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05-29-2015, 09:09 PM
Her Name was traci. She is a middle aged female who works as a building inspector. Shes a very hard working self motivated employee and she did everything she could to better her self every single day. She stands for power and she hates showing any kind of weakness. There is no doubt shes one of her companys best workers, the only problem is her employees seem to be better than her at one thing, sucking up to the boss. Normally she inspects large luxurious rich buildings but today, the boss decided to give his biggest "kiss up" A day off. Today traci was going to inspect a small pizzeria in downtown Manhattan. Traci was far from happy to taking a step down and a huge blow to her ego but she refuses to let this affect her work eithic. Traci wore a skirt and a white button up dress shirt and high heels. Shes typically a hard judging inspector and with having to do the companies number one kiss ups dirty work, she was far from a good mood.

Traci pulls up and steps out of her brand new ford fusion. She worked her ass off to be able to buy the car in full. She took pride in the fact that for the past 7 years she used to bus as transportation so that she could save up and one day be able to park her brand new beautiful car in front of a large towering building waiting to be inspected. Today, "Nicks Pizza" was he towering building. She walked into the building and nick walked right up to her. He was nervous. He was a small time business owner struggling to make it and standing in front of him was traci, the person who dictated his future. Traci ignored to small talk with nick very rudely and started her inspection. Traci had finished her rounds around the small pizzeria and was about to give nick the bad news. But nick was desperate, he knew what was coming and he refused to let his hard work go to waste. "Im sorry nick but im afraid. .." thats all traci managed to get out before nick out of complete desperation pushed Traci into the walk in freezer. " what the fuck are you doing?! Let me out you asshole" she yelled from the freezer. "I cant, im sorry but i cant let you shut me down" nick responded. He sat outside the freezer pacing back and forth thinking, plotting of some way out of this deep hole that he dug himself, all the while ignoring tracis screams.

After awhile nick realized traci went silent, he panicked and opened up the freezer door. Traci had passed out on the freezer floor, but nick, scared and panicked, thinks he just murdered the building inspector. After awhile nick decides the best thing to do is tie traci up in the back room. It was a sunday and the store was closed so he knew the body would be safe there. He tied rope around her ankles and tied her arms over her head using more ropes and a pipe fixture running through the wall. Nick now needed to figure out what on earth to do with the dead body.

Hours past and traci finally comes too....

05-31-2015, 06:11 AM
I dig the premise. Writing seems a bit sloppy and rushed though. Tighten it up, take your time and tell the story you want to tell and it'll be great.

Can't wait for the next part.

sole seeker
06-01-2015, 02:38 AM
Good start. I'd like to read the rest of it.