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05-28-2015, 12:16 PM
Here's a picture and a story I wrote for it, Enjoy!!

Merida was frustrated; her mom tried to set her up on another blind date. ‘Ugh!’ she thought to herself as she headed to the Robin Hood archery range at Disney Academy. She had promised her friend Giselle that she would teach her to shoot, and since Merida was well known as the best archer at the college, Giselle was eager to learn. Giselle’s naturally happy face lit up when she saw Merida, who was still annoyed with her mom so she feigned a smile and waved.

They walked to their platform and Merida to a few shots hitting the center target of course, and Giselle took a few shots herself and even if she missed she just giggled and said “Ooops”. A short while into their session, Merida slipped up on her smile and Giselle saw her frustrated expression.

“I’m sorry Merida, I am trying but if you’d rather not teach me…”

“No, no, Giselle it’s not you I promise,” Merida quickly said, then explained to her friend the situation with her mom trying to set her up, “but it’s whatever” she said as she finished, “I’m just annoyed.”

“Awe Merida, I’m really sorry,” said Giselle frowning, “I wish I could make you feel better.” Merida shrugged and started shooting again, and as she did this the wheels in Giselle’s head turned till she got an idea. “Maybe there is!!”

“What’s that now?” Merida asked still aiming at her target when all the sudden she felt a squeezing just above her right hip and on her lower left ribs and she twitched her arms and stopped aiming as she tried to hold back her laughter. “pfft Hey!” she said turning to her friend blushing.

Gisselle smiled innocently and blushed too, “Oh I’m sorry, in the past when I’m upset Pip likes to scurry around my tummy tickling me silly, and it always helps me, I thought it may help you.”

Merida’s shirt already rose above her bellybutton and she tried to pull it down over her sensitive midriff, “No I’m too ticklish for something like that.”

Giselle regained her smile, “Oh are you?” she stepped forward toward Merida

“Don’t you dare,” said Merida as she tried to raise her bow in defense but Giselle’s dainty graceful body dove right to her tackling her and knocking the bow and arrow from her hands. Giselle straddled Merida’s hips and started squeezing her sides and her abdomen. “Stohohohop no no ahahahah” Merida giggled and laughed and tried to grab her friends hands, they were so soft and fast and she was hitting every ticklish part of Merida’s midriff. She traced along her hips and tickled from her hips up to her lower ribs where her crop top stopped then back down.

“Tickle, tickle, you’re smiling so I think it’s working!!” Giselle teased. She started to poke around Merida’s abs then traced around her naval, “Pip wiggles his little tail in my bellybutton and it tickles soo much, what about yours?”

“Noohohoho pleeehehehease” Merida’s ticklishness almost had her paralyzed and as soon as Gisselle wiggled her dainty finger in her belly button, Merida lost it “AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAA” she laughed screamed and wriggled all over. In a desperate attempt to free herself she made a jab at Giselle’s slightly exposed lower tummy, and she jumped.

“Ahaha!! That tickles” as Giselle twitched Merida took the opportunity to reverse their scenario so that she was now straddling Giselle.

“Revenge!,” Merida yelled as her hands snaked around Giselle’s lower belly then slightly raising her shirt to tickle her belly button, “Tickle Tickle Tickle.” She teased as she squeezed her sides, traced her hip bones, poked her abs and wiggled a finger in her naval. Giselle was in hysterics.

“Ahahahahahahha Please stop stop ahhhh hahaha not the belly button ahahahah please no more, ahahah I give up!!” after a moment of pleading Merida rolled off as both girls giggled and took deep breaths. “So… hehe.. Feel better? Hehe…” Giselle asked still giggling and pulling her shirt down a bit.

“Actually hehe yes… I do.. hehe thank you” Merida sputtered herself giggling and holding her hands over her midriff. After the two caught their breath, they grabbed their gear and headed home for the day, both knowing the next time the other felt down, they could cheer each other up.