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Here's Part 2

After a long trek down a dimly lit hallway, we approached the dungeon door. When we reached the door, the guard holding onto Melody opened it up. Before long we were chained to the wall, hands cuffed so we could only move a foot or two either way. Far away from the exit without any apparent hope of escape.

Lost on our own dread, neither Melody or I noticed another woman inside the cell with us. Glad to have company, the woman spoke up, startling us.

“OMG finally someone else,” she said. “My name is Tamara. I'm sorry you're in the predicament but I'm glad to not be alone anymore.”

Our new companion was built where similar to us, a curvy blonde with what I estimated as DD's. A pattern was beginning to emerge in my head much to my dismay. There was also another startling development I quickly noticed, Tamara was stripped completely naked.

Not wanting to be impolite despite our situation, I introduced myself and filled Tamara in on how we came to be locked in a dungeon who knows where. She quickly confirmed my worst fears, she too had encountered a gypsy woman who left her stranded in this area. Tamara also had a friend, Samantha, who was taken away days ago and hadn't returned.

“What have they done to you,” I asked inquisitively, knowing the same fate likely awaited Melody and I.

She explained her and Sammie wandered upon this castle like we had about a month ago. Unlike us, Sammie had gotten confrontational and the tall brunette commander accused them of being Narn spies.

“As best as I can gather, the women we're with are called Centari and they've been in a never-ending feud with the Narn for centuries.
“Centuries,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, that's what I thought too,” Tamara said. “I realized we're probably in some remote area no one has discovered yet, at least that's my working theory.”

Almost too nervous to ask, I inquired about Tamara's lack of clothing.

“When we were first taken to be questioned, the commander they call Esmeralda, told me the only way to get information is by tickling her subjects.”

When Tamara told me that, I was deathly afraid and so was Melody knowing full well what our futures held.

“They tickled Sammie and I for what felt like hours, starting with our feet before exploring area's I didn't think were possible to be ticklish,” continued Tamara.

Before she could say anything else, a guard walked in angrily.

“What are you telling them Narn spy,” she asked Tamara.

“Nothing I swear!,” Tamara replied.

“Maybe you need a refresher course and your Narn friends can see what awaits them when Esmeralda finishes with your companion Sammie.”

The guard proceeded to cuff Tamara's arms above her head to the ceiling. It was obvious Tamara was in for a world of trouble when the guard lifted up her foot and raked her nails over her arches.

“Hhehehehehehehe stop it I swear I didn't tell them anything,” squealed the blonde captive. Every time the guard moved a finger it caused Tamara to shake her cuffs hoping for an escape not available to her.

“My, you sure are fun to play with,” cooed the guard, who growing bored with Tamara's feet, moved her attention to the blonde's upperbody. “Where shall I tickle first? Here?” she teased stroking Tamara's sides. “Or here,” moving to her underarms.

“Hahahahaahahahahaaahahah no no not my upperbody no,” cried Tamara as her body began to tremble.

“What do you think Red, where should I tickle her?” the guard asked a startled Melody.

“U-u-ummm her pits seem like a good spot,” Melody said hoping to not draw the wrath of her captor. Not even Tamara could fault my friend's cooperation despite having 10 fingers descend upon her smooth hollows.

The tickling began to overtake Tamara, who had now been the target of the cruel guard for nearly 20 minutes. “Hhehehehehehahahaahhehehehahahahah ok ok ok I told them about your war with the Narn but that's it,” she exclaimed, body shaking.

“Was that so hard,” the guard asked sarcastically. “Since they know about the war, how about we teach them what happens to spies first hand.”
Tamara was uncuffed from the ceiling, only for the guard to grab ahold of Melody and cuff her up instead.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” shrieked Melody, which only made the sadistic woman that much more eager to demonstrate her talents.

Here was my best friend about to suffer the same fate as Tamara, yet I was somehow intrigued by the notion of Melody getting tickled as bad as she got me for so many years.

Much like Tamara before, Melody pulled on the cuffs only to discover her efforts were pointless.

“Now, you thought it was a good idea for me to tickle Blondie's pits, are yours ticklish as well?” the guard asked smiling. The answer, sadly for Melody, was yes.

Melody soon felt the same sensations our new friend did, the helplessness of knowing you're in deep trouble mixed with uncontrollable laughter.

“HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH SHIT,” yelled Melody much to the delight of the guard. Everyone in the room was taken aback just how ticklish Melody was, maybe no one more so than Melody herself. “HEHEHEHEHEHHE PLEASE DON'T.”

“If you're this ticklish with your dress, what happens if we get some skin contact,” asked the guard.

My intrigue only grew stronger when Melody's left breast was pulled out from her dress, followed by the right. I'd seen her topless before, but something was stirring inside me at the sight of Melody being stripped against her will.

“Hmm, that should give us a good size canvas to work from,” the guard said staring intently at my friend's exposed breasts as a look of horror overcame her. Melody's nipples were soon under attack, with the guard's nails pinching ever so slightly as they became harder and harder from the attention.

“HEHEHEHEEHEHHE THIS IS TORTURE,” cried Melody whose nipples were betraying her, stiffening with each touch. I was undergoing my own battle within myself as this was happening, becoming aroused by the shear wanton display occurring before my eyes.

Once Melody's nipples could cut glass, the guard's nails danced along the sides of her tits. The resulting jiggle was almost hypnotic.

The time continued to drag on, with 10, then 20 followed by 30 minutes of constant tit tickling before the guard saw a diminished return on her attack from a now exhausted play toy.

For as much as I enjoyed watching Melody succumb to her primal instincts of laughter, I dreaded when the guard looked my way.

“You've been rather quiet,” she said now looking directly at me. “You've seen what I'm capable of. The only question is, have I saved the best for last?”

There's no sugar coating it, I was in deep trouble. Or at least I was until Commander Esmeralda walked in to bring back Tamara's compatriot Samantha to our cell.
“What's going on here!” shouted a pissed off CO. “I didn't instruct you to interrogate anyone.”

Tamara ran to hug Samantha while Esmeralda continued to berate the guard who had spent the better part of the past hour torturing us.

“This kind of unapproved behavior is strictly against orders and not something I want to see from a Centari soldier,” the Commander said.

The nameless guard could only look down at the floor while she was being raked over the coals.

“In fact, as reparations to poor Tamara here I'm leaving you in this cell for her to do with as she likes. And if you disobey one command you'll answer to me,”

“As for you two,” Esmeralda said turning her gaze at Melody and I. “I apologize for how you've been introduced to my people. I assure you I was going to talk with you politely before going to such drastic measures. If you'll come with me we can talk in private.”

We were led out of the room to the sounds of shackles being locked in and distinctive laughter from our once mighty interrogator. I couldn't help wishing I could have administered some punishment of my own despite not having even been tickled myself.

As we were walking Melody decided to strike up a conversation.

“How the hell did you avoid being tickled,” she said while popping her breasts back into their protective clothing.

“I don't know, just lucky I guess,” I replied while sticking out my tongue.

Upon hearing this exchange, Esmeralda stopped us in our tracks. She demanded to know the full details of our time in the cell, and by the look on her face I wasn't going to like what she had to say next.

“While I deplore what my soldier did to your friend, a tenant of our nation is everyone is equal,” she said to me. “I can't allow you to not know what someone your equal went through no matter how unfair. By our laws, the offended party has the right to inflict the same treatment suffered upon all those in her group.”

Now it was Melody's turn to stick her tongue out.

“As Commander of the Centari army, I sentence you to one hour of tickling at the hands of your friend Melody and my Chief Interrogator Rayna.”

Melody began to laugh once again, but not from being tickled but because she can now fulfill her dream. Torturing me.

Man, I never thought being topless in a dungeon would be a better fate than what I have to endure.

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Great job. Get those dresses off of them!!

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Thanks Modest. what do think think Cassie's fate should be?

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Thanks Modest. what do think think Cassie's fate should be?

Bra and panties tickle for sure at first. Then lose the underwear.