and try these toes..kootchie, kootchie, kootchie. You are trying to move but you can't. You feel my nails digging in and out and you can feel your self getting swollen and wet..
I see you are wet up there another good sign I think unless you have urinated. reach up and run my finger on your panties.. I smell my finger.. No just cum.. That means you probably have sexual response to stimuli... That's wonderful.. Now back to the feet.. I am tickle fucking your feet with all my fingers tickle raping you. Hmm, listen to you giggle. It sounds like you may be having some difficulty catching your breath. We want to make sure you can breath freely and the paralysis is not stopping you from breathing on your own. You try to move your head as I take a mouthpiece which is connected to an air tank. I push into your mouth. You can breath but can't talk.. I then tilt the bed back so your feet are now further in the air then your head. This may help.. I know it will help me with this tickle therapy.. I go back to each foot zig zagging nails up the instep under your toes and back down.. You want to laugh, you can't . You try to struggle there is no way to move but your feet which just makes me tickle more.. You feel the pulsating in your vagina. You have no control and you cum gushing out. Only your toes and eyes indicate your ecstasy.. I tickle you for hours on both feet. Only your clit and vagina able to respond. Your arch and your toes trying to curl and stop the tickles. You cum one last time as I rub my finger over your panties and along the ridge.. So you dirty little thing.. No permanent damage at your feet and your sexual response.. Let's see a bit here..
You feel the vices holding you tightly. All the sudden the bed is rotating and you are upside down.. You feel a hatch open at your ass.. Well now let's see if you can feel this.. My finger goes back inside your panties. I start to tickle your anus, over your perineum to your vagina. My finger circles your clit and tickles you in circles back and forth to your anus tickling you there and feeling you cum all over again..
Well nothing wrong here.. I then reach under the table and start tickling your underarms. You try to yell but choke on the air.. Tickle, tickle.. You like this don't you my slave.. Each breast is uncovered and I tickle each nipple as they are on the bottom side of the bed.. I am racing my nails all over your breasts and under your arms.. It's a vicious tickle.. Kootchie, kootchie.. Tickled from arm to breast and over again. You are so excited even wirhout me touching your vagina. You've cum again which feels so strange as you lay upside down.. You are so exhausted and sore..
So my pet how would you like to sleep tonight.. Wiggle your toes if you want to sleep face up.
You wiggle them hard but now you are pretty sure.. I will not take you from this traction bed tonight.. I turn you over, pull up a chair and kiss you good night. Don't worry the doctor will stay with you all night. We will check on your condition again in the morning.


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Ah....makes me wanna hop on a plane to Greece....to be a peeing Tom

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ummmmm a peeing Tom...LMAO....this story wasnt about golden showers:beathorse: