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Here's the first part. It's light on tickling to start but more will be coming in Part 2.

“Come on, we haven't hung out in ages,” said my friend Melody. “We've both been so busy with work we could use a nice escape.”

“Fine,” I said. “But only if we go to the renaissance festival downtown. I love all the old fashioned outfits and everything.”

Melody, who is much more into the haunted house than renaissance scene, agreed albeit reluctantly. “I want to dress the part though if we go Cassie. No t-shirt and jeans, full on medieval dress,” she added.

Now it was my turn to hesitate, but quickly realized it was the only way I'd get what I wanted. We jumped in my car and hit up a costume shop to look for our outfits. Within minutes Melody found something which caught her eye. It was an emerald number, to accent her dyed red hair. It was long and flowing but once put on it did little to cover up her ample E cup size.

“You can't be serious,” I said. “Even I can't help look at those melons.”

“Oh, I don't mind if you do,” Melody quipped as she goosed my sides quickly.

“Hey!,” I shrieked, caught off guard by the tickle. “You know what I mean. Everyone in a 3 mile radius will be flocking to see those things.”

“Don't worry. It's a renaissance fair I doubt I'll be the only woman with her boobs spilling out. Besides, you'll be wearing something just as eye catching anyway,” she said with a wide grin on her face before handing me an almost identical dress but in purple along with another goosing.

Melody and I had known each other since we were in high school and she'd always done stupid stuff like this. Tickling me randomly or grabbing my boobs when we'd hug each other to say hello or good bye, it was just our thing because I'd give back as good as I got.

We'd been almost like twins growing up, sharing clothes back and forth since we were both on the curvy side. The only difference was my brunette locks while Melody can't even recall her original hair color. I was also about 6-8 inches shorter than my best friend, something she uses to her advantage all the time.

Melody was about the only woman I knew who could naturally stack up against me, pun intended, in the cleavage department. My abundant DDD's occasionally looked like B's compared to hers.

I finally withdrew any protests I had about the dress, squeezing into it much to Melody's sheer delight. I had her zip me up from the back, which was an immediate mistake as she took the opportunity to work her fingers up my ribs.

“Hhehehe stop that! We'll be late if you keep horsing around,” I said quickly to avoid a full out assault. She agreed to stop, for now, and we headed off to the festival grounds.

When we arrived, Melody was right. There were several other women dressed as provocatively as we were although she said no one could hold a candle to either of us.

Feeling a bit hungry, and it being a festival and all, we found a food truck selling funnel cakes and got one for the two of us to split. As anyone with an ample chest can attest, it's incredibly easy to get food down your shirt and this was no exception.
Melody began to laugh as a piece of fried dough, along with what seemed a cup of powdered sugar, fell between my bosom.

“Oh, I'm such a riot am I,” I said scolding Melody. “Just you wait, yours are just as big of a landing spot too. Don't you remember last week for dinner when you dropped have a muffin down there?”

I smiled inwardly smugly as she feigned being hurt, but was totally taken aback by what she did next.

“Don't worry, I'll help you out Cass.” Melody then dove between my breasts and flicked up the dough with her tongue. Before I could even react she made another pass for the powdered sugar.

“Holy shit girl, what was that!” I said astonished.

“Nothing,” she said as innocent as can be. “I couldn't take your smug look, wanted to shock you out of it.”

“Mission accomplished, now everyone is staring at us,” I said annoyed. Our little display had garnered a lot of attention from both sexes, and not wanting to deal with 100 horny guys asking for a repeat performance we ducked into a nearby tent.

The lady inside, an old gypsy woman from first glance, welcomed us.

“Hello ladies, my name is Madam Trolier. How may I be of service,” the old gypsy said.

I quickly spoke up before Melody got us any any further trouble. “We just popped in to escape the heat,” which was the truth, albeit more in a metaphorical sense than literally from the sun.

“Nonsense. Fate brought you two friends to me for a very special purpose,” she said, obviously trying to have us pay to have our fortunes read or something. “I know you're skeptical Cassandra but give me a few minutes of your time and it'll all be clear to you.”

I should have been startled by her knowing my name, but I figured she just heard loud-mouthed Melody yell out Cass and make the logical assumption my full name was Cassandra. She had about a 50/50 shot of being right anyway.

“Before you walk out at least let me show you two something. I promise it's nothing you can buy, just a beautiful view,” Madam Trolier said.

I didn't feel like dealing with some street peddler but Melody insisted we see what she had to show us. We followed her through a curtain and while I expected to see hundreds of drunk morons milling about around food carts, what I saw instead was a gorgeous valley with hundreds of wild flowers and tall trees.

Both Melody and I were in awe at the view and didn't notice the gypsy sneak back into her tent.

“Madam Trolier,” I said wondering where she went.

We walked back into the tent, figuring she must be in there but when we got inside it was completely empty. A little frightened, I rushed to where we had originally came in and through that way laid just more trees and flowers. Somehow, as if magically, we were no where near the festival grounds.

Never one to think rationally in times of panic, I began to freak out and think logically where we were.

“Oh settle down Cass,” Melody said. “It's probably some stupid trick to suck us into paying to be brought back to the grounds.”

I thought that might be right, so not wanting to pay I figured I'd check Google Maps to see how far away we were. There's no way we could be more than a few hundred feet. What I saw on my phone got me even more worried. The Google app was completely blank, nothing. As was the internet when I tried to pull it up in Safari thinking the app malfunctioned.

Melody didn't even seem fazed by all this.

“That's what you get for buying a stupid IPhone,” she said, now smug herself. “Let me see if I can get a signal.”

After she failed, Melody said maybe the crooks were high-tech and were blocking our phones electronically.

“Looks like we don't got any other option than to walk until we find someone,” Melody said.

For what was far too many times today, I reluctantly agreed and we began to walk. After 30 minutes we saw something we definitely didn't expect to see, a castle. We were coming up on a part of the fair grounds I didn't remember, or so I thought.

A few more minutes we approached the castle which was incredibly authentic from the outside, with a draw bridge pulled up and a moat surrounding it.

“Halt, who goes there,” said a harsh yet distinctly female voice from above a watch tower. Damn, they really pulled out all the stops.

“We somehow got away from the renaissance fair by a stupid bitch. Can you let us inside?” I asked.

“I know not of any fair going on nor of this stupid bitch, as you say,” responded the voice. From her perch above the tower, she had a clear view down our breasts which is why I thought I heard a tinge of excitement in what she said next. “I'll drop the bridge and let the commander sort you two out.”

We walked across the bridge and into the castle proper, noticing there were no electric lights just candles littering the walls.

Before we barely got two toes in door between us, two guards stuck spears at our stomachs as a tall brunette strode up in front of us.

“State your names and reason for being here immediately,” the woman said with the voice of an experience soldier.
Not wanting to be shish-ka-bobbed, I spoke up immediately. “I'm Cassie and this is my friend Melody. We were at the renaissance fair here and somehow taken outside the grounds by some gypsy woman.”

The commander looked at us puzzled, like I were speaking Latin.

“My sentry told me a similar story as to your reasons for being here,” the woman said. “Oddly enough you're not the first group of women to have such a fantastic explanation as to being outside our walls.”

I knew that stupid gypsy had done this before I thought to myself.

“You're clearly not soldiers looking at your outfit,” the commander said as the two guards poked our breasts with the opposite ends of there spears, making them jiggle much to Melody and mines uneasiness. “You might be just like the rest but with us at war with the Narn I simply can't take any chances.”

With the commander's decision made, the two guards dropped their spears and forcefully led us away into a dungeon. From the look on her face I could tell Melody no longer believed as I did as well this wasn't a simple scam but something far more sinister.

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Great! Keep it up!